Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Blog

It's not quite Christmas yet but the last blog entry I'll be making before so this will have to do as my Christmas blog. Before I talk about myself I just want to wish everyone who reads this a great Christmas and new year. Well maybe just Christmas as I might get bored and write again before the new year. Anyway I hope you both get everything you wish for and more.

So this week I had some good news when I went to hospital with my dad. The new drugs are keeping the cancer under control better than expected and they should carry on doing so for some time to come. Maybe even for a couple of years. So he can now concentrate on enjoying his life as he feels fine too.

Now back to me and this weekend just gone I went to a Dr Who convention in Birmingham attended by Billie Piper and David Tenant as well as some of the stars from Torchwood. I even had a kiss from. Eve Myles who plays Gwen. Well 3 kisses actually and all on the lips. I bet if she knew where my lips have been she wouldn't have been so keen to kiss them.

I also got  photos with Billie Piper mainly to prove once and for all I don't look like her. She was nice though but then again I'm sure she was getting plenty of money for for her appearance there so i'd be annoyed  if she wasn't nice. She did seem to think I was wearing her old top though and kept going on about it like I'd nicked it. I told her I had, hoping she would think I was joking. I'm not convinced she did though.

Below is a photo of me and Billie together for the first time. I give this to you as a Christmas gift even though I had to pay for it. Thanks Billie and I'm keeping your top!

Monday, 10 December 2012

I can't believe it's almost Christmas again!

It's been a really expensive few weeks for me having spent over £1000 of various things. First I had to buy myself a decent laptop as my little netbook wasn't powerful enough to run dreamweaver or the movie making software which I need now for my latest Naughty Nina site which is being created for me at the moment by a friend. Even though he's doing it cheap I still had to pay him £350 which I'm sure eventually I'll get back from the site once it's been running for a while. It is looking pretty nice though and I can't wait until it's up and running which will probably be early next year sometime all being well so keep an eye out for it. In the meantime if anyone wants access to my old Naughty Nina site which is still packed with kinky photos and films just let me know it's still only £5 for a months membership.

As well as spending on my site and laptop I've also been buying Christmas presents for friends and family but  I can't believe it's almost Christmas again. Are you sure it's only once a year?. Each year it seems to get harder to know what anyone wants and each year I buy more and more stuff online and less and less in high street shops. I've got almost everything now and haven't left the house but going out Wednesday to buy a few stocking fillers to finish off but I'll probably get bored and end up buying stockings for myself instead of stocking fillers for everyone else.

changing the subject to exercise I've only just returned home for a cycle ride which was my first for over a month. The last time I went out I got puncture about 4 miles from home and haven't bothered going out since I fixed it a couple of weeks ago. One thing I forgot was just how cold it is at the moment and I soon got a headache and my teeth and ears were hurting too.. I also only managed half my normal distance as my knees started to hurt as well which might again be something to do with the cold or just me getting old maybe.

I've not got any new photos to show off at the moment but have attached some not seen before Ms Christmas ones and I am going to a Dr Who Convention this coming weekend for the whole weekend and David Tenant and Billie Piper will be there too. No doubt as soon as they see me the'll want their photo taken with me of course.

I need to go a bit careful at this convention though as I've already been kicked off of a Dr Who forum I joined for being an adult sex worker  I was told so don't want to get thrown out of this event too. Not before I've met my look-alike Billie anyway. I am looking forward to the weekend and I'm sure it'll me memorable for one reason or another. I just hope it's for the right reasons.

As for work well it's dead at the moment but that's to be expected as most guys have to spent money on presents for the family not adult sex workers this time of year. I'm sure that'll change come the new year though. At least I hope so or I'll have to start looking for another job.

If I don't blog again before Christmas have a good one and keep an eye out for my new Naughty Nina site in the new year.
Oh if you want to buy be a present I'm a size 8 shoe a size 8 skirt and 12 top or 10 dress and I like chocolate but only Cadbury's Dairy Milk.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bloody dog walkers!!

This morning I got up and decided to take my mountain bike for a spin as the sun was shining and I always need the exercise of course. I didn't think about the fact that it had been raining a lot last night. I left and on my route encountered 3 problems the first was because of all the rain we'd had over night everywhere I went was flooded. All the back roads and cycle paths had water everywhere so I got soaked riding through this on a bike with no mudguards! The next issue was the traffic. It was really busy this morning for reasons unknown to me and at one point I had to wait for about 5 minutes before I could get cross a road and cycling down one main road I nearly got knocked off by a lorry that didn't give me much room when passing. The final problem which I often encounter on the cycle path is bloody dog walkers. I often come across this natural enemy of the cyclist but today they were out in force and they're all deaf it seems and as I don't have a bell on my bike the never hear me coming up behind them even if I make bell like noises with my mouth. They never stay to one side so I always have to stop which ruins my rhythm or I risk hitting their dogs who always seems to run to my bike like they know me or want to hump it. These paths are meant for cyclist not dog walkers so they should make way for us and keep their dogs on leads or on in kennels  I reckon. OK Rant over as you might start to think I don't like dogs when I actually do just not the little ones that are smaller than my cat. They're just silly.

Friday night I went to Romeo's in Bristol as one of my friends on the fetish scene is emigrating to Australia to get away from me(not really I don't think) and was having a sort of leaving do there which was quiet but kind of fun. Three of us went as power rangers and once I get a photo I'll add it here. Of course I was the pretty pink one but don't ask me any more than that as I don't know about power rangers I just love the sexy tight costumes they wear. I'm not even sure power rangers actually had powers did they? Maybe we were the powerless rangers.

Oh and I'm still really into being mummified with as many layers as possible at the moments. Check out the pics of me in red below. I was like this 20 minutes before running out of air and panicking because I couldn't breath at all. All caught on film of course.

My new naught Nina site is starting to take shape slowly but should be good once done and I've got loads of very kinky films ready to go on it already but lots more to make too.I'll keep you informed once it's live.

OK it's Sunday and I've recorded the F1 so going to watch it now.

