Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Asked out by a client

Actually this was yesterday but I forgot about it and as little has happened today except standing in a queue at the post office with lots of old people which seemed like hours that is.

Yesterday I had a client phoned up who instead of making a booking asked me to go to the cinema with him this wednesday as it was orange wednesday and  I could go with him for free!! You might have guessed that I turned him down on this. It might be the only date offer I've had in years but I've not sunk that low just yet.

Monday, 29 November 2010

What a waste of time

Just went to go to the post office to post some DVD's but it was full up with old people it must be pensions day and theres no way I was going to stand in a queue as it was freezing and the queue of old people went right outside the post office onto the pavement.

 I then went looking for presnts and cards for friends and family but all I bought was a CD for myself. Yes I'm one of those strange people who still buys CD's though I'm not quite sure why as I have an Ipod which I wear up the gym(when I go which isn't often now I've done my cancer run). I think I get CD's mainly for the car which doesn't have an Ipod connection.
Yes I know I could buy the music online then make my own CD's up for the car but there's something about buying a new CD that makes me happy but I do have 1000's which are now taking over my house so I may have to stop this at some point and start living in the modern world not back in the 90's where I seem to spend most of my time it seems.

Another week

Christmas is coming again and to be honest I'm not looking forward to it. I never seem to really enjoy christmas and just end up spending too much money and this is not good at the moment as neither my pay site or my pro sub business are earning me much.

"So what's the plan for this week then Nina?" I hear you ask. Well today I'm going to post the DVD's to everyone who took part in my new pet film, Spend some time finding places to advertise my pro sub work as not done that for a while. Look for a few presents online for family and friends and I need to go food shopping as I have no food in the house and I'm starting to get hungry.

Tonight I plan on staying in watching im a celebrity get me out of here again as I've got quite into this now. I think Dom is great and want either him or Stacey to win.

Before all that I need to get up! I seem to be spending more and more time in bed these days and struggling to think of good reasons to get out of it. Which is not good.

As for my plans for the rest of the week unless I get some work it'll be lots more time sleeping!!

Just read that back and I realy need to sort my life out as I sound like the worlds most boring person!!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Trailer for new film on my site soon

Ok just thought I'd upload my latest trailer for yet another kinky film for my site
It's also up on you tube and I'll be adding more videos there soon so check my channel

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I was in a bit of trouble today

Not what you think though. So let me explain

I have this guy who wants me to make an extreme gagging film for him which is something I'm into and well up for so today while home alone on my own I thought I'd have a practice.(You can see where this is going can't you?) so first I placed a stocking in my mouth followed by a ball gag then a stocking over my head then lots of tight duct tape then a hood. I did this with ease but then the stocking I put in first trigger my gag reflex as I'd pushed it to far in!! Oh dear I soon got the hood off but couldn't get the duct tape off as I couldn't find the end and yes I was slighty sick but the sick had nowhere to go. Nice!!

I got free in the end once I found some scissors but have decided not to do that again unless someone else is with me.

Lesson learn't I think!! 

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Just got up

Yes I know it's 4.00pm but I didn't have a lot of resons to get up today so I've stayed in bed watching tele all day but I'm up now(sort of)and have to go buy some food I guess as there's nothing in the house. I've not even been out of my house for a while to be honest. Yesterday I stayed in  all day editing my new film and chips away came and fixed my car which I hit the other day which cost me £188 and I can still just about see where I hit it if I look close.

So what should I do with the rest of my weekend? I might gets some DVD's out as not watched any for ages. Anyone seen any good films lately?

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Nothing happening

I thought I'd post an update on here as to what I'm up to at the moment which to be honest isn't very much. One thing I'm going to do is start writting a very much more kinky blog on my naughty nina website to keep my members happy. I might even write about some of  the clients I've had while doing pro sub sessions. Of course all names will  be changed even though half of them have probably given false names anyway.

There is a new film up on my site now which anyone who likes splosh play will I'm sure enjoy. It's called messy maids and the title tells you pretty much all you need to know about that one.

As for new clients well things are looking up and I'm getting quite a few calls again so hopefully bookings will follow on soon as well. I need to something to get off my ass and out the house or I'll go mad!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

It's in the can!

I'm a happy bunny at the moment as I spent all yesterday filming my latest very kinky film for
http://www.naughty-nina.com/ and I'm very pleased with how it all went as I've been planning this one for ages. Everyone turned up even though I had a last minute cast change as one of the girls in a key roll didn't feel like doing it anymore a lovely lady called Tanya came to my rescue.

So I really can't thank her enough as she was brillant as was everyone else involved! I spent much of the shoot looking at her bum and that's not just because it was nice but I was often far too close for comfort!(check out pic below and my site when the film's up and all will become clear I promise)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Half my face is numb!

