Monday, 15 October 2012

I've never looked better

Yes this week I was mummified using pallet wrap in a slightly unusual way. It was great though so check out the photos attached to this post. I've never looked better.

At the moment I'm really into cycling again and going out about 3 times a week on either my mountain bike or my racing bikes which I keep in different places. My racer is at my friends house near Bristol and my mountain bike is at home. It was my mountain bike I went out on today getting wet in the process which I don't mind as it cools me off. One day maybe next year I might look into doing a cycle ride to raise more money for cancer research. Cancer is something I can never escape from as my dad's cancer has now returned. I took him to the hospital for a full body MRI scan last Friday and now waiting on the results of just how much it's spread. Of course keeping fingers crossed it's not bad news.

Other than being mummified I've not done that much kinky stuff other than with a few clients being spanked and so on but that feels like normal stuff to me these days. If I ever get a new naughty Nina site going then I'll need to do lots of kinky stuff again which of course I'll hate.

I've not even been out much lately although I did go to the cinema and watch Looper yesterday which I enjoyed but found it full of holes because of the whole time travel thing.Still I'd recommend it if you've not seen it already. I then went to a harvester for tea which was full of families with screaming children. I couldn't eat my meal fast enough!

Other things I've done include being a maid at my friends party in Wales for the 3rd time or was it the 4th. I can't remember. I don't know why he keeps asking me as I'm a rubbish maid as many of the guest often tell me at these parties. There's more to the job than looking good it seems and I've got some new photos for my spanking ads done(also see attached)

Sorry this is a short update but not much else to tell you at them moment.