Friday, 29 November 2013

Cover Girl

Yes I know I only wrote here yesterday but I forgot to mention or plug the new edition on X-Dresser magazine which I'm on the cover of

I have a 12 page interview inside too where I share some stories about things that have happened to me involving various different kinks and talk about my site

To be honest I'm not over keen on the photo used on the cover as it makes me look like a cheap trannie whore but I guess it kind of fits in with the rest of the magazine an who it's aimed at as there's quite a few trannies cocks on show throughout the mag and it is just sold mainly in sex shops to people wanting sex.

Other than my article and trannie cocks there are some other nice articles and interviews so it's wort getting a copy if you like TV's and TS's

You can buy one here as well as back issues and they also have a range of other kinky magazines like get spanked and pro domme. To buy any of the other mags they produce look here

OK plug over

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Blog Day

As I have no clients this afternoon I've decided to update my blogs and that means my naughty Nina blog and my Mistress Nina blog as well as this one. Well it's either that or start my Christmas shopping but as I have no idea what to buy anyone the blogs it is. In some ways I'm lucky because I don't have many friends in the real world so the only presents I need to get are for my dad my brother and my 2 friends. Everyone else I know just gets cards.

BTW it's 3.30 in the afternoon and I'm sat in bed writing this with a slightly annoying cat who keeps walking over my laptop!!

To be honest I don't have much in the way of news for you but I did go to the Birmingham fetish weekend with one of my 2 friends Keith and we did 3 events in 3 days. We traveled up on the Friday evening and because of the traffic and the fact I forgot the tickets for Friday nights rubber ball and had to go back to get them it took about 4 hours for a journey that normally takes less than 2!. We still managed to get to the Rubber Ball by 11pm though and our hotel was just up the road from the event so getting stuck in traffic didn't effect us too much. The Rubber Ball itself was pretty good all in all with a bunch of act preforming throughout the night. Most of them interesting to watch but lacking in any real talent. You know the sort of acts that don't get past round one on Britain's Got Talent. My favourite being the lady who seems to have some sort of fit before pouring stuff over herself. Now if that isn't entertainment I don't know what is!

Sadly although there was lots of photographers most are only interested in born females so I haven't any photos from the night of me in my latex outfit although the attached one is of how I was dressed

The next night after a day of hotel bondage fun we went to the BDSM night at Exodus which again was OK but much the same as all nights at Exodus really. I know I should say this but for some reason there seems to be more fat people at these events than any other even though most other fetish events have a lot of fat people showing far too much skin.. I wonder where they all come from and why are there so many kinky large people? Well I say kinky but most don't seems to do much at these events other than eat and sweat a lot. I bet you're beginning to realize why I only have 2 friends now aren't you? Actually I have nothing against fat people and have been looking for a larger lady to make a facesitting film with for my site for ages without any luck

So Exodus came and went and so did the BBB the following day. I only went to the market and not the evening event and I spent far too much money on things to hit people with or to be hit with mainly as well as attending the worse demo I've ever seen about breathplay. Really it was that bad.

Other that the fetish weekend I've done very little apart from getting back into cycling whenever I've had the chance so that I don't end up like one of the Exodus elephants

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hanging around

Is what I was doing last night suspended from my feet tied and gagged hoping my feet wouldn't slip from the boots sending me head first into the stairs I was above. Thankfully that didn't happen and I've got a great new set of photos for my site I should have them up in the next few weeks but in the meantime here's a couple of samples.

Sorry I've not wrote here for over a month but I've been a busy girl and today is the first day I've not had any bookings for a while which means I can catch up on  few things like my blog and after this I need to start packing for the Birmingham fetish weekend. If anyone is going to any of the events please come say hello if you see me. It should be a good weekend starting off Friday night with the rubber ball which gives me another opportunity  to slip into some skin tight latex and finishing off with the BBB on Sunday where I hope to buy a few new toys and maybe even have a play at the after party.

A couple of weeks ago I had a great time in Bradford again(yes it is possible to have fun there)with my good friends Katrina, Sarah Bright and Bondage Bob.I even managed to break the long journey up with a 2 hour spanking session and another trip to Cathouse to get my slightly ill fitting leotard altered. I was glad of the couple breaks as it rained pretty heavy most of the journey and also glad of Katrina's company especially on the return trip as I always feel tired after a weekend away with very little sleep which again this was.

