Friday, 1 January 2021

The year that is 2021

 So we made to 2021 and happy new year to everyone that bothers to read this rubbish.

Yesterdays blog was kind of negative but it's not surprising considering what a shit year 2020 was but maybe we should now start to look forward to a brighter future? To be honest I don't think we'll be back to normal for most of this year and it's more likely to be 2022 even though many think we will be back normal in a few months. I don't think that's me being negative but realistic. lets hope I'm wrong though.

That being the case what is there to look forward too this year? I hear you ask. I'm not sure if I'm honest. It'll be some time before I can go back to doing full sessions again but if I can keep surviving on my savings hopefully I won't have to go back to doing a normal job again. 

If anyone wants to help make sure I don't go back to the real world and buy some of my kinky films I sell them for only £10 for 5 and have loads covering many different kinks. I also sell worn panties for £15(which included postage and a photo of me wearing them)

This will give me little income but lots of spare time. Hopefully I'm going to spend a lot of time out on the bikes when the weather improves and when restrictions ease off as well as both the Z1000SX and the 390 Duke are underused. I actually wanted to spend a week or so exploring Ireland on the SX last year but this was one of many plans I had ruined by covid. So could this be something to look forward to this year? Probably not but maybe in 2022. Going to do a lot more walking and cycling to stay fit this year and to get me out and off social media.

Talking off health issues if things improve with the hospitals I may have to have an operation so I don't have to take tablets for acid reflux for the rest of my life which is kind of a good thing as the tablets I currently take have been linked to dementia if taken long term! Also the tablets I take could be responsible for another issue I have(I have too wee a lot most days). So the op could kill 2 birds with one stone. Not that I would want to kill any birds of course. Except maybe seagulls who scare me and nick chips and ice creams from your hands that is. 

I mentioned yesterday several things I've not achieved but think I should have done (BTW forgot to say failing to make the top 3 in the two Miss Sparkle competitions I entered๐Ÿ˜ž) but I also have a list of things I have achieved since entering the world as Nina in 2005. Including 3 Solo Repartee covers and being on 5 in total, Winning Miss TLI dressed as Mini mouse, Winning Miss Rose last year and best of all making a living as a very kinky trans escort for 11 years now and even better for more than half that time not having to use my male parts to do so. 

When I stopped letting guys suck me things really changed for me and I felt more like a woman no matter if in sub, domme or escort sessions. I lost lots of guys who were only interested in what trans girls have in their knickers but kept others and even gained new ones who saw past the whole cock in a frock thing and some even saw me as a lovely young(ish) woman. And long may that continue. Once things return to more like normal that is. 

The biggest thing I'm hoping to do this year now is move and get my own place where I can live and work from. I can't see it happening until things are more normal again though. However If the wrose comes to the worse and I end up having to get a proper job again because not enough clients want me after thee pandemic I would move to a different place where I can get more for my money. I hope that doesn't happen though as I'm rubbish at everything else and would hate doing a real job again now! 

So today is the first day of the year and it's already dark(I didn't get up until 11.30 even though I saw the new year in alone) so not a very exciting start as not even been outside but lots to look forward too and I hope you have too. 

So again happy new year. See you all here again next month and now for some photos of me for you to enjoy. All these were taken by the wonderful Sven Svenson at Bournemouth


Thursday, 31 December 2020

The year that was 2020

So it's new years eve and the last day of 2020. So I'm going to treat you to 2 posts in 2 days as I want reflect with this on on what's happened over the last year. 

Sadly it hasn't been the year I thought it would be or anyone thought it was going to be.

Covid 19 doesn't effect everyone the the same no matter what people say and that's' just not in relation to age and fitness. It also makes a huge different like most things do depending on your wealth and a big difference depending on what you do for a living. I know people who haven't had covid and have worked throughout the year as normal and the only real difference this year has made to them is having to wear a mask when they go shopping. Otherwise their year has been much the same as every other year. 

