Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Website Issues

Any members of my kinky paysite http://naughtynina.net/ will have noticed there have been a few problems lately. The first of which mean't the photo galleries weren't displaying online. This was for about a week until I found what was causing this. This mean't that there was no gallery update last week but don't worry they'll be a double update this week now that it's all working again. There was also an issue updating the preview page yesterday but again this is now fixed and today the preview page shows yesterday new video update. Anyway the site is all back to normal now so all my members can carry on enjoying the 100's of films and galleries as before. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

In other news I've just done a tights and stockings photo-shoot for the next 2 issues of  http://www.repartee.tv/ magazine. the first part on tights will be in issue 81 out at the end of January and the the second part on stockings and suspenders will be in issue 82 out later in the year. Below are a couple of preview photos just for you. My trans drivers feature wont be in the next issue but possibly may go in the following one if I can get some more interest. So come on girls send me your photos and stories featuring your girle cars.

If for some reason I don't blog before Christmas I hope everyone has a fantastic and kinky Christmas and make it a new years resolution to visit me next year so live out some of those kinky dreams.

Nina xx

Friday, 6 November 2015

Halloween's come and gone again

I didn't actually go out on Halloween this year but did go to a Halloween themed BDSM event the day after in Weston Super-mare. So at least I got to dress up. And which of the 4 outfits from the previous post did I wear I hear you ask. None of them I bought a new skeleton costume as you can see from the photos below. It was a good night with lots of people there and loads dressed in great Halloween costumes and lots of people playing and getting spanked and tied up.

Other than this I've not done much since I last wrote although last week I was snowed under with clients and this week I've seen hardly any. It's really odd why it seem to go like this but hopefully I'll be busy again next week and if you're reading this and not sure what I do check out my websites for all my services

In my last blog I mentioned about a future Repartee article I wanted to do featuring trans girls and their cars but as I've had so little interest I've now pretty much given up on this feature which is a bit of a shame. Instead I'm doing a tights and stockings photo shoot as all girls love tights and stockings and I've got some pretty cool ones that I'm sure will look good in print.

Talking of magazines the latest issue of trans magazine"Frock" is out and free to view here http://frockmagazine.com/frock/index-int.html I have a nice 8 page feature too so go have a look and find out even more about me.

Monday, 12 October 2015

10 year on tvChix!

That's right 10 years ago today I joined tvChix. So what am I going to to to celebrate the momentous occasion you ask. Well nothing actually. Early this year it was 10 years since I went out as Nina for the first time too. I want to some god awful local TG meeting near Exeter and was by far the youngest girl there and I sent most of the night being hit on by older TG's. After that it's a wonder I ever went out again but I did and my second time out was to the first ever Sparkle in Manchester and I even entered the Miss Sparkle competition not  to win or even make the top three. Clearly that was fixed so I didn't bother again. LOL.

So here I am 10 years later living as Nina and working as a pro domme/sub/escort and running my own kinky pay site. If you said that's what I'd be doing to me 10 years ago I don't think I would have believed it. I wonder what the next 10 years will bring? To be honest I have made a lot plans already but things rarely go as planned do they?

Other than being on tvChix 10 years(did I mention that?)what other next have a got. OK the new issue of Repartee is out and you can buy it here http://www.repartee.tv/ and yes I've had a big hand in this issue so go buy it and read all out my road trip to London then Germany and also my interview with Sandra Gibbons on her first ever visit to the UK. Not to mention my Halloween centrespread which is excellent. Below are a couple of sample photos not used in the magazine.

Talking of Repartee I was hoping to do a feature on trans drivers for the next issue but girls with cars are slow coming forward so far. So if you want to be in Repartee with your car please get in touch and I'd tell you what I'm looking for for this feature. You can email me at nina_tv3@hotmail.com

OK lets get back to celebrating my 10 years on chix. I think I might treat myself to a sandwich!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Busy Girl

is what I've been of late one way or another hence having not blogged since June and now the summers come and gone!

You'll be pleased to know work has been quite busy for me although mainly escort work not Mistress or pro sub work but it's still better than going back to an office job 5 days a week and my oral skills must be pretty good now with all the cocks I've had to suck recently. Although I could have done without the guy who came today getting it in one of my eyes, my mouth and even up my nose before saying he'd not come for days before that! Somehow I could tell.