Monday, 15 October 2012

I've never looked better

Yes this week I was mummified using pallet wrap in a slightly unusual way. It was great though so check out the photos attached to this post. I've never looked better.

At the moment I'm really into cycling again and going out about 3 times a week on either my mountain bike or my racing bikes which I keep in different places. My racer is at my friends house near Bristol and my mountain bike is at home. It was my mountain bike I went out on today getting wet in the process which I don't mind as it cools me off. One day maybe next year I might look into doing a cycle ride to raise more money for cancer research. Cancer is something I can never escape from as my dad's cancer has now returned. I took him to the hospital for a full body MRI scan last Friday and now waiting on the results of just how much it's spread. Of course keeping fingers crossed it's not bad news.

Other than being mummified I've not done that much kinky stuff other than with a few clients being spanked and so on but that feels like normal stuff to me these days. If I ever get a new naughty Nina site going then I'll need to do lots of kinky stuff again which of course I'll hate.

I've not even been out much lately although I did go to the cinema and watch Looper yesterday which I enjoyed but found it full of holes because of the whole time travel thing.Still I'd recommend it if you've not seen it already. I then went to a harvester for tea which was full of families with screaming children. I couldn't eat my meal fast enough!

Other things I've done include being a maid at my friends party in Wales for the 3rd time or was it the 4th. I can't remember. I don't know why he keeps asking me as I'm a rubbish maid as many of the guest often tell me at these parties. There's more to the job than looking good it seems and I've got some new photos for my spanking ads done(also see attached)

Sorry this is a short update but not much else to tell you at them moment.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

What's happening then Nina?

It's been almost a month since I last wrote in my blog but I think now is a good time to update you all as to what has been happening in my life lately. The main reason now is a good time is I've just be let down by a client who was coming to spank and cane me but just sent a text to say he's knocked his car on the way. I've no idea if this is true or not but as I get lots of people book and either then don't show or cancelled last minute I'm sceptical. So now I'm all dressed up sat on my own again with nothing to do.

So over the last month a few things have happened. I've unfortunately lost use of the school room I've done sessions at on and off over the past few years. I haven't used it much lately so it's not that much of an issue but it was always nice to know if I client wanted to see me there he or she could most evenings. It seems it's being turned into a sewing room now instead for a friend of the owner who's lost interest in bdsm.

I went to see the Lion King live stage show in Bristol a couple of weeks ago which was pretty good and the first real live show I've ever seen. I have to say I'm not the biggest Lion King fan so I might have enjoyed something else more for my first show (maybe cats with all the sexy women in tight costumes) but it was worth seeing and I'd recommend it to people who like this sort thing.

I'm maiding again Saturday night at my friends bdsm party in Wales which I normally enjoy so I'm sure I will again and the following day I have to be a maid for a client and bring a report back from the party as to how well I carried out my duties and on reading this report he will decide how I should be punished. I do enjoy role play of this nature and when I get good clients who a genuinely into the who spanking and bdsm scene. I kind of makes up for idiots that mess me about all the time.

I haven't really done much in the way of photos and films over the last few weeks mainly because the future of my naughty Nina site is still not sorted. I was hoping to speak to someone at the party this weekend about making me a completely new naughty Nina site but just found out he's not going so this uncertainty looks set to drag on even longer. I could phone the guy but I'm much more persuasive in person and know if I flutter my eyelids I can get things I can't get over the phone.

I'm at the moment feeling very sad also with the news that my fathers cancer has spread to his bones meaning a cure is no longer possible and he has an aggressive cancer so I'm going to be spending time with him now taking him to hospital for scans test and treatment whenever he needs me too. The good thing is he's still very active and doesn't feel ill at the moment so I prey that  this continues for some time to come.

I'm sure there's lots more to tell you but I can't think what at the moment,

My day's just gone from bad to worse with as a two hour session booked with me tomorrow has just been cancelled too. Great!!


Thursday, 30 August 2012

It's So quiet

On the kinky front in my area I mean. There seems to be very few events on at the moment or maybe there are a lot of private play parties I just don't know about as I'm not really part of the in crowd when it comes to these things.

Strange as it seems working as a Pro Mistress and Pro Submissive I don't really buy into a lot of what others do on the scene or how serious they are about it all. It's just not me. I mean I don't want to be owned by one person or have a part in a BDSM family or only be a sub. I don't think most people who call themselves subs are really subs anyway. They always seem to only get and do what they want and in that respect are often more dom than they're so called masters.

Sorry I was starting to go off on one there because nobody likes me or invites me to things any-more. LOL

I haven't really got much to tell since I last wrote here I had a very boring bank holiday weekend doing pretty much nothing for 3 days. I spent lots of time watching the Olympics mainly for the women's events and the fantastic outfits they often wore while performing and I've been ticking over regarding seeing clients still getting lots of time wasters but also some genuine new ones. Last week was really weird I saw no one all week then Friday I had 2 great sessions. The best was a 3 hour session as a naughty maid constantly getting things wrong and having to be spanked and caned. I wish I had sessions like this every day as I'd be a very happy bunny.if I did,

This week I saw 2 clients Tuesday none yesterday. One no show today(hence I'm writing this now)and fingers crossed a new client in 20 minutes. Oh god 20n minutes!!

I've got a go finish getting prepared for him. If he doesn't show I might be back to write more.

Well it's now an hour after he didn't show or contact me so pretty pissed off today as now had 2 no shows and I'm certain the last guy's booking was a deliberate wind up so I would dress up as requested and he wouldn't then turn up as he even confirmed this morning. So if anyone wants to give this asshole some grief
be my guest. his number is 07908902841. I would never normally publish a phone number but I don't see why this guy should be allowed to get away with what he has with me or any other Mistresses or subs

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dr Q?

I recently went to "Stars in time" a Sci-Fi convention in Weston Super-mare with my friend Lord Q who dressed as Dr Who or should I say Dr Q mainly so I could go as Rose Tyler the doctors assistant who of course I'm always getting told I look like. It was a two day event with the first part being on the Saturday evening which frankly was rubbish and was just attended by a few families clearly on holiday looking for somewhere to take the kids that night and all that seemed to be going on was some rubbish band who had no connection to sci-fi playing songs far too loud. Yes I'm getting old I know.