It's quiet today and the sun is out so I'll probably go for a nice cycle ride this afternoon as I'm trying to get fit again and not fat as I've put on a bit of weight recently. No honestly I have. Not much but it has to go! I've even started swimming again and have been twice in the last few weeks and need to keep this up. I've always been able to swim a long way but never that fast often getting overtaken by kids with armbands on and even a guy with one leg last time!

Have you ever noticed in swimming baths just how hot it is when you get changed after you get out and no matter how much you dry yourself your clothes all gets stuck to you halfway on and it takes a real effort just to get dressed?  Just thought I'd share that with you. It might just be me

Anyone who knows me knows I love my bikes and follow MotoGP so it was great to see young Marc Marquez win the title for my team on the weekend. Well I call them my team as I own a Repsol Honda so feel I have the right to. Anyway people call football teams they support their teams and many haven't even so much as bough a shirt so the Honda Repsol team is my team and that's an end to it! Sadly this will be the last race I'll be able to see as MotoGP coverage has been bough by BT and I'm not about to get that just for the MotoGP but I'm sure the Repsol team will survive without my support. Anyone want to buy a Repsol Blade?

One last thing I want to mention today it's my best friend Keith's birthday so happy birthday Keith I hope it's a good one and you haven't had to work too hard and if you're good I might even let you tie me up later or is this the one day of the year you don't want to tie me up. LOL

 Keith is the one not in a dress below

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fantasy Girl Nina

My new site is here at last but does it live up to all the hype you ask. Well check it out yourself and I think you'll agree it does

Yes my pro sub site is no more and but you can still book me as your Fantasy Girl  for any of the services listed on the new site and much more. In fact today I had a client who made me dress head to toe in black latex and after seeing him I realized latex should have had a separate page on my site as so many people love latex and I have a page for most other things and some are much more unusual.

This week has not been great work wise as Monday all three people who were booked in and all cancelled and Wednesday I got already for a client who didn't turn up(a common problem in my line of work I'm afraid)and then I deleted another message by mistake from someone else wanted to visit the same day. On top of this I went out on my blade and got soaked as it rained when I was an hour from home and I mean really rained! By the time I got home I was soaked through to the skin and really worried that my laptop which I had on my back in a rucksack was going to be wet and fucked! Luckily the ruck sack only leaked a little and the lap top which I'm typing on now was still dry. Even though I got wet I quite enjoyed riding the bike in the rain and was still attacking corners and hanging off the bike and overtaking cars like I was Marc Marquez trying to win a GP race.

Today I had 3 clients show up which cheered me up after the poor start to the week. The same amount I got last Thursday(I've no idea why Thursdays are so popular I don't offer a special rate for old or fat people or anything on Thursdays) but it was nearly four as another guy turned up and tried to get a free session but was surprised when I asked to be paid before he did the session. He went to his car to get some money but didn't return.

Anyway back to my new site and I've had some new photos taken that if you've followed the link you may have seen but if you can't be arsed here's a few samples


Monday, 19 August 2013

Stayed in all weekend watching TV

From Friday night until this morning I never left my house once and spent the whole time watching tele that i'd recorded most of it ages ago including all 8 episodes of a series called Broadchurch which was filmed not far from where I live and starred David Tenant the Dr Who actor I met recently along with Billie Piper. I had no idea this was being filmed there or I could have met him there instead.

It was actually quite nice not making any kinky films or seeing any clients over the weekend and just looking myself away from the world watching rubbish TV and of course the bike racing yesterday.I wish at the beginning of the season I'd put some money on Marc Marquez to win the tittle as he was my tip and only third favourite at the time.

Since last writing I been quite busy with clients but it's really odd as last week I was busy Monday and then didn't see anyone until Thursday when I was snowed under and saw 4 people back to back and even missed some because I had no time to get to the phone between clients as I was rushing to get changed ready before the next one all of the time. Since then I've not seen anyone else not even today and even the phone is dead. Hence the reason I have time to write in my blog but it'll pick up later in the week again I'm sure. It always seems to. After all I'm still the best trans girl in the business right? That's the point where you say yes.

