Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Happy New Year

OK it's a tiny bit early but I rarely go out new years eve hence I'm at home writing my January blog instead. it's a bit sad this year as anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook will know my cat Misty died just before Christmas and the house still seems empty without her here.

The new year is looking up work wise though as I have some bookings already so hopefully I'll have a busier year 2020 than I did in 2019. Which wasn't my best as a few of my regular clients disappeared for some reason. It is possible they've died for all I know! If they have it was nothing to do with me.

If anyone wants to see me to live out some of your kinky dreams check out my site first  http://www.fantasygirl-nina.com/

While I'm doing plugs here's one for the latest Transliving magazine in which I'm featured quite a lot and have a 8 page feature on my take and thoughts on "Ponyplay". It looks great in print as does the french maid photoshoot. So please check it out by getting either a digital or printed copy here.

If you follow the link it's the issue 66 at the top but I've also had features in every issue from issue 59. So if you like my photos and reading about kinky stuff I'm into any of the last 8 issues should keep you happy. There's lots of other fantastic features covering many aspects of gender diversity in these excellent magazines too. It's not all about me you know. Just mostly about me. lol

So 2019 is over and I've done lots of interesting things and sessions but it's been a very up and down year for me. Hopefully 2020 will have more ups. I'm hoping to finally move house at some point and go back to doing more bondage and kinky stuff again once I get a new place of my own.

January marks 10 years since I started working as a pro sub/spankee and now I'm a pro sub/spankee/escort and most people I knew back then didn't think I'd last when I said this is what I wanted to do with my life. To be honest I moan about the lack of clients at times but most trans girls doing what I do really don't last long so I must be doing something right or I'm really good at winging it. I'm kidding I'm good at what I do honest.

OK only an hour to go so I'll wish you all a happy new year and hopefully for my next blog I'll actually have something interesting to write but until then here's a new photo of me showing my panties again.


Monday, 9 December 2019


My bum hurts a bit today which isn't surprising as I spent Saturday and Sunday being punished by various people at "Ouch Spanking party" in Sunbury. It's a fun 2 day event that I've attended once a year at Christmas for the past 4 years now.

I'm slowly getting to know the people that go regularly every year. Some go far more often as there are more parties throughout the year. Many are now getting to know me too or at least my bum as they punish it. I must mention another trans girl called Joanna who helps out there and always gives me a caning,spanking and paddling. She took the pics here too. Anyone wanting to find out more about her can here on her site


She also writes a blog there so why not check her out.

Last night even though I had a sore bottom already I still managed to do a session where I was spanked,strapped and caned again which was slightly hard going but I managed it.

The weekend before was another event this time TLI's annual Bournemouth one. This was the 3rd one of these I've attended in a row. It's a nice 2 night event and has a lovely swimming pool which I always use. Sadly this time I didn't win any of the competitions I entered. One being Hollywood the other Miss Christmas as it has been every time I've been there and every time I've come up with a different Miss Christmas outfit. Apparently this is the last time it'll be Miss Christmas.

Typical now I've bought 100's different Miss Christmas outfits expecting it always to be Miss Christmas So what am I going to do with them!  ;-)

While I was at the TLI event I did a great photoshoot with Sven mainly round the pool and mainly in leather gear . Something I rarely wear until my fairy godmother bought me some recently as an early Christmas present that was. Hopefully some guys into leather might want to book me wearing it now I have it. Photos will be coming soon so look out for them. Here's a teaser

This will likely be my last blog post this year and as from next month I'll be posting on or near the first once a month hopefully.

It's nearly Christmas so you'd better hurry up and buy me something nice. You know what I like right? If not loo at my wish list on my TVChix profile.

See you all back here in the new year unless you follow me on facebook,twitter, fetlife or flickr that is. As I'm always on these posting rubbish every week. Sorry about that


Saturday, 16 November 2019

New Miss Rose and New Miss Berdita

You lucky reader of my blog I'm writing another post less than a month after the last as have interesting new stuff to tell you about myself. The first thing I'm going to bore you with is how this week I won the prestigious title of "Miss Rose 2019" This is a fun competition held at the Dumbleton days event hosted and organised by Martine Rose at "Dumbleton Hall" hence the name. It's a 2-4 day event for trans girls and their friends/partners and the Miss Rose competition is the centrepiece but not the only thing that goes on at these events. If interested in attending check out Martine's own site   http://www.roses-repartee.uk/ to find out what else goes on as I didn't see much else of it to be honest but heard it was good.