After a couple of hours of this we decided to jump into our TARDIS(my VXR) and head into Weston city centre where Restraints were having their first event in Weston instead of Bristol in what's normally a lap dancing club there. The event turned out to be quiet with not much in the way of play going on but lots of food. It was OK until we were told our car park ticket would  run out at midnight and we had to go back and put a new ticket on the car. We'd parked in the train station carpark as instructed which was a 5 to 10 minute walk away so we decided this would be a good time to go home.

The next day we went back to the Stars in Time convention and had a great time meeting lots of geeks and some very minor celebrities. Most had slight fame many years ago and had to have photos with them of what they used to look like or no one would have a clue who they were. Some were asking £10 for an autograph others only £5. This seemed to be height related for some strange reason. Needless to say I didn't ask for any of them to sign anything. Again we were dressed as Rose and the Dr and most people knew this and some even wanted photos with us. In fact I looked more like Rose that the z list celebrities looked like themselves or how they once were. We did chat to a few of them and some were nicer than others.

 I really liked Caroline Munro who starred my favourite bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me" she told me I had great legs but I didn't like Shirley Eaton who is only really famous for being painted gold in "Goldfinger". When we tried to tell her about plans we have to paint me gold she was just rude to us. I've just found out me and Shirley Eaton were both born on the 12th on January only I was born in 1982 and she looks like she must have been born in 1882 making her Old finger. Sorry jut being a bitch because I don't like her now. LOL.

We loved being the Dr and Rose so much that day we're looking for other places to dress up as them now. Yes we've turned into geeks ourselves I know. To be honest I always really was one

Other than this back in the really world(Or Nina's worls I should say) work is still very quiet like it has been since my return from France so have been doing lots of photos as always including ones in my fab H&M swimming costume which I love and just need to find somewhere I can go swimming in it now. 

Who said try the sea they let anyone in there!!

Monday, 23 July 2012

I'm Back

I know you've all been worried about me as I've not written in my blog for over a month now but fear not I'm back again and hopefully wont leave it so long next time before giving you another slice of my life.

So I've now returned from my first holiday in France which was was more of a road trip than a holiday really. I borrowed my friends little C2 Citroen for the trip as it was far cheaper on fuel than my own VXR the only thing was the C2 is a very small car and me and my travelling companion Keith had a lot of stuff to take with us so it was fun and games getting it all in and leaving enough room for the two of us but we managed it. I'm not going to say too much more about my time in France as going to write about it for a future issue of Repartee which you wont buy if you read it all here first.

One thing I will mention is I didn't get much of a break from kinky stuff after leaving Paris where I stayed for the first two nights as I stayed at my friends house in the south of France and all she wanted to do was play with me. This mean't 4 days of being Mistress Nina! This is more play than when I'm at home only not getting paid for it but then again I was staying with her for free and using her C2 so I can't complain too much. To be honest I kind of enjoyed all the mad Dom sessions I did with her and I know she loved them. We even filmed 3 of them. One of them has to be seen to be believed but it involves me driving a digger and her being dunked in a pond(sort of)

We also found an old railway line while in France which Keith tied me too as it's always been something I've wanted to have done to me. I think part of him probably wanted to leave me tied to the line and enjoy the rest of the trip in peace and quiet but reluctantly after filming me struggling for a while he untied me and I'm glad he did as I was covered in ants(well I say covered but I'm not sure two ants can really cover a person)

Since my return last Sunday work has been really quiet and I've had endless people booking then cancelling possibly something to do with the good weather we're getting now.At least this means I've had chance to give my Blade a couple trips out at last and I'm even thinking of taking it back to my friends house in France before too long as the French roads are so quiet compared to ours.

Not sure if I mentioned it but just before going to France I was a maid again at my friend Johns BDSM party in Newport and you'll be pleased to know as normal I looked good but was a rubbish lazy maid compared to when I maided at his previous party when I worked hard all night and everyone thought there was something wrong with me when in fact I was keeping busy to avoid having to play with someone I didn't want to play with  but scarred to tell him for fear of hurting his feelings.

BTW if you're reading this and think this might be you I'm talking about I'm not I'm talking about someone else.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How annoying

I've just closed this window by mistake after spending what seemed like ages writing a new blog entry and now when a write it again it'll be rushed and not as good and it wasn't that great in the first place!

I had written all about a client that came and hit me really hard last Monday with a bath brush and cane(yes a bath brush!)leaving me unable to take any more punishment on my bum since. I've got my next caning booked for Friday and my bum is almost healed so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I wont have any issues from the beating I took last week when I get hit again but I wont know until I'm being caned for sure.

It's been so quiet with work I've been spending a lot of time watching the football and following England in the Euro's. For any Americans reading Football is a game you call soccer but it's not soccer it's football because you play mainly with your feet unlike the game you call football which you run around with the ball in your hands so should be called handball and the only good thing about this game is the cheerleaders. OK glad we got that sorted out.

Anyway back to the Euro's and England probably wont won win but I hope they do.Maybe they need some sexy cheerleaders to help them? They won last night thanks to the help of a blind official and I hear they've offered him a lot of money to be the ref in their next game

You can tell I'm quiet can't you?

Not sure if I mentioned in the last entry about the leotards some guy from America send me but if not he did and he also asked me to model them in photos and films and had a number of kinky requests he wanted me to do while wearing them and I've now done most of his requests and kinky being my middle name also enjoyed doing it all with my friend Keith who runs fanstay photoshoots. I feel a plug coming on. I'll add a couple of pics from the leotard shoot below too.

As I'm quiet I'll plug my own business too, Both my pro sub and Mistress sites. Check them out I'm really good at this stuff you know I don't just do it for a laugh

I also have a paysite which I can't really plug as it's still out of action however I have a few pass words at £5 for a month if anyone wants a months membership just message me

Plugs all done and no other news worth telling you about springs to mind so I'm done.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It's been a while

In fact almost a month since I last wrote anything in my blog and that's not because I haven't done anything. In fact I've been up to quite a bit. Half of which I've forgotten about.

