Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Finally Getting Spanked Again

 Well it's the first of the month yet again and winter is coming soon. Sadly we're still all living with Covid 19 and will be for some time to come it would seem but life goes on and I've been back working for a few weeks now just being careful. Although maybe not the same as before I have seen quite a few trusted clients and even a lovely new one. Lucky for me I've been doing quiet a few spankings and caning sessions as a sub since my return. 

My new client even paid for me to go to Derbyshire last week and we had two lovely long sessions over two days. He even wanted to take me out for diner while I was up there but sadly everywhere we tried was full as it was a Wednesday and the governments eat out scheme was still on and clearly everyone was taking advantage. So we had pizza instead which was fine. It was a lovely little break and I received 100's of cane strokes over the two sessions meaning I drove home with a nice tingling bum. Hopefully this will be the first of several meets either if he comes to Bristol or I travel his way again.

Today I did my first double domme session with the lovely Mistress Meena. I've attached a photo of us together(don't worry she's in my double bubble) and after the session she also gave me a good spanking and caning which I loved again as I can't get enough of CP at the moment. BTW you can still book us both for sessions either both as dommes or Meena as a domme and me as a sub if you fancy that.

I have a fairly busy week this week and hopefully will finally see Sven tomorrow for the first time since before lock down which I'm looking forward to. I also have another caning to look forward to at the end of the week and maybe even some bondage if I'm a very lucky good girl.

Looking forward to the next TLI magazine coming out but there's no date on that one yet. It should have my two articles in hopefully though. In the mean time you can still get the current issue on their website which I'm in quite a bit.

Not much else to say really I did meet up with Katrina for the first time probably this year in fact and we both wore matching leohex leotards and tights to do photos in and then have a play after in of course. I mean you just have to don't you? We've both put some photos up online already but I'll add another couple here in case you missed them. BTW the photos in the red dress flashing my panties again is me as I am now writing this and the top photo is me in Derbyshire having breakfast with my client who's not in the photo but was there with me honest.  

Still unable to sell my Versys motorbike as still not received the logbook. So I might be stuck with it forever! 

Anyway as my new client would say "Toddle Pip" for now

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Your kinky friend

Yes hopefully that's how many of you see me but not the reason I've called this latest post that. In case anyone missed it since I last posted here I've done a second interview about myself for "Your kinky Friends"and you can watch the whole interview here


Its a lot longer than the first one but it's much better and better quaintly too as the first one I did last year was quite poor quality which I later found out was because the plastic strip was still on my laptop camera making it blurry! I know Nina needs her bum spanking for that right? In fact I had my bum spanked and caned today from one of only 3 clients I'm happy to see at the moment. So I've not really made much of a return to doing my kinky sessions. I'm not sure I'm ready to do escort bookings yet or see people I don't know really well and trust. If you have seen me before though or you want to contact me about possible sessions in the future please do as I normally answer calls and emails and I can tell you what I will and wont do. Here's my site to check out first for contacting me


BTW sadly it would seem sessions at Ashton studios in Bristol will no longer be available as they wont be reopening due to the pandemic. This is sad for me as I've done many domme and sub sessions there over the last few years including quite a few all day sessions. I want to say thank you to Beth and her family for all the times I've used it in the past and I wish them well in the future too.

For me really like many others what I want is a vaccine for this virus before I can feel totally safe again and before I can really move on with my life. My plan has been for some time to get my own place to see my clients as well as live but this has been put on hold for now. As there's no point buying somewhere only to find because of the virus I can no longer see clients and have to find a normal job! This effects where and what I buy quite a bit. Also the housing market is all over the place at the moment but I'm not going to bore you about that. I normally bore you about cars and bikes instead so lets not break the habit.

I've had my E-bike a year now and had it serviced last week as it needed it. New chain and back and front brake pads and they even changed the clock reading from KPH to MPH and there was me thinking I'd been riding up to 50MPH. Turns out I hardly go past 30!!

