Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bored so time for an update

In hindsight maybe putting new ads in the paper for my Mistress work a week before Christmas wasn't the best idea I've had as it went in the paper on Friday and it's now late afternoon Tuesday and all I've seen is one client who smelt of BO as he'd just came from work and expected me to strip off fully which I didn't want to do. I never understand why guys come and see me all dressed up looking very fem and sexy and then want me totally naked for the session! Why not just see a guy who looks like a guy in the first place? And people say I'm strange.

While I sit around waiting for clients to phone I've been catching up on tele programs I've missed out on seeing on i-player such as last weeks life's too short and Frozen Planet which sadly on i-player has the man signing for the deaf in the corner and nothing I do seems to be able to get rid of him!

On Saturday I went to visit my friend John who is just out of hospital after heart surgery and  I took him some presents and a card signed by friends the previous week at Romeo's nightclub. Some people didn't know him but signed the card anyway as I told them all he'd appreciate the fact that total strangers were thinking on him as he recovers.

Lord Q gave me some plastic grapes to take over but didn't tell me they were plastic and when I gave them to my friend I said they were real. It's a good job he didn't try and eat them!

After suffering me for about 4 hours John was very tired and returned to bed where he had been for the previous 2 days sleeping after coming out of hospital. He now no longer wants any more visitors until next year and wants to focus on getting better. I'm not sure if this is a result of my visit though but I wouldn't blame him if it was after 4 hours of me going on and saying all the wrong things as normal. Hopefully next time I see him he'll be fit enough to run away when he see's me coming.

That evening I went with my friend Nicki to Exodus for F***ed Up which was pretty well attended but really cold. I didn't get F***ed Up but did get tied up twice while dressed as Miss Santa which was great fun.

Oh I need to thank the trannie who I'd never met before who gave me the finger and was upset with me because I apparently didn't reply to an e-mail he sent!!

I know what you'e thinking bring back hanging right?

Anyway whoever you are I hope you feel better now and look I may not have replied to your e-mail but even better you made my blog. No need to apologise though. Tell you what if you want to send me an e-mail.

Then again I may forget to reply and we'll be back to square one.

I also had someone phone up just to call me a queer b******d but it was nice of him to leave his number which I've now also left all over the net so people can contact him. If you happen to be a queer b******d and want someone to talk to about it I'll be happy to pass it on to you also. Or if you just want someone to talk to about trans or gay issues I'm sure he'll be very understanding.

Anyone reading this who also happens to be medically trained can you tell me if I have cystitis as I need to wee lots at the moment. Women are 10 times more likely to get this than men so I'm probably right I reckon.

Oh before I go pee did I mention I was part of a slave auction? I fetched £7.50 I think highest of the night then my winner swapped me for a packet of sweets

Friday, 9 December 2011

Hanging on the telephone

Yes I know it's a Blondie record but it's what I seems to be doing a lot these days or maybe it's hanging on waiting for the telephone to ring. It's funny as where I do my sessions in the day there's a very poor orange signal so I've had to set up camp in one of the bedrooms while I wait for clients to call. which they don't seem to be doing today when I expected them too as a new ad went in the paper today or at least I hope it did.

Before anyone asks why don't I change to another network it's because I'm stuck in a contract with orange and to get out of it I have to pay it off which amounts to several hundred pounds so until it runs out I'll stick to the bedroom office.

Although trapped in the bedroom I have my netbook, food a tele to watch which is pink so very girlie and a heater to keep me warm as I'm always dressed in skimpy outfits in case someone rings up and wants to come straight over and shag me then I'm ready and waiting. BTW in case you're wondering a lot of guys ring up wanting sex but end up not getting sex of course but most still leave happy. Some even come again, Just not today it seems!! Come on phone hurry up and ring!!

So what's new you ask. Well as you asked I'll tell you I have some new dresses and a fantastic new latex leotard that fits like a glove(no not a boxing glove!) and feels amazing on. Check out the photos and also check out the new pics of me in my miss Christmas outfit which I'll be wearing again tomorrow at Romeo's X-mas event. All pics were taken by Lord Q in case you're wondering.

Last weekend I didn't do much except on the Saturday where I went to a party in a tiny room upstairs in a pub which was pretty poor and the food was terrible leaving me with nothing to eat all night. I wore a new sexy dress I've just bought though and looked better than most of the born females there I reckon. The highlight of this night was two lads chatting me and my transvestite friend up and pretending they didn't know we weren't born women. I might believe it with me but my friend lovely as she is wouldn't fool a blind deaf and dumb man. When they left she said to me "They thought we were both real women until I said you know"
I went along with her as it made her day I'm sure.

Right well the phones not ringing so time for a little sleep I think. BTW I wasn't working Wednesday and missed 11 calls which was annoying. I was instead in Cardiff visiting my friend in hospital doing some Christmas shopping and watching Hugo at the cinema. BTW couldn't find anything to buy anyone for Christmas but did get a a pair of shoes to wear with a new dress I have so it wasn't a complete waste of time going.

Right sleep time.

Right well the phones not ringing so time for a little sleep I think

Saturday, 3 December 2011

On tele again!

So I'm not on a show about the journey I undertake as I go through my transition like the trans people in my trantastic summer or whatever it was that's just come to an end on channel 4 no I've not been on channel 4 but BBC1 this week. Am I a star or what!

Actually I was just an extra in a series called baker boys in a gay bar scene and I'd never heard of it either when they asked me to do it. I also want to know why they cast me in a gay bar as I'm not gay. I didn't watch it but found it here on I-player and I'm in the scene which starts 52 minutes 20 seconds in.
If you still can't be assed to watch it I'll attach a couple of screen shots of me in the program. Of course you could be a fan of this program so by all means watch the whole thing if it makes you happy. Interesting fact. I've now been an extra twice which isn't very good as I've been on the books nearly a year but both times Mark Lewis Jones has been in the scene with me. So I'm beginning to think there aren't many actors in Wales.

In case you think I'm jealous of the stars in my transsexual summer I'm not as I wouldn't have done it had I been asked and consider myself transgendered but not transsexual but I did really enjoy watching the series.

