Thursday, 28 July 2011

Weekly updates at last!!

I've been nagging Bella Jay for ages about updating my website on a weekly bases in order to keep my members happy but she keeps saying she hasn't got time but at long last she's caved in and now naughty Nina has gone weekly and for this first week there is a bonus for my members in the form of a new guest galleries section as well as a film of me getting spanked and caned by Miss Prim at the Muir Academy. For anyone not familiar with my site take a look here. It's good I promise.

One thing I forgot was although I have lots of films and photos set to go up I haven't been editing any lately so today I've edited 10 new galleries which has taken all afternoon. You can't see these yet as they'll go up one set a week and of course as well as all the material I already have I've lots of plans for more kinky films in the future to keep my members happy.

So today I've not really had chance to do much else but I have got a couple of pro sub bookings lined up over the next few days which I really need as only seen one client this week which hasn't earn't me enough to cover my petrol let alone anything else.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow though as well as having a client booked in I also have "Restraints at Romeo's" first night to go to so fingers crossed it lives up to the name and I get restrained at some point in the evening.

What else can I tell you. 
I seem to have done something to my left arm while asleep last night as it's hurting and I don't know why maybe it's a lack of pringles as I've stopped buying them now they've returned to full price and I'm eating monster munch instead.

Again I'm not sure what photo's I can add here unless I just upload one of the ones I've edited today.

Ah I know I've not told you about the pony event I went too in London last week have I? 

It was really good and as always I was a fantastic ponygirl but didn't win any races as I'm far to pretty to run fast. I caught up with a few old friends and made some new ones and as it's the first time I've been a pony this year my legs were aching the following day after all that sort of running I was doing. 

Big thanks to my friend Lord Q who reads my blog who came with me and paid for everything. He likes old things so I've made a couple of the photos look old just for his pleasure

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