Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Feeling a bit sore today.

Yes I had a session last night that ended up with me receiving damage to my not so lady bits. This was the first session I'd had for 2 weeks because of venue issues and now it looks like I'm going to be out of action for a while longer. Is someone trying to tell me I'm in the wrong job I wonder?

As I've not posted for a few days I'll fill you in on the bits of my life you've missed out on starting with the TV meal I went out on Thursday last week which was very nice but mainly a bunch of granny trannies. There was however a young TV who had never been out before who decided this would be her first time and I have to say she looked pretty good and she brought a friend who had also never been out dressed and although this time he didn't dress he did come out and dress a couple of days after this. These two new TV's came back to where I stay and kept me up until about 3 in the morning which wasn't good as the next day was to be my first attempt at hosting a bondage party and didn't really want to be tired out. As it was and with a lot of help from my friend Mike and Davina who owns the venue the whole thing went pretty well and we all had fun. Well I say fun but as I was trying to be the host with the most for most of the night and I decided not to play as did Davina who was tired as she also stayed up late the previous night so probably didn't enjoy the party as much as she would have liked to have done.

There was some really good bondage taking place throughout the night with the highlight being from Adam tying Kartina in a crucifix position while in a full zentai suit(see pics) and the bbq and food prepared by Mike was exellent too. Although he did ruin all the sandwiches by putting green stuff in them and everyone knows you can't eat anything green!!

Again we didn't get to bed until between 3 and 4am which mean't I was really starting to feel it come Saturday but I got up and dragged Mike along to a splunch(a munch for sploshers) while Adam went to see the SS Great Britain and to be honest I think Mike would have been happier seeing the SS Great Britain too as he hates all things messy and doesn't get sploshing at all. Much to Mikes relief we didn't stay that long as we had to get ready for a night out at club O as it was their monthly fetish/BDSM event. When we got there though the place was in darkness as they had no electricty for some unknow reason and even though there was candles everywhere they soon had to shut because this was becoming a fire hazard. So we all went to another club in Bristol called Romeo's which although a swinging club was holding it's first fetish event.  I must say a big thank you to them for letting us all in for £5 each. If you want to know more look here http://romeos-club.co.uk/

I did ask the owner about doing my sub/dom sessions there but at £100 a time this was a no go but if you don't ask you don't know. Talking about sessions I do now have use of another venue in the day so it's not all bad news with my work.

Yet again we didn't get to bed to it was getting light Sunday morning and then the guys that stayed over including Lucy a TV that came up from Plymouth saturday all slowly departed back to there own homes after the very eventful weekend. I got home sunday night and slept for ages to make up for all the sleep I'd been missing out on.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Why can't I get my act together!!!

I've not left the house today. In fact I've hardly left the house all week and I've not had hardly any real contact with people either. All I've done is sit on the computer stuff my face full of chocolate feeling sorry for myself because my life isn't where it should be.

I have a list of things I could be doing at home one of which is work my way through a 432 page book about Dreamweaver CS4 which I can't get in the right mindset to do. If I ever manage to do this I should be able to take over my sites and make them better providing at least weekly update for naughty Nina which I'm sure will help get new members and keep existing ones http://www.naughty-nina.com/ For anyone who is a member there is a new update this week though so check out the cross trainer video.

I'm also a little depressed after losing my venue for doing pro sub and mistress work and this week have been forced to turn many clients away as a result. I really want to buy my own place and have this dream of converting different rooms for different types of play but again money is an issue and I can't see anyone giving me a mortgage even though I know I would have little problems paying one once I have the house how I'd like it.

I guess the answer could be get myself a vanilla job again until I can get a mortgage but as I'm not really any good at anything I might struggle back in the real world.

Like I said at the beginning I know where I should be which is running a reasonably successful paysite as my material is pretty good and other TV's manage to do OK. So even make a living off their paysites and doing OK as a pro sub/Mistress/model/maid and all the other things I offer on my sites as I know I've got the ability and looks to do well and all the clients I've seen so far have been well impressed with both  

Maybe I need to pay someone to organise my life for me as I'm not good at it.

OK back to the chocolate and internet porn.

Oh here's some kinky new pics soon to be on my site I hope

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Not sure if I've talked about SWAMP before but though as I've been adding a few links to events I often can be found at I'd do the same for SWAMP http://www.swampinbristol.org.uk/ I was there again this Sunday at the market in the afternoon looking for some small prizes for games I have planed for my upcoming bondage party "Tide Up" and I bought a couple of bits and a cheap strap-on but this is not for the party!!  After a look round the market I went over to pizza express with a few friends for a bite to eat before going back to SWAMP for the evening and maybe some play. Now anyone that knows me will also know I don't like pizza's so would be wondering why I went there for food. You see the only thing I like on the menu is their lasagne and it's the best lasagne I've ever had so always go for that and this time it was even better as it was free! The reason for this was the first one they brought out to me had to go back as the dish it was in fell apart when I started to eat it!! 
After my free meal it was back to SWAMP and to catch up with many of my kinky friends and it didn't look like I was going to play until Jodi and Bites dragged me off as they had at MDS for a nice spanking. Oh and it was a day for things breaking on me was the spanking bench also fell to bits and we struggled to put it back together.
All in all it was a good night and I stayed to the very end being one of the last to leave the venue and I'd recommend it to anyone into BDSM who's never been before. 

After leaving I had a bit of a walk alone in a very short dress to my car and got some attention from some guys who weren't sure if I was a woman or guy but clearly fancied me either way. I was glad to find the car still where I parked it(on the motorcycle parking)with no ticket or clamp so that ended off a really good night.

Sorry no photos from this night as cameras are not allowed in SWAMP.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Spidergirl nor Spiderman honest

I did a few photos yesterday with my friend Longman and although it looks like Spiderman it's mean't to be Spidergirl. There might be enough to make a set for Naughty Nina too at some point
So what have you been doing since you last posted Nina I hear you ask. To be honest today is the first quiet day I've had to catch up on things a bit since doing a days filming and photos of Fetish Liza last Thursday. Check her amazing site out here
I can't say much about that but I'm sure her members will enjoy what we did together.
My prosub and Mistress business have picked up a bit lately. In fact I've had to turn people down today as I'm taking a day off to sort things out at home and I hate turning anyone away unless they sound like idiots or time wasters. Which I get lots of. BTW anyone not seen my other sites and wanting to use me for any of my services. Check my sites out here. I'm far more than a pretty face you know ;-)


Saturday I went to Wild desires fetish night which turned out to be a very relaxing and quiet evening with no play but Sunday I went to MDS which was much more fun and I played lots as well as being pushed into the spanking to music competition they were holding and no I didn't win but I blame my spanking partner for this.

Here's the links to Wild Derisres and MDS site

More later as I've things to do and I hope you like the Spidegirl pics