Last weekend I went to a pony event in Birmingham at Exodus which was OK but was run by the man with the worlds quietest voice. It was so funny when he was starting the races which were mostly run by some bloke who seemed to have walked in off the street judging by the way he was dressed and the lack of effort on his part. When we all arrived the quiet man called us all together to tell us what was going to happen. Well I say called but in reality it was more of a whisper. If you stood down wind you had a chance or hearing what he was saying but upwind you'd be OK if you were deaf and a lip reader. Somehow his quiet voice just couldn't convey any excitement about the event or races but it was funny and I like funny stuff. I'd love to make a sitcom about the bdsm scene I think I'll write to Ricky Gervais as loving Life's too short at the moment. So something along those lines would be good I reckon and very funny.

Back to the pony races and no I didn't run as there was no chance I would come anything other than last in my heels so what was the point. I know it's all about the taking part and not the winning but there was a cup for the winner which I'm sure he now has proudly displayed on his mantelpiece at home for all the family to appreciate when they come round. The winning ponyboy did look like this is the only thing he'd ever won in his life so I bet he's so proud of the cup and I'd love to be there when he proudly tells his family

"look what I won!"
"Oh what did you do to win that?"
"Pony racing"
"I didn't know you had a pony"
"No I was the pony"
"You were the pony?"
"Yes it was human pony racing"
"I'm worried about you"
And so on.

After the pony racing was Exodus BDSM night. Sounds wild right? Wrong it was so dull everyone just sat round eating. Well I say everyone but it was so empty I though we'd come on the wrong night at times and the place was actually closed.Again it was kind of funny and not how anyone would picture a bdsm night. More material for my sitcom I think.

Anyway I quite enjoyed it all in a strange way as did my friend and partner in crime for the evening Lord Q who shares my scene of humour about it all and I of course looked stunning as always unlike half the others there.

So last night was supposed to be my own bdsm party but I had to cancel it mainly because of a total lack of interest in a free party but also because my good friend John who I was going to borrow equipment and a van from to transport various stuff had a heart attack and is now in hospital waiting for a bypass operation. I hope he makes a full and fast recovery and I'm sure he will and I plan on going to annoy him in hospital next week but not sure if I should take something and with me as a present and if so what? A fried breakfast is something I always enjoy so maybe I'll sneak one in.

I'm kidding!

In the end last night I had a quiet night in alone with my cat which was fine and I just ate lots of unhealthy stuff until I was nearly sick. I really should change my diet or I'll be next to have a heart attack.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I'm late

it's only tea over my dads house and I'm used to everything he cooks being burn't or dried up so waiting a few minutes longer while I write in my blog shouldn't make much difference. I often visit my dad for tea even though he only knows how to cook two things, roast dinners and fry ups! Then after tea I sit down with him watch endless soaps all night. I myself hate all soaps but he loves them all and watches them every night. I normally take a magazine to read or my net-book as I just can't watch them. It seems strange to visit my dad and spend half the time reading or on the computer(not the net though as he has something called dial up I believe whatever that is!!) but that's what happens as we don't have much to talk about or in common so we just settle for spending time together and doing different things.

This week has been very quiet for me work wise which is a surprise as I've new ads out again. I did a double dom session yesterday though which was great fun and I could have seen at least 2 people today had I not overslept that is!! In the end I got up and decided to tidy my house instead and even cleaned the fish tank out for the first time in months. I'm surprised the fish is still alive swimming around in that dirty water. He seems happy now though I think as his fin is up again(this is how you tell so I've been told)and the cat is happy she can now see into the tank again. I only have one fish as he's always killed any others I've added so I've not just accepted he wants the tank to himself and it's his fault if he gets lonely.

Saturday and Sunday was taken up mainly by two photo shoots. One for Repartee in Reading and the other in Bristol and this was just some pics for a mistresses dungeon. I don't have any of the photos so can't show off any samples but I think we got some good results for both. The Repartee shoot involved horses and they looked good even if I didn't. Funny I'm not good with horses but I should be as my mother lived and breathed horses. To me they're just animals that you sometimes have to avoid on the roads and I'm not sure why they're even on the roads in the first place when there's 100's of fields they can go in. They don't even need an MOT!

OK I think my diner should be even more burnt by now so better go.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

10 days ago!!

It was 10 days ago I last wrote on my blog and I thought it was about 5! Time seems to be going by so quickly at the moment.

So what have been up to in the last 10 days you're all asking me right?

To be honest I'm not sure it's all a bit of a blur  but I have had a very busy week as far as work goes and today apart from the weekend is the first day I've not had a client for a while. It was all down to an ad I placed in my local trade it which wasn't cheap but proved worth spending the money on. I had a few good sessions too that I actually quite enjoyed doing which is good as often I don't.

Before I go any further it was pointed out that recent blog entries have had a lot of spelling mistakes and although I admit to being a rubbish speller this was more down to the batteries in my keyboard than my poor spelling. Even I get the first letter in most words correct normally. Anyway new batteries now which is loads better so all mistakes this time are down to me again.

On Saturday I went to Glastonbury carnival as the North Petherton one had been cancelled the previous week as I mentioned in my last blog entry. It wasn't as good but I only really go to look at any sexy costumes the women are wearing on the floats and yes there was one or two nice ones again this year. If you want to know where I get ideas for some of my strange outfits this is one place. Second only to my love of the women in pop videos wearing stuff never seen on the streets.Although I wish some women would dress this way in the real world but understand why they don't.

Sunday I went to SWAMP which was OK. It's kind of like a pub but with a few people being spanked in the background and a few more dressed in fetish-wear but it's always very pleasant there. I went with my friend Lord Q as it was his birthday and we took cake which I was careful not to get on my purple leotard but not careful enough it seems!  So as I had chocolate on me there was only one thing to do take my clothes off and change outfits. Sadly not having another outfit we made a dress from pallet wrap instead. Kind of like in the attached pics but my arms were this time outside of the wrap and there was no rope round my neck either. It looked pretty good too but I was disappointed no one noticed I was in a pallet wrap dress!.