The problem is mainly that my pay site is not able to take any money or new members at the moment because the company who were doing that side of things has decided my site didn't make them enough money and wanted to charge me £300 to keep taking the money. This I couldn't afford so have been looking at another company ccbill that lots of pay sites use which is OK but my web mistress has sort of lost interest now and only wants to carry on if I sort everything out and I'm not sure this is such a good deal as she already takes half of everything the site makes just for uploading a gallery or film every week.

I've also had an offer to make a completely new naughty Nina site where I can upload all the galleries myself from a friend but it wont be cheap to make in the first place so I need to decide if the site will ever make enough to make this worthwhile. To be honest I'm not sure what to do as it takes so much of my time doing the photos and films for so little return part of me thinks I should just forget the whole thing but on the other hand I know how good and original my films are compared to anything else out there and one day it could really take off the way it should already have done.

It's all starting to do my head in a bit at the moment though. What with that and the fact my Mistress and Pro sub work as also gone dead for no reason I've not really felt like writing in my blog as I know all I would do is moan.

Talking of my web Mistress Bella the latest Repartee has just come out and again I've written an article for it. This time about my work as a TV Extra(all 2 times!)anyway if you want to read all about that and other interesting transgendered stuff you can buy the magazine here

Things I've done since I last wrote include going to my friends kinky house party in Wales which wasn't that kinky in the end. More like a fancy dress party. I got there really late as I'd spent the day sploshing with Messy Lou and it was a good 2 hour drive from Lou's so half the people were already going home and my friend the host Laura had to go to bed just after I arrived as she wasn't feeling too good.

The next day I did some films and photos with someone called Rubber Martyn(not his real name I don't think) which was fun but not a paid job just for copies off the images for my paysite(I already have several years worth of films and images for the site which may never get used now but still always after more and I love what's involved in getting the films and photos of course)

This weekend just gone Me and my friend Keith went to the Bristol Splunch then onto see Alex our friend doing his hypnotist act in a pub near Keith's house which was OK but slightly unnerving for me at times especially when he made one guy believe his penis had been stolen by one of the girls in the pub and he had to go look for it. I thought he would come straight to me and that would have been very embarrassing as no one knew me there but I'm sure quite a few were wondering if I'd been born male or not as I'd got a few strange looks. Luckily he didn't come to me and everything was fine but never the less I was quite glad when we left the pub.

Sunday me and Keith went to an Alice in wonderland themed BDSM party but when we arrived dressed as Alice and the mad hatter there was hardly anyone there and no one else dressed up at all. We made the most of this and played on the equipment for a few hours as we had it all to ourselves. I guess it was cheaper than hiring the place.

So that's brought you all up to date on my life over the recent weeks.

Oh did I mention I'm a red head at the moment?


Thursday, 3 May 2012


Was a pretty mad day for me and a long one as well. I got up early as I had a two hour booking in the morning but he cancelled(not for the first time) so I then decided to take the racer out as it had finally stopped raining. The racing bike struggled with the back roads which were now flooded and covered in mud and stones that had been washed from the fields. It didn't help that the back tyre was also pretty flat meaning I felt every tiny bump I hit twice as hard as normal. I eventually made it from the back lanes to the main road and things improved greatly and I then enjoyed the rest of he ride. Except this one hill right at the end of my route which is a killer and part way up I always feel like getting off and pushing my push bike but never have and didn't yesterday either.

As soon as I got in someone made a booking and I had to run around like a woman possessed to get showered and changed in time which I did only for the client not to show which as you can imagine didn't put me in a very good mood.

Things got better however and at 4pm I saw the first of 4 clients. All of which were people I've seen before meaning they must like me to come back. After I'd seen the first two I decide to cook myself some food and then the phone went so I ruined it and burn't everything as I wasn't keeping an eye on it. So I fed my first effort to the bin and started over this time it was edible.

When I say I did 4 clients yesterday in fact the last one which was an out call and required me to drive 25miles in the rain didn't start until today and I didn't leave my clients house until 2.45am this morning. It's OK though as he's quite a good and kinky client who wanted to play with me encased head to toe in latex most of which he provided including the gas-mask which he'd rather look at than my pretty face!!

I got back about 3.30am and still didn't go to bed for some time after. As I got my friend Keith who was still up to massage my back for ages as it's been giving me problems lately. Thanks again for that Keith.

Needless to say today I didn't get up until dinner time and haven't seen anyone which I don't mid too much after yesterday.

Right I'm getting hungry I need to see what I can burn for tea today. Sorry cook I mean of course.

Friday, 20 April 2012


It's the phobia of genitals. No really it is I'm not making this up. I don't have a fear of them as such but they don't turn me on at all. Neither male nor female ones. Today I even started a thread about it on a bdsm forum to find out who else isn't turned on by genitals. Seems I'm not alone in finding people much more attractive when genitals are kept covered up though.

So what news have I got and how has this week been you ask.
Well last weekend looking at the bookings I had taken it was looking really good. Sadly it's turned out to be my worse week this year for time wasters. Several people making bookings and just not turning up. One was a complete c**t who rang several times and book me for two hours even confirming the night before and told me he'd bought me chocolates and my favourite Nina perfume. Then come the appointment he didn't show or contact me even though I tried several times to ring  him. Of course this isn't his phone number 07593777437 as I wouldn't want anyone to phone him up in the middle of the night or giving him abuse. I could never condone such behaviour.

So my first couple of days was filled with time wasters but the second half has been totally dead. So much so I decided I needed a break from hanging around waiting for the phone to ring and went to see my friend Davina and even went out for a meal with a bunch of trannies last night which is something I rarely do these days but it was really nice. When I got to Davina's she was in the process of sending clothes back and one dress she was going to send back because it was too small for her fitted me like a gl;ove(she got stuck in it and had to get help to get out again) so I bought it off her and this is what I wore out for the meal. In fact it fits so well after the 3 course meal I did wonder if I was going to be able get out of it myself or I was going to have to stay in it forever. Don't worry I got out but I'll gets some pics in it soon just to show you all how nice it is and it only cost £12!