I've even had time to take my Blade for a spin this morning and going to do so again in a bit but I've not really ridden it since France and starting to think it's not really the bike for me anymore. I mean it's 180mph superbike that you can't use on the UK roads to anywhere near what it's capable of and my confidence in corners is not what it used to be in the days when I used to ride GSXR600's. So I'm being to feel it's wasted on me and something slower cheaper and more sensible could be what I need now. I must be getting old if sportsbikes are losing their appeal!!

I went to SWAMP fetish market with my friend Keith last weekend which was good as it's back in it's original venue again which I like even though I only went there when it was Vibes a gay club before. It has has plenty of room much more than the last venue. Keith bough me a leather strap bikini there which although on me on it's own would look terrible with all my bits showing over a leotard it will look good and once I try it I'll upload a photo to show I'm right. At least I hope I'm right. It was good to catch up with old friends at SWAMP as I don't go out much these days and have turned into something of a social recluse lately only ever taking to people on the phone or online but then again like Roger from American dad I have big stuff going on that stops me going out. Well in my head I do anyway.More on that soon.

One thing I tried to do as a favour to my dad was sell his old scooter on eBay and get him some money to buy a new one. Which I did only for the winning bidder not to pay leaving my dad wishing he'd traded it in instead of trusting me to sell it.

Maybe I should swap his scooter for my blade and that could solve both our problems


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Back from holiday

Well actually I've been back nearly two weeks and I do feel bad for not posting before but I'm such a busy girl it's hard to find time to get everything done. I do only have 45 followers of my blog which considering how long it's been going isn't many but even if I only had one I'd still like to post just to keep that one person happy as you never know reading my blog might be the only thing that makes life worth living for that person. Seriously though if you are a follower and reading my blog is what keeps you going you've got some real issues that need sorting in your life!!

So what did I do in France you ask. Well mainly it was lots of riding in lots of pain on my fireblade sweating buckets while doing so. Oh and some Nina stuff which I've written about for the next issue of Repartee. So you need to buy  borrow or steel a copy to read about my further adventures in France. I really like France now and an even thinking of going again next year if they'll have me again that is.

Over the trip I kind of fell in love with France but out of love with my blade and just kept wishing I was in a car or on something more comfortable than a full on sports bike. Three years ago I did a tour of the UK on my old R1 and again struggled so much when I got home it wasn't long before I sold it so look out for my Repsol blade on e-bay soon. LOL.

I've just updated my website for any followers that are also members. What do you mean you don't like me that much!!

The latest update is again with Mistress Cherry and this time she's having fun covering me in custard tied to a chair so check it out here and all the other updates if you've not seen the site for a while.

I've been quite busy since my return doing a mixture of the three things I seem to do outside of working on my Naughty Nina site. Mistress sessions, spanking and caning sessions and girlfriend experiences. I do offer other stuff but this is what most people want. I've just done two girlfriend experiences today in fact and I'm booked all day tomorrow having my bum caned and will need the weekend to recover I reckon. If anyone wants to book me to cane my cute bum don't worry by next week I'll be ready for more so give me a call or see my pro sub site for details

More soon but here's a couple of photos that go with what I've just been typing(BTW that's my friend Keith with me in France in case you were wondering)


Friday, 28 June 2013

Nearly holiday time

Yes next Thursday I head off into the sun on my Fireblade. Well hopefully into the sun and not rain as I spend a week touring France covering about 2000 miles in the process. It's been 3 years since I toured the UK on my old R1 and in that trip I covered over 3000miles loaded up with far too much luggage for the bike and even breaking the subframe come the end and having to ride home very carefully. This time my friend Keith is taking much of my stuff as he does the same trip in his car and we meet up each night and hopefully manage to go out most if not every night. Something I struggled to do on the UK tour only managing to go out about 3 of the 10 nights I was away as I was so tired each night and often in a lot of pain. I'm also planning on going to a couple of TV nights and staying with my friend Davina for two nights so should get quite a bit of Nina time one way or another and I will be writing about the trip for the next issue of Repartee if you want to read all about my adventure,

Work has again been quiet this week but this could be down to the hot weather or the fact that I'm not that far from Glastonbury which I think is where everyone in the area is at the moment. I have done a couple of sessions this week though. One new client who was interesting to say the least but I wont write on here what the session involved and I also saw one of my favourite regulars who spanked and caned my bum with me as a naughty maid, Lucky for me it had heel from the hard caning I received last week.

