Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fantasy Girl Nina

My new site is here at last but does it live up to all the hype you ask. Well check it out yourself and I think you'll agree it does

Yes my pro sub site is no more and but you can still book me as your Fantasy Girl  for any of the services listed on the new site and much more. In fact today I had a client who made me dress head to toe in black latex and after seeing him I realized latex should have had a separate page on my site as so many people love latex and I have a page for most other things and some are much more unusual.

This week has not been great work wise as Monday all three people who were booked in and all cancelled and Wednesday I got already for a client who didn't turn up(a common problem in my line of work I'm afraid)and then I deleted another message by mistake from someone else wanted to visit the same day. On top of this I went out on my blade and got soaked as it rained when I was an hour from home and I mean really rained! By the time I got home I was soaked through to the skin and really worried that my laptop which I had on my back in a rucksack was going to be wet and fucked! Luckily the ruck sack only leaked a little and the lap top which I'm typing on now was still dry. Even though I got wet I quite enjoyed riding the bike in the rain and was still attacking corners and hanging off the bike and overtaking cars like I was Marc Marquez trying to win a GP race.

Today I had 3 clients show up which cheered me up after the poor start to the week. The same amount I got last Thursday(I've no idea why Thursdays are so popular I don't offer a special rate for old or fat people or anything on Thursdays) but it was nearly four as another guy turned up and tried to get a free session but was surprised when I asked to be paid before he did the session. He went to his car to get some money but didn't return.

Anyway back to my new site and I've had some new photos taken that if you've followed the link you may have seen but if you can't be arsed here's a few samples