On a serious note I just want to say how sorry I was to hear of the death of Aerie a young trannie who I've met a few times over the last couple of years at various fetish events. I didn't know Aerie well but chatted a few times and found her to be a pleasant likeable person who I'm sure will be greatly missed and leave a hole in the life's of those close. So my thoughts are with Aerie's friends and family at this time.

Until next time have a nice weekend. Oh before I go I need to plug my paysite more so Bella keeps telling me so I will. It's here  it's great , it's very kinky and only £5 a month or £10 for 3 months


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Life is like a box of chocolates

You never know whet you're going to get right? Wrong life is nothing like a box of chocolates as you always know what you're going to get with chocolates it says on the box what's in them. You sometimes even get a helpful little drawing so you don't pick up the chocolate with coffee in by mistake.

Yesterday I had 3 clients  and 2 of them come baring gifts. The first gave me perfume and insisted on rubbing it in my private parts in the session in the hope it would sting.

It didn't.

The second really did give me a box of chocolates well  it's more like a box of chocolate. Dairy milk in fact. A whole box of small bars. I wonder if he works for Cadbury's as I didn't think you could buy boxes full of bars. It doesn't matter where they came from all I know is I'm very gratefully to him even though he didn't bring any pringles to go with the dairy milk.

As I sit here getting fatter and fatter eating my chocolate doing no real work(Yes I know there are people who get paid to eat but I'm not one of them) I've just realised that I need to start earning some money as next week I'm going to have to spend lots of money on my expensive to run bike and car as both are in for dealer services and the car needs  some new boots(that's tyres to normal people as opposed to boot which is something I like to travel in tied up)and an MOT which I'm sure it'll fail as usual . So I'm going to have to find at least £500 for all this!

I think it's time to start selling my body.

Oh no I already do that for a living.

Not much else to talk about as things are very quiet at the moment. Did I tell you I have a new phone? It's nothing to get excited about as it's much the same as my old one only this one's on a different network so now people can actually phone me as I have a signal at last.

Sploshing again tonight which I'm looking forward to as everyone knows you just can't beat a lovely bowl of custard.

Down your knickers of course!!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Splosh Monster

Sorry it was the title of one of the photos I put up on my flickr page this week. Yes I did a sploshing session tied to a shower and gagged with custard being poured everywhere. I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoy being covered in custard and even more so when tied up and helpless to stop someone covering me in it. This was probably the highlight of last week as even though I had a new ad in the paper business was very slow and I didn't get a booking up until Thursday. Luckily I had two Thursday but that was it. I guessing this may have something to do with it being Easter. BTW I have 3 Easter eggs all of course dairy milk ones as everyone knows this lady loves dairy milk.

Anyway I'm not down about the lack of bookings as so far this year I've it's been by far my most busy since I've been doing dom and sub work and I know I'm good at what I do so I'm sure things will pick up after the holidays again.

I must admit though I'm am slightly sad that people mainly come and see me for what I am as opposed to what I do and I'm not sure this is the case for female doms doing the same thing. Most people that want to be dominated by a woman still wont see me even though I'm probably better than many of the born female doms at what I do. I look and dress better but because I'm trans charge half the price. Guys fear it makes them gay coming to be dominated by me or even coming to dominate me even though I look and act like a women in my sessions. Most of my clients have fantasies about being with guy's and by seeing someone who looks like a woman but is still male makes this easier for them to convince themselves they're not gay.

I do see some guys who have only every seem born females for various reasons. Some say I just looked really good in my pics so thought they'd give me a go. Others they fancied something different. The best ones are the rare few that see me as a women and have no interest in the fact I still have male parts and don't want to see it. Everyone of these has enjoyed their session's with me as they've allowed me to do what I do best and not asked me to strip all my clothes off either.

OK moan over I'm never going to change the way people see me or convince all these straight guys who only do bdsm sessions with born women I'm worth a go and it doesn't make them gay. I wish I could but it's never going to happen so I guess I'm going to have to put up with seeing guys who pretend to be into bdsm but really just come to see what's in my knickers. Oh well it pays the bills and it's better than a normal job.

Writing this has made me depressed I'm going to go scoff all my eggs now and see if I can turn myself into another fat dom.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Better now(sort of)

Yes I'm back working again after my accident on the push bike last Saturday and pretty much all better. Well I'm still covered in bruises and scabs but I'm not in any pain now. I guess things could have been worse and would have been worse had I landed on my bum which I need to look after for work but lucky for me it was unmarked and I was still able to take my client out on Saturday who spent quite a bit of time hitting my bum with floggers, paddles and canes.

Today I had 3 people wanting the same time which was really annoying as it's the first clients I've seen this week. The one I went with let me down but lucky for me one of the others still wanted to see me so did the session instead. I have two more sessions tonight if they turn up and the first involved me getting into my latex leotard which I normally love doing but the sleeves are so tight it's bound to pull all the scabs of my elbow!

It's not great stuck inside waiting for clients to ring when the weather is so nice at the moment and that's part of the reason I didn't see anyone yesterday. Instead I decide to cut my grass for the first time this year and take the Blade for a spin. Cutting the grass was a right ordeal in itself as although I only have a tiny piece of grass I unlike any of my neighbours have a petrol mower. Mainly because I love things with engines and I got fed up with running over the electric cable on my old mower. The problem is my mower is normally a pain to start after being left over winter in the shed and this proved to be the case once again this year. But eventually it did start only to run out of petrol a few minutes later. After going to the garage to get more petrol I did eventually cut the grass and still had time to take the blade out. Although by this time it was rush hour and there was far too much traffic about to have real fun on the roads.

