Friday, 9 September 2011

Again a very quick update

This has been a very mixed week for me some things are good some things not so. Tomorrow I get my car back after being repaired following the accident I had a few weeks back which is good except I've been informed it's now two different shades of red as the new paint doesn't match the old faded paint, Of course I moaned about this to my insurance who seem happy that the garage painted the car the correct colour and have pushed me into accepting my car back by taking the loan car away leaving me without any transport! Well I still have the blade but I can't carry all my stuff on that or turn up to clients houses as a guy on a bike with my stuff in a rucksack! I also need to find £500 tomorrow to pay my excess to get my car back which is gutting as someone drove into me.

I'm also having issues with these wankers
who sold me advertising in all the papers the represent, took my money(and more)then proceeded not to run any ads for me. So I've lost £144 to them and now they wont even answer my e-mails or phone calls, Anyone thinking of advertising with them please don't!

OK that's the main of the crap stuff out the way. Oh hang on I placed another ad in ad-trader this week and so far had hardly an calls and no bookings from it purely because this time I wrote no sex offered. The only upside here is that last time the phone didn't stop ringing with guys wanting sex and I still hardly got a booking so at least this time I haven't spent several days telling people I'm not an escort but a mistress and pro sub to idiots who have no clue what either of those are.

Good things now. Well I've seen 4 genuine clients this week which is better than last week when I only saw one and had a good night with Kat last night mainly tieing her up in her zentai suits and a nice night with my friend Lord Q the previous evening planning lots of future kinky films which I'm excited about and.........I need to think now as today I've sat around waiting for clients to ring and none have so now I'm going to say goodbye stop moaning and go home as typing this from the schoolroom I session from.

Oh did I mention the pony play I was looking forward to last Saturday at Exodus was rubbish but I looked the part as always in a sexy white leotard, No photos to show you of this though so find something else to wank over tonight. ;-)

Oh another thing any members of my site may notice there's no update this week this is because my web mistress is away on holiday so to keep you going I'll make something up for the kinky blog instead tomorrow.

Seems this update wasn't as quick as I thought it would be

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