Sadly it can only be worn once as we had to cut it off me at the end of the night but don't worry we have plenty more wrap to make more dresses in the future.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


The only real reason for calling this post fireworks is the obvious fact that it's bonfire night tonight and I was going to a carnival in Somerset followed no doubt by a firework display but the carnival has now been cancelled so it looks like a quiet night at home with a DVD instead. The reason the carnival has been cancelled will be known only too well by anyone living in the area. As last night there was a horrific car crash on the M5 and several people lost their lives and the motorway still remains shut today while the carnage is cleared up. This is very near where the carnival takes place both out of respect for all those who died and the fact the main road to the event is shut it's been cancelled. The junction where the crash happened is the one I get on and off the motorway every week and in fact I was driving home last night at roughly the same time but this time not down the M5 but I do feel for all those who died and their families.

Other than  avoiding motorway pile ups what have I been doing lately you ask.

I'll go back to over a week ago to start with and I had yet another photo session for http;//www.smorgasborg.com
which was interesting as always apart from the bit where we tried to do some pics hanging upside down on a door which didn't work and just seemed like an accident waiting to happen to me. Luckily we gave up before one did though.

The day after which was last Friday I was a model in the second Bristol trannie fashion show(check out the photos)its a private show just to teach trannies what to wear as many not being brought up wearing female clothes have no idea. Unlike me of course. Yes I do know how to dress before you say anything!!

I didn't feel at all well but thanks to some drugs the lady hosting it gave me I made it through and even enjoyed showing off in front of a bunch of trannies who only really came for the food!!

The following day it was off to Birmingham with my friend Lord Q(yes that is really his name honest)for a night at a new spanking event called "spank and play" not to be confused with "wank and pay" which is a different thing altogether. Again I had a great night and even got a private play with a sexy real girl only spoilt by her male friend being involved and constantly waving his cock in my face saying things like. "Bet you'll like to suck this wouldn't you?" To which I responded "no I really wouldn't" but it was still a fun session and the event worth going to again I think.

So two nights and two event I'd enjoyed roll on the next day and my third event MDS I thought.

Things didn't start well with one of my friends I had to collect along the way running half hour late but in the end he got in the car moaning as normal but I don't mind this as his moaning always comes across as amusing to me. He brought a friend along for the ride who was mean't to be filming everything but filmed nothing on the night. Then I picked up my friend Kat(dressed as cat-woman) before travelling to meet Lord Q where we swapped cars and all piled into his. He set the sat nav for the venue only for me to say I knew the way so he didn't need it. The venue was only a 20 minute drive but an hour after leaving Lord Q's we still hadn't got there.Turns out I didn't know where to go after-all!!

In the end we got there just in time to watch everyone else enjoy takeaway food for the next two hours. If you hadn't been before you would have thought you were in the wrong place and instead of a BDSM party it was like being in a cheap Chinese restaurant. following the eating for two hours there was an auction of BDSM equipment which took up most of the night. It was for a good cause but that's not the point this was supposed to be a BDSM  event and it just wasn't. I normally enjoy MDS but I'm sorry to say this wasn't worth the £13 entrance fee. Just to make it clear I think the world of the organisers but it needs a rethink if I'm to attend future MDS's parties and I don't think I'm alone in thinking this way. I reckon I could get the word think in that last sentence a few more times if I really tried don't you?

My favourite memory of the night was me and my 4 friends walking back to the car where I walked slightly ahead thinking I was the only one looking normal. I was followed my a man in a punkin zentai suit and top hat and trannie with no wig in a catsuit and guy in a long coat rattling as he was covered in chains and handcuffs who also had glasses made from tea strainers and lastly a guy in black carrying kind of wooden stocks. It was only when I sat down  in the car that I realised sticking out from under my long coat was the devils tail I'd forgotten to remove when I took the rest of my sexy devil costume off! BTW in case yo're wondering it was Halloween.

I have lots more to tell but other things to do too so will safe it for next time

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday night

It's Sunday night and I've had a really lazy weekend hardly leaving the house and all I've done is watch DVD's and eat loads. I'm going to be a fat trannie before you know it at this rate. The best of the DVD's was a film called Source Code and the worse was probably the Green Lantern which was quite a disappointment.

Today I was up early to watch the Moto GP and having a Repsol blade I was excited to see an all Repsol front row but I didn't expect what was to follow. The terrible crash which resulted in the death of Marco Simoncelli. This is a very sad day for the sport and goes to show just how dangerous it is too. RIP Marco. 

Talking of bikes I've again been out on mine on Friday and it was freezing riding it in the dark and to be honest not something I enjoy that much these days as my eye sight isn't as good as it used to be making it hard to see when on coming cars have their lights on full beam. As I now have my car back from the repairers again for a second time I think I might stick to driving this at night instead of the bike it feels so much safer.

I don't really have much else to tell you at the moment and if I give up going to events my blog might be a quiet place to visit in the future but at the moment next weekend looks very busy so hopefully something interesting will happen and if not I'll just make something up OK?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

ENTRY 100!!

I can't believe I've posted 100 time now. God I need to get out more! 

As this is the 100th post it has to be a pretty special post right? Well it would be if I had anything interesting to talk about but as I don't it wont be that special. Sorry.

So far this week I've not seen any clients or done very much so today I decided to stop sitting by the phone, turn it off and take my fireblade out for a blast. I'm so glad I did as that bike always puts a smile on my face every time I ride it and as it's a Repsol machine and Casey Stoner has just won the world title today I was pretending I was him throwing it round the bends and passing cars like they were going backwards. great fun and just what I needed. To be honest it's an expensive toy that I can't really afford to keep but I don't think I could be parted from it no matter how hard up I become.

This Saturday I went to a Rocky horror night in a pub and it so wasn't my thing at all. Why people think all trannies are into Rocky horror is beyond me I've never had any interest. After about an hour I wanted to go home but had been given a lift so had to suffer watching people dance to the time warp all night. I have to go to the dentist this Friday for a filling and I reckon I'll enjoy that more!!