For me I've been lucky so far not to have caught covid(not as far as I know anyway) I've had one negative test and no symptoms but I have been pretty good and not mixed with others. Seen very few clients this year and just been careful most of the time. Hopefully I wont catch it before I get the vaccine but as I'm in the last group that's not going to happen anytime soon. So I'm just going to keep being careful and avoiding most people for most of next year I reckon. 

So covid has affected my life in a big way. I've survived mainly on savings this year where normally I'd make enough money to pay all my bills and not dig into my savings. At the beginning of the year I thought this would finally be the year I buy my own place not only to live but also to do all my sessions at. Meaning I could do more sessions Than I currently do as I'd be available on the day most days. As so many guys ring and want to see me straight away and if I'm not free they probably go elsewhere or just have a wank instead! Which is no use to me. So covid has kind of put the brakes on this but one thing it hasn't stopped is house prices going up. Yes they're still going up despite all that's happened this year! The way things are going I'm going to end up priced out of the market.

So other than not buying a new house and getting hardly any work covid has also stopped any events like the TLI ones going ahead or Sparkle. So this has meant I've not seen many my friends all year and I've not done many films or photoshoots either. 

I know lots of you have similar stories about 2020 I'm sure but looking back what are the good things I've done? There have been a few it wasn't all doom and gloom. 

Mostly it was doom and gloom though.๐Ÿ˜’

So I bought another motorcycle in the first lockdown and sold it a few months later making about a grand in the process. In the second lockdown I bought a second car as I mentioned in my last blog and yes I still have it and love driving it. Let me tell you if you love driving and have never driven a Fiesta ST you really should. They're amazing. Trust me. I actually drove the newer model too before buying my 65 plate car and that was even better despite having only 3 cylinders but the newer one was a bit too much for me to spend on what is really a second car. 

People ask me why I need two cars and to be honest I don't. The real answer as to why I have not only 2 cars but 2 motorcycles is I'm a girl racer and a petrol head and you'll find most petrol heads have several vehicles. I have a trans friend who has a large model railway in her garden and the trains than she can actually sit in costs thousands or pounds and for some reason she has 4 of these trains! Same thing I guess but for her it's trains not cars and bikes. 

Anyway apart from doing kinky stuff and buying too much sexy clothes it's my big passion. Yours might be trains like my friends or even fishing like another friend and you might have lots of rods and why not? I do like a guy with a big rod I have to admit.๐Ÿ˜

Also I did one great photoshoot this year with Sven and we got some really good pics so that was a positive. Normally we'd meet many times and I'm sure in the future we will again and do lots more vanilla as well as kinky photos. I have loads I want to do with him still.

This year in the absents of Sven one of my more recent clients(Shaun) helped me out endless times taking requested photos of me and now throughout the year we've become good friends too. I think the best ones he took were with the bike I bought in lockdown and again with the new fiesta. As well as endless pics of me sitting on my teddy bears in various outfits. These were custom shoots and not something I do in my spare time for fun BTW. He also buys me new panties to wear(which I love) and chocolate all the time too and the only payment he wants is a clothed face sitting and to spank/cane my bottom. 

On the subject of face sitting although I enjoy it done to me and this is a service I already offer but I'm going to push next year more as a domme if this is something you enjoy too why not give me shout. It's not going to be naked still and you wont be allowed to pleasure me but imagine an hour under my pantie or tights clad bottom struggling to breath!  More on that soon.

I've also this written articles for three of the four 2020 Transliving magazines as well and have been pleased with the articles. The current issue is out now but this is the one I haven't wrote anything for. I'm taking a break as some people feel I was in the magazine too much so a few issues without me in might please them. Will I go back and write more? Maybe I have some good ideas but maybe I've outstayed my welcome in the magazine. Some people said I was part of the reason Repartee ended. Because I was always in it and I wouldn't want to be blamed for the end of two transgendered magazines!

