Tuesday, 31 January 2012

If I build it they will cum

Yes the tide is turning and finally I'm getting to be popular little trannie whore

To begin with last week I was still only getting one client each day but this was because everyone wanted the same times. On three days I had more than one person wanting to come when I had a booking already even though the rest of my day was empty.

 I took a day off Thursday and decided to go for a cycle ride for the first time in over 6 months. In fact this was the first exercise I'd had in 6 months so you can guess how it went. After 5 miles everything was hurting and I felt like I was having a heart attack so had to stop and rest. After the rest things got better and although often cycling at walking pace did the next 10mile without too much trouble. I felt really good after and treated myself to some chocolate but not sure when I'll go out again though as since  I've suddenly got really busy and people seem to be finally realising how good I look and how good I am at what I do. Either that or times are hard and I'm a pretty cheap whore.

 Doesn't matter though I had 3 clients Friday and 4 Saturday and today after a little break I've seen 2 so far and have another booked in later as well as an all day one tomorrow. None have been disappointed with me and most have said they will be back for more. So I'm a happy bunny at the moment. I was even happy for one of today's clients to live out his fantasy of giving me a facial which hasn't happened for a while. I did have a stage last year when everyone wanted this but I'm not sure it was doing my skin much good and boy does it sting if it goes in your eyes like acid!

This unexpected busy period has come at a good time though as just had to find nearly £500 to insure my blade and I had a massive credit card bill to pay off. So most of what I've earn't recently has gone already. Oh and I spent about £100 on clothes over the weekend too. I know I shouldn't have but I love my clothes and these items were calling out to me

"buy me buy me you know you need me"

 so what else could I do?

So that's the latest update. Oh and the latest issuer of Repartee has just been published which as usual I feature in. This time I spent a day at a stables in riding gear with my friend Tara as pony girls. No not that sort of pony girls which ,makes a change for me not to be the pony. You can get a copy from my sister Bella here.


Here's a few pics that didn't make the article ;-)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

30 for a whole week now!!

Yes this time last week I was out on my bike making the most of the cold and rain enjoying my birthday, A week on I've accepted I'm now officially old and my days of being a young sexy trannie whore are numbered so I now need to get on with my life before old age well and truly sets in and before I know it I'm just another drooling vegetable with a weak bladder and blue hair.

The whole weekend was a blur and I wasn't drinking so it must be my memory going already but I was back to work Monday and had two clients both new not only to me but also to trangedered people and bdsm. One came to be dominated by mistress Nina the other came for a massage(I know I don't do massage and I did tell him but he still came) and the effect of now being old really started to show after neither of these clients enjoyed the sessions and both finished early. The first guy didn't enjoy anything I tried to do to him and decided it was a mistake to have visited a TV as he'd seen only women before and the second guy was a nervous wreck who after the massage(which I thought I did well considering I've no idea how to give a massage)felt guilty about visiting me and decided to leave. I was being to think I'm losing my magic touch as hardly anyone has not enjoyed my sessions previous to this. I was wrong though as yesterday I had another two clients and both left happy so in turn it made me happy again and also made me stop thinking about getting to old.

Right now who wants a massage?

Friday, 13 January 2012

The day after my birthday

So it's the day after my birthday and today I've hardly done a thing and it's so quiet. I did have one client who sucked my face off but other than that nothing and the phones hardly even rang unlike yesterday when I decided to take the day off as it was my birthday and the phone never stopped ringing!!

So what did I do for my special birthday then? Well I had a lie in until about 12 o'clock which was really nice then I decided to give my blade a birthday treat and take her out for a spin. Which I did after checking the weather in case it was going to be bad. Weather report said dry and sure enough after about 10 miles it rained and I got soaked as I left my waterproofs at home. I stopped off at a bike shop and checked out the new 2012 blade which I'd previously only seen in magazines which was nice but not really that much different to my 2011 bike and it doesn't come in Repsol colours! BTW for my birthday I got a Repsol fleece and t-shirt so I have to keep my bike now.

After my trip to the bike shop I rode to the Cinema and watched the latest Mission Impossible film but part way through I got uncomfortable as by bum was still hurting from the caning I received the previous day from a client, Which isn't surprising as he caned me 100 times and that's a lot even for me. In fact it's the most any client has paid for so far. I still managed not to let my stinging bum stop me enjoying the film which was so so and still not as good as the first of these films.

I then jumped back on the blade and rode to a place called table table where I had a birthday dinner of spare ribs and chips which was very nice but messy and no matter how hard I tried to eat using my knife and fork I had to resort to my fingers. Then it was back home and by this time it was freezing on the bike and I was so glad to get in and warm up. I finished my day off watching repeats of family guy which always make me laugh even though I know some of the episodes nearly word for word,

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

It's not my party but is my birthday tomorrow and the fact I'm not having a party or the fact I'm 30 is reason enough to make anyone cry. I am thinking of having a big party later in the year and inviting all my friends old and new and once I've sent those 2 invites out I'll ask people I don't like or who don't like me and even people I don't know if it makes up the numbers and makes me look more popular than I really am.

