Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Still not getting out much

But this time I've been sat around in Bristol for days dressed like a hooker waiting for clients to hopefully ring. I had one today for an hour and one yesterday for less than an hour who clearly should have seen an escort and not me but clients are clients and at the moment anything is better than nothing.

I've just spent nearly £100 on a new ad in trade it so I hope this gets me some clients as running out of places to advertise and money to do so!!

So I didn't go out over the weekend and missed Sparkle but my friend Kat came to see me and we dressed up in our lycra and took lots of great pics which was great fun. We also made a couple of kinky films which if good enough may end up on my Naughty Nina site.


On another matter one of my friends lent me his violet wand and I had a tiny accident today and put my heel through the case and I know he reads my blog so really sorry but it's not that bad honest. Bet he's thinking I can't trust that Nina to look after anything! I guess I'll have to buy him two WKD's Saturday now!

I think I'm going to soon have to return hom as running out of clean knickers!!

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