Friday, 12 August 2011

Don't you just love vanilla's!!

I don't mean ice-creams either. It's what some of us fetish scene people call people who have so called normal lives. It's also what trans people often call non trans people. I use it for both. A friend of mine calls them the normals which I quite like too. 

Anyway last Friday I went to a private party which had a mixture or normals and scene foke and it was interesting as at the being the only difference was the way we were dressed but there was one young lady there that I chatted too who said to me. "So what do people do on the scene?" I said "what do you think we do?" to which she replied "all I know is it's just an excuse to get naked" which brought a smile to my face. later when people started to play a little she was clearly shocked to see people being tied up and beaten at first saying to me "Why the fuck is that girl getting tied up!" but I guess this is just a normal vanilla reaction which I quite often forget as most of my friends are as much into the scene as I am and it's our normal world.

Anyway party was good and I got canned by Cherry and beaten by Longman(thanks for that and remind me to move my bum round to the side so you hit it more often! ;-)) and didn't leave until it was light! So thanks to Longy for inviting me.

Monday I went to Cardiff and did some more extra work for a program called Baker boys which will be shown next year sometime. I was in a gay nightclub which made me laugh(like most things seem too) as they filled it with over the to gay people and drag queens so everyone watching has no doubt this is a gay bar!! They wanted me to wear this Welsh flag sparkly dress but there was no way. I would have looked ridiculous and it was low cut with no arms. Two things I hate in female clothes actually that not true two things I can't get away with is more like it. Sadly.
I was  first to arrive and last to be called so had to hand round in Cardiff with the other extras totally bored out of my brain for hours but I did chat to some nice people while waiting.

I also went to the cinema twice this week and watched the very average Captain America and the really good Super 8 which I'd recommend to anyone who's not seen it yet.

Lots more to talk about but I'm in the middle of cooking tea so will leave it there today I think as I'm hungry.

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