BTW for any naughty Nina members there will be a double update next Wednesday as I will be away the following Monday and the following Thursdays update will be done Friday(does that make sense?)
For anyone who's not a member check my site out here it's updated twice a week and now has hours and hours worth of kinky films to watch and photo sets to look at plus my kinky blog of course. It's well worth the small price I charge for membership, Especially compared to things like clips4sale where you buy one clip for the same price if not more than a months membership, OK plug over in fact post over,

See you when I return. Unless I decide to stay in France for every that is..

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Yes that's the link to my brand new Mistress site which is a vast improvement on the old one so please check it out. It also contains a blog where I will post anything connected to domination and that side of my kinky life. So anyone reading this and thinking of seeing me for a mistress session have a good look round the site and hopefully this will convince you to do so.

I will write another post about non Mistress things soon I promise

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Home Alone Saturday Night

So before I go to bed I thought I'd write in my blog as yet again I've not been updating here as often as I've been meaning too.

Lots to talk about this time so I'll start with the new issue of Repartee which as just come out and can be bought here as normal

This issue I have a 4 page article about my adventures last year at DR Who conventions that looks really good in print as of course all my features in Repartee do so please check it out. There's lots of other interesting features as always in the magazine but of course mines the best.

As far as work goes I have a new regular client who has been buying a pair of dirty knickers after every visit he even makes me wet them before he arrives then I do the session in the wet knickers and he then buys them which is a good thing as I've got such an addiction to panties and buying new ones at an alarming rate that I really need to start selling some as I've no room for the new ones. He's bought 4 pairs so far which is not a lot but it's a start.

Just been watching Britain's got talent and was slightly disappointed the dummy didn't make it through but then again he was singing a terrible song about the 80's that was totally out of tune but it's nice to see the final is made up mainly of singers this so called being a variety show!!

For anyone who's not seen the photos I'll add one here of my recent visit to see Sarah Bright in Bradford as they're really good as are the films we made one of which is already on my site.

While up there I made a visit to CatHouse to get measured up for some new latex including a black mistress dress and a red leotard. So I can't wait for them to come as I'm going to wear them in my Mistress sessions for any lucky client who like their Dom to be clad in rubber. Anyone who didn't know I do Mistress sessions should check me out here

Lots more to talk about but getting tired so bed time now

Friday, 3 May 2013

Pothole Detector

Last week I went out on my racing bike or pothole detector as I now like to call it and before I'd even left the village I hit yes you've guessed it a pothole and punctured both tyres or should I say both inner tubes? Anyway I ended up with two flat tyres and pushed it back home only a few minutes after leaving 

I decided that after receiving 5 punctures in as many months I would invest in some new tyres and better tubes. This I did and yesterday following the advice of my friend Katrina I pumped my tyres up to 100 psi which was far more than I previously ever had done in an attempt to avoid getting more flats and headed off for a ride. With the new really hard tyres I felt every tiny bump I went over but then it happened.

Somehow I didn't see a massive pothole and I just about stayed on the bike as I hit it. Fully expecting to have another puncture but amazing I didn't get one so carried on my merry way but after about a mile I was getting really hot so went to grab my water bottle only to notice it was missing. I turned round and headed back to the pothole and sure enough there was my water bottle on the road having been driven over!! I then decided to turn back around and continue on my route without any water and this I did even though I was dying of thirst but just before I got home the chain jumped on the front sprocket nearly causing me to fall off into a parked car I was going round at the time but I managed to stay on and make it home in one piece just about!

This morning having no work I decided to take the blade out instead of the pushbike and no I didn't hit any potholes but had a great 2 hour ride but not having had much chance to ride it this year I do seem to be struggling to take corners anywhere near as fast as I used to but I guess my confidence will return the more I ride it at least I hope so. Otherwise riding across France this summer is not going to be as fun as I was hoping unless all the roads are straight that is.