Just before it was serviced I had a puncture in the middle of nowhere and I couldn't break the tyre bead to get the tyre off and repair it So after about half an hour trying I gave up and called a friend to come pick me up instead. In the shop the guy broke the bead in seconds and made me look a complete idiot.

I've also been riding all my 3 motorbikes a quite a bit but not at the same time and even filming my rides for something to do. Nothing like watching loads of footage of roads and listening to loud wind noise to help you sleep at night.

BTW if I ever get the log book from DLVA the Versys is going to be sold on again before too long. I've done nearly 1000miles on this bike over the last 6 weeks but it's just too big and heavy for me and there's far too much wind noise at speed on it. Even when wearing ear plugs. So as I thought when I bought it, It's going and the 1000SX staying.

Away from bikes I've just submitted 2 articles for TLI magazine. Not sure they'll both get in the next mag or not but at least one will. So I look forward to that coming out. Issue 69 I think. That really should be my issue don't you think? No not for a sexual reason! You lot have dirty minds. No because one of my all time favourite songs is the summer of 69 of course!

"So what are they about?" you didn't ask me. Well one is going to be the last of my world of kink features. (Don't Cry) It's part 10 so I think a good time to stop. Not sure how popular this feature really is anyway as I know a lot of trans girls who don't think being trans and kinky stuff should be mixed. And besides I'm running low on kinks that I can get away with writing about now. I haven't written about "Face sitting" and "Breath play" to name  just 2 more of my favourite kinks but not sure that's really suitable or I'd get away with those kinks in a lifestyle magazine are you?

The photos I'm adding this time for you to look at have all been taken in the last few days and some just now and yes still rocking my lock down locks as we're not through this by any means yet but at least people are now wearing masks in shops. Well I say that but yesterday I noticed in Tesco's all were except most of the staff. I take it they don't have to and are all immune then!!

Nothing much else to say here's the photos BTW maybe I'd get away with teddy bare face sitting as a kink? Oh and the 2 pics of me bent over the horse are showing off the two pairs of knickers bought for me by today's lovely client. I love being treated to knickers BTW. Just saying

See you all back here new month

Your kinky friend Nina

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Not a day late again

Actually although very busy yesterday I waited before writing my latest blog entry until the new Transliving mag turned up which it did today. I have to be honest though I've flicked through it but not read even my own articles yet! I will later though. However a quick look was all I needed to make sure all my articles made it in this issue and the good news it they have. First I have my world of kink feature. Which is part 9 of my series on kinks and this time it's all about "littles" and if you don't know anything about this kink or like girls in nappies and dummies I suggest you order a copy of TLI issue 68 right now which you can do so by clinking this link.


As well as my kinky little feature I have a massive feature on "Cos Play" in the new issue which I did with Cos Play loving TV "Helena Love" as well as several other trans girls. So if you were one of the ones who sent me photos and text you're probably now in print so should also treat yourselves to a printed or digital copy.

Lastly there's an interview I did with someone I've know for many years called Davina who shares her interesting life story with me and the readers. Well more with the readers if I'm honest as I already knew her story pretty well but I'm sure she'll tell me it again when we can next meet up in case I've forgotten any of it!

BTW I think it was very brave to have a trans man on the front and it shows how things are changing but not sure if it will help sell more magazine's? I do hope so.

As my Facebook,Flickr,Fetlife and Twitter friends know I've bought another motorbike and don't I go on about it right? I have 3 now! It's like they're breeding. I'm not sure how this has really happened as I only need one. This bike is a 5 year old Versys 1000 and I did get it very cheap which was my main reason for buying it. In a few months I'll very likely be selling it on and probably even make a bit of money on it too. Which could come in handy as still not working or earning any money.