It's the first time I've attended one of her hotel based events for years. Last time was back in the days when they were call "Harmony" and "Miss Rose" was also "Miss Harmony". Which I did enter at least once,maybe twice I'm not quite sure. You get forgetful when you start to get older it seems! Anyway I finished second in the one I do remember but never won. So I was please to win "Miss Rose" on my first attempt. I wore it wearing the same green dress I won Transliving's "Dreamboats and Petticoats" competition last year so I guess it's a very lucky dress for me. Now what competition can I enter in it next I wonder?

Should I do a speech and bore you thanking lots of random people do you think?

Maybe I wont but I will thank Martine for putting on the event and the judges for picking me as the winner and my best friend Sven Svenson. Who has been forgotten about by the public all these years after doing so well on the quiz show "Going for gold"  and to his credit never mentions it to anyone.

Talking of Sven another reason I invited him along as he's not trans was so we could use the wonderful Dumbleton Hall as a location to do a photoshoot of me modelling underwear. Which was given to me by the owner of https://berditalingerie.com/  I met this guy several years ago in Germany and since then he bought this underwear company that sells fantastic retro style lingerie mainly to curvy real women but with so much competition he thought they should take a risk to get more sales and try marketing the stuff to trans girls too. He remembered me and got in contact again asking me to be their trans model. I think he see's his underwear business a bit like the shoe company in the film "Kinky Boots" and hopes trans girls seeing photos of me wearing the stuff online might buy if for themselves. I hope he follows this through and takes the risk and uses my photos and Maybe renames the site "Kinky Knicks" or something. OK maybe not that.

He sent me a load of undies which I get to keep and Sven and I have now done the first of 2 shoots for them and I have to say I genuinely love their underwear which feels and looks great and also fits well even though I'm only a pretend woman. Sven was a hero taking over a 1000 photos of me in underwear on the day. There's a few attached here.

We did our shoot the same day as the Miss Rose competition and with a really long drawn out meal between it was a very busy day for me. Don't get me wrong I'm not moaning about the meal as being drawn out you get to chat to whoever you end up sat next too more. Might not be so good if you don't like who you're sat with at dinner I guess.

"How's business Nina?" I hear you ask. Still too quiet but I do have an 8hr switch bondage session at Ashton studio on Monday which should be a lot of fun. Maybe when "gays" sorry "guys" start seeing me in this sexy Berdita underwear my escort bookings will start to go up again. Fingers crossed.

If you would like to book a kinky session with me check out my site
In the mean time enjoy the photos below but not too much.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Time of the month

Yes it's been over a month again since my last blog post but I have a plan as sometimes I go much longer than a month without updating my one follower/stalker. More or less the same thing right?

From now on I'm going to post once a month it's going to be on or close to the 1st so I don't forget as you never know I may have something interesting to say for a change

As this post is near the end of the month it's unlikely the nest one will be Friday as I wont have too much more to say. Then again I do have a domme session Friday morning which could go tits up as it is 3hrs giving me something to blog about I guess. BTW I got told off today for calling a male dom a domme in a chatroom. Silly me! Maybe if we're in-between we should be a dome?

OK so that's the future of my blog sorted. Hopefully by January I'll be posting on the 1st of each month so make a note in your diary next to the new brexit date which will have changed by then of course.

Last time I posted here I was moaning about my poor old knees and the fact I've had to buy and E-bike and how much I love it as it's not hard work and so on but since then it's rained almost all the time and as I'm a girl I don't like getting wet(only wet and messy) and have not been using the E-bike at all and instead all I seem to have been doing lately is a being lazy cow and eating which is not good as I don't want to become a fat whore. I've had a couple of goes on the exercise bike but not been getting anywhere near enough exercise at the moment.  Maybe more guys need to book me for sex so I still get a good workout?

Warning anyone not interested in motorbikes please skip the next two paragraphs and read again below the pic of my new bike.

Another reason my new E-bike is not getting used is I've trading in my Honda Fireblade for a new motorbike after 8 and half years of ownership. I was very sad but she had to go and I got a really good deal on a new Kawasaki Z1000SX which although bigger and heavier is more comfortable and able to take a pillion and luggage. In fact it comes with removable panniers than I can fill with all my girlie stuff when I next go touring which now I have a new bike I'm tempted to do again next year. This time I'm thinking of Ireland and just like my tours of the UK and France on my R1 and my Fireblade again going far to many miles in one day to see anything really and arriving everywhere knackered! I can't wait!