Work has been quiet this week except Tuesday when I saw three clients. Strange as Tuesday is normally my day off as for some reason it's always dead on Tuesdays

If you're sick of the sight of me on my website you'll be pleased to know that this weeks new gallery is a guest gallery that doesn't feature me at all so go check it out here

Right I'm off to edit some new films and get ready for Rubber Cult this Saturday night so if you're going don't forget to sat hello if not have a nice bank holiday weekend. x

Friday, 19 April 2013

It's oh so quiet

For once I'm not talking about work as for the last couple of weeks I've been pretty busy. No I'm referring to life outside of Mistress and Pro Sub Nina. This is not a bad thing though as normally when it's not quiet it's because things are going wrong. So with everything so quiet what do I have to talk about?

I'm not sure how are things with you?

Back to then I've just uploaded 2 new galleries to my site a day late as I totally forgot yesterday. I normally upload a film every Monday and a Gallery every Thursday but as I said forgot yesterday so put 2 up today instead. Of course all being members of my site you will already know this right? For anyone not a member and wanting to join it's here

One thing worth a mention is last week I had 3 hard caning's in 3 days and was glad when the weekend arrived so I had a couple of days to rest my sore bum. I had well over 200 strokes.which is quite a lot!

At the moment I'm also in the middle of planning a return trip to France this year and this time I'm going by motorbike a bit like when I toured the UK on my old R1 a few years ago but this time my friend Keith is coming but not on the back. He's taking his car and carrying all the gear to make life easier for me. It's a trip that will cover about 2000 miles in just over a week and I'm hoping to see lots of interesting things including the Millau viaduct in the south of France which I've wanted to see ever since it was featured on Top Gear and I watched a program on it's construction. But I do have a fear of riding motorbikes over bridges in the wind ever since I went over the Kessock bridge in Scotland on my R1 UK tour when it was really windy which totally freaked me out.So what better way to get over this fear than by riding over the tallest bridge in the world!!

As I said it's really quiet in my life at the moment so here's a photo from today's gallery upload

Thursday, 28 March 2013

She's just a bloke

Was a comment recently posted on a spanking forum I often advertise on and not for the first or probably last time I'll see something like this written about me from someone who's never met me. It's annoying as this can sometimes put potential clients off and almost certainly had something to do with a new one cancelling this week.

So this week I was brought back down to earth with bang as far as work is going as with no ads in the papers I've only seen one client so far and things got worse this week when I had to pay a near £300 garage bill yesterday  for a wheel bearing on my VXR and I broke the gears on my mountain bike so have taken that in to be repaired too. So another bill coming for that too.

Also I found out my site isn't taking the money I thought it was and over $200 has gone missing which ccbill didn't pay me even though they say they have done so financially things could be better at the moment that's for sure.

So it's nearly Easter again that magic holiday that changes dates every year and is something to do with chocolate eggs and bunnies but I've never been sure quite what. I'm just going to spend it chilling out and eating any eggs I receive. If anyone's thinking of buying me an egg make sure it's a Cadbury's one OK?

Not sure what else to say as everything is so quiet in my life at the moment but once I think of something else i'll be back

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Finding the right people

I seem to be forever looking for the right people to work with on my new site and as I don't pay people it's much harder than you'd think it would be. All anyone seems to be interested in is money and if they're not then they're not what I'm looking for.

Take trannies. Loads of them love to be tied up and some even pay for this privilege but although lots have contacted me I've still not found a good looking young one who'll do double bondage with me. I am picky but I have to be there's no way I'm using rubbish trannies on my site or ones who aren't at all kinky but just want bum sex all the time(which is most of them to be honest as they seem to think putting a dress on makes them a woman and not at all gay when a man shags them up their bum. This isn't the case and in fact they're just a gay man in a dress with a deep voice and sometimes still with a beard)

So I've not as yet been able to find a suitable TV to shoot with but I have to mention I did a wonderful shoot a few days ago with my friend Laura(a real woman)who was up for all my silly kinky films including sploshing and clothed facesitting and the images are just great. So a massive thank you to Laura and her partner Rob who let us use their place to do the shoot. Still I have a list of other kinky films I want to make involving woman and I'm not bothered what shape or size or even age they are but still it's hard to find any women up for a free shoot.

