Thursday, 30 December 2010

Am I ok?

I was in Tesco's and had a dizzy spell which is something I don't normally stuffer from and I actually thought the shelf were falling on me not the other way round!! Is this normal?

Anyway apart from this just want to wish anyone reading this a happy new year as I wont get chance to post again this year. I'm off out all day tomorrow ending up at MDS to see the new year in and to show off my new skirt which doesn't even cover my bum(you're not at all surprised are you?)

I might even let my hair down and have a few drinks as a friend is giving me a lift. As long as I don't make a fool of myself or be sick over people it should be a good night.

See you all in 2011

Friday, 24 December 2010

My Santa outfit needs a rest

It's been very busy over the last week as I've loved if so  much I wore it so Club O then again to a trannie Christmas dinner then again yesterday first to Wild Desires then to another trannie Christmas meals(trannies do love their food) I even got to be tied up in it yesterday(photos and film of that coming soon)but it's time to take it off after nearly a week and give it a rest and a wash! People have started to ask if I'm sleeping in it! No I'm not is the answer except for last Saturday when I was tired and crashed out on the bed not even undressing. Then I did wake up several hours later still in it!! Other than that no!

So tomorrow Christmas day and not one that I really look forward to as I always spend it with my family who I have little in common with and it's the one day of the year they visit me.

Happy Christmas 

Oh just for you as it's Christmas one last photo of me playing with my phone and myself in my Santa costume.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Miss Christmas

I went to club O last night dressed in a fab Miss Christmas outfit I had made for me and had a nice night even though it also would have been my mothers birthday had she been alive so I always feel a bit sad on this date and normally don't go out but decided it would be better than staying home this year as I've not got many other events to go to this Chritmas so wouldn't have got see my friends again this year had I not gone.

I loved my new outfit so much I'm even thinking of wearing it to a Christmas meal I'm going to tonight! This is very rare as I only nomally wear an outfit once then it doesn't come out for a year at least. Once I get some pics of me in it I'll post them here but I forgot to ask anyone to take one last night. Tonight will be different as it's a trannie meal and all trannies love having pics taken and taking pics.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I've done all my Christmas shopping

I've had a really good day today and spent a fortune but have done all my Christmas shopping. I've bought 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of boots as well as a new coat which I look great in, I also bought a scarf and matching gloves as well as a new bag. Now I just need to find some Christmas parties to wear everything and get my money's worth out of it all.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Also got these this week

Way back in the summer I made a film at a quarry and have only just collected the photos. So here's a few stills from that shoot.

My wonderful year is coming to a very quiet end

So far this month I've not been to a single event or even on a night out and tonight I was all set to go out when at the very last minute my friend had to pull out and as it was an invite only event and I was her plus one I couldn't really go any longer so now I'm stuck home alone for yet another night wondering why people don't invite me to things?
Maybe its the fact that most people think I must have loads of invites and already be going out somewhere all the time as I come across as one of the popular girls I guess as most people have seen me or my sites or even photos in Repartee pretty much every issue. Popular or not I haven't even been out on a date for years but then again I'm not looking for someone to go out on a date with and I have very high standards so would probably never find the right person anyway, 
I hardly ever get invited to private parties either and feel I keep hearing about them from annoying people who say things like

"it was an amazing party Nina such a shame you didn't come along!"

At this point I feel like punching them and always say something like

"maybe I'll come to the next one if I get an invite that is"

Anyway moan over I'm staying in with a movie so better go and watch it I guess. Maybe people just don't like me or find me childish? Surely not. 
Sorry I said I'd shut up about it now.

Ok enjoy some stills from from me last film "The new pet". I'm working on a new one at the moment which should be really good if it all works out.

BTW if you want to invite me to a party I don't want to go if it's full of losers and wasters I only want to go to parties full of good looking popular people. LOL

Monday, 6 December 2010

What a fab year

I was in awake watching repeats of being human in the early hours this morning and for some reason I started to think about 2010 and what I've done and although every things not gone to plan and I'm not where I want to be if I'm totally honest I still had a fab year and done some things I would never have dreamt I would have a few years ago.

 I started the year out of work(pretty much how I'm finishing it if I'm honest)and decided to set myself up with the help of my adopted trannie sister Bella (who set up my site) as a TV pro sub. How mad was that!! I have to be honest and say it hasn't gone as well as I hoped it would but I have seen quite a few clients throughout the year and made a little bit of money from it
Also I toured the UK on my motorbike covering over 3000miles in two weeks going out dressed whenever I could in the evenings and I did a 10k fun run raising £1600 for cancer thanks to my generous friends. 

I've also got my pay site up and running which I love making films for and I've done so many other wonderful things this year and met loads of new people too. Had I still been doing my old day job I wouldn't have. Sadly lack of money will stop me living the life I lead at the moment at some point but I wouldn't change these past 12 months for anything. 

BTW the reason being human made me think back is another thing I did this year was spend a day as a vampire extra on the forthcoming series which I'm looking forward to seeing and hoping they haven't cut me out.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


I should be careful what I write as it turns out the guy who asked me out to the cinema reads my blog!!

If you're reading this sorry for that it just seemed funny to me that's all. 

So not left the house for days partly because of the weather partly because I have nothing on and partly because I feeling really down at the moment. I'm thinking of going to the Wild Desires BDSM night tonight but not really sure I can be bothered to drive all the way to as it's a 2 hour drive and the weathers not great. The last thing I want is to end up stuck in Newport all night.

Had a few bits of good news today like not having to pay a parking ticket I got last week after a carefully worded e-mail from me that is and it turns out I've been over charged for both my gas and electic so I should get lower bills next year. Also Tied'N'Teased turned up today and I have a full page add in the magazine which looks good so hopefully things will start to pic up now. Fingers crossed.

Ok now need to decide if I should leave the house today or not!