Thursday, 29 September 2011

Is it wrong to fancy a pig?

Bet you've never been asked this before. LOL

OK I've just bought a ornamental female(I think) pig dressed as a French maid bending over flashing her knickers and for some strange reason find her attractive. In fact much more attractive than many of my clients who to be honest are all men so I don't fancy any of them anyway. Talking of clients I saw 2 yesterday and 1 the day before and al 3 wanted the girlfriend experience I offer which is strange as I don't offer sex! I have to say if it wasn't for the fact that this is by far now the most popular thing I offer it's the one service I'd stop doing and if I ever become rich it'll be the first thing I stop doing. I do so wish more people would book me for bondage and spanking or modelling or maid work or zentai play or anything other than gf experiences. Yesterday the second session ended up with my client cuming over my face and I had spunk in my hair,eyes and up my nose which wasn't pleasant and these recent sessions are making me wonder how long I can continue to do this for before returning to a normal job. I'm wondering what's happened to all the kinky people. When I started my Pro sub business I never did the girlfriend thing and was never busy but used to get mainly spanking, caning and bondage sessions but this is rare now even though I also do all this as Mistress Nina(Time to plug a site I think

BTW anyone looking at that link I have been told that the photo on the homepage is terrible and doesn't look much like me so this could be putting some possible clients off. Not sure it's that bad but I must look into getting it changed to see if that gets me any more business. I somehow doubt it will make much difference.

I promise I'm not going to mention about my car accident again but it is going from bad to worse. Oh no I mentioned it!!

OK this was just a short moan today.. sorry update as I have spunk to get out of a wig now!!!

BTW the pig ornament isn't the first time I've fancied a pig I used to have a poster of miss piggy on my bedroom wall as a child in which she looked pretty hot and I've been out with a number of pigs too.

Talking of miss piggy looking hot just found this and I think you'll agree she makes a very sexy super-heroine 

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