Saturday, 1 July 2017

Time For Change

Well it has been for a while now but I'm finding it hard to find myself a new house that I can also use to see my clients. I've had this vision for years now(but the doctors think it's normal) and thought once I'd  got my inheritance there would be loads of places on the market that would suit my needs. Now I've got most of my inheritance this is not proving to be the case as house prices are crazy and to be honest I've no clue how anyone can afford to get on the property ladder these days. I'm sure as I'm in a better position than most Something will come up if I just bide my time. The only problem is while I'm waiting I'm losing clients every week. This time a year ago there wasn't many days that went by where I didn't see someone as either a domme,sub or escort. At the moment I'm only seeing one or two a week but I'm confident as they said in field of dreams "build it and they will come" or in my case "buy it, built a dungeon and they will cum"

So yes it's time for change but when that will happen I still can't say but as mentioned before I still work from "Ashton Studios" and "Studio Onyx" but you have to book me in advance and if I don't know you pay a deposit to cover the studio hire. Oh and I can't really do escort work at these studios so the only way at the moment to see me as an escort is if I can come to you or you're in a hotel. This will all change as I've said though

OK no new house yet but I have sold both my old push bikes and bought a Giant Any Road a bike than I hoped would be the best of both my old racer and mountain bikes as it turns out seems to be more the worse part of those two bikes but maybe I haven't given it chance yet. I've had to return this bike already twice to the dealers I bought it from. So me and this bike have not got off to a good start. I'm thinking of doing some photos on this bike like I did on my last one so might have to twist someones arm to come take a few.

"Keith have you sorted that camera yet!!"

Another thing that has changed since my last post is I've got an annoying cough that wont totally go away. As I'm an escort I got tested to see if I'd caught anything dodgy but no it turns out I'm still STI free. In fact I'm proud that I've never caught an STI so I'm an excellent ad for using condoms it seems. Even though I'm constantly getting guys not want to book me because I use condoms. What's wrong with these idiots!

Going back to my cough I now have an appointment with the ear,nose and throat guys in a few weeks. BTW  I'm pretty sure it's nothing catching and although it was bad a while bad it's really calmed down but hasn't gone so need to get it checked out as over 2 months with a cough is a long time.

Another change is I've got a new phone but kind of preferred the old one as I'm not really a phone person or a tec person for that matter and I knew how to use the old phone without thinking which is not the case now. I'm sure I'll get used to it though or break it if now. It's funny I asked them in the shop to transfer all my contacts as I have loads but if they looked at them at all they would have seen all the not so nice names I give my no show and bad clients like "client wanker" or "client tosepot" Oh well I'm sure they would have seen it all before. lol

I'm also and have been for sometime thinking of changing my motorbike as I hardly ride it. One bike I've been looking at is the new KTM 390 Duke and yesterday I decided to test ride one but when I got to the dealer they didn't have one on demo so they let me take out the bigger 690 Duke instead which was good fun but I've still no idea what the smaller 390 is like. lol

Something else that had to be changed was all the brakes on my Megane which cost me £800 but I did get a go in a Megane 275 cup S while I was waiting. For car nerds like me the difference between this car and mine is quite a bit even though they look like much the same car. Mine only has 250BHP and as the name suggests the 275 cup S has you guessed it 275BHP. It has better suspension a much uprated interior including leather seats and a sat nav as well as performance exhaust and bigger wheels.The list of differences goes on and on. It felt considerably faster than mine as well as harder on the road and the noise reminded me a bit of my old VXR. If I had a spare £20,000 I'd be tempted to get one except for one thing the controls for the sat nav and clever computer telling you just about everything you could ever want to know live in place of the cup holder on my car! That would be a deal breaker I'm afraid so I'll just have to stick with living with only 250 horses under my bonnet and a strange noise that the rubbish standard radio can't drown out even when turned up to 11.

So that's the latest on my life not doing that much kinky stuff outside a few sessions at the moment but that wont last I'm sure.

More soon