If you want to buy the current magazine which is a complete Nina Jay free zone click here and please help keep it going and even think about writing yourself if you have a trans related story

Another plus this year is after well over 10 years on twitter I finally passed 10K followers recently but that was very short lived and I've dropped back down well below that again now. 

I've kind of accepted now I'm never going to be one of the popular kids. It bothered me at first as like many I think of the things I've failed to do more than the things I've achieved. Like not getting as many followers as many of my friends on twitter, never making top babe on TVchix no matter how many good new photo's I submitted over the years, Never making the cover of TLI magazine despite writing loads of articles for them. Failing to become the English version of Sandra Gibbon's with my own paysite "Naughty Nina" which just didn't work for some reason even though it was a really good and very kinky site if you never saw it. Honest it was. OK I'll stop moaning now I just needed to get those things of my chest. Tomorrow it's a new year and I'll write a list of some of the things I have achieved so I don't look like a complete loser!

Next year I'm going to try forget all the things I've not achieved and focus more on things that I have and will hopefully achieve. 

At least that's the plan once we get rid of this bloody corona virus that is.

Anyway I've gone on enough for one day considering I'm back here tomorrow so i'll wish all of you reading this an early happy(ish) new year.

Yes I know you've read all of that rubbish and there's no new sexy photos of me to wank over at the end! 

Sorry about that but it's just one more letdown for 2020. It's 2021 tomorrow I might add some then so make sure you come back for those at least even if you don't read the post.




Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Out Of Lockdown?

 At least I think we are from today sort of but to be honest being in tier 3 isn't much better than lockdown is it?

I've been really down lately and done very little over the last month and not seen any clients while trying to stick to the lockdown rules. Not be spanked, tied up or sploshed or done anything kinky. So I've not been doing a lot except watching a lot of tele like the current I'm a celebrity and have to say even that's been a bit pants. The other night I wanted Russel Watson making a big deal out of being restrained and dunked. The sort of thing I would do for fun if I had the chance as long as the vat was changed to custard and I could stay under for as long as I could hold my breath that is! The only hard thing for him was it turns out he's a bit think! 

Today I've posted my first selfie for over a month to celebrate coming out of lockdown and also a pic of my little Fiesta ST which I bought about a week ago. I still have the RS as I love that too bits but I've put over 40 thousand miles on it making it high mileage for one of those as most have been bought as a second car and now I have the Fiesta I can keep the RS mileage down a bit and save some money on petrol too. That's' not the main reason I bought the Fiesta though as when I was very young I had a white fiesta XR2 which I loved but had to sell because I couldn't afford to keep it at the time and the little ST is very much a modern XR2 but a million times better I'm sure. Not sure how long I'll keep both cars for though. For now it's nice to have 2 of the best performance ford models of recent years  if not all time.  It's funny I bought a bike I didn't need in the first lockdown this time I've bought a car I don't really need but cars make me happy. Maybe not as much as bondage, spanking, sploshing, ponyplay and so on but I'm not able to do much of that at the moment. BTW if you're wondering I didn't break lockdown rules to get the car. I bought it online and had it delivered. And Sven if your reading it was a really close thing between a little ST Fiesta and a Mazda MX5(A car I will own one day and then we can do our MX5 road trip providing this bloody corona virus has gone that is)

My friend Shaun kindly took a few photos of me with my new toy or "Roland" to give him his proper name. If your wondering why just look at the steering wheel on a MK7 fiesta. He also bought me a Bruce Springsteen CD which I will play latter and 3 pairs of new knickers. One of which I'm wearing now and of course some dairy milk. Of which I've eaten half the bar already! He's a lovely guy and it's his birthday Sunday when he'll be 27 so he tells me. Sadly he's not aged well for a 27year old. Such a shame. Anyway happy birthday for Sunday Shaun 

Oh he got to cane me today as a social distance with my special 2 metre long canes of course as well as take a few pics of my bum again. See below.