Last night I watched the football an tele as it was Everton in the FA cup(they won in case you didn't know) and anyone who knows me also knows I'm only into 3 male dominated sports Moto GP, F1 and football but only England and Everton matches as for some strange reason I've kind of followed them ever since I was a child and was forced to prove I wasn't a girl by picking a team to follow like all the other boys and I also like the manager Chris Moyles and how he has time to manage Everton and host a radio show in the mornings.

BTW as well as liking 3 male dominated sports I also enjoy watching any female sport that requires the women to dress in sexy outfits hockey, netball, athletics, swimming, ice skating, gymnastics, cycling, beach volleyball, cheerleading and of course lingerie football.

OK time to face the dreaded rubber leotard!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

In pain

I'm typing this not using all my fingers as two are out of action. One has no skin on the tip the other has a blood blister, this and many cuts over my body are a result off falling of my mountain bike this morning while in riding down a country lane at what must have been 20-30mph the back wheel slid out when it hit some mud on a corner. I tried to keep the bike upright but was going to fast. next thing I knew I was sliding across the road and coming to a stop on the grass verge under the bike in a lot of pain. I didn't get up for a while instead decided to lay there saying "Ouch" over and over and not moving in case anything was broken. Thankfully nothing seems broken but I am in quite a bit of pain even now. I'm sure I'll ache even more in the morning as when I've wrote this I'm going to bed. I did lay in the bath for about an hour when I finally got home which was very soothing and pain killers are helping too. On the plus side the bike seems to have coped with the crash slightly better than me.

This fall has totally changed my plans for the upcoming week which I was hoping to be busy with dom/sub work as I have a new ad out but now think I need time for my cuts and bruises to heel instead now and maybe catch up on some films and spend time with my cat but I don't think she's into BDSM so wont be able to practice bondage or CP on her while I recover as that might be considered cruelty to animals

Talking of my bike I took it out in the week and got totally lost too and had to phone my friend Keith to find out where I was. he was no help as he'd also not heard of any of the places I ended up near either. Eventually I found my way back to his place.

So what have I been up to before today's fall not involving my mountain bike you ask.

To be honest not much. I did some more photos which are again great and done by Keith at who of course I'd recommend to anyone wanting some fetish photos. I was going to be part of another shoot there tomorrow but I don't think that's going to happen unless I make a miraculous recovery over night that is.

OK I need to lay down now so more later in the week if I get bored.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Tied Bride

I'm sat alone typing this just about to pack up for the week and go home for the weekend and I'm finding myself reflecting on the week gone by. A week where I've only seen 4 clients but all were pretty good in their own way and all very different. Best one was yesterdays spanker. I said spanker!! I really enjoyed the caning and spanking he gave me and just chatting after and before the session. All the clients this week have said they'll come again to which is also good. Even the trannie that turned up with a beard

One client was very interested in the photography side of things and spotted the camera equipment so I showed him a book of samples. Lots of nice pics of me tied up, bagged and so on which he looked through and then said it was more landscape photography he was into.

There's not that much to talk about outside of my work really. I did go and see my friend Davina yesterday who is more or less back to her old self. This I could tell as she's been buying lots and lots of shoe's again oh and dresses and was keen to show them to me before we sat down and had a meal together which as usual was one of her home made cottage pies reheated from the day before. I can still taste it now.

I'm looking forward to the weekend and getting out on my blade for a few hours if it'll start that is as it's been 2 months since I last started it. I also need to get some exercise as I've spent much of the week sat around stuffing my face on dairy milk chocolate again and I wont get any clients if I get big and fat except for the ones that like me to sit on their faces that is, I'll probably get more of these.

Oh one last thing I got married this week and here are the photos to prove it right down to the bridal underwear

The bride is mean't to spend most of the day tied up right?

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fantasy photoshoots

Sorry not posted here for a bit but I've been busy helping my friend set up his new business called fantasy photoshoots which is a new photography service where he takes  professional photos and films of people in various fantasy outfits and situations and more. Have a look at the new site for the full low down and I'm also the in house model hence it's mainly pics of me on the site at the moment.

Many of my most recent photos have been taken for this new venture and as you can see are really good so hopefully this will take off and we'll have lots of people wanting to come over and be photographer or tied up or maybe both. Some people might even want to be tied to me!! I know how weird is that!.

So I'm writing this sat in bed not because I'm ill just lazy. I do have things to do but instead of doing them I've spent much of the day reading about my favourite childhood cartoon on-line which was a Japanese cartoon called Gatchaman or when translated became battle of the planets which was not the same as all the good bits were removed and the story changed for kids. I now know why I liked the main villain so much as in the Japanese version he could change from male to female. Now that has go to be the best power in the world right? I also loved princess as she always flashed her sexy white panties all the time. Anyone know where I can get a princess costume let me know as I've never seen one. I'll attach a pic of her in case you've no idea what I'm on about. Also anyone else into Battle of the planets check this amazing site out. It's what I've been on most of the day today,

To be honest I think I'm turning into a bit of a geek as Saturday I went to Restraints as a female star trek character. Check me out below. I'm sure I'm not the only who finds the women's star trek outfits sexy?

Oh I am!!

I'm also going to an event called stars of stage and screen this summer as Rose from Dr Who(someone I've dressed as a few times before)and lots of old has been tele actors will be there signing autographs and looking for work.

Do I need to seek help?
Don't answer that!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Why do people like bum sex?

As you may have guessed from the title of this post I'm not into having things inserted into my bum. To me it's an exit and never an entrance. This was proved again this week when I was given the option in a session to have a fingering or the cane and as always I opt for the cane every time. It's strange you can beat my bum black and blue on the outside and still I come back for more but one little finger up my bum and I can't take it as was the case in this session. Well I did actually take it but boy was it a struggle. One which I'm sure my client was loving. BTW he reads my blog so to him  "Hi and my bums better now thanks"

This was on valentines day had he was my second client that day. Believe it or not the first flew over from Ireland just to do a session with me for a couple of hours. This is a first for me. He left happy I'm pleased to report and may even fly over again for another Mistress Nina beating.

The rest of this week has been pretty rubbish but I did take Wednesday off and turned down a couple of clients that day so I'm party to blame for my poor week.

