Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How annoying

I've just closed this window by mistake after spending what seemed like ages writing a new blog entry and now when a write it again it'll be rushed and not as good and it wasn't that great in the first place!

I had written all about a client that came and hit me really hard last Monday with a bath brush and cane(yes a bath brush!)leaving me unable to take any more punishment on my bum since. I've got my next caning booked for Friday and my bum is almost healed so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I wont have any issues from the beating I took last week when I get hit again but I wont know until I'm being caned for sure.

It's been so quiet with work I've been spending a lot of time watching the football and following England in the Euro's. For any Americans reading Football is a game you call soccer but it's not soccer it's football because you play mainly with your feet unlike the game you call football which you run around with the ball in your hands so should be called handball and the only good thing about this game is the cheerleaders. OK glad we got that sorted out.

Anyway back to the Euro's and England probably wont won win but I hope they do.Maybe they need some sexy cheerleaders to help them? They won last night thanks to the help of a blind official and I hear they've offered him a lot of money to be the ref in their next game

You can tell I'm quiet can't you?

Not sure if I mentioned in the last entry about the leotards some guy from America send me but if not he did and he also asked me to model them in photos and films and had a number of kinky requests he wanted me to do while wearing them and I've now done most of his requests and kinky being my middle name also enjoyed doing it all with my friend Keith who runs fanstay photoshoots. I feel a plug coming on. I'll add a couple of pics from the leotard shoot below too.

As I'm quiet I'll plug my own business too, Both my pro sub and Mistress sites. Check them out I'm really good at this stuff you know I don't just do it for a laugh

I also have a paysite which I can't really plug as it's still out of action however I have a few pass words at £5 for a month if anyone wants a months membership just message me

Plugs all done and no other news worth telling you about springs to mind so I'm done.