I'm not sure I'll be able to do many sessions the way things are at the moment but if anyone wants to buy any of my kinky films to get a Nina fix I sell them 5 for £10 as don't agree with people paying more for 1 film than I charge for 5. Seems a rip off to me. If you want to see me tied up, punished and doing many other kinky films send me an email to  I have 100's of kinky films you'll enjoy.

One other thing today some dance tights turned up and they were sent to me by the same person from America who send me the leotard and tutu the other day. So I want to thank that person again as I now realise who it is as he send me a box of tights and leotards to model a few years ago which I did of course. If anyone else want to send me sexy clothes to model please go ahead and I promise I'll get photos wearing the items you send me and of course wear them if you ever book me for a real session

On that note here's some pics of me today with my new car and after being spanked in 3 different coloured knickers with my tights pulled down. 


Saturday, 7 November 2020

I'm late but don't worry I'm not pregnant

Yes I know it's I'm late again for my blog post which I said would always be on the 1st of each month but I have good reasons for this apart from the fact no one reads my blog anyway so it's more a sort of diary for myself.

I have 3 reasons why I'm only now posting on the 7th of November instead of the 1st.

The first one is I've actually not been well over the last few weeks and have had various hospital tests including having a camera down my throat. This is something I've had done in the past and reacted badly to. So this time a smaller camera was to be put up my nose instead which would be easier for me to tolerate.  I was still very nervous of this but went ahead and wasn't sedated. Problem was after several attempts my nose was bleeding and they had to go back to the bigger camera entering through my mouth! As a result I'm now waiting for a telephone consultation but it looks likely I needs a small operation. I also had another test the previous day which also wasn't pleasant but wont go into details. I was not feeling great before the tests but since I've been feeling even worse and been back to see my GP as I thought I'd picked up an infection but apparently not it seems. "So what's wrong with me?" you ask To be honest I don't know and nor does anyone else it seems. It's times like these I wish "House" was real and I could go and see him with my symptoms as I'm sure he would work it out and be able to treat me. If anyone fancies themselves as a bit of a Dr House these are my ongoing symptoms. 

Actually I've changed my mind and will go back to Dr Google instead as Dr Google tells me I'm not long for this world and have every kind of cancer under the sun! I'm amazed I'm even still alive!

The second Reason I'm late is I was away at the kinky cottage near Oswestry with friends and have only just returned home for a month in lockdown. I forgot to take my laptop so and always write this on my laptop as not good on tiny phone screens. I have rubbish eyes you see. So had to wait until my return home. Before you say anything I was there on holiday with friends at the cottage before lockdown started and it was in a tier one area and under the rules you can finish your holidays still. Which we did. 

So this was the first and only kinky cottage meet of 2020 and there was 6 of us there for lots of kinky bondage fun for a whole week. Well this was how it was meant to be but because of my health I only ended up going for the last 2 whole days and sadly missed the Halloween party night and as still not feeling great spent more time taking photos of others than having photos taken of me and even less time being tied up. However I did get to be tied up on the very last full day there and boy had I missed it. This was in fact the first time I'd been tied up properly all year! This is strange for someone used to being tied up in the past all the time and hopefully lots more in the future. Fingers crossed. My original plan was not only to go to the cottage but do a bit of a road trip up north visiting friends and clients for kinky fun but of course I ended up visiting no one else and coming straight home after instead.

Which brings me on to reason three I'm late. Which is of course corona virus and no I don't have it as had a negative test before going to hospital but it's to blame for most things at the moment so I'm blaming it for my late blog post too. It of course was the main reason I cancelled visiting friends and clients on my trip up north and now for at least the next month means I can't see any clients yet again. Which of course has been the case for much of this year. I do again have to say little thankyou to the only client I have seen in the last three weeks though who came over and spanked and caned me before my trip up north and yet again bought be chocolate and sexy knickers. (You know who you are) He also asked me to dress in my netball kit and the last time I wore that was when we had a trans netball competition in Manchester many years ago and I was captain of the Repartee team. So getting that out brought back memories of me running round the court like a headless chicken and my team losing all our matches.