In fact I've been so busy I've not had time to be tied up lately either which I am really missing but heading for a couple of days bondage  this coming weekend so at least I'll get my rope fix and some new photos and films for the site. Talking of the site my members may have noticed that this isn't the only blog I'm not keeping up with. The kinky blog on http://naughtynina.net/has also not been updated for a couple of months and this was something I always updated once a month without fail ever since the new site went online. The reason I've stopped is I'm not actually sure anyone ever reads or likes the stories I write. However if my members request the blog back I may start it again and I'll also add the occasional kinky story anyway just not every month. Nothing else has changed on the site though and I'm still adding new films and galleries twice weekly meaning there's now several hundred sets on there making it great value for money if you're kinky like me or like watching me suffer.

Another reason I've not had time to write here is as anyone who knows me will already know my dad is very ill with terminal cancer and is in and out of hospital all the time and I've been spending a lot of time with him while he's still alive. In fact he's in hospital again at the moment having a complicated operation today on a broken leg. He keeps breaking bones as they're so fragile because of the caner and his age making each operation very difficult. So my thoughts are with him again today hoping he makes it through. I'm just hoping he lives long enough to have one more Christmas and to see his 80th birthday in January but it's not looking likely at the moment.

On a happier note I was out on my fireblade this morning when I noticed it went over 10,000miles. Which isn't much for 4 and a half years I know but I still love riding it every time I get the chance and I've now only owned one other bike longer and done more miles on it but by the time that bike made ten thousand miles I was already thinking of changing it where as I'm looking forward to the next ten thousand on this one. BTW straight after noticing I'd past ten thousand miles I nearly fell off on some gravel not noticing the car in front had stopped to let another car turn into a junction.

Hopefully I'll write again soon but here is a pic of me on my blade and no I wasn't dressed like this when I was riding it today

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Do you have a cool car?

My last blog post featured me in France with my Astra VXR which turned out to be the last adventure we would have together as I've now sold that car and bought another one after over 5 years of ownership. My new car is on paper much the same as my VXR only blue and French but in reality to drive it's quite different and goes round corners like nothing else I've ever owned. My new car is a Megane RS which I already like a lot but like the Astra before it too has several annoying faults like the almost unfathomable radio which never-mind 11 this doesn't go up to 5 and cuts out constantly for some reason. Also although it's the same size as the Astra the boot is too small to fit my dads zimmer frame in no matter how hard I try to force it. Unlike the Astra which I had no such issues but at least the air con works in this one so when I do out-calls now I won't turn up a sweaty mess like I used to in the Astra on a hot day. Just after buying the Megane which is my second blue French hot hatch (he first car I ever drove and owned as Nina was a 306GTi6 about 10 years ago) I decided to get my friend Keith to take a few snaps of me with it. This got me thinking(yes I know how dangerous this is for me) I wonder if any other trans girls who have cool cars would be interested in featuring in Repartee with their pride and joys. So I've put this idea to Bella who likes it and now all we need is some hot girls with some hot cars.

So come on what are you waiting for get in touch.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Sorry its been a while

Wow I didn't blog at all last month!

Then again I was away for two weeks and I have been a busy girl so maybe you can forgive me just this once.

First off I must mention the new issue of Repartee is out now and in this issue I'm writing about one of my favourite items of female clothing "Knickers" For anyone wanting to read about and see me in my knickers you can buy a copy here


BTW there's lots of other good stuff in the magazine if you're not interested in me and my knickers honestly.

Yes as I've already mentioned I've just come back from my holidays with my best friend Keith and this trip involved staying in London, France and Germany and I did the whole thing in my own car for the first time ever and covered over 2000miles. Sadly being a VXR astra it used quite a bit of fuel but it was much more fun than a gutless hire car so worth the extra expense.

I'm not going to go into too much detail as like normal I'll write about the trip for the next issue of Repartee but I will say it was lovely to finally meet and spend some time and even get tied up by Sandra Gibbons both in my London hotel room and again in my hotel room in Munich. In case you're wondering why Munich it was Boundcon which was a bondage event running the entire weekend so I didn't actually see anything of Germany even though it was my first trip there.