Interesting fact(to me only really) my last 5 bikes have all been bought new and are all different makes and if you don't count my little KTM390 which is a kind of second bike they have been one of each of the 4 main Japanese bike companies. I have done photos with the last 4 so at some point I want to do some with the new bike too but with this bike I need to make some mods to get it how I want it first. So you may have to wait a bit to see me riding round by the boats in a leotard and tights again, For those who are not sure what my new bike looks like and can't be assed to look on google I've attached a  photo.  I rode mine back from up north in the dark and rain for what seemed like all night which was no fun having ridden the old bike the same distance to trade it in already that day but at least the bike was half run in by the time I got home. I must say someone at Kawasaki is having a laugh making people run these things in for 600miles below 4000RPM though! That's like just over 50 on the motorway on a 1000cc bike!

So on top of the new bike I again went to the Transliving event at Eastbourne which was good fun and it was great to catch up with everyone there. As always I enjoyed the themed dress ups including the Sunday one which was "Rock Chicks" where I finished 3rd behind a real girl and a man dressed as a man. Or as I like to say 1st really as they don't count.  I'm kidding I wish more admirers would come and take part and dress as guys as it's just trans girls otherwise. I do think real women should have to also dress in male costumes though. I won a few bits including a selfie stick for coming third which doesn't charge up but I'm still using it with the camera timer instead so it was a good prize after-all.Even broken. While there we had fun as french maids too wandering round the streets turning heads from people driving by. Hopefully not causing any accidents though! I also went shopping with my friend Katie the DJ and for the first time she actually bought something which she never normally does. A lovely new top She later told me it didn't fit and had to take it back though but at least she did buy something.

As for work it's all a bit quiet again and if I am seeing clients it's escort work not sub and domme sessions at the moment which I don't mind as long as the guys who book me act like guys. If they want to act all useless and pathetic they should book me as Mistress Nina.

Last week Sven(real name honest) came over and took some more photos of me in different outfits(a few below). Many came from an America company who make stuff for trans girls and I've now got quite a bit of their stuff and hope to do an honest review on it in a future issue of TLI. It wont be the next issue( I will be in that one too of course horsing around) but maybe the one after so keep an eye out for it and help keep the magazine going by buying it if you can, It is a good magazine honest

You can get the current issue here and see me all covered in mud and food inside too. Whats more could you ask for from a trans magazine?

BTW if you'd like to feature in a future mag and have good quality photos get in touch with Shane though the site as he's always looking for new and interesting content.

Oh the last photo is not me in my America clothes but dressed as a little girl in a nappy hoping to be spanked. If your fantasy is to spank me like this get in touch and I may also suck your dummy.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Bikes and Knees

Anyone who really knows me (and to be honest there's only a few people that do)will also know I love cycling and bikes. I used to love running but for many years now I've also suffered from knee problems and pain but before anyone say's it's because I spend too much time on my knees in my chosen job it's not OK! It's nothing to do with what I do! Maybe I'll start wearing knee pads just in case though. 

I'm not sure what it is but it's made a lot worse by exercise and the main reason I stopped running and decided to get most of my exercise through cycling instead. I used to do a lot of  mountain bike riding with friends in the Quontocks(they're hills in case you didn't know) and I was pretty good and fast over the rough stuff too on my "Trek" mountain bike but I also used to fall off a lot and decided in the end to concentrate on road riding and bought myself a "Giant" road bike(no not a bike for large people) which I rode everywhere for a few years and even did some photos with for a Repartee feature on trans girls who cycle. This also included my friend "Katrina" who is really big into cycling and has a number of road bikes.

I kept the mountain bike for the rough stuff though. However two years ago after constantly getting punctures I got fed up with the Road bike not being able to cope with anything other than totally smooth surfaces and getting flats every time I rode over a a tiny pebble and sold both bikes for one I though would cope with everything. Which it did.

Sadly last year my knee pain returned in a big way and because I live in a very hilly area everywhere I cycled I put pressure on my knees. I decided to rest from cycling and pay for some sports therapy on my painful knees as my doctor just sent me away with an exercise sheet he printed off. Which was little help 

The therapy helped but as soon as I started cycling again the pain got worse once more. So I decided again to change bikes and bought a hybrid bike. Which after just one ride I knew was a bad decision and not going to help matters. So I returned the bike and instead I bought a new E-bike which I love.