For all the bike lovers that do read this(sorry if there isn't any) I've attached a photo I took yesterday of two of my bikes the Versys 1000 and my Z1000SX that I bought new last year. These two bikes look different but are very similar and even share the same engine. So are kind of in competition with each other in the Kawasaki range. It really depends on the style of machine you like as to which one you'd buy but no one would own both. Except me I guess but while I do they're in competition with each other as to which one I'm going to keep. Which is a bit of a fun game for me to play when I ride either one. So which one would you keep and none of them is not the answer! If it is just pretend you're me and actually like bikes.

Back to me not currently earning but I have sold some requested selfies while in lockdown and a few of my kinky films and or course my dirty panties. This money is hardly an income though. So from next week I'm looking at doing sessions again. Well at least some and they will be very different with both parties wearing masks and gloves and my clients will have to wash their hands upon arrival and not all my services will be available. On the day sessions are unlikely to be offered either. I'm still working things out but please call if you wish to book and I can tell you if I'm happy to session with you or not and if so what will be required. Currently as far as I know Ashton studio's in Bristol is not open for any bookings so all domme sessions will be at Studio Onyx in Taunton. CP sessions are still going to be available at the Bristol schoolroom. Any other sessions again call me for details and please if feeling at all unwell or you've been near anyone with corona virus use your common sense and don't book a session.

Lets just hope it's not long before a vaccine can be found as that's the only way things can really ever get back to normal again I believe but as we all know a vaccine may never come.

Below are a few more pics of me on my Versys1000. Actually taken by a lovely client who kept apart from me while doing so. Even though he has much more interest in my bum than motorbikes I've not done any with my Z1000SX as hoping to do them with "Sven" at some point when he's happy to see me again and feels safe doing so. Also just for my lovely same client some photos he took a while ago of my bum too after he had spanked and caned it. Oh and he treated e to the lovely M&S panties I'm wearing in the photos too. Lucky girl I know.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020


was the first of June so should have been the day I wrote here but I spent much of the day riding both my KTM's. I did 22miles which is my normal route now on the E-bike in the morning before it got too hot and then something like 120miles on the little motorbike later on. I also did some selfies which I've already posted online but have added a few more here too.

Just a couple of notes on both my Austrian bikes before I move on(yes I know the 390's made in India but KTM is Austrian and for all I know the E-bike was made in India too). First I've had a couple of issues with the E-bike recently the first was the front brake pads wore out and they started making a horrible squeak, So trying to fix this I managed to get brake fluid everywhere so for a while only had a back brake which was fun. However I've now replaced the pads and fluid using an excellent YouTube video as my guide and now have a front brake again. I also got my first puncture which I've now repaired but it was a nightmare to break the tyre bead. I thought at first the tyre was glued to the rim. Turns out I'm just weak!

As for the motorbike I just want to give the little KTM390 another plug. I don't ride it as much as a should and having owned it nearly 3years I keep thinking of selling it but every time I do ride it like yesterday it puts a massive smile on my face. In many ways on UK roads if you don't do big miles and just want a fun motorbike fairly cheap one you really don't need anything else or a bigger bike. So to sum up go buy yourself a KTM390duke now. It's nothing short of a brilliant fun bike! What are you waiting for!!

Yes I do have a bigger bike but this is to hopefully tour on again as I have in the past and it's better for carrying luggage and a pillion on. As well as riding duel carriageways and motorways but it cost a lot more and is not as much fun as the KTM.

Last week I was getting constant lower back pain which seemed to be coming from my kidneys and not normal back ache. So after nearly a week of this I decided to ring the doctors and arranged a visit which was very strange with no one else in the doctors surgery and everyone in masks and gloves including me. it was like something out of a weird horror film. Anyway the doctor didn't know what was causing my pains from the 2 metres away he had to stay and prodding me with a big stick but I have now have started drinking more water which seems to have helped and although I still have the pains they're not as strong and I'm constantly going to the loo now. The pains maybe subsiding by themselves though.Who knows. BTW doctor didn't really poke me with a stick.  It was more of a rod I think.

