Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday night

It's Sunday night and I've had a really lazy weekend hardly leaving the house and all I've done is watch DVD's and eat loads. I'm going to be a fat trannie before you know it at this rate. The best of the DVD's was a film called Source Code and the worse was probably the Green Lantern which was quite a disappointment.

Today I was up early to watch the Moto GP and having a Repsol blade I was excited to see an all Repsol front row but I didn't expect what was to follow. The terrible crash which resulted in the death of Marco Simoncelli. This is a very sad day for the sport and goes to show just how dangerous it is too. RIP Marco. 

Talking of bikes I've again been out on mine on Friday and it was freezing riding it in the dark and to be honest not something I enjoy that much these days as my eye sight isn't as good as it used to be making it hard to see when on coming cars have their lights on full beam. As I now have my car back from the repairers again for a second time I think I might stick to driving this at night instead of the bike it feels so much safer.

I don't really have much else to tell you at the moment and if I give up going to events my blog might be a quiet place to visit in the future but at the moment next weekend looks very busy so hopefully something interesting will happen and if not I'll just make something up OK?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

ENTRY 100!!

I can't believe I've posted 100 time now. God I need to get out more! 

As this is the 100th post it has to be a pretty special post right? Well it would be if I had anything interesting to talk about but as I don't it wont be that special. Sorry.

So far this week I've not seen any clients or done very much so today I decided to stop sitting by the phone, turn it off and take my fireblade out for a blast. I'm so glad I did as that bike always puts a smile on my face every time I ride it and as it's a Repsol machine and Casey Stoner has just won the world title today I was pretending I was him throwing it round the bends and passing cars like they were going backwards. great fun and just what I needed. To be honest it's an expensive toy that I can't really afford to keep but I don't think I could be parted from it no matter how hard up I become.

This Saturday I went to a Rocky horror night in a pub and it so wasn't my thing at all. Why people think all trannies are into Rocky horror is beyond me I've never had any interest. After about an hour I wanted to go home but had been given a lift so had to suffer watching people dance to the time warp all night. I have to go to the dentist this Friday for a filling and I reckon I'll enjoy that more!!

I didn't enjoy it but have to admit it went well and I'm pleased it did as it was in a pub in a small village in Wales and it was open to the public. I'm sure many of the locals would never have seen a transvestite before so it may have been quite a shock to them but everyone seemed to join in and enjoy the night(except me of course although I did try to cheer myself up by serving behind the bar for about half an hour but as I know nothing about drinks decided this wasn't a very good idea)and there's even talk of another similar event there at Christmas which I'm not likely to be going too that's for sure.

This whole night of non enjoyment has made me start to do so serious thinking as it's not the first time I've been to an event and not enjoyed myself recently and off the back of this I'm now playing with the idea of leaving the public scene and stopping attending events and just concentrating on my pro sub and Mistress business and of course still making my kinky films as I always enjoy making these. I haven't made my final decision yet as it's something I need to think over for a while.

OK so that was post number 100

Sorry but it's all down hill from here.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Another day another no show!

Yes the reason I have time to write my blog today is my client didn't turn up today with not even so much as a text to say he wasn't going to make it. So he's now added to my ever growing list of time wasters. It's almost hard to believe how many people have contacted me and booked appointments then just now turned up for the session . I get new ones every week. Oh well I have another new client tonight and hopefully this one will show up to make it worth getting all dressed up and ready today.

I've been told that I need to promote my friend Dom X's site on my blog so here's the link
I've been modelling for Dom X for some time now and finally I'm up on the site for all to see. Members get to see more of course and not just of me but some fantastic sexy captive women and some that look more like a man than I do too. Please take a tour of castle Smorgasborg today.

Last night I watched the "beaver" which before you say anything is a new Mel Gibson film where he talks to or I should say through a beaver hand puppet, Was it worth a rent you ask. Yea kind of but it wasn't as good as the other film I watched last night called "super" which really was especially Ellen Page as boltie who was totally off her head but very sexy in her yellow and green costume right up until she get half her head blown off that is(Oops might be worth mentioning what I just typed is a bit of a plot spoiler) This film was kind of how I imagine a decent punisher film to be. Where the punishment handed out far exceeds the crime committed. Anyway go rent it out. 

OK here's a pic of Ellen Page and I now want her costume so who wants to be my crimson bolt? I don't want to be shot in the head though. It doesn't do it for me.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Why don't you do sex?

Was the question a client I saw well over a year ago asked me when he phoned up again thinking of booking another appointment. He was quite a nice guy but clearly wanted sex with me when I went to visit him before so I was surprised to hear from him again as I wasn't really offering what he wanted but he phoned today and told me how impressed he was by my looks and what a convincing girl I was and he couldn't understand why I wouldn't have sex with guys as I would make a fortune if I did. This was nothing I didn't already know though.

I'm never quite sure how to react when people tell me this and they tell me this a lot!! In fact while typing this I just turned down another guy wanting me to give him oral sex. Although I miss out on more clients than I get by not offering sex I do kind of like the fact that so many guys want to shag me. In fact I seem to get more offers for sex than most of the TV's I know who are actually offering sex.!! At least I know if times get really hard there's one thing I can make a lot of money from as long as I'm not past it by then that is. 

Who said Nina you're already past it!!

I'm off to Extremm for the first time this coming Saturday with my friend Lord Q and it's a zombie theme so I don't need to dress up much for this one. I'm looking forward to it though and we're staying over which is good as it's quite a drive.

Talking of Lord Q last Sunday night we had this all night bondage play session and didn't go to bed at all. We filmed it all and took photos for my site so keep an eye out for some great kinky stuff coming soon.I'm not on my pc so can't show you any stills but if I remember I'll add some when I return home.

Because of this play session when I did go to bed the following night I slept about 13hours straight through. It's very tiring being tied up all the time you know.

More kinky stuff last night with my friend Kat again filmed. This time I was put into 8(I think it was)zentai's on top of one another and we filmed them being removed at first by Kat then me once I could do it on my own which I can't when wearing 8!. I can't wait to edit this film and it was such a turn on having all those zentai's on knowing I was trapped in them the only down side was the pressure on my nose which was giving me a headache from all the tight hoods was unbearable meaning I had to come out much quicker than I wanted.

OK I have to go asI have a client in a bit who's again booked in while I was typing and no I'm not having sex with him before you ask!!