Friday, 21 October 2016

Website issues

This is for my members and anyone thinking of joining my amazing website
I'm having a few issues with Dreamweaver at the moment so although I'm still doing the video and gallery updates I'm unable to update the home page so it doesn't look like the site is being updated. If you're a member already you'll see that new stuff is still going on twice a week in the members area though. Sadly there will be no update this coming Monday as someone is trying to sort my Dreamweaver problem and needs my laptop for a few days to do so.

So apart from my site issues what have been up to since moving out of the cottage you ask.

Work wise so far all the sessions but one I've done have been at
I've been doing one or two there most weeks and I also had an out call to a caravan near the beach for a sploshing/escort session. This was from one of my regulars which was a first for me as never done a session in a caravan before. It was actually good fun with a lovely client.

I've now decided to take my time searching for the right place to live and do my sessions from in the future so there's a good chance it wont be until well into 2017 before I'm fully up and running again.

In the meantime I'm still available for out calls to your home or hotels but not car meets. I've had loads of people ask me for this since losing my venue. I mean do I look like a girl who meets guys for sex in a car!! Don't answer

I've said this before but no one listens to me so I'll say it again. Unless I know you most bookings with me will require a deposit at the moment unless you happen to ring on the day and I'm already working at a hired venue that is which so far no one has managed to do.

One other thing of interest I can possibly do an overnight kinky booking here now but you need to pay for the venue as well as me but it is quite cheap.

Other than that I've not been out that much. I did however go to a trans meal last night in Bristol which was pleasant and very well attended by mainly trans girl in various states... sorry I mean various states of transition. Actually I think I was right the first time. To be honest it was just nice to get out and as we were pretty much the only ones in the pub I didn't feel like I was part of a freak show as much as I normally do when I attend these things. Then again in many ways I'm the biggest freak of the lot I guess.

My next night out will probably be the BDSM event in Weston called MDS which is on Halloween so I can get away with being a freak here and no will notice.

Anyway now I have more spare time I really should update my blog more if only I had something interesting to blog about! Then again that doesn't stop most people.