The reason I can't pay is my site already costs me more than it makes so if I start paying people I'd just as well pack it in but it's a great site and I love working on it so I'm not going to but I am going to keep looking for those genuinely kinky people as I know there must be some out there somewhere.

"How's work Nina?" you ask.

Well now you've asked it's OK I guess. No one in today but had one yesterday and another Thursday plus a new ad out tomorrow and I saw 6 people the previous week which was good. I won't mention the week before when I had none though. Not sure what happened there. Anyway I'm getting by just about and still enjoying it.

And in my spare time I've not been doing any exercise as it's too cold but have been watching lots of tele and I'm addicted to Pointless at the moment. Last week I even won the money 3 out of 5 days. (Well I would of had I been on the show and not sat at home that is) other programs I've enjoyed recently have been Derek(which was funny and sad at the same time) and dancing on ice but only for the female costumes that I wanted to wear.

I'll write again soon but in the meantime here's a few pics of me and Laura the rest will be on my site before too long so go join it as it's good. No really it is.

You can trust a trannie who likes wearing panties on her head you know.


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Valentines day

As everyone knows last week it was valentines day and I hope you all received lots of cards and gifts.

On valentines day I normally get a card from my ex and I give her one(a card that is)as neither of us have anyone else but this year she spent the day with a new boyfriend meaning I didn't receive a card from her and it wasn't looking like i'd get anything but to my surprise my friend Keith gave me a card and a bunch of red roses which was very sweet of him as I didn't get him anything.

 As I said it was really nice of him and it came at a time when things weren't going well for me. I had three no shows in a row last week and only two actual clients and the week before was even worse with only one and  I'm having all sorts of issues with my ex who shares my house and wont move out too but I'm not going to go into that as I'm sure it's the last thing you want to read about.

This week is better and I've already seen four clients and another one I know will show is booked for Friday so that's good although he does cane and strap my poor bottom very hard but at least it'll mean I've had my five a week this week.

Also this week I had to go to hospital for a test as for a long time I've been suffering from far to frequent urination problems. Tablets haven't helped and I'm sure my GP thinks I'm a hypochondriac and no test have ever shown anything wrong but yesterday's test which involve pipes put in both the front and back of me(which wasn't fun and I nearly passed out when they were inserted) showed there is something wrong with me but they still don't know what so more tests probably needed. Maybe I've got one of those rare conditions that only Dr House could diagnose. I always thought all the illness on there were made up but apparently they all exist. Who knew? What's that everyone but me!!

I have to say I'm pleased they found something wrong with me and I'm not going mad. Mind you when the nurse asked what I did for a living strangely I didn't mention being a trannie whore as Keith calls me. I can't think why. Oh I remember they would think I'm mad!

Last weekend I did yet another photoshoot for Naughty Nina but this time with my friend Katrina and the whole thing was meant to be all in latex but sadly my latex leotard split when I put it on. So the first nights photos ended up with me not being in latex but they didn't really work and also I was in a mood about my broken leotard so didn't feel like smiling and really wasn't feeling it.

Things were good on the Saturday though and we made a kinky latex Supergirl film(which had to be shot twice as the first takes were all out of focus) plus an amazing latex face sitting film which looks fantastic even before I've edited it so keep an eye out for that on the site soon which is here in case you've forgotten how to get to it

Below are a few photos from the session and I'd like to thank both Kat and Keith for a great weekend and for putting up with a moody little cow after my leotard ripped. Enjoy the photos and I'll be back soon..

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My life would make a great sit com

I wrote this on a thread today or Roses forum as there was a question about writing a sit com for the BBC and I thought it was too good not to share on my blog

I've always thought my life would make for a great sit com as you just couldn't make it up and vanilla people would never believe it could be a true story. It could only work if done in the style of the office or life's too short though as this is how I see my life.

This is the premise(or in fact basically my life) 

Seemingly normal guy(lets call him Peter Parker) shares a house with his ex-girlfriend(we'll call her Pam) and they often pretend still to be a couple in public mainly when it comes to visiting his dad who believes gays should have their own soaps and not infect his favorite ones like EastEnders and his brother who has a strange collection of massive bra's and is very quiet. Also when visiting her family who consist of a lazy mother who has never worked in her life but moans about everything and spies on the neighbours to give her something to do. A stepfather who lives in another world and starts meaningless conversation connected to nothing constantly without warning and their 11 year old son who just say's "I want" all the time and is never grateful when he gets what he wants. Her parents hate Peter as much as he hates them but both parties pretend to get on in public from time to time.

