Saturday, 17 December 2016

Bah Humbug

So as always it's been a while since I last wrote here but I'm back today in-between getting the last of my Christmas presents online that is. When I say last I don't really have many friends or family anymore so the list of people I have to buy for is pretty short these days. In fact most of the present I'm buying are for myself. I'm looking at treating myself to Amazon prime is it worth it?

So what have I been up to since my last post. Sessions wise I'm still doing all my BDSM sessions from Studio Onyx in Taunton. Either that or out calls.

I now offer in calls for hour long sessions there at a price of £100, as lots of people have called wanting to do an hour but the studio has a minimum booking of two hours. I pay them for the two hours at a cost of £40 still meaning it's just about worth me driving over there to do a one hour session.

So anyone I've turned away because you only wanted to play with me for one hour get back in touch. What do you mean too late now!! BTW studio Onyx is a fetish studio so it's only suitable for sub,domme and other kinky sessions(not sploshing) not to see me as an escort. If you want to see me as an escort you will have to let me come to you or book a room somewhere. Hopefully next year I'll have my own place again at some point where I can all of my in calls including escort work again. So watch this space for news on this when it happens. I hope to be in the Bristol area again near the motorways.

As it's Christmas I'll add a few pics of me in my new Christmas outfits these were taken in London last weekend where I was attending the "Ouch Christmas party" which is all about CP and ran over two days. During this time I got caned well over 500 times which maybe a record even for me. I went with my best friend Lord Q who I don't see so much now he lives on a boat so it was great to go to an event with him again, Just like old times we even made some kinky films back in the hotel which you'll be able to see on my site before too long, Talking of films I paid another visit to Sarah Bright up north recently and made some new films with her too. One of which is already on the site and is a full mummification in blue wrap, It looks awesome, Go check it out on my site if you're a member and haven't already, If you're not a member and kinky you're missing out go join now!! While up there I got to have a go on her playstation VR which blew my mind as I lost interest in gaming years ago on my old PS2 which I still have but I'm seriously thinking of getting one of these it's that good. Don't believe me try one yourself and tell me I'm wrong.

As I said and you know(unless you're living alone on an island) it's almost Christmas and I've not been invited to a single party this year! Now I'm starting to feel slightly paranoid and unpopular. I mean I might not go if I was invited to a party but it's nice to be asked right?

So what am I going to do over Christmas. Maybe a few house viewing on Christmas day would be a good. Then when I get inside the house the families there might ask me to join them for Christmas lunch as they feel sorry for me. OK maybe not and I'd worry about anyone who let me view their house on Christmas day to be honest

Anyway I'm starting to type shit now so I'll stop here and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and here's some more pictures of me in case you've forgotten what I look like.