Saturday, 26 March 2011

Model mayhem

Last night my friend  Davina ran a fashion show at her place giving advice to other trannies on how to dress and what to wear for different occasions. It was hosted by a friend of ours who has her own clothes shop and really knows what she's talking about and the whole evening went well. I of course was one of the models and had to have no less than 7 outfit changes which of course being me I managed to muddle up. I had agreed to come out in my underwear and talk about how I get a female shape through the clever use of shape wear but forgot and put the next outfit on instead and then wasn't ready so they skipped this bit which I also didn't realise as I stripped back to my underwear but then had to put the outfit I'd rushed to take off back on as I'd been too long and missed my slot. 

In the end I did my underwear section a bit later and very sexy I must have looked in my shape wear and padded knickers too. LOL. 

I'd like to thank Alison for falling asleep while I was talking too. My bit really was pants then!

This week after another less than enjoyable ride on my R1 I've made the hard decision to part with the bike that I've owned for the last 2 years. I've really struggled to gel with the machine pretty much from day one and for every great ride it's given me I've had 10 more that I've just not enjoyed. It's such a hard bike to get the best from and at the end of the day I'm not good enough but I'll always remember the R1 as the bike that took me round the country visiting my friends in less than two weeks covering well over 3000miles and nearly broke me doing so. 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

my head hurts!!

Well it did this morning and yesterday evening but it's OK now and all I have is a lump left. You yesterday I was doing some extreme and very tight bondage on a chair and I was wearing a straight jacket and a hood and gag and in the process of having my neck chained to my feet when I fell forward onto my head which hurt I can tell you!! This is when we decided to call it a night before I suffered any more injuries. At this point I realized the time was nearly 10.30pm and no one knew where I was. 

I must say sorry to Davina my friend who was worried as I said I was coming back to hers straight after my extra's interview at 3pm but instead I went off and spent the rest of the day being tied up. She even came out looking for me! Bless her. Talking of extras that wasn't quite what I expected as it was a case of turn up, sign up get measured up and you're on the books. I of course was the on TV there in a group of 18 people. Nearly all young women. Now I just have to wait for all the  TV extra work to come flooding in. LOL

Now I'm at home sorting clothes for Davina's clothes show party thing tomorrow and I've drawn the short straw as I'm the underwear model which is not sexy underwear like you might think but mainly shapewear to get a female shape and on it's own not the most attractive thing in the world but I reckon it's a challenge to try and make it look sexy. Not sure I can pull it off though.

Just noticed the time I have to get to college!!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Film extra and underwear model!

After being asked to be an extra on being human last year I've decided to go on the books if they want me and have an interview today as Nina. Not sure how often I could get work though even if they do sign me up as I have talked to someone else who signed up as a trannie extra in the past and they got no work at all so I'm not going to expect to get any either.

Other than this I'm not that busy still and am starting to think about getting a regular job as a guy and not as Nina which I'll hate doing having not worked in bloke mode for over a year now. I'm still not sure what sort of job I could do though that I wouldn't hate and there's so little work about at the moment so I'm not going to be able to pick and chose.

Again this weekend I'm planning on staying in which will make a record 4 weekends in a row but I have agreed to be an underwear model for my friends trannie clothes show thing on Friday but it'll all be shape-wear to show other TV's what they should be wearing under their clothes so I'm not going to look that sexy but it should be fun. Some TV's do need some advice on dressing so hopefully they'll listen to what the lady running the show is taking about but somehow I think it's pretty unlikely. Sorry No pic  of me in my shape wear but I might get one taken on the day and post if if I don't look too terrible!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Why don't things work out as planned!

At the moment I'm again not the happiest person in the world as things just aren't going to plan. Even if I had a plan. Which I'm not sure I do. 