I've had it a month now and its great. it's also a KTM the same make as my little motorbike and in matching orange. Just like both my motorbikes are. Anyone would think orange is my favourite colour but it's really not. Everyone knows girls love pink not orange don't they?

The E-bike is great except for the uncomfortable saddle that goes right up my bum that is. I've been riding it miles further than any other bike with the knowledge that I can ride it like a normal bike with no power or if I'm struggling I have 4 different levels of assists that can help out.

For anyone who doesn't know about E-bikes they're not motorbikes so you still have to pedal or they stop but they make hills feel like flats which is what I needed(I'm not talking about shoes BTW). Oh and they are expensive. Mine was over £2000 and that's a cheap one! However they are great if like me you have an issue with knees and love cycling or you're old too I guess. An E-bike could be the answer for you too. Just remember to charge the battery! BTW I'm not old even though I keep getting comments now on my pics say "You look great" followed by "for you age"

Away from my push bike history work is quiet at the moment(maybe it's because I'm old now) although I did two domme sessions at Onyx Saturday with two new clients. The first one went well and the guy even came twice in the session so he must have been having fun. The second one not so well and they guy didn't seem to be into it and never came at all. Everyone likes different things I guess and maybe not everyone likes me. Strange as that seems.

If anyone one wants to book a kinky session with me as a sub, domme or escort check out my site
http://fantasygirl-nina.com/ as I love kinky clients from guys who just want to dress in stockings or tights to guys who love stuff like latex,CP and strict bondage. Trust me you'll have fun with me.

Other news the latest issue of TLI is now out and it features me and others as ST Trinians girls as well as my latest"world of kink" article where I talk all out my love of "Sploshing" and there's lots of photos of me covered in mud and food for you to enjoy. You can buy a hard or digital copy here. http://www.transliving.co.uk/purchase_one.html  BTW this is part six of my world of Kink and you can still buy the old magazines with the other 5 instalments in on the same link. Oh and last issue I didn't write about kink but did a feature on "What Katie Did" underwear instead. So you'd want that one for your "Nina" collection too right?

So below are pics taken by Sven Svenson on my new E-bike dressed in a sexy orange outfit to match my new bike as well some older ones on my last couple of bikes and yes this is how I go out dressed when riding them. Even with heels on. You know I'm telling porkies right?



Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Lack of Sparkle

So I've just returned from yet another Sparkle event and have to say it wasn't one of the better ones as far as I was concerned.

It started off on a low after I entered Miss Sparkle online as I did last year but this time didn't hear anything back. It turns out this means I didn't make it into the competition for one reason or another. Some say it's because I entered last year others it might be because I work as a kinky escort. No idea to be honest. So I unpacked the 2 dresses I had packed for the competition the night before I left as I no longer needed them

 I travelled up to Wigan and stayed with my Friend there Thursday night and left my car at his so I didn't have to leave in in a Manchester car park all weekend. I say all weekend chances are it would have only lasted one night.

 My friend fed me and dropped me at my hotel at 2pm Friday and as I wasn't going out to 7pm I'd booked a client in my room in the afternoon for some kinky fun which didn't happen. So not a good start.

I went out in Jeggings and a black body with Stacy from TLI and a few others to the same all you can eat for not much money place we went to last year. Trannies love places like this it seems. Which actually cheered me up after not getting a client in the hotel.

After this we made our way to the village which wasn't great as I knew hardly anyone out and the busy clubs/pubs were doing my head in. By 10.30 I was back in my air conditioned room watching repeats of Killing Eve! which was more enjoyable than the village to be honest. I do sometimes wonder what the appeal of going to a packed club playing music too loud you wouldn't normally listen too unable to chat is? I think I'm missing the point here as others come back saying what a great night they had but that's exactly what they did all night.

Next day I was up early and out shopping with Stacy on her new fold up mobility scooter. Which was probably my weekend highlight. I bought a couple of nice dresses from River Island and Superdry and several pairs of flats and tights from Primark! Where we also chatted to a lovely big trans girl and a nice camp gay man.

