Monday, 22 December 2014

The Christmas film

Is "The New Pet Full Sequence" well it is on my site anyway as a treat to my members. It's a film I made several years ago but although I made two versions. One was a 4.5 minute edit which I put up on my site the other was a full length 15 minute edit which up until now only the people involved in making it have ever seen. So I decided it was about time my members got to see it. So it's now on my site It's also much better quality than the short film.

The main reason I'm posting today other than a lack of client which I guess is to be expected this week is to wish everyone a happy Christmas and new year and if stuck for presents why not give your loved ones a membership to my site or just treat yourselves to one. It's got to be better than socks.

Actually as I type this I'm dressed in my Miss Christmas leotard and matching boots for a treat for anyone who does book me. Unless of course they ask for a schoolgirl look.

Last week I went out to a trans Christmas meal in another one of my Miss Christmas outfits(I have 3)with about 16 others mainly trannies but although it was very noisy in the restaurant it was quite a nice meal and to be honest a pretty uneventful evening so not much more I can tell you about it really. Anyway now you know what I did last Saturday.

Yesterday I paid a second visit to tight ropes a guy who loves tying people up and yes as you can see from the photo he does what it says on the tin. Hopefully I'll get a set of Miss Christmas bondage pics on my site Christmas day so I'd better go edit them now while I've got some spare time.

I'll be back in the new year. xx

Thursday, 13 November 2014

More timewasters

The reason I have time to write a blog post today is because yet again I've been stood up by a client who booked a domination session. It's really starting to look like I may soon have to start taking deposits for everyone who books in advance just to get rid of all the idiots who book and don't show up or cancel 10 minutes before their session time.

So here I am all dressed up and now sat in bed typing this instead of working so what can I tell you about my life. Well yesterday I  watched Nick Sanders give a talk about his life and for anyone who doesn't know who he is basically he's a bit of a nut who's ridden around the world countless times on pushbikes and motorbikes. Reading one of his books about him touring the world on an R1 was partly what inspired me to buy the same model R1 and do my own UK tour. Anyway I've met him now so I can tick that off my bucket list.

Last week I did a double domme session in Wales with the delightful Miss Delight which I think went well. Anyone thinking of booking a double domme session please get in touch but be warned most females including Miss Delight charge considerably more than me making these double sessions something you really have to want to do as they're not cheap at £200 an hour. If you just want to see me though I'm a much more reasonable £80 which I think is excellent value for what I offer. See my mistress site for more details

I rarely go out these days but I actually went out on Halloween this year dressed as a witch(see attached pic)but felt ill after only a couple of hours so had to go home again but to be honest where I went in Bristol was just somewhere to go drink and dance which isn't really my thing as I'm crap at dancing and have yet to see a trans girl who looks good at it.

Have to cut this short as have just taken a booking and need to get changed as he doesn't want me in what I'm wearing now sadly.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Up North

I've not had much time to write anything in my blog lately but today I have a day off relaxing at home not seeing any clients so thought I'd take this opportunity to keep you updated on goings on in my weird life.

The weekend jut gone I spent up north with one night out in the Wirral(is that how you say it or should it be at the Wirral? Or neither) at a BDSM event at a club called the Townhouse which used to be a pub and everyone there seemed very friendly. Although I spent the night talking and not playing there was plenty of places to play and lots of equipment. This particular night was Rocky Horror night so many people dressed to theme. I sort of did in the fact that I wore one of my maids outfits but I didn't go with the stupid red hair of the maid in the film. I have to be honest though as far as themes go Rocky Horror is not a good one and I'm not in the slightest bit a fan on the film. In fact it took me about five goes to get through it without falling asleep when I eventually got round to watching it a few years ago. Although photos were allowed I didn't get any taken of me so have nothing to show from that night

I did however get plenty of photos and films the next day when I traveled further up north to Blackpool to visit the lovely Mistress Scarlett and her partner who likes to dress as Stella. We spent the afternoon making kinky films before we headed into town for the evening to check out the nightlife. I couldn't believe just how many TV's were out but sadly I was very tired having not slept the previous evening at all so maybe didn't enjoy the night so much as I might have done.