Of course this normal guy is anything but as you know. Away from the vanilla life he works and plays dressed as a woman(We'll her Nina). He works as a kind of escort that doesn't have sex with the clients(often funny in itself)and makes the most of a resemblance to the actress Billie Piper who just happened to play a call girl on tele and Nina also works as a dominatrix and pro submissive and has the most unusual clients such as the guy who wanted to make out with Nina wearing boxing gloves or the guy who made her do a sexy striptease not realizing she was in fact a man until the last moment. The list goes on.

On weekends still dressed as woman Nina sometimes goes out for meals with other guys dressed as women some of which look and act ridiculous. One even lives as a full time transvestite and isn't slightly passable but doesn't care or notice people looking at her.

Some nights Nina attends fetish and BDSM clubs. Very scary places these are full up with pathetic naked men on leads and fat woman squeezed into corsets who have mainly come along for the free food and of course more dodgy trannies who feel this is a safe place to go and not get beat up as it's full of freaks even though they often have no interest in BDSM. 

When Nina has spare time she spends it making often mad kinky films for her paysite sometimes on location. Sometimes she gets caught out and has to explain things like why she's in a private quarry dressed as woman covered in mud! She even has time to write for a trans magazine that has a circulation of about 100 people who don't understand the internet and will for sure soon feature as the guest publication on have I got news for you

Of course when Nina changes back to Peter Parker again she does normal things young men do and loves fast cars and bikes as well as films and music and often hangs round with people that have no idea what she is or what she's capable of and of course like all young men masturbates far too often but never actually has sex with women mainly because she wants to be the woman and often has a hard time dealing with the fact she wasn't born one.

I know it's too far fetched you're right no one would every believe it I might send it to Ricky Gervais he'll love it and may even be able to get Billie Piper to play me as Nina and herself. How cool would that be!!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Great bondage shoot

Saturday my friend Bondage Bob(Or Steve to his friends)came over and with him on ropes and Keith on cameras we did lots of great stuff for the new site and worked(if you can call it work being tied up all the time)for about 12 hours solid. OK we took breaks for food and drink so it wasn't quite solid but almost. The results will of course end up on over the coming months but I've attached a sample photo here which is just a random one as there are 100's of great bondage images.

It's funny all that actively Saturday couldn't be further from yesterday where I never left my house and never saw anyone all day except my cat Misty and we just sat watching tele most of it. Although I did edit and upload to my site a special members request video of me as a schoolgirl being tied up and molested which is good so check it out.

Last week was quiet busy with clients but they all came either on Monday where I saw four or Thursday where I had two but one session was two hours. I'm aiming at two a day, five days a week really but at the moment I'm still lucky to average one a day and £70 a day doesn't make for a great wage as I don't charge the £150 an hour most females in the business do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the site gets really busy and so far in the first month it has been.

This week I've seen one client this morning but have no more bookings so have been sat on my laptop eating chocolate and I've almost devoured a whole bar of dairy milk this afternoon which is not good and another reason I need more clients to stop me eating chocolate and getting fat. More clients or more being tied up and gagged will also stop me eating I'm happy either way

Right I'm off to write my kinky blog for my site but before I do I'll give Repartee a plug as a new issue is out which features not only a wonderful article by yours truly about my France trip last year but also a lovely feature about Dawn Skinner who as you will know if you read my blog was a trans friend of mine and many others and passed away recently. Here's where you can buy the magazine

Now what did I do with the rest of that chocolate?

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Do you work with a woman?

This is the stupid question I'm fed up of hearing from people who ring up to enquire about my services or make a booking. None of my sites ever mention working with a woman and neither do any of my ads yet I still get asked all the time. If people want a born female call one not me! I'm an excellent mistress and pro sub and don't feel the need to get born women who are often twice the price and half as good involved OK!!

