Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ready for action

So here I am in the early hours of the moning staying at Simon Ross's place because I'm doing some more bondage photos and films tomorrow and Friday which should be fun. He took my main photo here and the one on my naughty nina site on the chair which I'm sure you've all seen. If not look here.
 Bit fed up today as was late arriving at a clients(we arranged to meet at a pub) and she'd(Another TV) left or so she said if she was ever there I don't really know but it was a waste of petrol and time and because of this I had to cancell the burlesque night I'd planned on going too in Bristol which I had a fab outfit for.

I guess I should get some beauty sleep ready for tomorrow then.

Monday, 25 October 2010

One party better than two?

Ok Saturday I went to both parties but as a result didn't enjoy either as much as I should have. I didn't play at either one which is rare for me also. I did however have a fab halloween costume but not got any pics yet to show it off. But you'll love it once I do trust me. I spent most of the first party talking to my friend Laura who came dressed as a witch and looked cool also. It was a bit sad as it was also the last Wild Passions party I'll go too as Mandy and Alan who run these are packing it in after 2 years.
I didn't leave this party until 1.30am and arrived at my second party at 2am as the M4 was clossed and yes everyone was going on I got there and not sure how happy John who was running the party from his house was with me turning up so late. I left there gone 5am and got home about 7am!!

I think the next day was Sunday but I slept most of it!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Two parties

I've been invited to two event's/parties tonight so as they're quite close by am going to do them both to keep evveryone happy. One is a fetish night at Wild Passions in Wales the other a private BDSM party nearby in Wales but only just got out of bed and no idea what to wear. At this point clothes would be good as I'm sat here without any on but tonight I want to look good and the fetish night has a halloween theme so that gives me something to go on.

Ok I need some food so I'm going to get dressed and get up!!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

It went well

Ok only about 10 people turned up and if you don't count the organiser there was only 2 real woman there but it was a great night and we all had a laugh playing the games and eating and drinking until the early hours. The lovely Nikki who ran the event got into it more that most wearing a sexy witches costume and knocking back the booze. One of the T-girls tried on a fab sailor outfit but didn't buy it even though she looked good in it and could have bought it for £10! another also didn't buy the underwear she tried on and looked great in but Nikki did take over £200 in orders and as I was the host I get £50 worth of Ann Summers stuff for £15.

Didn't get home until about 4am this morning so have spent much of the day in bed but up now and need food!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Ann Summers tonight

Looking forward to my first ever Ann Summers party tonight with a mixture of real women and TV's attending it should be laugh and I'm the host!! Just been to Tesco's to buy some food for everyone because you know what hard work looking at underwear and plyinn with sex toys can be right?

Apart from this I have little else to do except edit films and photos for my naught nina site and promote the site. Both jobs are really boring. esterday I only managed to edit one film as the pc froze up part way through and I had to start again. Even though I enjoy making kinky films I'm wondering if it's worth it as it cost more to make and edit them than I can make by a long way. Anyone not seen my site look here

Ok back to sorting stuff for the party tonight. I wonder how many will turn up?

I hope I'm not alone!!!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

I did it!

I was almost late getting to the event as I got caught up in traffic and I stepped in a cow pat on the way back to the car but other than this my run went ok except I feel I could have run much faster than the one hour one minute time I posted as I wasn't tired at all come the end. If anyone reading this wants to donate still please do as I want to make £1500(only another £40 to go) and the page stays open for some time.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Training and new films

Yesterday I managed to do 2 things at once and that was make a kinky filmm for
aand do some training for my cancer reseach run as the film involved me being tied to a cross trainer and gagged the whipped. It was great fun and the film looks fantastic.

