Thursday, 28 July 2011

Weekly updates at last!!

I've been nagging Bella Jay for ages about updating my website on a weekly bases in order to keep my members happy but she keeps saying she hasn't got time but at long last she's caved in and now naughty Nina has gone weekly and for this first week there is a bonus for my members in the form of a new guest galleries section as well as a film of me getting spanked and caned by Miss Prim at the Muir Academy. For anyone not familiar with my site take a look here. It's good I promise.

One thing I forgot was although I have lots of films and photos set to go up I haven't been editing any lately so today I've edited 10 new galleries which has taken all afternoon. You can't see these yet as they'll go up one set a week and of course as well as all the material I already have I've lots of plans for more kinky films in the future to keep my members happy.

So today I've not really had chance to do much else but I have got a couple of pro sub bookings lined up over the next few days which I really need as only seen one client this week which hasn't earn't me enough to cover my petrol let alone anything else.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow though as well as having a client booked in I also have "Restraints at Romeo's" first night to go to so fingers crossed it lives up to the name and I get restrained at some point in the evening.

What else can I tell you. 
I seem to have done something to my left arm while asleep last night as it's hurting and I don't know why maybe it's a lack of pringles as I've stopped buying them now they've returned to full price and I'm eating monster munch instead.

Again I'm not sure what photo's I can add here unless I just upload one of the ones I've edited today.

Ah I know I've not told you about the pony event I went too in London last week have I? 

It was really good and as always I was a fantastic ponygirl but didn't win any races as I'm far to pretty to run fast. I caught up with a few old friends and made some new ones and as it's the first time I've been a pony this year my legs were aching the following day after all that sort of running I was doing. 

Big thanks to my friend Lord Q who reads my blog who came with me and paid for everything. He likes old things so I've made a couple of the photos look old just for his pleasure

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I'm starting to feel like a prisoner here!

Let me explain for my pro sub and Mistress work I use my friends schoolroom which is great but it's located above some offices and the girls who work in the offices complained about my clients coming and going so my friend stopped me using it other than the evening when the offices are closed but I still use the place to change at and often stay in the flat as I am now on my own while my friend is in France at his other house and its great having a flat and the schoolroom to myself but the problem is if I'm staying here I now feel like I have to ask every time I allow anyone else to visit me here even if it's a friend who wants to pop round and it's driving me mad that this place is empty all day except for me and I can't see clients here. It's like having a car but not being able to take anyone for a ride in it! I've been up here for a few days now while the trolls below keep an eye out all day in case I have any visitors. Kind of like sleeping beauty trapped in the tower waiting to be rescued. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful my friend trust me enough to come and go as I want from here but sometimes I wish she'd trust me just a little bit more and not feel the need to have people keep an eye on me while she's away.

I do of course have a second place to see clients at but this also has problems the biggest of these being where it is and the state of it and the people that live in the flat next to it or I should say live outside the flat next to it most of the time!

I now have another back up place available but this is half an hour away from the schoolroom and as I found out today to far out for most people so as yesterday I've again seen no one but turned down several people.

It's been clear for sometime the only way my business will work is once I have my own venue to do all my sessions from but at the moment there's so many reason why I can't sort something out of my own. Money being the main one of course.

So other than missing out on work what else have I been up to you ask. OK you didn't ask but lets pretend you did . Well now that you ask I went to club O again last Saturday and it felt like old times there getting tied up and spanked really brought a smile back to my face. There are photos of this but not very good ones so don't think I'll add any.

My friend Kat came around and was let into the flat yesterday and I tied her up and took photos of her in her tight leopard leotard. We did some stuff with her and a dummy(not me)in a cage which kept falling on her which was very funny.  Not got any of the photos so can't add them either!

That's not good you read all the rubbish I wrote about me being a prisoner in the flat and don't have anything to look at! Sorry I'll see if I can find something but I can't promise.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Still not getting out much

But this time I've been sat around in Bristol for days dressed like a hooker waiting for clients to hopefully ring. I had one today for an hour and one yesterday for less than an hour who clearly should have seen an escort and not me but clients are clients and at the moment anything is better than nothing.

I've just spent nearly £100 on a new ad in trade it so I hope this gets me some clients as running out of places to advertise and money to do so!!

So I didn't go out over the weekend and missed Sparkle but my friend Kat came to see me and we dressed up in our lycra and took lots of great pics which was great fun. We also made a couple of kinky films which if good enough may end up on my Naughty Nina site.

On another matter one of my friends lent me his violet wand and I had a tiny accident today and put my heel through the case and I know he reads my blog so really sorry but it's not that bad honest. Bet he's thinking I can't trust that Nina to look after anything! I guess I'll have to buy him two WKD's Saturday now!