I went to visit my friend Davina again last night and had tea with her as she's not in the best of health at the moment and has found out she needs a serious operation. My thoughts are with her and I'm praying the op will be 100% successful which I'm sure it will be.

I then went to see Dom X as not seen him for a while. He clearly didn't want to talk to me much as I spent the next few hours gagged and tied up. Hating every moment of course. He did ruin my stockings though so I'll be sending him a bill for these.

Talking to my sister Bella this week she tells me I'm not promoting Naughty Nina enough so here's a link to my very cheap paysite for anyone who's not seen it If you're not a member why not it's only £5 for a month and it's really good. Honest would I lie to you. OK plug over.

Tuesday as I've said already and I'm sure you knew anyway was valentines day and to celebrate me and my friend Lord Q(he's just a friend there's never any bum sex either way)did some lovely photos of me with some roses(Oh and a gun pretending to be dead) here's one. I hope you like it.I'm not messed up honest!

The other pic is just one of me playing with myself which is nice too(both playing with myself and the photo)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Time to die!

Today for the first time since I've been working as a pro sub/dom I got scarred. I looked out my window to see my client marching towards the front door . He was a large man covered in tattoos and it looked to me like he had a stone in one hand. He knocked on the door and I didn't know if I should answer so phoned a friend who didn't know what I should do either.It was just like being on who wants to be a millionaire. In the end I decided to let him in and if he was going to bash my head in and it was my time to die it was.

As I'm here writing this it clearly wasn't my time to die unless I'm doing this from beyond the grave and my session was fine in the end and it wasn't a stone but his keys and wallet wrapped in what looked like a handkerchief and from a distance looked to me like it could have been a stone and as you know when people get scarred their mind often plays tricks on them. He enjoyed me and even wants to come again which he wouldn't of been able to do had he bashed my brains in unless he has a thing for corpse's that is. At least if he'd done away with me I wouldn't stop him having sex with me like I do now.

I had another client today who kept saying red and stopping the session with everything I did to him after he told me he liked extreme bdsm. Turns out he didn't.

I now want to mention my friend Davina who is not well at the moment and if you're reading this and know her please send her your love and best wishes and tell her you're thinking about her as I am. It would mean a lot to her.

So what have I been up to other that seeing clients you ask. Well not much really except having more photos taken and being tied up as usual. Had an amazing bagging the other night which put me on a real high. It's just so much better than sex. Saying that I've not had normal sex for years so it's hard to remember how good it is. I was never any good at it though so wouldn't have ever said it was great I'm sure of that.

I've just finished of mini eggs and now feel a bit sick so maybe that wasn't wise.

Hang on there's one left in the packet!!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

If I build it they will cum

Yes the tide is turning and finally I'm getting to be popular little trannie whore

To begin with last week I was still only getting one client each day but this was because everyone wanted the same times. On three days I had more than one person wanting to come when I had a booking already even though the rest of my day was empty.

 I took a day off Thursday and decided to go for a cycle ride for the first time in over 6 months. In fact this was the first exercise I'd had in 6 months so you can guess how it went. After 5 miles everything was hurting and I felt like I was having a heart attack so had to stop and rest. After the rest things got better and although often cycling at walking pace did the next 10mile without too much trouble. I felt really good after and treated myself to some chocolate but not sure when I'll go out again though as since  I've suddenly got really busy and people seem to be finally realising how good I look and how good I am at what I do. Either that or times are hard and I'm a pretty cheap whore.

 Doesn't matter though I had 3 clients Friday and 4 Saturday and today after a little break I've seen 2 so far and have another booked in later as well as an all day one tomorrow. None have been disappointed with me and most have said they will be back for more. So I'm a happy bunny at the moment. I was even happy for one of today's clients to live out his fantasy of giving me a facial which hasn't happened for a while. I did have a stage last year when everyone wanted this but I'm not sure it was doing my skin much good and boy does it sting if it goes in your eyes like acid!

This unexpected busy period has come at a good time though as just had to find nearly £500 to insure my blade and I had a massive credit card bill to pay off. So most of what I've earn't recently has gone already. Oh and I spent about £100 on clothes over the weekend too. I know I shouldn't have but I love my clothes and these items were calling out to me

"buy me buy me you know you need me"

 so what else could I do?

So that's the latest update. Oh and the latest issuer of Repartee has just been published which as usual I feature in. This time I spent a day at a stables in riding gear with my friend Tara as pony girls. No not that sort of pony girls which ,makes a change for me not to be the pony. You can get a copy from my sister Bella here.

Here's a few pics that didn't make the article ;-)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

30 for a whole week now!!

Yes this time last week I was out on my bike making the most of the cold and rain enjoying my birthday, A week on I've accepted I'm now officially old and my days of being a young sexy trannie whore are numbered so I now need to get on with my life before old age well and truly sets in and before I know it I'm just another drooling vegetable with a weak bladder and blue hair.

The whole weekend was a blur and I wasn't drinking so it must be my memory going already but I was back to work Monday and had two clients both new not only to me but also to trangedered people and bdsm. One came to be dominated by mistress Nina the other came for a massage(I know I don't do massage and I did tell him but he still came) and the effect of now being old really started to show after neither of these clients enjoyed the sessions and both finished early. The first guy didn't enjoy anything I tried to do to him and decided it was a mistake to have visited a TV as he'd seen only women before and the second guy was a nervous wreck who after the massage(which I thought I did well considering I've no idea how to give a massage)felt guilty about visiting me and decided to leave. I was being to think I'm losing my magic touch as hardly anyone has not enjoyed my sessions previous to this. I was wrong though as yesterday I had another two clients and both left happy so in turn it made me happy again and also made me stop thinking about getting to old.

Right now who wants a massage?

Friday, 13 January 2012

The day after my birthday

So it's the day after my birthday and today I've hardly done a thing and it's so quiet. I did have one client who sucked my face off but other than that nothing and the phones hardly even rang unlike yesterday when I decided to take the day off as it was my birthday and the phone never stopped ringing!!