Even though tired I had a great but sadly too short time in Blackpool and can't wait to visit again but maybe in the summer next time.

Attached is a photo of me and the wonderful Mistress Scarlett enjoying the feel of nylons together. You can check out her site and services here

Make sure you keep an eye on her site and my site to find out what we got up to on our kinky shoot soon

Friday, 26 September 2014

I'm back!

I don't think most of my clients know I'm back from France but I am and back seeing people again. One client who did know or in fact probably didn't realize I'd even been on holiday was a regular who came and gave me 121 hard cane strokes this morning. Why 121 you ask? Well he paid for a 100 but I was enjoying being caned so much I let him have a extra 20 but it ended up being an extra 21. It was a great session and I have a very sore but nice feeling bum now. So next week I'm available Monday to Friday  as normal if anyone wants to book a session with me. For more info see my sites

So how did I get on in France this year? I hear you ask. Like the previous 2 years I had fun and visited Euro Disney this time on what seemed like the hottest day of the year and wasn't allowed to go as Minnie Mouse which was disappointing. I'll write all about my exploits in a future Repartee magazine and they'll be lots of photos of me in Euro Disney as well as not in Euro Disney but still in France dressed as Minnie mouse. I'll add a couple to this blog post that wont me in the mag.

Other than Euro Disney I spent more time at my friend Davina's lovely home near Dijon and even went clothes shopping in Dijon where I bought 3 pairs of tights some flat shoes and some lovely red panties. All of which I could probably have bought in the UK.

So will I be going to France again next year? Well I spent 2 nights and 1 day in my friends Jacuzzi which I loved not getting out until my skin was like that of an old woman's and she's currently building a swimming pool so there's a pretty good chance even if it's only for a weekend break.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Nearly Holiday Time

Thank God!

I am really looking forward to my week in France and a break from all the time wasters I've been getting recently which includeds yesterday when I guy actually showed up for his booked session with me before not getting out of his car and then driving off. Last week one guy turned up two and a half hours late(I sent him on again) and on top of this I've had lots of no shows and as I write this my client booked for this morning has yet to confirm. As it's less than half an hour to his session and he hasn't got my address it looks like yet another no show!! It's driving me nuts and wasting so much time I'm thinking of asking for deposits for all sessions from new clients when I return from holiday.

For anyone genuinely wishing to book me this Friday the 12th of September is the last day I'm seeing anyone until Thursday the 25th of September but I do have a quiet week this week if you did wish to see me before I go away.

As for my holiday I'm off to France with my friend Keith for the 3rd year in a row and also spending some time at Davina's again as well as going to Euro Disney probably dressed as Minnie Mouse if they let me in like that.

This Saturday just gone I had a great photo/film session with my good friend Katrina and it was all filmed by Keith again so can't wait to get some of the videos edited and up on my site for my members to enjoy. I've added a couple of pics below but the real kinky stuff will come latter.

I'll post here again on my return from France x

Friday, 29 August 2014

Anal and oral sex

As a pro sub and pro domme I don't offer anal sex except with a strap-on(not on me though!) and I don't give oral sex so I thought I write a post explaining why not. Especially as I do offer various escort services and many of my clients just book me for those and are not into BDSM in any way.

I get asked for both anal and oral sex by guys daily and in fact even though I state I don't do this on my ads and my site this is still what I get most calls for and even some of my regular clients tell me if I did it they would pay more and think I'd make a lot of money. Where as at the moment I'm never going to get rich doing what I do. I'm convinced too that if I decided to give oral and take anal I'd be busy all the time and near the top of most guys list for a TS they'd like to fuck(actually I think I might already be near the top of that list). So why not just go ahead an do this and get rich I hear you say.

Part of me thinks to hell with it become a proper escort and give guys what they want. This would exclude me fucking guys though as the thought of putting my cock into some guys shity bum hole is just horrible and makes me feel sick thinking about it but letting them fuck me and giving them oral(with condoms of course) does turn me on as its very submissive and girlie.