I went to try on a white dress in Superdry but decided better of it as knew I'd get makeup on it and have to buy it if I did. I also couldn't get two skirts over my hips in Primark so opted to leave them rather than admit I'm now fat and try on a size 12

Stacy on her scooter was very entertaining from going into a lift one way only for the side lift door to open on the next floor meaning a sort of Austin Powers scene followed with lots of going back and forward to turn the scooter in a small space. It almost ran out of juice too meaning Stacy got off and pushed it for a bit much to the amazement of everyone around. I felt like shouting "It's a miracle you can walk again" but thought better of it

As the scooter was flat we had to get a taxi to the park. Once there we hunted down the TLI magazines that had been sent ahead. 4 box fulls in fact which I spent all afternoon giving away for free. In fact it was 7pm by the time I'd shifted them all. Stacy and Jay(who she was staying with) had long since returned to the hotel. Again I was rocking my TLI catsuit this time I had black shorts over the top for some reason. I'm not sure what I was thinking as I must have looked crap and my wig just wouldn't sit right either.. Handing out the mags did give me chance to chat to lots of people in the park but I was so focused on the job I didn't look round the stalls or take any notice of anything going on, on the stage. To be honest not sure I missed out though

So I walked back to the hotel in Portland street on my own feeling a bit tired with very long arms after carrying heavy magazines round all afternoon(and no I didn't bin any of them but I did give a load to someone who wanted to send them to trans people in prison so at least they can still wank in their cells) and also very hot in my catsuit and I joined Stacy and Jay for dinner there. None of us returned to the village that night and I sat in the bar with a bottle of wine and a couple of unconvincing TV's who'd returned early. That was it as the next morning my friend picked me up and took me back to Wigan to tie me up all afternoon and evening which I did enjoy much more. He also took some some pics of me where as hardly anyone did at the Sparkle event. Which is rare for me(maybe it's because I'm now fat and ugly) I've no idea who won Miss Sparkle as that was on Sunday and as I wasn't good enough to enter I'm probably not good enough to watch either.

Yes There was a lack of photos and a total lack of Sparkle as far as I'm concerned. Here's some pics taken of me on the weekend but not at Sparkle for you to enjoy. The reason I'm flashing my panties in some is because someone has bought them and I have to wear them for a week and do photos in them for him. He'll wash them when they get to him of course.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

"Been a busy boy then"

Is how one of my regular clients responded to me when I said I had a lot of bookings last week. He quickly changed it too "Busy girl" but it was too late the damage was done and it saddens me sometimes that no matter how good I look and how feminine I am people will never see me as female. It's not just me but most other TV's and TS's.

As far as most people including my clients are concerned all we are is blokes in fancy dress. I've always known this unlike many trans girls who seem to think people genuinely see them as women, They don't I'm afraid. I rarely moan about it and just make the most of it which I think I do pretty well considering I've been working as Nina for the last 9.5 years but the truth of not being seen how I'd love to be seen can be depressing at times. I've said it before but I think I'm a good looking trans girl who knows her stuff when it comes to kink and what I do. Much more so than half the female pro's just doing it for money. Yet being trans means demand is low and I have to charge less than the worse female mistress. This really sucks sometimes

OK moan over "So what's going on in your life Nina?" I heard you all ask. Well I've been thinking about changing my motorbikes as anyone who' a friend on Facebook already knows. I think I want just one bike to do everything well instead of two that do some things brilliantly and other things not so brilliantly. Don't worry not going to bore you as have gone into far too much detail on Facebook already and sent most of my friend into a comma on the subject. One thing will happen for sure though if I change the bikes and that's another photo shoot as I now always do when I change any of my vehicles even pushbike. How sad am I?

If i get a new bike I might take it touring again as not been on a bike tour since I went round France with Sven Svenson on my blade a few years ago. No he wasn't on the bike with me he had his car and all the luggage which to me was a good way to tour on a motorbike, Not like when I took everything on my R1 and toured the UK which made the bike handle rubbish and in the end broke both me and the bike!

Away from this last week I was very busy with clients and even got my bum caned a couple of times. This week not so busy so far but it seems to be like that in this game. Maybe everyone's watching the world cup. Who said "What world cup!!"

Last week Sven came over and took some new pics of me in different outfits. Nothing too kinky except the odd upskirt as always and below are a few of these new photos. I've not put anywhere else

More soon Nina xx

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Time to kill

Yes I'm not that busy today so again I turn to my blog and I can't believe it's over 2 months since I wrote here but I'm always saying that so I'm not going to apologise and instead just write stuff about what's happened in the last couple of months that I can remember. Before I go on I did a session this morning dressed as latex Supergirl which was fun but I must of lost all my powers as he over powered me and made me suck him off. Not at all what you'd expect from the woman of steel is it? Why can't more guys ge me to wear superhero costumes instead of stockings and suspenders all the time!