I didn't enjoy it but have to admit it went well and I'm pleased it did as it was in a pub in a small village in Wales and it was open to the public. I'm sure many of the locals would never have seen a transvestite before so it may have been quite a shock to them but everyone seemed to join in and enjoy the night(except me of course although I did try to cheer myself up by serving behind the bar for about half an hour but as I know nothing about drinks decided this wasn't a very good idea)and there's even talk of another similar event there at Christmas which I'm not likely to be going too that's for sure.

This whole night of non enjoyment has made me start to do so serious thinking as it's not the first time I've been to an event and not enjoyed myself recently and off the back of this I'm now playing with the idea of leaving the public scene and stopping attending events and just concentrating on my pro sub and Mistress business and of course still making my kinky films as I always enjoy making these. I haven't made my final decision yet as it's something I need to think over for a while.

OK so that was post number 100

Sorry but it's all down hill from here.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Another day another no show!

Yes the reason I have time to write my blog today is my client didn't turn up today with not even so much as a text to say he wasn't going to make it. So he's now added to my ever growing list of time wasters. It's almost hard to believe how many people have contacted me and booked appointments then just now turned up for the session . I get new ones every week. Oh well I have another new client tonight and hopefully this one will show up to make it worth getting all dressed up and ready today.

I've been told that I need to promote my friend Dom X's site on my blog so here's the link
I've been modelling for Dom X for some time now and finally I'm up on the site for all to see. Members get to see more of course and not just of me but some fantastic sexy captive women and some that look more like a man than I do too. Please take a tour of castle Smorgasborg today.

Last night I watched the "beaver" which before you say anything is a new Mel Gibson film where he talks to or I should say through a beaver hand puppet, Was it worth a rent you ask. Yea kind of but it wasn't as good as the other film I watched last night called "super" which really was especially Ellen Page as boltie who was totally off her head but very sexy in her yellow and green costume right up until she get half her head blown off that is(Oops might be worth mentioning what I just typed is a bit of a plot spoiler) This film was kind of how I imagine a decent punisher film to be. Where the punishment handed out far exceeds the crime committed. Anyway go rent it out. 

OK here's a pic of Ellen Page and I now want her costume so who wants to be my crimson bolt? I don't want to be shot in the head though. It doesn't do it for me.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Why don't you do sex?

Was the question a client I saw well over a year ago asked me when he phoned up again thinking of booking another appointment. He was quite a nice guy but clearly wanted sex with me when I went to visit him before so I was surprised to hear from him again as I wasn't really offering what he wanted but he phoned today and told me how impressed he was by my looks and what a convincing girl I was and he couldn't understand why I wouldn't have sex with guys as I would make a fortune if I did. This was nothing I didn't already know though.

I'm never quite sure how to react when people tell me this and they tell me this a lot!! In fact while typing this I just turned down another guy wanting me to give him oral sex. Although I miss out on more clients than I get by not offering sex I do kind of like the fact that so many guys want to shag me. In fact I seem to get more offers for sex than most of the TV's I know who are actually offering sex.!! At least I know if times get really hard there's one thing I can make a lot of money from as long as I'm not past it by then that is. 

Who said Nina you're already past it!!

I'm off to Extremm  http://www.clubextremm.com/ for the first time this coming Saturday with my friend Lord Q and it's a zombie theme so I don't need to dress up much for this one. I'm looking forward to it though and we're staying over which is good as it's quite a drive.

Talking of Lord Q last Sunday night we had this all night bondage play session and didn't go to bed at all. We filmed it all and took photos for my site so keep an eye out for some great kinky stuff coming soon.I'm not on my pc so can't show you any stills but if I remember I'll add some when I return home.

Because of this play session when I did go to bed the following night I slept about 13hours straight through. It's very tiring being tied up all the time you know.

More kinky stuff last night with my friend Kat again filmed. This time I was put into 8(I think it was)zentai's on top of one another and we filmed them being removed at first by Kat then me once I could do it on my own which I can't when wearing 8!. I can't wait to edit this film and it was such a turn on having all those zentai's on knowing I was trapped in them the only down side was the pressure on my nose which was giving me a headache from all the tight hoods was unbearable meaning I had to come out much quicker than I wanted.

OK I have to go asI have a client in a bit who's again booked in while I was typing and no I'm not having sex with him before you ask!! 

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Is it wrong to fancy a pig?

Bet you've never been asked this before. LOL

OK I've just bought a ornamental female(I think) pig dressed as a French maid bending over flashing her knickers and for some strange reason find her attractive. In fact much more attractive than many of my clients who to be honest are all men so I don't fancy any of them anyway. Talking of clients I saw 2 yesterday and 1 the day before and al 3 wanted the girlfriend experience I offer which is strange as I don't offer sex! I have to say if it wasn't for the fact that this is by far now the most popular thing I offer it's the one service I'd stop doing and if I ever become rich it'll be the first thing I stop doing. I do so wish more people would book me for bondage and spanking or modelling or maid work or zentai play or anything other than gf experiences. Yesterday the second session ended up with my client cuming over my face and I had spunk in my hair,eyes and up my nose which wasn't pleasant and these recent sessions are making me wonder how long I can continue to do this for before returning to a normal job. I'm wondering what's happened to all the kinky people. When I started my Pro sub business I never did the girlfriend thing and was never busy but used to get mainly spanking, caning and bondage sessions but this is rare now even though I also do all this as Mistress Nina(Time to plug a site I think http://www.tv-mistress-nina.co.uk/)

BTW anyone looking at that link I have been told that the photo on the homepage is terrible and doesn't look much like me so this could be putting some possible clients off. Not sure it's that bad but I must look into getting it changed to see if that gets me any more business. I somehow doubt it will make much difference.

I promise I'm not going to mention about my car accident again but it is going from bad to worse. Oh no I mentioned it!!

OK this was just a short moan today.. sorry update as I have spunk to get out of a wig now!!!

BTW the pig ornament isn't the first time I've fancied a pig I used to have a poster of miss piggy on my bedroom wall as a child in which she looked pretty hot and I've been out with a number of pigs too.

Talking of miss piggy looking hot just found this and I think you'll agree she makes a very sexy super-heroine 

Friday, 23 September 2011

Thought I'd write in my blog before I went to bed

All I seem to be doing these days is moaning about things and that's not really me but sadly most of the things that happen to me lately don't seem to be that great for some reason.

