Sunday, 20 May 2018

Two Months On

Yes it's been two months since I last wrote to the day and not that much has happened since winning Miss TLI. Sadly it's not changed my life.

The reason I'm sat here writing my blog today is I'm stuck at home as my car has a puncture and being a almost new car there's no spare wheel. Yesterday a bolt went in my front tyre and now it's flat so I'm going to have to use the inflation kit that comes with most new cars these days and will ruin the tyre for sure meaning I'm going to have to fork out £200 for a new tyre. Well it's more likely going to be £400 for two new tyres. Otherwise I'm going to have uneven tyres on the front.

Oh I've no mentioned it before on my blog but this isn't my Renault Megane, No I changed this for a blue Ford Focus RS almost two months ago now. In fact before I went to Eastbourne I'd already put a deposit on the car.

I wanted one of these when they came out in 2016 and by buying a year and a half old one I've saved nearly £10,000 but all is not going to plan with the RS and the puncture is the least of my worries. This week it goes in for a pressure test as head gaskets are failing on some models and the stereo is making this horrible hissing noise sometimes but not all the time, On top of this under hard acceleration it feels like the car is trying to kill me which might be the reason the first owner sold it.

On the upside I got the car to drift using drift mode the other night and didn't crash! 

Here's my new car(Isn't she pretty?) and hopefully before I get to annoyed with all it's faults I'll do some photos with it in various sexy outfits before I sell it and buy something else just as pointless for the road.

Talking of punctures not only has my car got one but my pushbike had one today also. So I had to change the tube but I must have put the tyre on incorrectly as when I rode it I felt like I was on an old fashioned bone shaker with wooden wheels.

This week has not started too well regarding bookings with both my sessions at Ashton studios tomorrow being cancelled. So another day off for me then but I have a couple of sessions later in the week still booked and an over night bondage session to look forward to next weekend. I'm still surviving even without my own place. BTW anyone wanting to see me in the evening get in touch as I have a venue I don't need to book in advance or pay extra for again. For details on services you can book me for see my site

Anyone who liked my article on kink in Transliving might want to pre-order the next issue as I have part two about bondage in this one and should have another feature about Eastboure and being Miss TLI in it too. Just go here to order your copy

This year I'm hoping to be at Sparkle again as not been for years I may even have another go at entering Miss Sparkle. I have already put an entry form in but the sites a bit naff so not sure it's gone through. I'm also going to up north at the end of June for anyone who's wanting to see me but find travelling to Bristol too far to go just to see me. So get in contact if you'd like to book a session but I will have to come to you or you'll need to book a room somewhere.

OK more soon I've got to go sort out this wobbly wheel

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Miss Transliving 2018

Yes it's me I won the tittle on Saturday at Eastborne competing against 19 other lovely girls. Sadly there can only be one winner and yes it was me. It was also their 10th year anniversary event which made it even more special.

I decided to go to this event after having a really good time at they're Bournemouth bash at the end of last year and in fact winning one of the competitions there also. I wasn't sure I'd cope with 3 days in a hotel with 120 trannies but Shane and Stacy convinced me I had to go in for Miss Transliving so I decided to I'd make the effort ad I'm so glad I did.

I drove down and took my friend Davina along too as it was her first ever event of this kind and thankfully she also enjoyed herself and also entered the competition. The day we left didn't start off too well though as Davina had to take her hair to be dressed first which left me waiting for her wondering if we were going to end up stuck in the Friday traffic on the long drive to Eastbourne. Surprisingly even after having waited for Davina to have her hair done and finish packing we still made good time. I choose to ignore Davina's directions most of the time and go with the sat nav instead which which paid off I think as we got to Eastbourne about 2pm giving us plenty of time to meet people and book in.

I had a double room to myself which was very nice and worth the extra £50 over a single with all the stuff I took with me. We had meals every night and morning while there. Well I say every morning but having stayed up drinking until 7am Saturday morning I was in no fit state for breakfast so missed out on one. The reason I stayed up late was I was buzzing from winning the neon 80's theme costume competition that night.

On a high after this win I entered the Miss Transliving competition the following night having spent much of the day in bed with a self inflicted headache. I seemed to be everyone's favourite to win and do the double but part of me thought having won the night before they would go for someone else. I entered dressed totally different from all the others who had an array of lovely dresses and ballgowns but not me no I was dressed as Minnie mouse! Surely I couldn't win as a Disney character but somehow this endeared me to the judges and being different paid off and I'm now Miss Transliving 2018!