Today to try and have a think about things that have been happening of late I decided to take the R1 for a spin and that way while on the bike no one could contact me and I don't have to speak to anyone. After about 50 miles of following slow traffic I found myself wondering what I was doing and if I still enjoyed riding motorcycles for fun any more as I was bored cold and wanting to go home again and even the R1 couldn't manage to put a smile on my face. Maybe it's time to part company with my 2 wheeled friend as the money whole come in useful and it's not the cheapest thing in the world to run. One thing I didn't realize before I left for my ride was just how cold it is today and even though I had my heated grips on my thumbs still went numb and have only just returned to life. Riding the bike didn't help me work any other issues out and I've returned feeling as down as when I left.

I'm not going to go into details but I had planned to run my first fetish event at a friends house in April but over the last few days a series of events caused my friend to decide I couldn't hold the event there any more and as a result I've had to cancel which is sad as I'd planned stuff for the school themed party which I'm sure would have gone down really well but I had to respect my friends decision even though the events may have put a strain on our friendship but I hope not.

So this is now the 3rd weekend in a row that I'm housebound, so I guess that means more DVD's tonight. They must love me in blockbuster at the moment!


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Another fab photoshoot

Yes Tuesday I had yet another great photo shoot and got lots more material for my site In fact my latest home page pic was one of the ones taken this week. If you haven't noticed my boobs are much bigger than normal in these latest photos and this was kind of the theme as well as taking a few ideas from Alazar that is. If you don't know Alazar look here. I love his artwork and often have been inspired by his drawings
Going back to my site I've just added another entry into my kinky blog today. They seem to take ages to write and nothing like what I write here and go on a bit but I think they're pretty good. I had an interesting client this week who gave me quite a spanking which I really enjoyed and needed.

Today I'm not eating chocolate as I'm starting to get fat but I do have a couple of bars in the fridge just in case I get desperate which I probably will but I have been out cycling again and that went really went and I had a pretty good pace too. Well for me anyway. I did see this old guy on another racing bike on the other side looking like he was going faster though!

As I type this I'm listening to Adele. She arrived in the post today. Well not her as she'd never fit through my letterbox but her CD 21 which is a lot smaller and easier to find a home for. I also got a buffalo portable hard drive arrive today which is 500GB but really tiny and have just dumped all my films and photos for my site onto as I was rapidly running out of space on my pc.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bad back

It's funny this weekend I've done nothing but watch DVD's and for some reason I've ended up with a bad back when normally I'm off to various clubs getting tied up in mad positions for ages on end with no aches or pains at all. 

In the last 3 days I've watched 6 new films and most of them were pretty poor. I did enjoy a film called "The Town" directed by Ben Afflect though and would recommend it to anyone who likes films like "Heat" and Ben Affleck's previous film "Gone Baby Gone" Other films watched were Ironman 2(not as good as the first) Edge of Darkness(good in places) the lovely bones(Not as good as I expected it to be but OK) Red(terrible) and "Scott Pilgrim vs. the world"(OK if your 12 or a geek) 

So that was my weekend. Hardly worth writing about was it? I have also spent hours in bed asleep which I'd love to talk about but I can't remember any of it. If it comes back to me I'll be sure to let you know though. I've also eaten yet another bar of dairy milk! I think I may have a dairy milk addiction. Is that good or will I get fat and find that no one wants me any more? Oh and I bought another bar today as I'd run out and some pringles which I eat a lot of too. I've just been sorting out some of my clothes for a model shoot this Tuesday and I must have washed much of it on too hot a setting as I can't remember them being this tight last time I tried them on!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Latest film is a bit special

before I tell you all about that I probably need to update you about everything else going on in my life as I know you all care about me and need your Nina fix. 

Yesterday I went out on the push-bike for the first time in about 2 weeks and the route I took seemed to be all up hill into a headwind so that nearly killed me and of course it had to rain again half way through the ride so I got wet again. Other than that I've been very quiet and not done much. This will be the second weekend in a row I'm deciding to stay in and save some cash. I think it's been a while since I stayed home for so long. It's driving my cat mad. I'm off to the video shop again tonight as I love films but not sure what to rent. Yesterday I watched  "Drag me to hell" which was very funny but I'm not sure it was mean't to be. I did enjoy the scene where the main character got all wet and muddy in the graveyard though. I've also watched "the hole" this week which started off pretty good but in the end was pretty crap.  
Maybe I should go out as I'm turning into a video bore!!