Take today for example the reason I'm here writing this on a Friday night when I should have been out being tied up at  Restraints a local bdsm night is because I've picked up a throat infection and maybe touch of flue(You should see thee faces I'm pulling every time I try to swallow anything at the moment) as well meaning this morning I cancelled my night out. I guess I can't complain too much as I can't even remember the last time I was ill. The fact is since I stopped working a normal office job nearly 2 years ago to be a pro sub I'm hardly ever ill because I'm not as stressed. One of the downsides however is I haven't got much money these days and I'm partly surviving on savings built up while I was working 9-5. My recent car crash hasn't helped as even though it wasn't my fault I had to pay a huge £500 excess  and today I got my credit card statement which is £1000 and I also got the bad news that my credit card can't do anything about the £144 I was ripped off my media today who sold me advertising that I didn't get so that's £144 out the window. To be honest I'm more annoyed that they could get away with ripping me and probably others off this way! OK that's a lie I'm more annoyed about the money.

What else can I moan about before going to bed.? OK try this one of my regular clients phoned tonight asking me to do a session as a boy and of course I said no which may signal the end of our regular sessions as he's often referred to me as male but I let it pass in previous sessions. It's funny I never advertise as anything other then Nina but I've turned down £300 to appear in a sissification film, a role as a schoolboy in a caning film, a role as a guy who's brain is removed and put into a women in a splosh film(yes really!)and tonight's spanking session. All easy money and all of which I would have done had they asked me to be Nina but even though it's only clothes and makeup to most people I can't do anything bdsm related unless in my female role even for money.

Interesting fact out of the 4 genuine offers to work as a bloke only the ones making the sissification film have seen me not as Nina and in the end they got a TS to do it instead of me.

So anything at all happen good today or am I just going to end it all now I hear you ask?

No I'm not actually sometimes the smallest things can put a smile on my face and today this was it. I was going into town to pick up my prescription after going to the doctors about my throat and before returning to my car decided to get a magazine to read in the local news agents and picked up fast bikes magazine mainly because it was sealed up and had a free balaclava(which I thought will come inn handy for my new life of crime once I've given up on the pro sub business) and when I opened the magazine I found it had an article about R1's and the bike used for the photos and test was my old bike which I toured the UK on and featured in Repartee and is pictured below. It's more famous than me now!! This is the thing that made me smile today. 

OK I'm off to bed now but I won't sleep with this bloody sore throat!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

At least this blog's still here

Anyone reading this who is also a member of my pay site will know I have another much ore kinky blog that only they can read, Well I did until last week when I went to add a new entry I found it was missing and still is and neither me nor Bella my web mistress have any idea where it's gone. So I need to apologise to my members as I'm having to start my kinky blog all over again. I am a bit gutted about this as I also never kept separate copies of my entries. The first entry should be there later on today though and this time I'm making sure I make copies.

Other than this I've been a busy girl and had an exellent couple of days with my friend Lord Q doing many kinky films and photos that I'm sure my members will love almost as much as I loved making and modelling for them.

I also had about 4 clients last week and have just said goodbye to my first this week so work is slowly picking up which is good as I seem to have been spending far more than I've been earning lately backed up by my bank statement that showed I spent £6000 more than I earn last year!! Then again if I stopped buying clothes it would be a lot less.

Saturday night I was the official maid at my friends house warming in Wales and about 60 guests turned up and none of them were sheep I don't think.So most of the human population of Wales were there I reckon. I was a good maid and not only dressed the part but spent the night taking coats answering the door and washing up instead of playing in the dungeon upstairs like I normally would at a party. Anyone wanting a kinky maid to clean their house check my site for details as I'm more than just a pretty face. Honest

Friday, 9 September 2011

Again a very quick update

This has been a very mixed week for me some things are good some things not so. Tomorrow I get my car back after being repaired following the accident I had a few weeks back which is good except I've been informed it's now two different shades of red as the new paint doesn't match the old faded paint, Of course I moaned about this to my insurance who seem happy that the garage painted the car the correct colour and have pushed me into accepting my car back by taking the loan car away leaving me without any transport! Well I still have the blade but I can't carry all my stuff on that or turn up to clients houses as a guy on a bike with my stuff in a rucksack! I also need to find £500 tomorrow to pay my excess to get my car back which is gutting as someone drove into me.

I'm also having issues with these wankers
who sold me advertising in all the papers the represent, took my money(and more)then proceeded not to run any ads for me. So I've lost £144 to them and now they wont even answer my e-mails or phone calls, Anyone thinking of advertising with them please don't!

OK that's the main of the crap stuff out the way. Oh hang on I placed another ad in ad-trader this week and so far had hardly an calls and no bookings from it purely because this time I wrote no sex offered. The only upside here is that last time the phone didn't stop ringing with guys wanting sex and I still hardly got a booking so at least this time I haven't spent several days telling people I'm not an escort but a mistress and pro sub to idiots who have no clue what either of those are.

Good things now. Well I've seen 4 genuine clients this week which is better than last week when I only saw one and had a good night with Kat last night mainly tieing her up in her zentai suits and a nice night with my friend Lord Q the previous evening planning lots of future kinky films which I'm excited about and.........I need to think now as today I've sat around waiting for clients to ring and none have so now I'm going to say goodbye stop moaning and go home as typing this from the schoolroom I session from.

Oh did I mention the pony play I was looking forward to last Saturday at Exodus was rubbish but I looked the part as always in a sexy white leotard, No photos to show you of this though so find something else to wank over tonight. ;-)

Oh another thing any members of my site http://www.naughty-nina.com/Links.html may notice there's no update this week this is because my web mistress is away on holiday so to keep you going I'll make something up for the kinky blog instead tomorrow.