Right I've got that off my chest now as things are pretty quiet at the moment I've been spending a lot of time promoting and doing things for my new site which in just a few weeks seems to be doing well so far . Anyone who's not yet seen the site look here you'll be impressed

I was in fact only last night shooting a new film with my partner in crime for this venture Keith which was request from one of the new members and I need to keep my members happy so they stay members. Last night was a schoolgirl gagging and bondage video which once edited will be on the site.

Yesterday I put up a great new zentai layering film which also stars my friend Katrina Transdoll who I will be hopefully working with again before too long. Anyone into zentai will love this film as it's very  kinky.

I've also just edited my next gallery which will go on the site Thursday and is a retro lingerie bondage set and below are a couple of sample pics. There's even a struggling video like this to follow.

Away from the site one other thing I did was Saturday just gone I want to mention was I attended a memorial for Dawn Skinner a much loved member of the trans community and Roses forum. It was good to see so many turn out to pay their respects for her and she's very much missed by us all but not forgotten. Below is a photo of me and Dawn together in Bristol a few years ago. She was wonderful person who I was lucky to know and consider a friend


Thursday, 10 January 2013

My new Naughty Nina site is here!


After a lot of work from me and mainly my friend Alan my new Naughty Nina site has now gone live so please check it out at the address above. The site contains most of the old material as well as new photo and film galleries that i'll be updating at least twice a week to keep my members happy. Members can also e-mail me with comments and suggestions for possible shoots and there's another much more kinky blog on the site. Overall I'm very pleased with the look of the new site and the fact I've got control over it this time so the galleries will go up faster and be more current.

BTW don't click the picture hoping to get to my site copy and paste the link in the address bar of your browser.

Now that the site is running I'm also going to be needing lots of new kinky material and doing lots of new shoots so anyone who wants to be a part of one of the films let me know but I'm mainly looking for pretty trannies, kinky women and guys playing dominate parts and are good with bondage or CP. If you're any of those and want to get involved get in touch sadly I can't pay anyone but will give you copies of any shoots you're involved with. If you're not any of them just enjoy the site. Oh and as it's my birthday in 2 days it would be a nice present to get some new members so if you can't think what to buy me just join my site instead.

I've not really got anything else of much interest to talk about at the moment so just going to leave this post as a plug for my new site. Did I give you the web address?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year new photo new plans same old Nina

First off happy new year to everyone who reads my blog.

I've decided for the first time since creating my blog as it's a new year I'd change the main photo. I hope this meets with your approval and if it doesn't sorry but I like it. I know I'm flashing my panties but no gets to see my huge collection of panties unless I flash a pair now and again

So today I decided to spend the day at the beach which is only 20 minutes away from me but when I arrived it was busy with others having the same idea and I couldn't park. I guess if I'd really wanted too could have found somewhere but as I'm so close to the beach I thought I'd leave it for another day when it's quieter and returned home instead.hence now I'm writing in my blog.

I bet you're all wondering how I  saw the new year in last night and what wild party I went to right?

As it happens it was the first time in my life I saw it in on my own at home. Well not quite alone I had my cat Misty with me for company. It was OK butt not sure I want to be alone every new years eve from now on.

To be honest it was kind of fitting I saw the new year in alone as I'd not been to one party or event over the whole of the Christmas period as there was so little on and no one invited me anywhere except last night to a party in Wales but it was a 2 hour drive and didn't seem worth it in the end as I couldn't drink because I had to drive back home after.

As I write this I'm working out a few new years resolutions I want to stick too.

One of which will be to go out more as I spend a fortune on clothes that hardy anyone sees me in except a few clients who often end up covering them and me in cum.

I'm going to get fit and eat less this year too(see I really am a girl). I may even go back to the gym and start swimming again. If anyone's got a private pool and gym I can use as Nina get in touch as I don't like using public ones as a girl. I'm serious let me know!

Other than resolutions I have a couple of things I'm already looking forward too this year the first will be the launch of my new Naughty Nina site hopefully this month as it's nearly ready which will mean lots of bondage  films and photo shoots of course to keep my members happy.

The second is a tour on my blade of France with my friend Keith playing the role of backup support and luggage carrier in his car which again should be great fun to do but not until the summer.

Hopefully I'll keep updating this blog every couple of weeks too so you all know what's going on in my mad life.I'll report again around the 12th off January which is my birthday BTW and I'll be 21 again or is that 31? So hard to remember at my age.