Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bloody dog walkers!!

This morning I got up and decided to take my mountain bike for a spin as the sun was shining and I always need the exercise of course. I didn't think about the fact that it had been raining a lot last night. I left and on my route encountered 3 problems the first was because of all the rain we'd had over night everywhere I went was flooded. All the back roads and cycle paths had water everywhere so I got soaked riding through this on a bike with no mudguards! The next issue was the traffic. It was really busy this morning for reasons unknown to me and at one point I had to wait for about 5 minutes before I could get cross a road and cycling down one main road I nearly got knocked off by a lorry that didn't give me much room when passing. The final problem which I often encounter on the cycle path is bloody dog walkers. I often come across this natural enemy of the cyclist but today they were out in force and they're all deaf it seems and as I don't have a bell on my bike the never hear me coming up behind them even if I make bell like noises with my mouth. They never stay to one side so I always have to stop which ruins my rhythm or I risk hitting their dogs who always seems to run to my bike like they know me or want to hump it. These paths are meant for cyclist not dog walkers so they should make way for us and keep their dogs on leads or on in kennels  I reckon. OK Rant over as you might start to think I don't like dogs when I actually do just not the little ones that are smaller than my cat. They're just silly.

Friday night I went to Romeo's in Bristol as one of my friends on the fetish scene is emigrating to Australia to get away from me(not really I don't think) and was having a sort of leaving do there which was quiet but kind of fun. Three of us went as power rangers and once I get a photo I'll add it here. Of course I was the pretty pink one but don't ask me any more than that as I don't know about power rangers I just love the sexy tight costumes they wear. I'm not even sure power rangers actually had powers did they? Maybe we were the powerless rangers.

Oh and I'm still really into being mummified with as many layers as possible at the moments. Check out the pics of me in red below. I was like this 20 minutes before running out of air and panicking because I couldn't breath at all. All caught on film of course.

My new naught Nina site is starting to take shape slowly but should be good once done and I've got loads of very kinky films ready to go on it already but lots more to make too.I'll keep you informed once it's live.

OK it's Sunday and I've recorded the F1 so going to watch it now.