Seems this update wasn't as quick as I thought it would be

Saturday, 3 September 2011

I always seem to be in a rush

As I am now and about to head off to the Bristol splunch which starts shortly and is a munch for sploshers or people like me who like to get messy from time to time. If you don't know what a much is it's just a meeting of kinky people normally in a pub during the day dressed in normal clothes. I have never been to a munch as there always seems to be issues about transgendered people attending and this being the case I'd rather stay away. Also it's not really my thing sitting around talking about kinky stuff instead of doing kinky stuff. I want to go to the splunch to get films and photos from my recent quarry shoot with Tanya. In fact this will be the 4th time I've been to the splunch in Bristol but I never stay more than a couple of hours as I always have something else I need to be doing. I think I go to splunches and not munches because they have no problem with me being Nina and its often the only time I meet other sploshers too.

Later on tonight I'm also going to Exodus and I get to be a pony girl again which I always love doing and lots of my friends are going also so really looking forward to tonight.

I have some pics from when I was playing in the box of water the other day so check these out. It was a great fun night and just what I needed that day and we have more kinky plans for me in the box of course.

Last weekend I had a strangely quiet weekend and spent most of it at home although come the end of Monday I did regret not going into Bristol as I missed about 3 clients and I really could have done with the money as I have to pay £500 to get my car back next week which is still being repaired after my accident coming home from the quarry. I did go to Restraints on the Friday and get suspended yet again by Longman though and here is the evidence which shows I'm far to happy being tied up.

Again I have lots more to mention but like i said I am in a rush so will write more next week.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

OK it wasn't quite that bad and I thought it went more or less to plan but the lack of thanks or feedback led me to think I got this one slightly wrong somehow. 

You see I always thought dressing up as school kids, spanking and role-play all went hand in hand and anyone who liked the whole school thing also loved being caned or spanked like I do but  I learn't this isn't the case at all and most people who dressed in school kids clothes at my bdsm party didn't want to be punished!! As head girl I didn't get punished at all except for in one of the party games where everyone in the room had to cane me once that is.

The idea of my party was to give people things to do instead of having to make their own play like you do at most other bdsm events because quite often all that happens is everyone just stands round talking but after my party  I get the feeling that this is all most people want to do!!

17 people in total turned up and the role play part in the schoolroom I thought went well but things went slightly down hill when the punishments were being handed out and people had left before we could play the spanking games I'd planned. 

Despite the lack of feedback I think it was still a good and different idea and stand by how I organised it and as everyone knows I'm always right. ;-) 

Other than my party the following night I went to Bristols club O and decided to wear a zentai suit with clothes and a wig over the top which wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done as I couldn't really see anything or anyone! I'm going to do it again though somewhere lighter and on a lead which sounds like great fun. I might even spend the whole night gagged next time(stop cheering!)

Sunday I spent the afternoon covered in custard with Angel Delight(next week I'm going to spend an afternoon covered in Angel Delight with Custard. LOL) which isn't a bad way to spend a hot Sunday. Check out her site here
The film of this will be on my own site before too long but for all you sploshers my latest film posh splosh is now up so check it out here
Remember anyone who is a member can request a kinky film or photo set and I'll do my best to make it and credit the person who's idea it is.

Yesterday was also a pretty good day after it didn't start well with one client cancelling last minute another one took his time slot and had me doing my mistress Nina bit for 2 hours before another one messed around before not turning up and I spent much of the night in a plastic tub full of water which was amazing and didn't want to get out. In fact I'd like to have been able to stay in if under the water with the lid on as a ornament as I think it's what every room could do with! Once I get some pics of this I'll add them so you can see what I'm talking about.

Lots more been happening this week but too much to write here and again I'm tired and don't feel very well and need to go to bed.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Back to school

So tonight it's my reform school party and to be honest I really wanted this to work out after my first attempt to run one failed and it was cancelled but with only about 10 people set to show up this one has already failed after my last party "Tide Up" had 25 or more show which was a good number 10 is just not enough and if I'm honest I'd really like to cancel this one too. However I don't want to let the few people that are coming down so I'm going ahead with it anyway. I'll let you know how it works out.

Gong back to last Saturday I went out for a lovely if very expensive meal to celebrate 2 of my friends birthday's. They're a couple who were born on the same day but not the same year so a few of us went to a Thai restaurant which like I said was very nice but hardly what I'd good good value.

The following day was very eventful as I was shooting a new splosh film at a quarry for"Naughty Nina" my pay site and it was a superhero fight to the death between Rogue and Ms Marvel which should have been really good but we ended up rushing as we kept getting interrupted by lads on motorbikes. I'm not even sure if I've got enough footage  to make the film as we were in such a hurry and when we got out of the quarry there was nowhere to wash of so I returned home still dirty! Well I say returned home but the fact is I didn't make it back as some stupid woman crashed into me on the way! My car is now being repaired and I have a loan car and the women who went through a red light and hit me is blaming me for the accident which is not good as I have a £500 excess!!

The rest of this week has been quiet and I've again been to the cinema and watched a couple of new films. One was Happy Potter the other Rise of the planet of the apes which I thought was the better of the two.

It's nearly 3 in the morning and I think I need to go to sleep!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Don't you just love vanilla's!!

I don't mean ice-creams either. It's what some of us fetish scene people call people who have so called normal lives. It's also what trans people often call non trans people. I use it for both. A friend of mine calls them the normals which I quite like too. 

Anyway last Friday I went to a private party which had a mixture or normals and scene foke and it was interesting as at the being the only difference was the way we were dressed but there was one young lady there that I chatted too who said to me. "So what do people do on the scene?" I said "what do you think we do?" to which she replied "all I know is it's just an excuse to get naked" which brought a smile to my face. later when people started to play a little she was clearly shocked to see people being tied up and beaten at first saying to me "Why the fuck is that girl getting tied up!" but I guess this is just a normal vanilla reaction which I quite often forget as most of my friends are as much into the scene as I am and it's our normal world.

Anyway party was good and I got canned by Cherry and beaten by Longman(thanks for that and remind me to move my bum round to the side so you hit it more often! ;-)) and didn't leave until it was light! So thanks to Longy for inviting me.

Monday I went to Cardiff and did some more extra work for a program called Baker boys which will be shown next year sometime. I was in a gay nightclub which made me laugh(like most things seem too) as they filled it with over the to gay people and drag queens so everyone watching has no doubt this is a gay bar!! They wanted me to wear this Welsh flag sparkly dress but there was no way. I would have looked ridiculous and it was low cut with no arms. Two things I hate in female clothes actually that not true two things I can't get away with is more like it. Sadly.
I was  first to arrive and last to be called so had to hand round in Cardiff with the other extras totally bored out of my brain for hours but I did chat to some nice people while waiting.