So it sounds like a no brainer right?

No you see I have issues with catching things as I'm very clean and I know it should be OK with condoms but I can't stop thinking about guys putting their dirty penis in my mouth or having it inserted in me is a bit gross.

Also I feel as a domme or sub I'm really good at what I do and as good as most born females. Many of which charge twice what I do and don't offer any sexual services so it would be nice if guys came to see me for what I can do not for what I am. As the ones that do see me regularly as a domme or sub have mainly got past the fact I'm a girl with a cock and just enjoy the session the same way they would seeing a real girl. The other thing is outside of my sessions and although I love playing with guys I don't date them and only ever have full sex with females and I don't fancy guys which is good as I'll never fall for a client.

So at the moment while I'm getting by I'm happy enough doing what I'm doing but that's not to say at some point I wont change my mind. So all those guys out there wanting sex with me one day you might get the chance because like James Bond I never say never just not now.

Time to plug my sites I think so you can see all the kinky things I do now and I do offer lots already. It's really not all about sex you know

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Time to plug my sites

Since Sparkle things have gone very quiet and I've not really been anywhere of an interest and work is really quiet at the moment which I'm guessing is partly down to the fact most people are on their summer holidays at the moment at least I hope it is.

As I'm really quiet and could do with a few new clients I think this is the prefect time to plug my sites and business.

First off there's my pro sub site where you can hire me for all sort of kinky things

Interesting fact although I offer loads of kinky services from spanking to sploshing and lots of unusual things like zentai play and pony play most guys who call me from the site are not at all kinky and still just want sex with me. I often think I'm the kinkiest person in the world. And if one more guy call's asking "How big are you?" I think I'm going to scream.

Also I work as a strict dominatrix most days and some evenings
Where I do everything from heavy CP sessions, tied and teased sessions through through to full on dom sessions and I have loads of equipment. Again many guys calling from my dom site seem pretty basic at times wanting forced oral and stuff up their bum and that's about it which I find so sad as they're missing out on the things I'm really good at.

My other site is more of a hobby and work of love as the money made from it goes back into making more kinky films for my members to enjoy
Has hundreds of kinky films and galleries and not one cock in site. If you really want to know what makes me tick or turns me on join my site and find out and trust me it's not people giving me oral sex!!
It's updated twice a week too and cheaper than most other pay to view sites not to mention with lots more content

OK plug over enjoy the sites. 

Monday, 14 July 2014


So I've just returned home from this years Sparkle after being in Manchester for three days and enjoying the events, meeting other girls and having fun. It was so nice to meet up with old friends like my sister Bella who I'd not seen for years. In fact the last time I went to Sparkle which I think was 2010. Bella runs Sparkle or I should now say did run Sparkle as this event in fact the 10th one was to be her last and she did herself proud as it was a great weekend. From the Repartee party on Friday through to Sparkle in the park which for the first time was on Saturday and Sunday.

I helped out as much as I could and even put on the old pink and white Repartee catsuit and gave away old copies of the magazine for people to read on the Saturday. While on the Sunday I wore a Sparkle T-Shirt and hotpants combo and walked around selling said T-shirts. I like having little jobs as it gives me an excuse to talk to people and stops me getting bored.

Saturday evening I walked around the village dressed in a cute mini mouse dress that was so short it showed off my knickers and got me quite a bit of attention so I'll be wearing that again. Sadly as it was raining there's no pictures of me in that outfit but there are plenty of photos in the other outfits I wore over the weekend so I've added a few below

Other than Sparkle I've not really done much and been reasonably busy with clients Annoyingly I'm getting lots of no shows again at the moment which does get me down but I have to put with idiots in my line of work I guess. Anyway it's there loss as much as mine as everyone who sessions with me enjoys me and my sessions and if you want to enjoy playing with me take a look at all my kinky services here

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Boat Trip

So it's another quiet week so far having only had one booking in two days. I guess it could be the good weather keeping people away but I shouldn't moan too much as I've been pretty busy over the last few weeks so long overdue a quiet spell.

