Friday, 14 December 2018

Busy Time

Yes it's been a very busy time for me over the last few weeks so only just got time to sit down and write about what I've been up to.

First off I did a kind of tour up north which was mainly bondage orientated. I modelled for a few people at various places including Bhowani where I did 5 bondage struggling sets. Including being forced to give oral while tied up. These films and set will be on the site in the not to distant future so look out for them here I'm sure I'll be doing more for this site in the future too.

After this I visited a client who is also a friend in Wigan for a couple of days and loves to tie me up for long periods nice and tight. There are photos and videos of this but I've not had time to go through them and post any yet. Now I don't have my paysite I tend to just edit the films and photos for fun and to plug my other services encouraging other people to tie and play with me. I also visited another guy in north Wales"Gamlaman" who put me in a few nice tight ties and had me dressed as a maid making his tea. Again photos will follow but I have put some he took of me dressed as a maid online already.

I then when to see my friend Sarah Bright for some bondage/facesitting/mummification/VR fun. I've uploaded a pic of her facesitting me today for anyone who follows me on flickr or fetlife. If you don't why not!

After this I went wrestling with a lovely lady called Pippa in Manchester and I'm going to write about her and my love of Wrestling in the next issue of Transliving so make sure you buy a copy.

Talking of Transliving the new issue has just come out and I have a wonderful double page talking about latex in it followed by 6 pages of me interviewing latex loving Katrina Transdoll and Claire Jones. it all looks fab so please buy and read this too. You can buy a copy here

After I got home form my trip up north it was on to the next TLI event in Bournemouth and and this was a chance to dress up and again I won a competition. This time it was "dreamboats and petticoats" themed. I didn't win the Miss Christmas one the next night but I did win this last year so I can't be too greedy. right? Although between you and me I was the best Miss Christmas this year, Mind you I thought Steph who did win this was a worthy successor if I'm honest.

This time my friend Keith or Sven as he likes to be called came along and we did some great pictures by the pool in my undies as well as fully dressed and tied up in the pool itself. I'm keeping these pics all back until I decide what to do with them but trust me they're worth waiting for. I have a lot of new "What Katie Did" underwear so thinking after the wrestling feature I may put my world of Kink on hold and instead do a sexy underwear spread for an issue as I love this brand of vintage style undies so much and I look good in them trust me.

So  I'm now home sorting out Christmas and seeing a few clients again but this weekend I'm in London at the "Ouch" spanking weekend for the third year in a row. It maybe my last time I'm not sure. If anyone fancies seeing me at my hotel there Saturday night get in contact and let me make your Christmas special. Details as always are on my site

If I

don't have time to post here again have a fantastic Christmas and new year,

Nina xx