I also went to the cinema twice this week and watched the very average Captain America and the really good Super 8 which I'd recommend to anyone who's not seen it yet.

Lots more to talk about but I'm in the middle of cooking tea so will leave it there today I think as I'm hungry.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

He loves me he loves me not.

This refers to the 2 clients I had in one day last week. The first was such a disappointment after all seemed so promising. He wanted me to come to the door dressed in a secretary style outfit and be tightly gagged already. He also told me I wasn't to masturbate for the previous 24hours. I followed his demands an even put a collar and lead on myself and cuffed both my hands and feet and to be honest was really looking forward to the spanking/bondage session the lay ahead. Sadly when he arrived things went down him and he just got his cock out and wanted me to pleasure him constantly while trying his best to snog me. He was also 2 hours late and after 5 minutes I decided enough was enough and released myself and told him to leave as there was no way I was trusting him to tie me up and not fuck me. He left I got no money and wasted most of a day.

That same night another client turned up and wanted my girlfriend experience which doesn't involve much in the way of sex(much like having a real girlfriend so most people tell me) we had a chat he seemed nice so he removed all his clothes and I started to give him hand relief while he started to play with and kiss me. After about 10 minutes of this he said"I don't think this is for me" and got dressed and left!! This guy did however pay. I guess not everyone loves me.

Since then I've had a few more clients including one I spend 2 hours tying up using mainly luggage straps and I have to say I'm getting quite a dab hand with these straps. This was a good session and the client left happy leaving me with a somewhat rare smile on my face these days.

I also did a hotel visit and managed to drive my car into the pavement in the hotel car park(I know women drivers) but it seems to be OK and I even had some new pics taken with my car yesterday before I rally do some damage to it. I hope you like them?

At the moment other than work I've got 3 things I'm trying to organise for this month. First I have a messy mud shoot at a quarry which is getting close so have to pull my finger out with this one. Second I have a school themed party which has hit on a few problems as everyone is dropping out at the moment and third I want to take my fireblade to France for a week at the end of the month and chill out at my friends house. 

She's mentioned there's lots of things to be tied too there and lots of nettles too. Why is this good you ask. Well I've always wanted to be tied in-between 2 trees and have nettle shoved down the back of my knickers. Totally against my will of course. 

Do you think I'm a bit odd? No me neither. ;-)

Oh nearly forgot quick mention for Restraints last week. It was the first (of many I hope) BDSM event at a swingers club in Bristol called Romeo's and it went really well and yes I got tied up and beat about so I was happy. I think everyone enjoyed the night so well done to everyone involved in making that happen.

I can't believe you've nodded off reading my blog again!!


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Weekly updates at last!!

I've been nagging Bella Jay for ages about updating my website on a weekly bases in order to keep my members happy but she keeps saying she hasn't got time but at long last she's caved in and now naughty Nina has gone weekly and for this first week there is a bonus for my members in the form of a new guest galleries section as well as a film of me getting spanked and caned by Miss Prim at the Muir Academy. For anyone not familiar with my site take a look here. It's good I promise.


One thing I forgot was although I have lots of films and photos set to go up I haven't been editing any lately so today I've edited 10 new galleries which has taken all afternoon. You can't see these yet as they'll go up one set a week and of course as well as all the material I already have I've lots of plans for more kinky films in the future to keep my members happy.

So today I've not really had chance to do much else but I have got a couple of pro sub bookings lined up over the next few days which I really need as only seen one client this week which hasn't earn't me enough to cover my petrol let alone anything else.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow though as well as having a client booked in I also have "Restraints at Romeo's" first night to go to so fingers crossed it lives up to the name and I get restrained at some point in the evening.

What else can I tell you. 
I seem to have done something to my left arm while asleep last night as it's hurting and I don't know why maybe it's a lack of pringles as I've stopped buying them now they've returned to full price and I'm eating monster munch instead.

Again I'm not sure what photo's I can add here unless I just upload one of the ones I've edited today.

Ah I know I've not told you about the pony event I went too in London last week have I? 

It was really good and as always I was a fantastic ponygirl but didn't win any races as I'm far to pretty to run fast. I caught up with a few old friends and made some new ones and as it's the first time I've been a pony this year my legs were aching the following day after all that sort of running I was doing. 

Big thanks to my friend Lord Q who reads my blog who came with me and paid for everything. He likes old things so I've made a couple of the photos look old just for his pleasure

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I'm starting to feel like a prisoner here!

Let me explain for my pro sub and Mistress work I use my friends schoolroom which is great but it's located above some offices and the girls who work in the offices complained about my clients coming and going so my friend stopped me using it other than the evening when the offices are closed but I still use the place to change at and often stay in the flat as I am now on my own while my friend is in France at his other house and its great having a flat and the schoolroom to myself but the problem is if I'm staying here I now feel like I have to ask every time I allow anyone else to visit me here even if it's a friend who wants to pop round and it's driving me mad that this place is empty all day except for me and I can't see clients here. It's like having a car but not being able to take anyone for a ride in it! I've been up here for a few days now while the trolls below keep an eye out all day in case I have any visitors. Kind of like sleeping beauty trapped in the tower waiting to be rescued. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful my friend trust me enough to come and go as I want from here but sometimes I wish she'd trust me just a little bit more and not feel the need to have people keep an eye on me while she's away.

I do of course have a second place to see clients at but this also has problems the biggest of these being where it is and the state of it and the people that live in the flat next to it or I should say live outside the flat next to it most of the time!

I now have another back up place available but this is half an hour away from the schoolroom and as I found out today to far out for most people so as yesterday I've again seen no one but turned down several people.

It's been clear for sometime the only way my business will work is once I have my own venue to do all my sessions from but at the moment there's so many reason why I can't sort something out of my own. Money being the main one of course.