There was another competition the following night and I entered and to be honest was kind of glad I didn't win or the crowd that liked me before may have turned and tarred and feathered me! Then again I might have enjoyed that too.

I'm going to write a more detailed account of my weekend at Eastborne in the next TLI magazine which you'll be able to buy here and is a great magazine about the trans community and the current issue even has my first article about kink so surely worth buying just for that

Next year if I go back I'll get to be a judge so make sure you dig out your best female Disney character but not another Minnie Mouse.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

2018 so far and looking ahead to what it could or might be

Yes I know just before my birthday I wrote here saying I would be updating this blog much more regularly to keep my fan updated on what's happening in the world of naughty Nina and just like every time I say that I haven't bothered.

I'm not sure why as I'm not currently not that busy with other stuff, Since the site went down in December I've not shot any new kinky films and had no real reason to edit any so haven't bothered doing that either. To be honest all I've done this year so far is sit on the sofa watching day time tele stuffing my face with cake and I'm now about 20 stone, hence the lack of new photos this year.

I'm kidding of course I'm still cycling several times a week and still doing kinky sessions but not as frequently as I was or would like and mainly domme sessions as very few people want to book me as a sub/spankee these days. Which is a far cry from when I started out only offer sub sessions.

Although I much prefer doing sub stuff it's still much better than doing a proper job which I haven't done since 2009 and frankly would kill me if I had to go back to now. Although I'm not getting as many bookings as I was I've still done a few interesting sessions including an all day rubber/breathplay session at Ashton studios last Saturday in Bristol which was great

One thing that is annoying at Ashton studios now is the gates are locked to the industrial estate with a combination lock there .and Saturday night I spent ages trying to undo it in the dark in a tiny skirt blowing about in the wind with loads of youths watching me from the outside in their cars which was all very embarrassing. I was just waiting for them to spot I was trans and start taking the piss. Lucky for me that didn't happen and a security guard came to my rescue and let me out in the end.

At the moment I'm stuck at home snowed in and have been for a couple of days unable to get my car out as the roads have not been gritted where I life but it's started to rain now so I'll soon be free again and able to see kinky clients once more. I'm guessing they're snowed in as well though as not had any calls or bookings since the snow came.

What else can I tell you. Oh yes my hunt for a new home goes on and I recently missed out on a place that I think would have been perfect for me in hindsite. I viewed it and decided I liked it but didn't put an offer in as wanted to be 100% before spending all my money and maybe making a mistake. I went back to the house on my fireblade a couple days later  and checked out the area as I didn't know it. After doing this decided it was the place for me only to get back home to find out someone else had got in first and the house was sold. It took me a year and half to find this place so understandably gutted I didn't bid for it as soon as I viewed it. I hope it doesn't take this long again for something else to come up I want but everything else I've seen hasn't been as good and now I know what it is possible to get I'm not settling for less. I just hope house prices don't go up anymore in the meantime.

Coming up next week I'm at SWAMP in Bristol again if anyone else reading this is going come say hi and if you're into giving spankings I might even let you spank me. Who am I kidding everyone especially all trans girls are sub I know that.

Something I mentioned on twitter recently was that after many years of being a bondage model for my own site and a few other kinky sites I might be getting too old and maybe it's time I switched and went behind the camera's instead. Of course was I a born female at 36 this would probably be the natural progression at this age. The issue I have is all the trans girls wanting to be bondage models are at least 10 years older than the age I am now or look terrible or can't do the extreme kinky things I've always enjoyed doing or don't have any good ideas of their own or live in another country. So unless I decide to shoot and pay women instead of trans girls this might not be the way ahead for me afterall. I'd better keep thinking about what to do next in life then I guess, BTW I'm not giving up escorting or doing sub/domme sessions in case you're worried and no I'm not saying at 36 I'm old.

I'm not old OK!   I'm not!!

Had more to write about my future bur need a wee(It's an age thing I'm told) and then have to walk to the shops for supplies if I can make it there at my age that is.

I might write more here tomorrow thought. Sorry for all those who look at my blog for the photos I don't have any new ones to show you.

Oh wait I have a selfie of me in my glasses which I need to wear to read sometimes now that I'm old

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A Bit Bored

Happy new year to anyone who reads this. It's actually the 10th of January so it's probably about time I stopped wishing people happy new year. However in 2 days it's my birthday so you can start wishing me happy birthday instead if you like.

"So what would you like for your birthday Nina?"

