Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Valentines day

As everyone knows last week it was valentines day and I hope you all received lots of cards and gifts.

On valentines day I normally get a card from my ex and I give her one(a card that is)as neither of us have anyone else but this year she spent the day with a new boyfriend meaning I didn't receive a card from her and it wasn't looking like i'd get anything but to my surprise my friend Keith gave me a card and a bunch of red roses which was very sweet of him as I didn't get him anything.

 As I said it was really nice of him and it came at a time when things weren't going well for me. I had three no shows in a row last week and only two actual clients and the week before was even worse with only one and  I'm having all sorts of issues with my ex who shares my house and wont move out too but I'm not going to go into that as I'm sure it's the last thing you want to read about.

This week is better and I've already seen four clients and another one I know will show is booked for Friday so that's good although he does cane and strap my poor bottom very hard but at least it'll mean I've had my five a week this week.

Also this week I had to go to hospital for a test as for a long time I've been suffering from far to frequent urination problems. Tablets haven't helped and I'm sure my GP thinks I'm a hypochondriac and no test have ever shown anything wrong but yesterday's test which involve pipes put in both the front and back of me(which wasn't fun and I nearly passed out when they were inserted) showed there is something wrong with me but they still don't know what so more tests probably needed. Maybe I've got one of those rare conditions that only Dr House could diagnose. I always thought all the illness on there were made up but apparently they all exist. Who knew? What's that everyone but me!!

I have to say I'm pleased they found something wrong with me and I'm not going mad. Mind you when the nurse asked what I did for a living strangely I didn't mention being a trannie whore as Keith calls me. I can't think why. Oh I remember they would think I'm mad!

Last weekend I did yet another photoshoot for Naughty Nina but this time with my friend Katrina and the whole thing was meant to be all in latex but sadly my latex leotard split when I put it on. So the first nights photos ended up with me not being in latex but they didn't really work and also I was in a mood about my broken leotard so didn't feel like smiling and really wasn't feeling it.

Things were good on the Saturday though and we made a kinky latex Supergirl film(which had to be shot twice as the first takes were all out of focus) plus an amazing latex face sitting film which looks fantastic even before I've edited it so keep an eye out for that on the site soon which is here in case you've forgotten how to get to it

Below are a few photos from the session and I'd like to thank both Kat and Keith for a great weekend and for putting up with a moody little cow after my leotard ripped. Enjoy the photos and I'll be back soon..

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My life would make a great sit com

I wrote this on a thread today or Roses forum as there was a question about writing a sit com for the BBC and I thought it was too good not to share on my blog

I've always thought my life would make for a great sit com as you just couldn't make it up and vanilla people would never believe it could be a true story. It could only work if done in the style of the office or life's too short though as this is how I see my life.

This is the premise(or in fact basically my life) 

Seemingly normal guy(lets call him Peter Parker) shares a house with his ex-girlfriend(we'll call her Pam) and they often pretend still to be a couple in public mainly when it comes to visiting his dad who believes gays should have their own soaps and not infect his favorite ones like EastEnders and his brother who has a strange collection of massive bra's and is very quiet. Also when visiting her family who consist of a lazy mother who has never worked in her life but moans about everything and spies on the neighbours to give her something to do. A stepfather who lives in another world and starts meaningless conversation connected to nothing constantly without warning and their 11 year old son who just say's "I want" all the time and is never grateful when he gets what he wants. Her parents hate Peter as much as he hates them but both parties pretend to get on in public from time to time.

Of course this normal guy is anything but as you know. Away from the vanilla life he works and plays dressed as a woman(We'll her Nina). He works as a kind of escort that doesn't have sex with the clients(often funny in itself)and makes the most of a resemblance to the actress Billie Piper who just happened to play a call girl on tele and Nina also works as a dominatrix and pro submissive and has the most unusual clients such as the guy who wanted to make out with Nina wearing boxing gloves or the guy who made her do a sexy striptease not realizing she was in fact a man until the last moment. The list goes on.

On weekends still dressed as woman Nina sometimes goes out for meals with other guys dressed as women some of which look and act ridiculous. One even lives as a full time transvestite and isn't slightly passable but doesn't care or notice people looking at her.

Some nights Nina attends fetish and BDSM clubs. Very scary places these are full up with pathetic naked men on leads and fat woman squeezed into corsets who have mainly come along for the free food and of course more dodgy trannies who feel this is a safe place to go and not get beat up as it's full of freaks even though they often have no interest in BDSM. 

When Nina has spare time she spends it making often mad kinky films for her paysite sometimes on location. Sometimes she gets caught out and has to explain things like why she's in a private quarry dressed as woman covered in mud! She even has time to write for a trans magazine that has a circulation of about 100 people who don't understand the internet and will for sure soon feature as the guest publication on have I got news for you

Of course when Nina changes back to Peter Parker again she does normal things young men do and loves fast cars and bikes as well as films and music and often hangs round with people that have no idea what she is or what she's capable of and of course like all young men masturbates far too often but never actually has sex with women mainly because she wants to be the woman and often has a hard time dealing with the fact she wasn't born one.

I know it's too far fetched you're right no one would every believe it I might send it to Ricky Gervais he'll love it and may even be able to get Billie Piper to play me as Nina and herself. How cool would that be!!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Great bondage shoot

Saturday my friend Bondage Bob(Or Steve to his friends)came over and with him on ropes and Keith on cameras we did lots of great stuff for the new site and worked(if you can call it work being tied up all the time)for about 12 hours solid. OK we took breaks for food and drink so it wasn't quite solid but almost. The results will of course end up on over the coming months but I've attached a sample photo here which is just a random one as there are 100's of great bondage images.

It's funny all that actively Saturday couldn't be further from yesterday where I never left my house and never saw anyone all day except my cat Misty and we just sat watching tele most of it. Although I did edit and upload to my site a special members request video of me as a schoolgirl being tied up and molested which is good so check it out.

Last week was quiet busy with clients but they all came either on Monday where I saw four or Thursday where I had two but one session was two hours. I'm aiming at two a day, five days a week really but at the moment I'm still lucky to average one a day and £70 a day doesn't make for a great wage as I don't charge the £150 an hour most females in the business do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the site gets really busy and so far in the first month it has been.

This week I've seen one client this morning but have no more bookings so have been sat on my laptop eating chocolate and I've almost devoured a whole bar of dairy milk this afternoon which is not good and another reason I need more clients to stop me eating chocolate and getting fat. More clients or more being tied up and gagged will also stop me eating I'm happy either way

Right I'm off to write my kinky blog for my site but before I do I'll give Repartee a plug as a new issue is out which features not only a wonderful article by yours truly about my France trip last year but also a lovely feature about Dawn Skinner who as you will know if you read my blog was a trans friend of mine and many others and passed away recently. Here's where you can buy the magazine

Now what did I do with the rest of that chocolate?