I'd better explain I've just come from the dentist where I had a tooth rebuilt which took ages! I really struggled to keep my mouth open too and could feel it closing constantly while the work was being carried out. I want to know why dentists talk and ask me questions all the time too while working on my teeth.. How am I mean't to answer!

Ok so today I'm just making sure everything is ready for my Snake film and then going to sort some outfits out to wear both for that and SWAMP on sunday. Plus I have a client who wants me dressed as a hooker before I go to SWAMP.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


So that means another day in bed right?

No I'm up but just not dressed but it's ok as it's not even 3.00pm yet.

Busy working on plans for my snake film. In case you're wondering there are no real snakes in the film. Not at this point anyway and unless I want to make things a bit more interesting probably won't be.

One good thing I might actually have a client tomorrow and I could really do with the money as getting the dent in my car fixed thursday which is costing over £180!!

Right lets think about getting up and dressed then.

Thought about it and didn't like the thought much but I'm going to do it and maybe even go outside too.

Then again it is raining.

Monday, 8 November 2010

The Snake

Today and yesterday I've been really lazy and as I've not had any clients I've spent much of these last two days in bed! I did however watch the moto gp(from my bed)and the F1 racing yesterday(I got up for this before returning to bed) and today I've been busy(once I got up)writing a script for my latests kinky film which will hopefully be filmed next week at my friend Johns new house and will end up on Naughty Nina in the not to distance future


The film is going to be called the snake but I'm not going to say much more about it as it's my biggest production so far and should be quite cool if it works out. So watch this Space for further updates.

Ok I guess it's back to bed now then. LOL

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sometimes I'm my own worse enemy

Yesterday I was emailed by the guy who I deal with at Foreplay/Desire magazine in their sales team(I place an add regularly in these mags for my pro sub business) asking if I would be happy for them to run a feature on me as were looking for a pretty TV. I thought this was great and be fantastic promotion for me so of course said yes. I then had another email telling me this would only cost me £200-£400!!

I was very annoyed at this point and e-mailed back what they could do with the feature and I wouldn't be placing anymore adds with them but I didn't stop there I started a thread on informed consent about this asking if anyone else had been asked to pay to write for the magazine and wrote to the editor as well.

The editor first off wrote back say how sorry she was and offered to do a big article on me and even pay me £100.

Result I thought but I wrote back offering to write a regular column instead for free but what she hadn't spotted was my thread on IC which was starting to get comments slagging her magazines off.

Before long she was baack in contact aand the deal was off and I was told not to write anything for them or advertise with them again.

So had I not been so upset and written on IC about the way I was treated I could now have either a hugh paid spread for Desire or a regular column as it is I have neither. So anyone know of any other BDSM magazines that want a hot(headed) trannie writting for them let me know

Thursday, 4 November 2010

No work

It's so quiet with my pro sub business at the moment that I'm not sure where all my clients have gone. Maybe there's a new girl who's better looking than me on the scene or maybe it's the fact I wont have sex with my clients which is proving to be my downfall!

Today I had an email from Forum magazine asking if they could run a feature on me which I thought was great and e-mailed back straight away as this is the magazine I advertise in. I then got another reply telling me this would cost £200-£400!!

I e-mailed again telling them what they could  do with their feature and any further advertisement from me too!

I really need to spend some time editing videos for my site while I'm so quiet but just keep getting sidetracked and not doing it!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Back Home

So I'm now back hme affew days away(well nearly a week) and in this time I got loads of new photos and films for my Naughty Nina site thanks to Steve and Rachel at Simon Ross photographic services who put up with me for 3 whole days!! You've got to feel  bit sorry for them and I'm sure they were releaved when I left Saturday. I tten drove 3 hours from Newark to Wild Passions in Newport for their last party to say another goodbye to Mandy and Alan(I said goodbye the week before too!)and it was a good party that I even ended up being tied to someone else with tights for much of!!

From there I went back to Bristol but didn't get much sleep as I had to  up early for another BDSM party. Which was MDS in Weston. I have to say I was very tired at this party so didn't really enjoy it as I should have done. So sorry to anyone(including Mike who took me and got me a free ticket)who might have thought I was a moody cow. I'm not normally like that honest! Also sorry for not saying goodbye to anyone but Mike was waiting outside with the car when his TV girlfriend came a dragged me off. Is it?(little joke for Mike)

Right I need to get up now as it's back to college and my dreamweaver course tonight

Monday, 1 November 2010

Just a quick post

Just returning home after nearly a week away doing photos and films for  naughty nina.

Got loads of great stuff to upload now. Will tell you all about the last week tomorrow.