I think I'm going to soon have to return hom as running out of clean knickers!!

Friday, 8 July 2011

I've not been out for days!!

Yes I've not left the house since my hard canning on Tuesday night and my bum is all heeled now. The problem is I don't have any more clients booked in even though the phone hasn't stopped ringing on the back of my adtrader ad this week. I reckon I've received over 100 calls from farmers wanting ex with a sexy trannie. When I tell them I don't offer sex and live in Bristol they hang up. I've said for a long time as a pro sub/dom I make a fantastic escort and this keeps on being the case. The thing is I could never have sex with a man so I could never do the one thing I could make lots of money doing. Having stayed in with just my cat for company and all the idiots who keep calling me at least I've managed to catch up on some tele and I do love anything that makes me laugh. One program I love watching is"Lead Balloon" it just always tickles me as I see a lot of Jack Dee's character in me. Like the sarcastic way he speaks to his daughter and her boyfriends and the housekeeper and the way he lies to his annoying neighbour. Anyway if you haven't seen it you should it's funny.

As I've been struggling for work I often find myself taking jobs I wouldn't if I was busy and this week I've been offered paid work in some sissification films which will mean appearing on film male mode. Which is something I've never done before and normally turn down but £300 for a few hours filming is quite a bit and more than I earn most weeks at the moment. The downside is I'm in a film as a bloke forever and anyone who doesn't know me as Nina could stumble across these films at some point. They've asked me before and I've always said no in the past but not sure now

I find it odd that I so want only to be a woman in all that I do on film and I'm constantly getting offers and turning them down to be a guy in kinky films yet I know guys who are struggling to get any paid fetish work.

Other than these sisification films I've been asked to star as a schoolboy in spanking and caning films and as a guy who has his brain transplanted into a girl for a splosh film. Both of which I turned down. I don't even think I'm that good looking not dressed as Nina and I hate doing kinky stuff not as Nina. It's like I'm being offered these jobs so I realize I'm not a woman and I need to get on with being a man again.

Anyway lots for me to think about while I'm shut away in my house. I'm thinking about going to tescos but that means coming into contact with real people again and not sure I'm ready for that yet. LOL

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Today my advert in ad-trader came out which I thought was bound to get me some more work. Sadly it came out in the wrong paper and I've been inundated with lots of village idiots and farmers from the south-west phoning up for sex with a trannie! The phone has hardly stopped ring and I've yet to get a genuine booking from this. Very annoying to say the least.

Also today I picked up a copy of  Bizarre which has a feature on the Muir Academy of which I'm a member of and also feature in the article. To be honest my bum features more than my face though. I while back I wrote to Bizarre asking if they'd be interested in doing a feature on me but was turned down but at least I've made it in one way or another.

Check out the Muir Academy web site here

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

It's like buses

I've not been caned hard for some time until last Wednesday that is when I client came and paid extra to really cane me hard which he did and made me bleed as well as breaking a cane on my bum. In fact this is the first one of my canes that has ever been broken. I took a couple of days of in order to recover and even though still marked my bum was more or less all better until today that is when another client phoned up requesting a hard caning session on my bum. I needed the money and I like this client so went ahead with the session. In the end I took an impressive(I think) 82 hard strokes. Although my bum is now quite painful and I'm going to have to rest it again for the next few days. I'll probably go into detail about both canings for my naughty Nina kinky blog as not updated that for quite a while. For anyone who likes my blog but would like to hear more about the kinky things I do in much more details check out my blog on

Other than being caned what have I been up to. To be honest it's all very quiet I've even got my house to myself at the moment which is strange as I have lived with someone for years and not used to having nights alone. It's not bad just different. This won't last though so I'd better make the most of having my house to myself.

On Saturday I went to Exodus and in hind site shouldn't have gone as I wasn't really up for it and was feeling tired. I didn't enjoy my night much although Mike who I went with did his best to cheer me up on the night but it was no use. I need to say sorry again to Mike about acting like a moody child most of the night. This has made me feel like taking a break from scene events for a while as again I find I'm not enjoying them much. I say this but people are already asking if I'm going to be at SWAMP this Sunday not to mention SPARKLE in Manchester. For anyone who doesn't know what sparkle is look here

It's the seventh and maybe last one so I should really go as I've been at all the previous ones and even entered Miss Sparkle in the very first year(although I didn't even make the top three!) but I'm probably not going to make it this time. I say probably as there's still a very small chance I'll change my mind and go at the last minute. very small chance getting smaller by the second though!

BTW this event is organised by my sister and Repartee editor Bella Jay(Don't ask how we became sisters) and she's been part of the organisation from day one and done a fantastic job every year so If I don't get there I'd like to wish her the best of luck with what's looking like being her final Sparkle. Well done sis.