Thursday, 24 February 2011

Busy girl

I've just got home from 5 days away and have been to a spanking and fetish event in London, The BBB in Birmingham and then on to 2 different photo-shoots in Liverpool so not been able to write on my blog. I'm having a catchup day today but off for more adventures again tomorrow and not back again until Monday. It's good to be busy it's just a shame I'm doing the shoots for free just to get loads more sets and films for my site
I've got some pretty good bondage sets to add now so look out for some of the extreme stuff I've been doing over the last few days.

One thing I have to write about is at one of the shoots at this guys house I stayed at he went out to get us food and none of his family had any idea he had a trannie round for bondage fun but his sister called round while he was out and as she had her own key came in to find me there. She soon left again but I think he had a lot of explaining to do after that!! I wasn't tied up at the time which was lucky as I had been most of the day.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Busy sending out invites

It's taken me ages but I finally send out invites for mine and Davina's party in April. Half way though this I realised I'm probably not the best person for this job as lots of people have asked to come and I'm not sure if I know them or not so decided not to send them invites as we have enough people on the list already. Another problem is everyone seems to be linked to someone else and they wont come unless they can bring the people they're linked too along as well! It's not easy this part organising business is it! I'm bound to end up upsetting lots of people in the end whatever I do.

Also  my naughty blog has now started on my site so if you want to read about some of the things I've been getting up to as a pro sub check out my blog in the members area
Trust me it's nothing like what I write here.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Kinky blog

As I'm still quiet I've decide to start work on my kinky blog for my site and only members will be able to read my kind of secret diary of pretend girl as a little extra something to say thanks for paying to looking at my kinky material. I'm planning one update a week and going to base much of the blog/diary around some of the kinky clients I've had as well as some of the unpaid sessions I had before I started charging. Hopefully I'll get some feedback as if this is a good feature of the site once I've wrote a pages. If it's not liked I may drop it and turn it into a best selling book instead. LOL

Even though I've been quiet I'm out at SWAMP in Bristol this Sunday where the theme is red which I'm sure I can just about manage to do. I have some  new hot-pants I'd love to show off  and next week I have clients booked in and I have two photo-shoots coming up the following week so lots more bondage photos and films for my site I hope.

Before I finish just thought you might like to see my friends new site here
I've been meaning to do a photo session with the lovely Laura for ages but it starting to look like it's never going to happen. Her new site looks good though.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Better post something

Just so you all know I'm OK as I know how much you worry about me if I don't post.

I went out on the new push bike again this morning and it was a bit better than the first time but I just stayed on main roads. I was still huffing and puffing like an asthmatic all the way round though but I'll get better I'm sure.

I'm starting to think it may soon be time to pack in the Mistress and Pro sub businesses as neither are really making me any money and I'm getting fed up of spending so much time on-line promoting my ventures and I've spent lots of money on adverts that don't work either. I think I'm going to have to accept the fact that I need to work out something else to do with my life. I still get loads of emails and phone calls but most lose interest because I wont have sex with them. 

BTW I'm UK mistress of the month here which is cool even if I'm not getting any work through it

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Two showers today!

OK that's not that unusual but the first one came while out on my new toy this morning.

Yes I've just treated myself to a Giant push-bike. No you silly people I don't mean one made for really tall people! Giant is the make of my new racing bike and today after having it's been in the way in my hall way for 3 days I went out for my first cycle ride on it and I have to say it was a pretty horrible outing overall. Why was that   Nina I hear you ask.

You see I've not done a stroke of exercise since my 10K run last October so doing any form of exercise comes as a shock to my system now. When I did the run I did tell myself I'd have a rest for about a week then keep doing something to stay fit but I never did.

Also when I was riding before it was on my mountain bike and I decided to take the same route today that I used to ride on my mountain bike which my new road bike couldn't really cope with. I ended up having to come off the gravel cycle path and get back on the busy main roads instead. I really struggled to get the hang of the gears also which are worked by clicking the brake levers and a couple of times I got in a right mess after going fast down hill found myself stuck in too high a gear for the steep inclines that followed and had to get off and push the bike as I didn't have the strength to push the peddles round in the high gear I was stuck in. Oh and the reason I had two showers is about 5 miles from home in poured down with rain.   

You might be wondering why  I bothered to buy the bike and why I didn't just stick to my mountain bike that I'm used too. Even if you're not I'm going to tell you anyway. I ride mainly on road and have been finding the mountain bike hard work when I do ride it and I think once I get the hang of my road bike I'll start to enjoy it and want to ride it more.

Also I have just bought a fab skin suit the same as Victoria Pendleton is wearing here
and I kind of fancy myself as a trannie version of her a bit(in my dreams I know) and may even at some stage go out as Nina on the bike in the suit. Maybe for a charity event once I've got up to speed that is. 
I already have a photo shoot planed so look out for the pics of me in skin tight lycra for a change

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Back to my films then

Now that my moment of fame on being human has passed by it's back to editing and uploading my films for

My into deep film is finally up so I thought I'd put up a short trailer. 

Don't worry the film is better than the trailer but I save the best bits for my site.

So what else have I been up to today other than editing this. I have to be honest and say pretty much nothing although I've had endless phone calls from friends and people trying to plan things like future meals parties and bondage shoots and I don't think I got anything sorted out in the end only loads of possible plans