Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New Mistress Nina Photos

I can't believe it's the last day of April already and this is my first blog entry this month. Where does the time go!

Last weekend I spent the whole of Saturday having my photo taken just for a change. Well actually it wasn't for Naughty Nina and I wasn't being tied up this time so it was a bit different. No this time I was doing the restraining as it was new photos for my Mistress Nina site which came out rather well and if you want to check them out for yourself take a look at the gallery pages on 

Apart from this work has been reasonably busy the last couple of weeks after a quiet Easter and I've had clients pretty much every day sometimes two or three which would explain why I've not had much time to write in my blog lately.

If anyone's not a member of my site I've been putting up some quiet extreme suspension bondage films recently which are worth seeing go to The site has well over 200 sets and films on now and for only $10.99 for a month you get to see everything. Why anyone would buy one single clip off sites like clips for sale for often more money really baffles me. OK plug over for now.

For anyone into motorbikes who's seen photos of me on my blade I've just treated myself to a new exhaust as the standard one is too quiet and has rusted badly so this weekend I'm going to try and fit the new pipe if the weather stays fine but I'm sure knowing me I wont even be able to manage that without cocking it up.

I didn't mention Easter. I got a few eggs which didn't hang about long as everyone knows how much I love chocolate. Isn't strange that after eating lots of chocolate eggs I also seemed to have managed to shrink some of my clothes in the wash as I don't remember my skirts being this tight!!

Check out some new mistress Nina photos below