So I went to Eastbourne in March and handed over my Miss TLI crown to the new or in this case old Miss TLI. When I say old she's my friend Martine Rose and is in fact the oldest person to win the title but as one of the judges all I can say is she deserved it. She had a fantastic ball gown and just stood out more than the others who entered, I think she's a credit to the trans world and can't wait to read her story "Still life in the old dog yet" in the next TLI. OK that's probably not going to be the title but if I'm still around at 79  and winning competition like she is it might be the title of my article.

Even though she hates me it was nice to see Connie win one of the other 2 titles on offer. I can't remember if it was golden or silver miss TLI she won but it made her happy. She may say she hates me but as a judge she should be thanking me. To be honest she may make out she hates me but it's all a front she loves me really. LOL If you've no idea who she is check out my friends list on Facebook. Oh hang on she unfriended me so you wont find her there. Don't worry about it then

Although I'm no longer Miss TLI I'll carry on supporting the group and writing for the magazine. In the current issue I'm wrestling with the lovely Pippa L'vinn in my word of kink. I know it's a hard life. You can buy that mag now and you won't want to miss the next issue either as I'll be in my underwear again. I'm taking a break for one issue from my world of kink to show off my "What Katie Did" collection. So anyone reading this who enjoys wanking over photos of me in sexy undies look out for it and if you want to buy me any sexy undies to model for you don't let me stop you. BTW it seems whatever I do I upset someone and by letting people buy me clothes or undies I had someone tell me it was disgusting making people buy me stuff. For that person "I like that people buy me clothes to model for them and I don't make anyone buy me anything OK!

OK rant over but I bet they wouldn't say no to someone buying sexy stuff for them. 

Anyway I've just had someone on the phone wanting me to feature on TV in a upcoming program about pro sub's. It's not the first time I've been asked to do stuff like this and although I don't do them I often think this wold be a way of getting more known and more clients which is always something I could do with.

OK where was I before the phone went? Oh yes I  did win something at Eastbourne and it was the fetish themed costume competition. I had to win that right? I went as a ponygirl but the gutting thing was the zip on my brand new pony boots broke so I couldn't wear them with the outfit. Lucky for me I had some nice other thigh highs and the outfit still looked good. The saga of the boots which cost me £250 is still ongoing as waiting for them to come back fro Thailand where they're repairing them. This is after I took them to a local cobbler  first who so called repaired them only for them to break the next day. He only charged me £20 so I didn't even bother to go back. Fingers crossed when I get them back I can wear them and the zip wont go again as really want to get some photos of me in them.

So I won as ponygirl and ran a St Trinians photoshoot while at Eastbourne too. So another great TLI event was had by all I think. Role on the next one when I'm organizing a french maids photoshoot.

Last week I did another shoot with Meena so hopefully these pics will also feature in a magazine at some point like the last shoot we did together. Again best friend Sven Svenson was the photographer for this. Or just Sven to his friends and we got some good results. if they don't make a magazine they will be on Mistress Meena's site and I'll be putting lots online to promote her domme work and my sub work.

OK I've gone on enough for now as I need to decide if I want to be a TV star or not. Who said "you're already a TV star Nina!" Not that kind of TV!

Monday, 18 February 2019

Mistress Meena Sessions and Get Spanked magazine

Both are connected as I recently did a CP photo feature for the latest "Get Spanked" magazine. which is 7 pages long and looks great. The magazine is out now and you can buy it here


As you can see I'm on the cover with the lovely Mistress Meena who did the shoot with me. I was a naughty school girl and she was a strict head mistress. Even though it was for a photoshoot she genuinely caned and spanked my bum and trust me she knows how to do both. The reason photographer Sven Svenson wanted it done for real is so he could get some proper reactions and just snap away as I was being punished. Not that I didn't enjoy it. I always love being caned and spanked as anyone who's seen me or knows me will testify.

If anyone reading this wishes to book a session with Mistress Meena check her site out here


She's a visiting mistress now so will come and see you at a venue of your choice but can still be booked at Studio Onyx in Taunton where I also session sometimes.

Also if anyone is looking for a double domme session either in Taunton or Bristol we're now both available to domme you. Meaning it's double trouble for you. Check out my Mistress site for what I offer as a domme here


If you don't fancy having two Mistresses domme you but instead like the idea of being a sub with me and Mistress Meena domming us both. Maybe tieing us up together and then punishing us both in various ways you can also book us both together for this too.

You can even book to watch her domme me if you like. We'd put on a good real life show just for you.

While you think about that go buy a copy of the latest "Get Spanked" here's a few pics that we're good enough for the feature for you to enjoy