Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Could be the end of Naughty Nina

I'm not talking about me I mean my website www.naughtynina.net of course which is currently unable to take new members and it looks like this is an issue I may not be able to resolve. Unless I change my current shared server to a VPS that is. Which costs loads more money than I currently pay and my site doesn't make that much anyway so it probably wouldn't really pay. Also I wouldn't have a clue how to migrate my sites anyway so would have to pay someone to do it. 

On top of this for some reason I can't connect to my sites through dreamweaver anymore. So it looks like after several fun years Naughty Nina has come to an end sadly. So not the best start to 2017 with still no venue of my own to session from and now no working paysite. 

Although it now looks like they won't get used at least not on my site I did a couple of bondage shoots yesterday and one was as Boltie from the film Super which was great fun.to make at least. I also went out shopping in Bristol with my best friend who bought me a fab body from M&S for my birthday which is this coming Thursday. As for what I'll be doing on my birthday I've no idea but if I do anything interesting I'll let you know