With the weather being so good and work so quiet I went out on my fireblade yesterday which as always was great fun. When I haven't ridden it for a bit I always forget just how fast my bike is. To be honest it's too fast for me but I still enjoy burning off just about every vehicle on the road including another bike yesterday even though she tried hard to keep up with me. Yes the other bike was ridden by a woman. And I was miles ahead of her up until I came over the brow of a hill at about 100mph right behind a police car that just pulled out of a junction just to spoil mine and the other bikers fun I'm sure. When I got home I gave the blade a long overdue wash and she looks amazing again now. It was the first time I've washed my blade since fitting a new race can recently. I was thinking of selling the blade this year and getting something smaller and more practical after 3 years of ownership but I think I'm going to hang on at least one more year as every time I go out on it I fall in love again and I always end up with a big grin on my face when I open the throttle.

Away from my bike Saturday I went on Davina's annual boat trip on the Avon river from Bristol marina and it was the first time for well over a year I've been to any trans events so I wasn't sure I'd really enjoy it but I shouldn't have worried I had a great day out with some lovely people both on and off the boat dressed in a swimsuit, heels and dance tights. I'll write more about this in the next Repartee as I'm in the middle of putting together an article about my love of long sleeved swimming costumes. When I say love it's more of an obsession really. I have 5 and that's a lot as they're pretty hard to find and not cheap when I do find them but when I find a nice one I just have to buy it and the one I wore all day Saturday cost about £100 but to me is worth every penny. I've attached a couple of photos of me in it and on the boat below.

OK I'm going to watch Englands last world cup game now. I'm going for a 2-1 defeat as this seems to be what they've been playing for every match so far

Friday, 6 June 2014

Waiting for a client

yes that's what I'm doing at the moment so I thought I'd do a quick update on my blog and let you know whats happening in my life at the moment.

My laptop is all sorted and I'm back to doing my twice weekly updates on my site including yesterdays new gallery from the latest rigger to tie me up calling himself  "Tight Ropes" and he lived up to his name as in the first tie one of my hands went dead as the ropes were too tight.

I went to visit Tight Ropes last Saturday and spent a very enjoyable day at his lovely home being tied up, hooded, and tightly gagged. With nice little breaks in between for food and much talk about films which it turned out we both love. See the new set from tight ropes here
Hopefully I'll visit again soon for much more of the same but in the mean time I have plenty of galleries to keep reminding me of the bondage day.

Lately I've been doing lots of 2 hour domme sessions again and it seems most people do 2 hours with me because it's the same price as 1 hour with a born female mistress. I always say I'm not cheap everyone else is expensive.

I do get annoyed that the only reason most people book me is because they want forced oral which of course they can't get from a female mistress. The reason I get annoyed is even without forced oral my mistress sessions are really good and better than most female mistress sessions costing twice as much.

People often wont book unless they can give me oral but they book women and don't give them oral and often they can't even touch the mistress and they would get a far better session from me but overlook me as they think seeing me makes them gay! Why would it I look and dress like a sexy young woman and I'm good at things like CP and bondage and I have no wish to have sex with these guys

It's a strange world at times

Moan over now I'd better get ready for a rare mistress session where someone has no interest in giving me oral sex. What a strange man he must be!

Below are sample photos from my day with Tight Ropes.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

The big crash!

Sadly last week at only a year and a half old my laptop hard drive crashed and no I didn't back everything up before you ask. Any members of my site will have noticed the 2 update dates that received no updates and this is the reason. This week now I have a new hard drive installed I've done a double update to keep members happy. I think even though the shop I took it too saved many of my films and photo sets some are gone forever.

Finding a safe place to take the laptop to be repaired wasn't easy either. With it being full up with trans and BDSM material PC world was out of the question. I found a little shop in the end in Bristol by recommendation and they weren't that bothered what I had on my hard drive as long as it wasn't illegal that is.