Talking of videos the full version of this is on and stars my friend Nicki and was filmed and edited by another friend the very talented Deb Spookypoodle. Sorry it's in the pay area and will cost you £5 to watch but you do get to see all my other films at the same time. A bargain I reckon

Monday, 7 March 2011

I love Avril Lavigne

Today I was woken up by the postman. Even thought it was 11am I'm a bit of a lazy cow these days and to my surprise he had my copy of the new Avril Lavigne album which I had ordered weeks ago but has only just come out. Its a special edition version with extra tracks on too like the recent one she did for Alice in Wonderland. I have to admit to being a massive fan of her music as well as her stunning looks and I'm now playing her new album as I type this which sounds every bit as good as her older stuff and I know the songs will soon be stuck in my head.

OK what else can I tell you. Well as my pay-site isn't going as well as I'd hoped it would I'm in the middle of setting up a clips for sale site too in the hope that some people may like my kinky films there. It seems mad though as one clip on there is $5.99 where as you can see all my videos for less than that but I guess I'm pretty rubbish at advertising my sites so more people will see my clips for sell store I hope anyway.

I did some new photos in with my push bike on Friday taken by my friend Paul and they came out quite well. I've got 100's but here are a couple of samples. I may save the rest for an article in Repartee if Bella wants them as they're really good. Not bad for one of Paul's first attempts at shooting a model and as a thank you I'm now using one of the pics as my main blog pic here Taking of the push-bike it's still living in my front room as I've nowhere else to keep it and I've not been out on it for weeks but I might tomorrow if I have no work again.

Work is totally dead to be honest and I seem to be a complete failure as both a pro sub and a mistress. To be honest yesterday I was in blockbusters and noticed they were looking for staff and was tempted to apply. However I know this would probably end my dreams of doing what I want with my life as Nina because of the hours but before long I may have to make that decision if things don't pick up.

Oh no Avril's stopped singing!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day at home today.

I've got a chance to catch up on things today as I'm at home. You see I had to drop my bike into the garage for repairs and have to pick it up later when it's done so hanging about. I broke it last summer when I overloaded it with luggage doing my UK tour and was going to try and fix it myself but when I looked into it it turned out to be quite a job so decided to let the experts have it. No doubt it'll be expert money to pay later too.

So I've been a very busy girl over the last week or so having done 3 different photo shoots and I've been to London for Ouch and Swish and got loads of spanking from lots of different people which was great if like me you don't mind not sitting down for days on end that is. I'm going to write in detail about my spankings in my new naughty blog which is now on my site just for my loyal members at

The shoots I've done this week so far have been 2 days with Maccmaster from fetlife who tied gagged and bagged me over and over again. On the second night we didn't pack up until 10pm and I had to be off to Liverpool the following morning for another shoot with Chris at trussedup.
It had been years since I'd been tied up by Chris but we had a great time and again got lots of sets done. Most of which I've yet to see the results of though. He even got a couple of his girls to come over and join in the photos which was fab.

On Saturday I was a house bunny maid for one of my kinky friends as he held a BDSM party and it wasn't long before I was tied up again this time being suspended by my friend Mike. Sadly I had to leave pretty early as I would have liked to stay and play more but it was off to another shoot with the lovely Cherry this time.

I managed to take 2 hours to do a 1 hour journey thanks to my sat nav on the way to the shoot and again got lost on the way home. I really am the worst person in the world when it comes to finding places even if I've been to them before which isn't great for someone who spends so much time driving around to fetish parties and photo shoots.

Here's a sample of the latest pics soon to be on my website