So other than missing out on work what else have I been up to you ask. OK you didn't ask but lets pretend you did . Well now that you ask I went to club O again last Saturday and it felt like old times there getting tied up and spanked really brought a smile back to my face. There are photos of this but not very good ones so don't think I'll add any.

My friend Kat came around and was let into the flat yesterday and I tied her up and took photos of her in her tight leopard leotard. We did some stuff with her and a dummy(not me)in a cage which kept falling on her which was very funny.  Not got any of the photos so can't add them either!

That's not good you read all the rubbish I wrote about me being a prisoner in the flat and don't have anything to look at! Sorry I'll see if I can find something but I can't promise.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Still not getting out much

But this time I've been sat around in Bristol for days dressed like a hooker waiting for clients to hopefully ring. I had one today for an hour and one yesterday for less than an hour who clearly should have seen an escort and not me but clients are clients and at the moment anything is better than nothing.

I've just spent nearly £100 on a new ad in trade it so I hope this gets me some clients as running out of places to advertise and money to do so!!

So I didn't go out over the weekend and missed Sparkle but my friend Kat came to see me and we dressed up in our lycra and took lots of great pics which was great fun. We also made a couple of kinky films which if good enough may end up on my Naughty Nina site.


On another matter one of my friends lent me his violet wand and I had a tiny accident today and put my heel through the case and I know he reads my blog so really sorry but it's not that bad honest. Bet he's thinking I can't trust that Nina to look after anything! I guess I'll have to buy him two WKD's Saturday now!

I think I'm going to soon have to return hom as running out of clean knickers!!

Friday, 8 July 2011

I've not been out for days!!

Yes I've not left the house since my hard canning on Tuesday night and my bum is all heeled now. The problem is I don't have any more clients booked in even though the phone hasn't stopped ringing on the back of my adtrader ad this week. I reckon I've received over 100 calls from farmers wanting ex with a sexy trannie. When I tell them I don't offer sex and live in Bristol they hang up. I've said for a long time as a pro sub/dom I make a fantastic escort and this keeps on being the case. The thing is I could never have sex with a man so I could never do the one thing I could make lots of money doing. Having stayed in with just my cat for company and all the idiots who keep calling me at least I've managed to catch up on some tele and I do love anything that makes me laugh. One program I love watching is"Lead Balloon" it just always tickles me as I see a lot of Jack Dee's character in me. Like the sarcastic way he speaks to his daughter and her boyfriends and the housekeeper and the way he lies to his annoying neighbour. Anyway if you haven't seen it you should it's funny.

As I've been struggling for work I often find myself taking jobs I wouldn't if I was busy and this week I've been offered paid work in some sissification films which will mean appearing on film male mode. Which is something I've never done before and normally turn down but £300 for a few hours filming is quite a bit and more than I earn most weeks at the moment. The downside is I'm in a film as a bloke forever and anyone who doesn't know me as Nina could stumble across these films at some point. They've asked me before and I've always said no in the past but not sure now

I find it odd that I so want only to be a woman in all that I do on film and I'm constantly getting offers and turning them down to be a guy in kinky films yet I know guys who are struggling to get any paid fetish work.

Other than these sisification films I've been asked to star as a schoolboy in spanking and caning films and as a guy who has his brain transplanted into a girl for a splosh film. Both of which I turned down. I don't even think I'm that good looking not dressed as Nina and I hate doing kinky stuff not as Nina. It's like I'm being offered these jobs so I realize I'm not a woman and I need to get on with being a man again.

Anyway lots for me to think about while I'm shut away in my house. I'm thinking about going to tescos but that means coming into contact with real people again and not sure I'm ready for that yet. LOL

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Today my advert in ad-trader came out which I thought was bound to get me some more work. Sadly it came out in the wrong paper and I've been inundated with lots of village idiots and farmers from the south-west phoning up for sex with a trannie! The phone has hardly stopped ring and I've yet to get a genuine booking from this. Very annoying to say the least.

Also today I picked up a copy of  Bizarre which has a feature on the Muir Academy of which I'm a member of and also feature in the article. To be honest my bum features more than my face though. I while back I wrote to Bizarre asking if they'd be interested in doing a feature on me but was turned down but at least I've made it in one way or another.

Check out the Muir Academy web site here

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

It's like buses

I've not been caned hard for some time until last Wednesday that is when I client came and paid extra to really cane me hard which he did and made me bleed as well as breaking a cane on my bum. In fact this is the first one of my canes that has ever been broken. I took a couple of days of in order to recover and even though still marked my bum was more or less all better until today that is when another client phoned up requesting a hard caning session on my bum. I needed the money and I like this client so went ahead with the session. In the end I took an impressive(I think) 82 hard strokes. Although my bum is now quite painful and I'm going to have to rest it again for the next few days. I'll probably go into detail about both canings for my naughty Nina kinky blog as not updated that for quite a while. For anyone who likes my blog but would like to hear more about the kinky things I do in much more details check out my blog on 

Other than being caned what have I been up to. To be honest it's all very quiet I've even got my house to myself at the moment which is strange as I have lived with someone for years and not used to having nights alone. It's not bad just different. This won't last though so I'd better make the most of having my house to myself.

On Saturday I went to Exodus and in hind site shouldn't have gone as I wasn't really up for it and was feeling tired. I didn't enjoy my night much although Mike who I went with did his best to cheer me up on the night but it was no use. I need to say sorry again to Mike about acting like a moody child most of the night. This has made me feel like taking a break from scene events for a while as again I find I'm not enjoying them much. I say this but people are already asking if I'm going to be at SWAMP this Sunday not to mention SPARKLE in Manchester. For anyone who doesn't know what sparkle is look here http://www.sparkle.org.uk/

It's the seventh and maybe last one so I should really go as I've been at all the previous ones and even entered Miss Sparkle in the very first year(although I didn't even make the top three!) but I'm probably not going to make it this time. I say probably as there's still a very small chance I'll change my mind and go at the last minute. very small chance getting smaller by the second though!

BTW this event is organised by my sister and Repartee editor Bella Jay(Don't ask how we became sisters) and she's been part of the organisation from day one and done a fantastic job every year so If I don't get there I'd like to wish her the best of luck with what's looking like being her final Sparkle. Well done sis.