One thing I've learn't from this is to actually do backups more regularly. It's learning the hard drive way though. Anyway it's pretty much sorted now so Naughty Nina will be back to 2 updates every week again. See here for the best value BDSM site on the net with well over 200 sets and galleries all for only $10.99 a month.

Today I traveled to St Audries Bay with my best friend Keith as I'm in the middle of a swimsuit shoot at various locations for a future Repartee article and I thought I'd go here as this week it's one of the two trans weeks they hold there each year. As I wasn't staying over I'd arranged to meet a contact I'd made on TVchix and come in as a guest but at the last minute I found out she wasn't there. We still went and when we got there we chatted to some of the TV's staying there and wandered down to the almost deserted beach to get some photos of me in swimming costumes. Which we did and are great. Then we went into the bar and chatted to more TV's including one who had been to almost all these events since the start in 2002.

After this we went on the lawn and Keith started taking more photos of me in another swimsuit when this rather angry man came over. Asked us what we we doing and we had to pay £10 each if we wanted to stay. Which we didn't mind. Then he said we had to stop taking photos(even though it was only photos of me and I had to change in to a more appropriate outfit as the way I was dressed was upsetting the residents or I had to leave. You guessed we left as he wasn't very nice and I don't think any of my outfits would have been appropriate for him but I'm sure had I been a born female in a swimsuit he wouldn't have said a thing to me.

My Repartee article on St Audries is going to be somewhat different after this incident I think. I still enjoyed my time there even though I left after only 3 hours when most trannies spend a week. Lucky for me it's not that far from home but it's likely to be my first and last visit I'm afraid.

The previous week I did a fab bondage shoot over 2 days with Bondage Bob on the Friday and with Keith and Bondage Bob Saturday so look out for sample photos from that coming soon. In the meantime here's a few from today's swimsuit shoot.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New Mistress Nina Photos

I can't believe it's the last day of April already and this is my first blog entry this month. Where does the time go!

Last weekend I spent the whole of Saturday having my photo taken just for a change. Well actually it wasn't for Naughty Nina and I wasn't being tied up this time so it was a bit different. No this time I was doing the restraining as it was new photos for my Mistress Nina site which came out rather well and if you want to check them out for yourself take a look at the gallery pages on 

Apart from this work has been reasonably busy the last couple of weeks after a quiet Easter and I've had clients pretty much every day sometimes two or three which would explain why I've not had much time to write in my blog lately.

If anyone's not a member of my site I've been putting up some quiet extreme suspension bondage films recently which are worth seeing go to The site has well over 200 sets and films on now and for only $10.99 for a month you get to see everything. Why anyone would buy one single clip off sites like clips for sale for often more money really baffles me. OK plug over for now.

For anyone into motorbikes who's seen photos of me on my blade I've just treated myself to a new exhaust as the standard one is too quiet and has rusted badly so this weekend I'm going to try and fit the new pipe if the weather stays fine but I'm sure knowing me I wont even be able to manage that without cocking it up.

I didn't mention Easter. I got a few eggs which didn't hang about long as everyone knows how much I love chocolate. Isn't strange that after eating lots of chocolate eggs I also seemed to have managed to shrink some of my clothes in the wash as I don't remember my skirts being this tight!!

Check out some new mistress Nina photos below

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Comic Con

Just thought I'd update my blog as work again has gone quiet this week after a pretty busy week last week. As I know he reads my blog I'd better mention one of my clients who booked me for 12 hours over 2 days at the end of last week 5 hours in a hotel and another 7 at mine the following day. It was great fun and he also shares my passion for swimming costumes so there was much play with both of us in these and even getting very wet in them in the hotel shower which of course I loved. As well as buying me swimming costumes he's treated me to dresses that I love wearing for him to play and spank me in. Now if only I had a few more clients as generous as him I'd be a happy girl.