So is social distancing working at the moment. I think mainly no and here's an example of why not in my opinion. I had 4 new tyres fitted to my RS this week and the garage mechanic made me put my keys down so we stayed apart but then he picked them up with no gloves or mask and got straight in my car and drove it onto the ramp and I had to wait outside the garage sat on a chair another guy again with no gloves or mask brought out. So I now sat on this possibly affected chair and then got back into my possibly affected car that the mechanic could have coughed all over for all I know. One thing they did do though was keep me 2 metres away behind a screen to pay for my tyres by putting my card in a card machine everyone else who's been there had used before me. Anyway I'm still virus free I think so maybe I'm wrong on this or more likely it's just a case of none of the guys at the garage had it.

Still not able to see clients and haven't since March meaning I'm not currently earning or having kinky fun which has been hard. I'm trying to stick to the rules on this and have no real idea when I can return to work although I'm aware many people in my line of work or similar are now working. Some never fully stopped. risking not only their health but their clients at the same time. Some of these don't like people like me speaking out on this either.
When I do return things could be very different to how they were before as one of the studios I use may not reopen so where I do some sessions may be come an issue and there are other changes that may happen soon but more on that in a later blog.
I maybe available from July like hairdresser who can't stay apart from their clients. However there is a new law making it illegal to currently have sexual contact with anyone from another household so in theory this is the end of escorts for now and anyone offering any sexual services like I do but we all know that's not going to happen right.

Uncertain times ahead that's for sure. Bloody Corona Virus!   

See you all here this time next month for more of me moaning and here's some of those extra photos I took yesterday


Friday, 1 May 2020

Corona Virus, The Ride And Lock Down Selfies

Cure or vaccination is the only real way out of this.

I decided to write this in my blog as these are my own thoughts about the Corona virus and how it effects me and not everyone will be effected the same way or think like me on this.

Watching the news a few days ago I saw that they had relaxed the lock down in New Zealand after 4 weeks and this is because they've only had 19 deaths in total and yesterday only 3 new cases. They've been brilliant at testing and tracing the virus. The complete opposite to the shambles that's been going on over here at the moment.

I think many people think the lock down is to protect themselves from the virus but it's not it's control and delay the spread and protect the NHS from being overwhelmed.

For me and many others who have jobs they can't do and social distance all the lock down has done is stop us earning money. I've not earn't a penny since this started.

Because we are not like New Zealand and a few other counties who have handled the epidemic well when we go back to work the virus will still be out there unless there's a cure and/or vaccination. Without both these things we wont get rid of it in the UK because even though we've had lots of deaths and infections most people still wont have had it.

So to me and others like me the risk will be the same as it was before lock down. So from a selfish point of view I just as well have carried on working and not lost money. If we don't get a vaccine there's no real way to be sure any clients I see haven't got the virus after the lock down ends unless like New Zealand we eradicate it completely and we all know that's not going to happen.

Like I said this is just my thoughts and opinions. Now what have I been up to while in lock down and not seeing anyone I hear you ask? I've taken quite a few selfies in my panties and posted many online. I hope you like my new lock down hair colour. This will remain until we're allowed out again. In some I'm wearing Kawasaki panties because my latest motorcycle is a Kawasaki and I'm really desperate for a ride and of course to get out on my motorbike.😏 I can't wait to show it off in some photos too. Most likely when I can see Sven again and get him to take some of me on it.

Talking of bikes I've been riding on KTM E-bike most days and have a nice 22mile route through the countryside. As I've been riding I've been taking notice of all the fly tipping and reporting it too and some has even gone a few days after I've done this. Only more keeps appearing elsewhere sadly. I hate fly tipping but also really have no idea why the refuse centres had to shut when we really need them open at the moment. Give the workers PPE and only let in a few cars at a time. Like the supermarkets are with people is the answer surely.