I hear you say. Well where do I start. A new home to do my sessions from and live would be good. What's that it's too expensive!! OK the usual nothing will have to do I guess.

Of late as the title suggests I've been a bit bored at times as I didn't go out at all over Christmas and new year and it's very quiet bookings wise too at the moment. I saw a couple of my escort regulars this week and I have a couple of domme sessions booked next week again just regular clients but sadly no new clients. I guess it is the beginning of the year though and most guys are still skint as they had to spend all their money over Christmas buying gifts for their families. Whatever one of those is?

I'm off to SWAMP in Bristol on Sunday. So if anyone else is make sure you bring a present. Sorry I mean make sure you say hi.

So Naughty Nina is still not working(That's my pay site not me this time) and I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth trying to get it sorted. It ran for 5 years in it's current incarnation and several more as the old Naughty Nina site and before that it started as a free section on my "strange little girl" site so maybe it's had it's run and it's time to call it a day and just see if I an find somewhere else to upload my films and concentrate on sub and domme sessions instead?

New UK sensor laws could mean I have to end the site anyway if I do get it up and running but if anyone has any ideas where I could upload my adult films other that clips4sale let me know and I'll look into it as I have 100's and it's a shame not to do something with them.

I say this every year but I do intend to keep my blog updated more regularly this year. So you can all keep up with the boring rubbish I get up to. Oh and if I go off on my travels around the country I'll post that here too in advance. Just in case someone reading wants to book me, Details of my services can be found on my site as always

Oh did I wish you a happy new year?

Friday, 22 December 2017

Another year nearly over

I have an hour or so to kill so time for a entry in my blog so all my fan can keep up with my life. Later I have a domme session as Mistress Nina which I'm also planning at the same time as writing this so sorry if this starts making even less sense than normal it just means I've muddled up the two things. Oh and I'm writing Christmas cards which when I post them later will probably arrive just in time for the new year.

Since I last wrote I've still not got my naughty Nina website sorted. A couple of people have looked at if for me from afar but not been able to work out how to fix it and get it back online. To be honest this last year the sites spent much of it either not able to take new members or offline and I am starting to wonder if it's worth the bother trying to get it fixed. If it was a bad site I'd have ditched it ages ago for the amount of money it takes but it's not it's a great site and quite unique in many ways but anyone who's ever been a member will know this. I've always said to anyone wants to know what makes me tick and what I love in life most just join my site and that's pretty much it.

If the site doesn't come back I may look into something like clips for sale as I have 100's of kinky films and photos but much of my stuff may be to extreme for sites like clips for sale so not sure that would be the way forward either with naughty Nina. Anyone got any idea what I can do with my films let me know and don't be rude.

This year has been a right mixed bag for me not only with the website issues but I also got kicked of of Facebook and had to start over there and I'm still no closer to finding a new place to work and live but hopefully I will in 2018 and I can get back to seeing clients on the same day and go back to doing escort works as well as sub/domme sessions. In the meantime I'm still available at studio Onyx in Taunton and Ashton Studios in Bristol as well as outcalls to hotels and homes if you want someone like me in your home that is. for my services please check out and

Last weekend I went to Ouch spanking Christmas party or I should say parties as they had one on the Saturday and another on the Sunday and yes I was very popular there getting spanked,caned and even tied up by loads of guys and even one woman. It's strange I sometimes struggle to get clients come to see me to cane and spank me where as many pro women do really well but at events I'm always in demand often more so than many of the pro women who also attend. This was the case with these parties. I feel when people actually meet me they become a little less transphobic and realize I am really girlie and good at what I do. I also rarely turn anyone down at an event who want to play which I'm sure helps as well. Some of the female pros can come across as a bit cold and some only play if there's money involved and could only be there looking for new clients.
The weekend before Ouch I went to my first ever Transliving event in Bournemouth and although I'm not normally over keen to spend a couple of days in a hotel just with mainly older transvestites I did enjoy myself there and even entered the two fancy dress competitions winning one and a years subscription to Transliving magazine. Having thought about it I'm going to start writing for them in 2018 as it's been over a year and a half since I wrote my last article for Repartee and featured on the cover of the last printed copy and I kind of miss it. So look out for me in future issue of Transliving if all goes to plan.

Talking of magazines I have a excellent 6 page feature about my bondage services in

As well as plugging my bondage services a there's also a plug for my pay site which doesn't work anymore. Did I mention it doesn't work? Oh and it has a nice feature on Trannies In Trouble too.

