Thursday, 21 July 2011

I'm starting to feel like a prisoner here!

Let me explain for my pro sub and Mistress work I use my friends schoolroom which is great but it's located above some offices and the girls who work in the offices complained about my clients coming and going so my friend stopped me using it other than the evening when the offices are closed but I still use the place to change at and often stay in the flat as I am now on my own while my friend is in France at his other house and its great having a flat and the schoolroom to myself but the problem is if I'm staying here I now feel like I have to ask every time I allow anyone else to visit me here even if it's a friend who wants to pop round and it's driving me mad that this place is empty all day except for me and I can't see clients here. It's like having a car but not being able to take anyone for a ride in it! I've been up here for a few days now while the trolls below keep an eye out all day in case I have any visitors. Kind of like sleeping beauty trapped in the tower waiting to be rescued. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful my friend trust me enough to come and go as I want from here but sometimes I wish she'd trust me just a little bit more and not feel the need to have people keep an eye on me while she's away.

I do of course have a second place to see clients at but this also has problems the biggest of these being where it is and the state of it and the people that live in the flat next to it or I should say live outside the flat next to it most of the time!

I now have another back up place available but this is half an hour away from the schoolroom and as I found out today to far out for most people so as yesterday I've again seen no one but turned down several people.

It's been clear for sometime the only way my business will work is once I have my own venue to do all my sessions from but at the moment there's so many reason why I can't sort something out of my own. Money being the main one of course.

So other than missing out on work what else have I been up to you ask. OK you didn't ask but lets pretend you did . Well now that you ask I went to club O again last Saturday and it felt like old times there getting tied up and spanked really brought a smile back to my face. There are photos of this but not very good ones so don't think I'll add any.

My friend Kat came around and was let into the flat yesterday and I tied her up and took photos of her in her tight leopard leotard. We did some stuff with her and a dummy(not me)in a cage which kept falling on her which was very funny.  Not got any of the photos so can't add them either!

That's not good you read all the rubbish I wrote about me being a prisoner in the flat and don't have anything to look at! Sorry I'll see if I can find something but I can't promise.

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  1. Fek me you is a blonde one, innit!!!!

    That first paragraph was the longest single sentene i as read in yars, innit. Ive heard you got big lungs like a fish with your underwater exploits an that, but Im still amazed you got to the full-stop in a single breath!

    Still, I like the image of repunzel in her tower with the trolls down below. who is the wicked witch? Can I be your Prince Charming. People in restauraunts often mutter rhat Im "charming"...usually after ive burped and farted.