As you may have guessed from the blog title I went to a comic con recently in fact it was the London Super Comic Con and it was a really great place to dress up in several of my superhero costumes including a Latex Ms Marvel outfit that only arrived a few days before and I hadn't even tried on until the day of the event. I've written in detail about the entire weekend for the next issue of Repartee so wont talk too much about it here but I've attached a few pics that wont be used in the magazine including this one of me talking to Jonathan Ross.

Get this for a excellent way of throwing money away. A few weeks ago I went on this site which makes women's clothes that fit men and I ordered this rather sexy teddy plus a pink blouse in small
however I should have known better having bought from them before several years ago I should have remembered everything is made for the larger America market and even a small would be far to big for me. With the postage cost to the UK this was already 2 very expensive items and when it turned up it ended up at Exeter parcel force office with a £17 customs charge. So yesterday I had to drive all the way to Exeter (I could have had it delivered but I wasn't sure I'd be in) to collect it which cost another £30 in petrol. And yes you've guessed after all that both items are like tents on me and it's more hassle than it's worth to try and send them back so they may well end up in my clients dressing up box!
Very expensive lesson(about £120 in total)finally learn't

OK was going to tell you about last Saturdays excellent bondage shoot but I think I'm going to stop there and as no one wants me today hit the road on my pushbike and get some much needed exercise or maybe I should give up all exercise and eat loads instead until my new teddy and blouse fit me!!


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Swimsuits and Chastity Belts

Since my last post I've bought even more long sleeve swimsuits and now own 5 different ones and all are fantastic. Below you'll see photos of the latest two which were taken last week. Also I've put up a photo of me in my lovely new chastity belt which was a present from my best friend Keith to keep me nice and safe so he tells. I love it so much after doing the photos in it I left it on all night and slept in it. When I got up in the morning and needed a wee I struggled with the key to get it off and very nearly wet my panties!

The last couple of weeks I've been fairly busy seeing people most days often several people but this week things have gone totally dead for some strange reason but I'm sure they'll pick up again as I've had quiet spells before and it always has. At least being quiet it gave me chance to get out cycling again as I really need to get back into shape having done hardly any exercise lately and it's finally stopped raining.

This coming weekend I'm off to the London Comic Con and I'm presently packing my bags with various superhero and sci-fi  related costumes so I'm really looking forward to that as never been to one before. If I get some good photos they've probably feature in the next issue of Repartee so look out for that.I think it comes out in May but not sure. I should know I've been writing for the magazine for years!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

swimming Costumes

Probably the wrong time of year to be thinking about them but with all the flooding that's been happening down here in Somerset lately I soon may have to start swimming everywhere I go so I'll need to look good in a pretty swimsuit to do so right?

Actually after my client last month bough me a new one to wear in our session together I've not been able to stop myself buying new swimming costumes and I now have 4 fantastic long sleeve ones which I am wearing all the time at the moment even in bed as I just love the look and feel of them. I've even done a couple of photo shoots and films in them. There are a few pics from the shoots below and all were taken by my wonderful friend Keith who runs and If you look on my site now you'll see the new suspension film and yes I'm wearing one in that too
I even went to the February SWAMP event wearing one and was tied up there in it too which of course I always enjoy.BTW if anyone reading this has a swimming pool I can use for a Repartee swimsuit shoot let me know. To be honest I'm not even sure anyone still reads my blog as it never gets and comments.

Lets talk about some more recent sessions. I had a great CP session last week and my client even started a nice thread about me on a spanking site after which has had mainly nice comments added so that was great. look here if you want to read it
It was a hard session and he pushed me at times but I still really enjoyed it even though I was left with a few marks for a couple of days after.

Another client worth mentioning was a guy who came this morning and brought me a large bottle of WKD blue and a bar of dairy milk chocolate much better than fancy wine and foreign chocolates that no one really likes no matter how much they cost.

Yesterday my phone packed up and it may have cost me some clients which was really annoying but I have ordered a new one so should be sorted again by the end of the week but if in the meantime you want to book it's OK I have a £15 mobile from Tesco's which is getting me by and has a pretty good signal probably better than the smart phone I've just bought. This is probably because it's a phone only and not a million other things. I do wish the makers of these phones would remember some people actually still use phones to talk to other people.

