Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I'm late

it's only tea over my dads house and I'm used to everything he cooks being burn't or dried up so waiting a few minutes longer while I write in my blog shouldn't make much difference. I often visit my dad for tea even though he only knows how to cook two things, roast dinners and fry ups! Then after tea I sit down with him watch endless soaps all night. I myself hate all soaps but he loves them all and watches them every night. I normally take a magazine to read or my net-book as I just can't watch them. It seems strange to visit my dad and spend half the time reading or on the computer(not the net though as he has something called dial up I believe whatever that is!!) but that's what happens as we don't have much to talk about or in common so we just settle for spending time together and doing different things.

This week has been very quiet for me work wise which is a surprise as I've new ads out again. I did a double dom session yesterday though which was great fun and I could have seen at least 2 people today had I not overslept that is!! In the end I got up and decided to tidy my house instead and even cleaned the fish tank out for the first time in months. I'm surprised the fish is still alive swimming around in that dirty water. He seems happy now though I think as his fin is up again(this is how you tell so I've been told)and the cat is happy she can now see into the tank again. I only have one fish as he's always killed any others I've added so I've not just accepted he wants the tank to himself and it's his fault if he gets lonely.

Saturday and Sunday was taken up mainly by two photo shoots. One for Repartee in Reading and the other in Bristol and this was just some pics for a mistresses dungeon. I don't have any of the photos so can't show off any samples but I think we got some good results for both. The Repartee shoot involved horses and they looked good even if I didn't. Funny I'm not good with horses but I should be as my mother lived and breathed horses. To me they're just animals that you sometimes have to avoid on the roads and I'm not sure why they're even on the roads in the first place when there's 100's of fields they can go in. They don't even need an MOT!

OK I think my diner should be even more burnt by now so better go.

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