Yesterday I had a series of unfortunate events on my ride and I just wish I had a camera but normally my rides are pretty uneventful. First off I saw two guys out for a walk and noticed one look back at me so I thought they've seen me so I'll cycle past them but the other guy hadn't realised i was coming and turned sideways like a rabbit in the headlights and walked out into the road nearly into me. I just managed to stop before I hit him. It certainly made him jump and wake up. 

After this a few miles later I could see some vans blocking the road and when I got up close it was workmen repairing the road. I stopped asked the guy in the first van if I could get through he told me to go for it. So I squeezed past about 4 vans and them past the guys laying tarmac only to come to a big lorry with it's trailer tipped up emptying tarmac. I thought the first guy was an idiot or having a laugh saying I could get through. I was ready to turn round but to my surprise they all stopped working and the lorry driver lowered the trailer and drove the lorry up the lane until there was a wide enough part for me to get by. I was amazed they did this as was more than happy to go back and find a different route. I recon I was very lucky and any other cyclist would surely be turned round after this or they would put road closed signs up like they should have done in the first place.

After this still on the lanes I came to a horse right on a sharp corner and there was a car behind me. I had to brake but my brakes squeak like mad at the moment(I need to sort that out) and my squeaking brakes unsettled the horse and although I got past I could see it was a bit out of control behind me right in front of the car. I didn't hang around to see what happened next but it was my fault for spooking the horse. Oops.

I also met a couple of tractors coming the other way on these lanes and they're so narrow it's hard to pass even on a pushbike but lucky I didn't hit one head on which had I been going faster I might of done. 

Then both my knees started hurting a few miles from home so not wanting to risk them getting bad again I took a short cut home and used the electric assist to get me back without putting anymore pressure on my knees. I'm taking a day off cycling today after this but hopefully have a less eventful ride tomorrow.

Something I've noticed is while on lock down I eat more and I'm doing it without thinking most of the time so I feel I'm getting fitter and fatter at the same time!! What about you reading this while stuffing your face agreeing with me!!

Not much else to say really but please stay safe and if anyone wants to buy any dirty panties or any kinky films to wank over(sorry I mean to enjoy) I have 100's and will donate any money I make from the sell of them to NHS charities. I charge £15 for panties and £10 for 5 films should you need a Nina fix.  


Thursday, 2 April 2020

How quick things have changed

I was hoping as yesterday was April fools day it was going to turn out this whole Corona Virus epidemic was one big joke. Sadly that's not the case. It's very real and not going to get anything but worse for some time. I personally think we're going to be up against this for the whole of 2020 and just wish I could hibernate and wake up in 2021.

It's funny looking at my last blog post less than a month ago I made no mention of the virus and was looking forward to the TLI Eastbourne event which has like all other upcoming events has now been cancelled. One TLI thing that has still gone ahead thought is the publishing of the latest magazine issue. Which you can now buy here and features loads of interesting stuff including 3 articles written by me. One on Berdita underwear, one about zentai and another about TLI's themed competitions and for the second time I'm the calendar girl at the beginning of the magazine. If you want to buy a copy (and lets be honest if you like looking at me why wouldn't you?) you can do so now in either printed or digital format here.


You can also buy cheaper older magazines and I've written in everyone since issue 69 most have more than one article written by me in fact. 69 seems a very appropriate issue number for me considering what I do for a living don't you think?

Talking about my living as from 2 weeks ago because of the intimate contact between me and clients and the risks now involved. I stopped seeing people and I'm now staying indoors not working. I'm  lucky as I have savings and I will hopefully be safe at home and not catch it. If I do somehow catch it hopefully I'm young and fit enough to get through it.  I don't have a job like NHS nurses who are putting their life's at risk every days so I shouldn't be complaining and I'm not going too.