More soon xx


Friday, 31 January 2014

Repartee cover girl yet again

I've been writing for Repartee since issue 50 and have been on the cover 3 times since then but only once on my own as Rose from Dr Who way back on issue 54 in February 2007 now 7 years on and 5 years since my last cover I'm back on the cover again on the latest Repartee. Issue 75 celebrates 25 years of the magazine in print but it's also 25 issues since I first appeared in it. Anyway the new issue is a great read as always and also features part two of my road trip to France so please help keep the magazine going in print and buy a copy here

I can't believe this is the first time I've wrote in my blog for almost a month in that time I had another birthday which I celebrated by going to SWAMP and giving other people cakes which always seems a strange thing to do on your birthday. People should be giving me cakes surly! Or sploshing me with them. It's a shame I don't have any photos from the day as I looked and dressed quite different to how I normally look and many people didn't recognize me to start with. I was wearing a beautiful 50's style dress with a big petticoat and had a new bob wig on. I'll get some photos taken like that soon so you can see and I may even let Keith who bought me the dress and wig tie me up in in it next time if he's lucky.

Other than my birthday I've been busy seeing clients mainly for GFE's or domme session meaning my bum has got soft not being spanked and caned much this year so far. I must mention one new client who came this week for the second time this year who has bought lots of nice things for me to wear for him including a zentai suit and another 50's style dress and petticoat which are fantastic and we had a lovely long session Wednesday and he even brought with him a new speedo swimming costume which I wore over the zentai and then under the dress later mainly because Ihe told me he bought one for someone else and I told him no one had ever bought me a swimming costume before.. If only I had a few more clients like this. He's a great guy and I can't wait for the next session.

As I write this I have a nasty cold which has meant I was unable to take my dad for his chemo treatment today in case he caught it but lucky for me someone else was available instead. At the moment I spend a lot of time with my dad as it's a very difficult time for him and I was a bit sad to see all his hair fall out because of the treatment but he makes light of it and the pain he has started to get. I just hope it's all worth it and the chemo is a success but he has a long way to go before we know if it's worked and he's sure to get worse before he gets better. Going through this with him makes me feel pretty useless and unable to help and I find myself thinking back to when I did my run for cancer and how it's probably about time I did something else to help. So watch this space I'm sure I'll come up with another way to help but not sure my knees can take another 10k as Nina though!

Time to go blow my nose for the hundredth time today but hopefully I won't leave it so long before posting again but then again I always say that!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Birthday Girl

So that's Christmas and New Year over with again and thank god for that. So what is there to look forward to next I hear you ask. Well you don't have to wait long for my birthday which is on the 12th of January and I will be celebrating it at Bristol's SWAMP for anyone who wants to join in the celebrations and have some of my cake. If you do come along don't forget to buy me something nice. I love Nina Ricci perfume but I have quite a lot of that now as I had some for Christmas like I do most years. You can also buy me some new shoes if you like I'm a size 8 in case you were thinking of doing this or knickers I'm also a size 8 in these and only have about 200 pairs so could do with a few more before I run out. No G strings though as I hate these. Thongs are OK if they've got a reasonable amount of material at the front to hide my bits that is.

So other than getting Nina perfume what else did I get and do over the holiday period you ask. Well I didn't get much or do much really. My family came over for diner Christmas day and my best friend boxing day but I spent most of the time watching tele and films. Yesterday I even watched it's a wonderful life for the first time ever which made me cry at the end.

So on with 2014 and I've already made a few plans as to things I want to do this year which includes another trip to France and a return to Sparkle this summer as it'll be the 10th one and of course I'll be doing lots more kinky photoshoots for if you haven't checked out for a while you should as over Christmas I finally uploaded my buried alive film that so many people had be waiting for.

Somethings never change and even with a new year today was my first day seeing clients again and my first two didn't show up. Thankfully my third one did show up so at least I did one to kick start my year off.

Not much else to say other than to wish everyone reading this a happy new year

Nina xx.