Monday, 25 April 2011

Katrina brings out the tiger in me!

Bank holidays mean very little to me these days now I don't do a 9-5 job and half the time I don't even realize it is a bank holiday but this one I did as it's Easter and we get chocolate eggs and you know how much I love cadburys chocolate. In fact if anyone reading this wants to win me over a big bar of dairy milk is a good start. So did I get any eggs you ask. Yes in fact I got 2. One large buttons egg and a small buttons egg which I'm going to start to eat once I've typed this and if you want some you better be quick because this little piggy will have eaten them by the end of today(probably) and then maybe I'll be sick.

So what else have I been doing this weekend. On Friday I met up with Katrina Katwoman(that may not be her real name) and we had lots of kinky leotard fun and she even let me wear her tiger leotard as it doesn't fit her but fit me like a glove. In fact as you can see from the pics it has gloves attached. Hopefully I'll be doing some bondage with Katrina soon as she wants to be tied up with me. So anyone reading wanting to tie two sexy tigers together let me know. Big hint.

Saturday I went out on my new motorbike to see another transgendered friend Alison which was nice except I hit a sleeping policeman I didn't see and was very lucky to stay on the bike but my luck was in and I did and I can't see any damage to the bike either which is good as the last thing I need is to spend more money at the moment having just had the bike and my car serviced last week I'm almost skint!

Today I'm just chilling out and maybe going to get some shopping as I've no food in the house other than Easter eggs and chocolate weetabix which seem to have been dropped as they are coming out the packet in tiny bits so it's more like chocolate crumbs than weetabix!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blog day

I've just wrote a new entry in my kinky blog in the members area on so I think I better add a new entry here too for the less kinky people.

So my friend came over to see me before heading back to Australia on Saturday and we both felt a little sad about saying goodbye. I'm not sure what day this week Jane was travelling back but it could very well be as I type this. I was a bit sad she didn't have time to do something on Saturday night with me as there's a good chance I'll never see her again but she had lots of packing to get on with. I instead went to the fetish night at club O and met up with lots of other friends I'd not seen for a few months. Oh and I got suspended too! No not from the club from the ceiling in the club with rope. I must at this point mention that a certain somebody who reads my blog took great pleasure in tickling me while suspended which I don't really like but I wont forget and I'll have my revenge when the time is right. saying that she's not the only person to tickle me when I've been tied up so maybe I should stop telling people I don't like it.

Something else I was involved in over the weekend was a trip to Muir Academy as an adult schoolgirl for the visit of bizarre magazine. I can't say too much but look out for the feature in a future issue. If you want to know more about Muir look here.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

So that was post 69

Sorry I didn't notice when I wrote it but the previous entry was 69. What a great number. I mean Summer of 69 of course one of my all time favourite records. I don't know what you thought I mean't. I'm a nice girl honest.

Today is a bit of a sad day for me as I'm saying goodbye to my friend Jane who is returning to Australia after about a year and a half over here I think and she is another TV and someone who I've become good friends with and at one stage was spending a lot of time at her place in Bath and going out with her. She was also cooking me breakfasts all the time which were really nice. So today I'll see her for the last time. I reckon she's moving to get away from people like me really. Anyway if you're reading this Jane I hope everything works out for you and stay in touch.

Yesterday my friend "who's looking" (yes that's his name honest. Well maybe not his real one) came over add took loads of pics of me on my new bike which I now have 3 years to pay for but it's interest free and really worth it as it's such a better bike to ride than the old R1 that dragged me around the country last year. It's a bike I've wanted since taking one on a test ride just after buying the R1 and now I'm so happy I have one. The pics taken yesterday are great so here's one or two. I'll add some more in different outfits when I get more time as I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment. Hope you like them.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Do I sleep too much?

I've been away for a few days doing stuff for my Mistress Nina site
and only returning home about 3am yesterday feeling very tired and I spent most of yesterday in bed catching up on some sleep. I'm now spending all day today sorting through the pics taken over the weekend and sorting all my clothes out as well as cleaning my house and catching up with my e-mails. I'm not over keen on doing the whole Mistress Nina bit and prefer to be a sub on the scene but if I can get some work from it then I'm more than happy. 

As always I photograph pretty good and know people who can take good pics of me so I've got some great results a couple of them are attached for you to see.

So what else have I been up to you ask. I've been so quiet with work that I've been able to get out on my new bike and already done 500miles and its great and helps take my mind off my lack of clients but doesn't get me any money.

I went to SWAMP which was my first event for about 6 weeks and everyone seemed to have missed me which was really nice and I had so many hugs but not many spanks!! Although I did find one older lady who was lovely and gave me a private session in the dungeon. 

OK I've got lots of housework to do to day so I'd better get on with it.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Sorry almost forgot you guy's

Just noticed it's was well over a week since I wrote anything here so thought I'd better keep everyone in the picture as to what's happening in the weird but wonderful world of Nina Jay.

OK first off I have a new toy in the shape of a Repsol Fireblade(see pic below taken today) which is an amazing motorcycle and far better than my old R1 but maybe not quite as sexy but I'll see what I can do to make it sexy by doing a photo shoot with it soon I hope.

I've also not been out much and still watching loads of films. Last night I watched the disappearance of Alice Creed a film where Alice is kidnapped, tied up and gagged pretty much throughout and yes I'd have loved that to have been me! Tonight I have a film called buried and another one called monsters both look good and have great reviews.

Later this week I'm doing a Mistress Nina photo shoot for my Mistress site as the photos on there at the moment are a bit pants. So I'm on the look out for willing victims to me domed by me.

I had a 4 hour breath play session last week which I'll write about in my kinky blog next time as it was quite exciting and I'm sure my members on would love to read about this and I've had a 3rd session getting tied up and doing films/photos for Smorgasborg. Sample photo and link below