So like I said I'm not pregnant so no need to worry. Having said that Dr Google say's I might be. 

Here's some pics of me and friends at the cottage even though I was mainly behind the camera this time and a pic of me having had a lovely caned bottom too.

As in lockdown now don't expect too much from my next blog post. What do you mean "You never expect much!"




Saturday, 3 October 2020

Transliving Issue 69

 Because I posted a day early I missed out on being able to plug the latest issue of TLI magazine. Issue 69 arrived through my letterbox the very next day. I did think about waiting another month then plugging it on my next blog but it'll have been out a month by then. First off if you want to buy the latest issue you can do so here

In this issue I again have two articles one is the last in my world of kink feature. Part 10 in fact this time on domination. Seemed like I nice number to finish on and besides most other kinks I have I've not written about are not really suitable for a transgendered lifestyle magazine. 

My other feature is a Q and A with an American based company that makes women's clothes to fit the male shape. I have lots of their clothes and model some along with Hannah McKnight for the feature.

As always the mag is packed with lots more fantastic trans people and their stories and so much more. To be honest I've not had chance to read my copy yet but will do probably in bed one night to help me sleep. lol. Only kidding I love flicking through the magazine and hopefully you do too. BTW if you don't want a printed magazine you can buy a digital copy too and it's cheaper.

While I'm on the subject of TLI now my world of kink column has run it's course I'm wondering about my future writing for the magazine and if this will be my last features or not. My first feature was in issue 59 so maybe 69 would be a fitting place to call it a day. 

Looking back I've actually written 23 article in those 11 issues and been on the back cover several times and the calendar girl twice too. I'm slightly disappointed not to have had my own cover I must admit having done so much(if I do say so myself) but it is what it is. As well as the magazine articles I've written I've also attended every main TLI hotel event over the last 3 years and won the Miss TLI crown and I even had my own TLI catsuit made to promote the group and magazine which I wore handing out free mags for the last 2 Sparkle events. I would have done the same this year had it not been for bloody corona virus. 

I wouldn't change any of that but there's a small part of me that thinks maybe my work is done with TLI now and I always knew my kink column was very divisive and many thought it had no place in a translife style mag. As it went on it never got mentioned when new issues came out except by me. Anyway it's something I need to think long and hard about and if I decide to stop writing want to thank Shane and Stacy at TLI for making me feel part of the TLI team and for letting me write about kink. Something I wasn't allowed to do for "Repartee" years ago when I used to write for that trans lifestyle magazine. I also hope that magazine keeps going for a long time with of without me.

Anyone reading this can help this happen by either writing your own articles and submitting them or buying or subscribing to the magazine. Below are all the magazine covers of issues I've written articles in just in case you're a Nina Jay stalker and you wanted to collect them all they're all still available


Wednesday, 30 September 2020

A day early. Well a few hours anyway

Home alone today with no bookings so have time to write my monthly blog entry. I always have to check on the previous one before I do so then I know where I left off and don't talk about the same thing twice or at least I try not to. Some people say I talk about the same stuff all the time and they're probably right but don't most people? 

Since my last post the V5 finally came on my Versys motorcycle after a 3 month wait from DVLA! Then straight away I sold the bike so sent it back. I'm now back down to 2 bikes again but I'll never forget the 3 months we spent together. Kind of like having a summer affair I guess. I rode it almost 1000miles and sold it for more than I bought it for. I knew i'd make money on it as I bought it really cheap. I enjoyed owning the Versys as I was able to make a direct comparison to my other big Kawasaki. These two bikes sit along side each other in the Kawasaki range(although both have been updated now) and even share the same engine and both would appeal to someone wanting a comfortable bike capable of covering serious miles and both are a similar price but I looked on YouTube and strangely there's no decent comparison tests on there between them. 