Sorry to anyone who tried to book me while I was away I'm now back working Monday-Friday again and even some Saturday mornings so feel free to call and have that kinky session with me you've always promised yourself. See my site for more details


Here's a photo of me in France with my car

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Visiting London in May with Sandra Gibbons

Yes that's right I will be staying in London in May for 3 night from Saturday the 16th to Monday the 18th so anyone wishing to see me for a session there get in touch but if you just want to come out with me and my friends on one of the nights also let me know because not only am I going to be out in London(probably Soho area)but the one and only Sandra Gibbons will be with me. This is Sandra's first ever visit to the UK so don't miss out on the chance to meet up with her and and me of course. For anyone who doesn't know who Sandra Gibbons is shame on you. Shes an American TV who runs the well know excellent trans bondage website http://www.tranniesintrouble.com/ and is one of my inspirations. Here she is tied up as normal.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Double Sessions Available with Miss Delight – Saturday 18th April

Don't moan at least I'm writing in my blog even if it is to promote a Saturday double domme session with Miss Deelight.

Yes that's right I'm going to be available for sessions at a well equipped dungeon in Newport with Miss Deelight from 2pm until late on Saturday the 18th of April and you can either book a double domme session or have me as a submissive and either domme with Miss Deelight or we can both sub to her. For more information on this and Miss Delight check out her site here


Also more details on this and all my domination services on my Mistress site here


This really is an opportunity not to be missed as we rarely offer weekend sessions.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April Fools Day

And yes someone booked a session with me today changing it from  yesterday with clearly no intention of showing up probably thinks its a great April fools joke. Luckily someone else has booked in his place so hopefully he will show.

I wish I'd taken the week off this week as all I've had is a a few time wasters call so far. It makes me want to ask for deposits from everyone who books even those who book on the day at least that way I could plan my days a bit better.

One thing I have been doing while waiting for my phone to ring lately is running on my new treadmill and I'm so glad I bough it as I was on many days just sitting round waiting for my phone to ring and eating while watching daytime tele.I do wonder why they put so many buying houses programs on in the day though as who are they for the elderly or the unemployed. Surely there should be programs about how to get a job or about mobility scooters and stair lifts in the day not house buying programs?

For anyone who wants to see me on a treadmill I've attached a photo. To be honest this isn't my treadmill it's my friends in France but I don't have any pics of me on mine. However  that could change this weekend as I'm going to try and do some bondage on it. So look out for the pics of me in hospital where I've fallen off it

In May this year I'm having a very special holiday and meeting up with Sandra Gibbons from Trannies In Trouble both in London then Germany at Boundcon a massive bondage event stretching over 3 days which I'm really looking forward too. As well as doing some stuff with Sandra for both our sites. If anyone is out in Soho London  between the 16th-18th of May and wants to meet either me or Sandra let me know as we're planing on checking out bars and clubs there on those dates. Well that's the plan at the moment anyway. Then I'm off to France for a few days before meeting back up with Sandra at Boundcon before returning home again.

While I think on it the dates I wont be doing sessions are from May the 15th- May the 27th so don't try and book me then.

This weekend I'm doing more bondage films with Bondage Bob again so looking forward to that as not been tied up for a while or done much kinky stuff outside of sessions so it's time I got back into it and got new material for my site. Hopefully I might even get a new sploshing film as not done any sploshing for ages.

Not much else to tell you at the moment but I'll try to post again soon. I know I always say that then leave it months before doing so but I mean it this time. Really

Friday, 9 January 2015

New year new rules and new services

First of happy new year and sorry again it's been a while since I posted here but I'm a busy girl so you know how it is.

Anyway I have good news and bad news. So i'll start with the bad news first

Sadly this year has again started off with endless no shows and last minute cancellations so I've no choice but to start asking for deposits from all new clients that book in advance. Full details of whats required can be found on my mistress blog here


Although I've only posted this on my Mistress blog so far it will apply to all my services

OK one bit of good news for anyone booking me as an escort or for pro sub work I've now decided to offer oral sex as part of the service but I'm going to be very strict on the rules regarding me doing this and the main thing is you have to be clean and have to wear protection. Again details can be found on my pro sub site on the escort page here


OK that's the good and bad news out the way. You might be interested to know I've done lots of photo shoots over the Christmas period so look out for these appearing on my naughty Nina site over the coming months but here's a few photos to wet your appetite. See me in bondage in all these outfits soon on