So what am I going to do tomorrow I hear you all ask. I'm not sure really probably just take the day off seeing guys wanting a girl friend experience I guess(I get lots of these because I'm so pretty and they all want me as their girlfriend instead of the big units they already have at home. LOL)

I haven't got much in the way of news as been staying in concentrating on work and getting new clients. Like yesterday I had a two hour switch session and my client asked me to wear my new latex leotard which I did but it took me ages to try and get on before he arrived and it's so tight I just couldn't do the back zip up on my own and after much rolling around on the floor and bed left it undone and waited for my client to arrive and do it up for me. It was a good session though as I quite like switch sessions. Rubber Mistress one minute naughty schoolgirl the next. Great fun.

Last night I watched a film tied to a chair with knickers over my head and gagged. Well that was the idea but had to be released when my hand started to hurt. Oh well it was a good idea anyway.

OK I've got to go change as just had a client ring wanting to give me a special present. 50 hard cane strokes!! My bum hurts just thinking about it!!

Oh no I've booked 2 people in the same time!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back to normal then

I can't believe it was the 20th of December that I last wrote here. Where does the time go!!

Anyway happy new year to all my followers and I hope you all had a great Christmas and ate and drank far to much. Me I didn't drink too much but have to put my hand up to stuffing my face lots. I do hate Christmas puddings but sadly now starting to resemble one.

So what can I still remember about Christmas apart from all the eating I did?

I do remember Christmas eve going out on the blade and coming close to falling off it too but it was nice to get out on it for a few hours before the madness or boredom of Christmas really kicked in. I was just being little miss Nina Santa and delivering a present as these days blades are a much quicker option than a bunch of raindear pulling a sleigh when there's no snow about. Also where do flying raindear come from? Don't tell me the North Pole as I watched every episode of frozen planet and there was no mention of them!

So Christmas day was much the same as every year with my family coming over for lunch which is always nice as it's the only day of the year they come over to see me eat my food then fall asleep. I had a few nice present including some new heels (next year I want the rest of the shoes to go with the heels) Some Nina perfume. Bella my sister(not my real sister as she's a man and looks nothing like me) was the first person to give me Nina from Nina Ricci and I loved it straight away. Before this I wore any old cheap rubbish but now always wear Nina when I go out. For my clients however they still get cheap rubbish of course. They don't care what I smell like. BTW funny story about Bella and perfume. As she bought me Nina one year I managed to find a perfume called Bella on e-bay and bought her some but sadly it was terrible and she doesn't wear it but her toilet smells better than it did.

I managed to see a couple of clients between Christmas and new year and one was an out call to a guy who made me dress up in lots of rubber stuff he already had which was cool but when I arrived before we did the session we had to watch top gear on tele as it was the Christmas special which comes before rubber of course. LOL

As for new year it was a very quiet night at Romeos in Bristol for me and a few friends which was OK and for the 3rd new year in a row I got suspended by my friend Nicki. This is becoming a bit of a new years tradition. My friend Kat looked great seeing new year in fully encased in rubber looking a bit like a rubber robot. It was a masked ball and I had to tape an eye mask to a cat toy to make mine. 

My friend Lord Q went as a black Spiderman and I want all those people who thought I was racist trying to host a party last year not allowing black clothes in to know I had no issues seeing in the new year with a black Spiderman.

So yesterday I spent all day making up new galleries for my pay site http://www.naughty-nina.com/
As it's a new year I thought I'd better give the site a quick plug as some new readers may not realise I do other things than just rabbit on about my strange life here. Samples from yesterdays editing attached

OK new year’s resolutions are to get fat... sorry fit. See more of the world this year starting with a trip to France as I've never been. Stop going to naff events and put more effort into my Mistress and pro sub business and try and actually make some money this year.

What's that you didn't realize I was a Mistress and pro sub?
Why didn't you say so?

What else can I plug?

Oh yes it's my birthday next week on the 12th. That's the 12th of January in case you want to make a note.
It's a special birthday as I enter a new decade but as it's so close to Christmas I'm going to put my birthday celebrations or any parties on hold until later in the year. More on that at a later date.
If you still want to give me presents on the 12th feel free to do so though.

I had a google and found I share my birthday with some other sexy ladies such as Pixie Lott, Mel C, Gemma Arterton and Heather Mills. Alright maybe Heather Mills is stretching it a bit when I say sexy ladies

I also share it with Mr Bean, Ricky from Eastenders and Des O Connor!! I don't know why I find that funny I just do