Saturday, 3 September 2011

I always seem to be in a rush

As I am now and about to head off to the Bristol splunch which starts shortly and is a munch for sploshers or people like me who like to get messy from time to time. If you don't know what a much is it's just a meeting of kinky people normally in a pub during the day dressed in normal clothes. I have never been to a munch as there always seems to be issues about transgendered people attending and this being the case I'd rather stay away. Also it's not really my thing sitting around talking about kinky stuff instead of doing kinky stuff. I want to go to the splunch to get films and photos from my recent quarry shoot with Tanya. In fact this will be the 4th time I've been to the splunch in Bristol but I never stay more than a couple of hours as I always have something else I need to be doing. I think I go to splunches and not munches because they have no problem with me being Nina and its often the only time I meet other sploshers too.

Later on tonight I'm also going to Exodus and I get to be a pony girl again which I always love doing and lots of my friends are going also so really looking forward to tonight.

I have some pics from when I was playing in the box of water the other day so check these out. It was a great fun night and just what I needed that day and we have more kinky plans for me in the box of course.

Last weekend I had a strangely quiet weekend and spent most of it at home although come the end of Monday I did regret not going into Bristol as I missed about 3 clients and I really could have done with the money as I have to pay £500 to get my car back next week which is still being repaired after my accident coming home from the quarry. I did go to Restraints on the Friday and get suspended yet again by Longman though and here is the evidence which shows I'm far to happy being tied up.

Again I have lots more to mention but like i said I am in a rush so will write more next week.

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