Anyway for me the Z1000SX is more suitable as it's smaller and lighter and looks like a sports bike not an adventure bike but the guy who came and bought the Versys told me he had tried an SX and it was just awful(I didn't tell him I had one) so each to their own I guess. 

Talking of the SX I finally met up with my good friend Sven who took some photos of me on the bike. I've owned the SX a year now but it it's the first proper pics I've had taken with it. I'm going to do some more once I've made a few mods such as a tail tidy and better after market cans and the standard ones are funny looking and known to many at kettles!

Sven also took some photos of me in my babe watch swimming costume. it was babe watch right? I've always wanted to wear the iconic swimsuit and have perverts want over me in it so now I have and probably will get just that . Oh and we did some of me as my version of Harley Quinn too but may do some better ones soon in that outfit as I think I could look better and I've have since bought a proper baseball bat.

In my last post I added some pics up of me and Katrina in out matching purple Leohex leotards and tights and this time I've added pics of us in blue leohex and next time we should have more but in brown leohex. So that's something for you all to look forward to in these current crazy time right? 

I've been doing sessions again as I mentioned before. Maybe not as many as before and mainly just people I know and trust too. Everyone I've seen have been really good and I do live in an area where infection rates are low but it is worrying seeing the infection rate rising again so trying to be really careful as don't want to have to stop altogether again.

Not much else in the way of news from me but here's some photos from my recent shoots with Sven and Kat. Oh I must just mention my client and now good friend Shaun who I've seen quite a bit since lookdown and every time he visits he brings lovely gifts(panties being my favourites of course) and has often helped me out by taking photos of me too. So here are a few he's taken of me bent over wearing some of the panties he's bought me. Enjoy all the pics and stay safe. 



Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Finally Getting Spanked Again

 Well it's the first of the month yet again and winter is coming soon. Sadly we're still all living with Covid 19 and will be for some time to come it would seem but life goes on and I've been back working for a few weeks now just being careful. Although maybe not the same as before I have seen quite a few trusted clients and even a lovely new one. Lucky for me I've been doing quiet a few spankings and caning sessions as a sub since my return. 

My new client even paid for me to go to Derbyshire last week and we had two lovely long sessions over two days. He even wanted to take me out for diner while I was up there but sadly everywhere we tried was full as it was a Wednesday and the governments eat out scheme was still on and clearly everyone was taking advantage. So we had pizza instead which was fine. It was a lovely little break and I received 100's of cane strokes over the two sessions meaning I drove home with a nice tingling bum. Hopefully this will be the first of several meets either if he comes to Bristol or I travel his way again.

Today I did my first double domme session with the lovely Mistress Meena. I've attached a photo of us together(don't worry she's in my double bubble) and after the session she also gave me a good spanking and caning which I loved again as I can't get enough of CP at the moment. BTW you can still book us both for sessions either both as dommes or Meena as a domme and me as a sub if you fancy that.

I have a fairly busy week this week and hopefully will finally see Sven tomorrow for the first time since before lock down which I'm looking forward to. I also have another caning to look forward to at the end of the week and maybe even some bondage if I'm a very lucky good girl.

Looking forward to the next TLI magazine coming out but there's no date on that one yet. It should have my two articles in hopefully though. In the mean time you can still get the current issue on their website which I'm in quite a bit.

Not much else to say really I did meet up with Katrina for the first time probably this year in fact and we both wore matching leohex leotards and tights to do photos in and then have a play after in of course. I mean you just have to don't you? We've both put some photos up online already but I'll add another couple here in case you missed them. BTW the photos in the red dress flashing my panties again is me as I am now writing this and the top photo is me in Derbyshire having breakfast with my client who's not in the photo but was there with me honest.  

Still unable to sell my Versys motorbike as still not received the logbook. So I might be stuck with it forever! 

Anyway as my new client would say "Toddle Pip" for now