It has however effected me more than many others I know who seem to have more or less carried on like normal. For me I have no work and as I can't see anyone and I've kind of lost the desire to dress up and make up each morning like I was doing before this. I don't like dressing sexy just for myself really. Maybe I did when I was younger now I'm just wandering round the house in a dressing gown most days. I can't do anymore photoshoots either kinky or glam. Also Because we're not allowed out in cars unless it's essential I can't go out in my RS except for food and can't ride either of my two motorbikes although I do still enjoy going out on the E-bike most days as there's plenty of back roads to explore near where I live. So really glad I bought that last year. Also my looking for a new place I can not only live at but work from has been put on hold. Yes I know what you're thinking it sounds a lot like I'm complaining when I said I wouldn't right? Well i'm not I was just saying how the virus has effected me so far OK!

The only thing I have done is sell some of my used panties and some of my old kinky videos which I have 100's of. So if anyone reading this fancies wanking over films of me being tied up used and abused while wearing a pair of my dirty knickers give me a shout. I sell my panties for £15 which includes postage and my films are £10 for 5 which I send you via google drive.

This wont last forever and we will get through it by sticking to the rules I'm sure but if any of my clients want to text me to say you're OK please feel free. Below are some "Berdita" and "Zentai" photos not in the latest TLI for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

It's cold!

Not the weather but my house as my boiler has stopped working so no heating or hot water at the moment! Great.

Sorry but I'm a little late writing my blog this month as I did promise you it would be the first of every month but it's now the fourth(just) also I'm not sure how much I've got to tell you as February's been a quiet month for me even when it came to valentines cards. I only got two this year and one of those was from my best friend. I must be a right munter!

One thing I did manage to do on probably one of only 2 days of February it didn't rain was get out for a fairly long ride to the beach on my E-bike, Sadly that's the only time so far this year I've been out on the little KTM electric pushbike but not the only time this month I've been out on a KTM bike as on the other dry day I went out on my baby KTM 390 Duke. I went as far as the local bike dealers and enjoyed the ride as I always do but good as the bike is at times it feels like it lacks a bit of speed and power and I'm a bit old for a bike mainly aimed at learners and while at the bike shop I noticed my bikes bigger brother the Duke 790 had a couple of grand off at the moment making it a bit of a bargain and was very tempted by it, as it's a bit more grown up but then again I do have a bigger bike already(although a totally different style of bike) so not sure I could really justify upgrading the little 390 and the 790's not as good looking. Selling it altogether would be the sensible thing to do.

Anyway having ridden both my KTM's last month it's a good excuse to show more pics of me with them below.

BTW in my previous blog I talked about buying a cheaper car better on fuel than my RS to save money and keep the mileage down on the Focus but that hasn't happened and I'm still piling on the miles. In fact I'm nearly at 40,000miles now and looking online it's one of the highest mileage MK3 RS's Focus's about.

Getting away from cars and bikes now (As I know you're not all petrol heads and even if you are it's not the reason you follow me or read my blog,most of you just like looking at me or looking as my panties right?)

So onto work which as always is quieter than I would like but I have done a few domme and escort sessions as well as a sub/spanking session with a new client who's already booked me again(So I must be good right?) and although this week is quiet next week is already looking quiet busy and if you have a kink and want to come see me and indulge or just want your cock sucked or to shag me check out my site here http://fantasygirl-nina.com/ then give me a call or send me an email.

As I said not much happened in February but in March there's Eastbourne and a visit to the bondage cottage in North Wales. So if while I'm up north anyone wants me to visit them for a session again get in contact. One thing that could interfere with my travel plans though is this bloody Corona virus. Which I'm sure is a worry for everyone judging by the fact I don't seem to be able to buy hand sanitizer anywhere at the moment. Some people must have cupboards full of the stuff!

Below is a couple pf photos from February only photo shoot with Sven Svenson and yes as a treat you can see my panties in the second photo of course. This was just before we made a custom bondage film which I spent much of tied,gagged,hooded and plugged. Good work if you can get it. Right?

OK off now to my freezing cold bed. Anyone fancy keeping me warm?