Over the last week and a half I've been Christmas shopping as Nina 3 times in Bristol and have spent loads on new clothes and shoes for me and nothing on anyone else but I think I'm worth it don't you?

The first time I went out alone then with my friend Davina and yesterday with my best friend Keith who treated me to a lovely Jacket and some heels for my birthday in January as he'd already bought my Christmas presents. I need to thank him for again here where no one will see it and for the lovely pub meal he paid for the previous night too.

I think I've bored you enough with my life for now so all that's left for me to say is have a fab Christmas and new year and don't eat too much Christmas cake,puddings and mince pies. I know I wont as I can't stand any of it!

Nina xxx

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Bondage Road Trip

So I've just returned from the north after a little road trip where I stopped off 4 times to visit friends along the way. All of whom are kinky like me and love bondage. So I got to be tied up,suspended,gagged,mummified and even hanged along the way. Lucky me a?

After a busy day last Tuesday seeing one of my favourite clients at Onyx then 2 more clients in the Bristol area(One of which caned me over 100 times hard) I crashed out at my friends place in Bristol before heading off early the next day to Nottingham where I met up with a guy who is an expert at rope bondage and suspension and he didn't disappoint putting me in two different amazing suspension ties. Sadly there's no photos of this(Well he did take a few on his mobile but I've not yet seen then so I'm guessing they're not great) I'm not going to say his name as he's not known for tieing trans girls up and I reckon he wants to keep it that way and if I say who he is he could get lots of other TV's on his case wanting to be tied and suspended even if they're 15 stone and look like the back of a bus when dressed!

Anyway after this I made a quick detour to Sheffield to visit a guy who's tied me up load in the past  but is currently not in a position to do so because of issue in his personal life but I'm sure he will tie me again one day. I was good just to see him again

Next it was across to see a guy in Wigan and I stayed there a couple days. He started as a client but is now more of a good friend and someone who gets pleasure from tieing me up and we get on really well. He even cooks for me and always gives me clothes and shoes that used to belong to his ex trans girlfriend who he assures me is not dead just given up dressing.. Sounds a bit strange but it's really not but I don't want to go into anymore details about this on my public blog in case he reads it.

After a couple of days there and a couple of great 2 hour long ties(one ball and one pole) it was off to see my good friends Sarah Bright and Debbie Bond in Bradford. Here I was mummified in while tape and hung again and I also played with a tied up Debbie Bond for a bit which was all good fun. Sadly Sarah's not dressing at the moment as if she had been it would have been nice to do something more for her as well. Next visit for sure.

Finally on the Sunday I spent most of it being tied up with Carol Dee by her good friend and excellent rigger Tina and this was a great day and way to end my bondage road trip. I finally got home about 11pm Sunday night still on a high from all the lovely bondage

I have quite a lot of new material to edit from this trip but sadly as yet I've still not been able to fix or find anyone to help fix the issues with my Naughty Nina website so not sure what I'm going to do with it all. If I do manage to get it online again I'll blog about it here. If anyone can help please get in contact and I'll give you free membership and a session with me or if you'd prefer I can just pay you.

Here are some photos from my Bondage trip and thank you to everyone who put me up and tied me up. You're all stars as I know how hard work I can be at times

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

November is already looking busy

I've had a pretty quiet October and even struggled to find anywhere to go out on Halloween last night. In the end I went out for a quiet meal with a friend in one of my many Halloween costumes. Though I'm not sure why I bothered as no one noticed and to be honest the Italian restaurant we went to was dead but being Halloween I guess it would be. The meal was nice though except this green stuff on the side of my plate which looked innocent enough but was just horrible

November is looking busy already though from going to SWAMP and hopefully doing another shoot with my friend Lord Q on the second weekend to doing a bondage shoot with a top rigger who likes bamboo. I think he was a Panda in a previous life.

I'm also planning an almost week long tour in the north around the last weekend of the month so if you've ever wanted to book me but felt it was too far for you to travel and I wasn't worth the effortt get in touch as I could possible see you on my travels. I'm not going to be doing any domme sessions though as I'd need to take too much stuff. So it'll be sub/kinky play/spanking and escort sessions only.

After November the first weekend of December I've decided to go to the transliving event in Bournemouth which should be a laugh as never been to one of their events before. I recon after that I'll need a break from other trannies though as I can only take them for so long before they drive me mad. I'm sure they say the same about me.

Below are this years 3 Halloween outfits. Yes I buy about 3 every year doesn't everyone?