So what did I do for my special birthday then? Well I had a lie in until about 12 o'clock which was really nice then I decided to give my blade a birthday treat and take her out for a spin. Which I did after checking the weather in case it was going to be bad. Weather report said dry and sure enough after about 10 miles it rained and I got soaked as I left my waterproofs at home. I stopped off at a bike shop and checked out the new 2012 blade which I'd previously only seen in magazines which was nice but not really that much different to my 2011 bike and it doesn't come in Repsol colours! BTW for my birthday I got a Repsol fleece and t-shirt so I have to keep my bike now.

After my trip to the bike shop I rode to the Cinema and watched the latest Mission Impossible film but part way through I got uncomfortable as by bum was still hurting from the caning I received the previous day from a client, Which isn't surprising as he caned me 100 times and that's a lot even for me. In fact it's the most any client has paid for so far. I still managed not to let my stinging bum stop me enjoying the film which was so so and still not as good as the first of these films.

I then jumped back on the blade and rode to a place called table table where I had a birthday dinner of spare ribs and chips which was very nice but messy and no matter how hard I tried to eat using my knife and fork I had to resort to my fingers. Then it was back home and by this time it was freezing on the bike and I was so glad to get in and warm up. I finished my day off watching repeats of family guy which always make me laugh even though I know some of the episodes nearly word for word,

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

It's not my party but is my birthday tomorrow and the fact I'm not having a party or the fact I'm 30 is reason enough to make anyone cry. I am thinking of having a big party later in the year and inviting all my friends old and new and once I've sent those 2 invites out I'll ask people I don't like or who don't like me and even people I don't know if it makes up the numbers and makes me look more popular than I really am.

So what am I going to do tomorrow I hear you all ask. I'm not sure really probably just take the day off seeing guys wanting a girl friend experience I guess(I get lots of these because I'm so pretty and they all want me as their girlfriend instead of the big units they already have at home. LOL)

I haven't got much in the way of news as been staying in concentrating on work and getting new clients. Like yesterday I had a two hour switch session and my client asked me to wear my new latex leotard which I did but it took me ages to try and get on before he arrived and it's so tight I just couldn't do the back zip up on my own and after much rolling around on the floor and bed left it undone and waited for my client to arrive and do it up for me. It was a good session though as I quite like switch sessions. Rubber Mistress one minute naughty schoolgirl the next. Great fun.

Last night I watched a film tied to a chair with knickers over my head and gagged. Well that was the idea but had to be released when my hand started to hurt. Oh well it was a good idea anyway.

OK I've got to go change as just had a client ring wanting to give me a special present. 50 hard cane strokes!! My bum hurts just thinking about it!!

Oh no I've booked 2 people in the same time!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back to normal then

I can't believe it was the 20th of December that I last wrote here. Where does the time go!!

Anyway happy new year to all my followers and I hope you all had a great Christmas and ate and drank far to much. Me I didn't drink too much but have to put my hand up to stuffing my face lots. I do hate Christmas puddings but sadly now starting to resemble one.

So what can I still remember about Christmas apart from all the eating I did?

I do remember Christmas eve going out on the blade and coming close to falling off it too but it was nice to get out on it for a few hours before the madness or boredom of Christmas really kicked in. I was just being little miss Nina Santa and delivering a present as these days blades are a much quicker option than a bunch of raindear pulling a sleigh when there's no snow about. Also where do flying raindear come from? Don't tell me the North Pole as I watched every episode of frozen planet and there was no mention of them!

So Christmas day was much the same as every year with my family coming over for lunch which is always nice as it's the only day of the year they come over to see me eat my food then fall asleep. I had a few nice present including some new heels (next year I want the rest of the shoes to go with the heels) Some Nina perfume. Bella my sister(not my real sister as she's a man and looks nothing like me) was the first person to give me Nina from Nina Ricci and I loved it straight away. Before this I wore any old cheap rubbish but now always wear Nina when I go out. For my clients however they still get cheap rubbish of course. They don't care what I smell like. BTW funny story about Bella and perfume. As she bought me Nina one year I managed to find a perfume called Bella on e-bay and bought her some but sadly it was terrible and she doesn't wear it but her toilet smells better than it did.

I managed to see a couple of clients between Christmas and new year and one was an out call to a guy who made me dress up in lots of rubber stuff he already had which was cool but when I arrived before we did the session we had to watch top gear on tele as it was the Christmas special which comes before rubber of course. LOL

As for new year it was a very quiet night at Romeos in Bristol for me and a few friends which was OK and for the 3rd new year in a row I got suspended by my friend Nicki. This is becoming a bit of a new years tradition. My friend Kat looked great seeing new year in fully encased in rubber looking a bit like a rubber robot. It was a masked ball and I had to tape an eye mask to a cat toy to make mine. 

My friend Lord Q went as a black Spiderman and I want all those people who thought I was racist trying to host a party last year not allowing black clothes in to know I had no issues seeing in the new year with a black Spiderman.

So yesterday I spent all day making up new galleries for my pay site
As it's a new year I thought I'd better give the site a quick plug as some new readers may not realise I do other things than just rabbit on about my strange life here. Samples from yesterdays editing attached

OK new year’s resolutions are to get fat... sorry fit. See more of the world this year starting with a trip to France as I've never been. Stop going to naff events and put more effort into my Mistress and pro sub business and try and actually make some money this year.

What's that you didn't realize I was a Mistress and pro sub?
Why didn't you say so?

What else can I plug?

Oh yes it's my birthday next week on the 12th. That's the 12th of January in case you want to make a note.
It's a special birthday as I enter a new decade but as it's so close to Christmas I'm going to put my birthday celebrations or any parties on hold until later in the year. More on that at a later date.
If you still want to give me presents on the 12th feel free to do so though.

I had a google and found I share my birthday with some other sexy ladies such as Pixie Lott, Mel C, Gemma Arterton and Heather Mills. Alright maybe Heather Mills is stretching it a bit when I say sexy ladies

I also share it with Mr Bean, Ricky from Eastenders and Des O Connor!! I don't know why I find that funny I just do