Pink Trainers

I have now done a 10K run on the treadmill in my pink trainers and yes as they're new they rubbed my feet but it's too late now as my cancer research run is tomorrow so I'm resting today as I don't want to risk injury the day before. If anyone reading this wants to sponsor me youu can do so here. If you can please do.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Stuck at home again

Not sure if to take a day off training today as calves hurt quite a lot. I think I've over worked them so maybe they need time to recover? Really fed up of not getting clients for my pro sub business too and what makes it worse is all the time when I go to BDSM events people keep coming up to me after having seen my site saying things like"Love your site, you look really good I bet you're snowed under with work" When I say "Not really" they always seem as surprised as me at this fact. Lucky for me I still have some savings which I've more or less been living on for the past 6 months but wont last forever. If things don't pick up it'll be back to the real world I guess. Sadly other than what I do as Nina I'm not much good at anything else so I could end up pushing the trolley's round at Tesco's!!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Just my luck

Went up to the gym yesterday and they made me do another induction as before I'd started going again(4 weeks ago) I hadn't been for over a year but they only just picked this up so I had to be shown how everything worked all over again which cost me an extra £7. On the plus side I managed another sub one hour 10K on the treadmill. Begining to worry though as my run is this coming sunday the 17th and I can't run on the road without hurting myself and i've not run anywhere as a girl yet either!

Anyone who's reading this and wants to help me raise money for cancer research can sponsor me here

Sunday, 10 October 2010

I have 2 followers now!

So that means I'm not going mad and talking to myself it seems.

Taranny party was fun and a pretty good turn out too. I didn't get home until 4.00am this morning but little time to rest today as been training for my run which is a week today and now I need to get ready to go to SWAMP tonight so its back up to Bristol. If I lived there my life would be so much eaiser as it would cut out all the travelling time and expense. Now what to wear to this fetish event?

Short skirt I reckon don't you?

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tranny party tonight

Well I did say I wasn't going to go as not over keen on just trans parties. It's just not the real world and there's far too many people going already but I have nothing else to do now and it is my friend Davina's first birthday(don't ask) so I feel I should really go along to this. I have this salmon pink dress I need to wear somewhere to and this seems like as good a place as anywhere.

Ok how's my training going you ask. Pretty good for a change and had a nice cycle ride this morning which will probably be the last training before monday now which is a shame but I'm struggling with time this weekend as I'm a popular girl at the moment it seems. I just wish I had some work as not earn't a penny for over a month now.

Ok lots to do report back later

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Happy today

I had a really good session today at the gym and ran 10K no problem at all on the treadmill which I can't make out as yesterday I was in so much pain. Not sure the gym instructor was too happy with me hogging the treadmill for an hour though but as he didn't say anything I ignored his get off that thing stares and just turned the music up on my ipod.

So happy bunny today

Feeling Down still

Still really worried about all the aches and pains I get when I run as my 10K run is only a week and a half away now. Might go to the gym today or even swimming instead of risking another run on the road.

Apart from my training and my dreamweaver course my life is quiet at the moment and I have no clients coming from my pro sub business so no money coming in at all which is not good and once my run is over if things don't pick up I may have to think about getting a normal job even if it's only part time work. The problem is apart from being Nina I'm not really any good at anything!!

Some how I still manage to fill my days though mostly posting on loads of sites to promote my naughty nina website(which isn't going that great either) or sorting through pictures and I have a few photoshoots altready booked for the end of the month which will give me even more material to edit. So I'm never that bored just not earning any money!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

So unhappy today

I went out for the first time running on the road today and felt pretty good to start with but after having only covered about 2K I had to pull up as both my knee and my groin were giving me a lot of trouble. I ended up walking home as i couldn't carry on and with only a week and a half to my run I'm really being to feel like Iwill end up walking more than running. This is not at all what I wanted to do.

I may go for either a relaxing cycle ride or even a swim later just keep fitness levels up as I seem ok when I do either of these things it's just running I have problems with.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More training today

Again I've been out cycling to keep fit today for my now quickly approaching 10k run. Tomorrow I intend to go running again to see how my knee copes. Today I swallowed a fly while out which wasn't nice and I wouldn't recommend one for anyone who's starving hungry that's for sure.

I'm off to my dreamweaver class in a few hours but still not sure I'm bright enough to remember everything and only bits of the lessons seem to stay in my head for some reason(probably because I'm thick) and when I try to practice what I've learn't I always get stuck! I think I'll have to pay my teacher to move in with me until I know what I'm doing it's the only way it seems.

Oh I have my first blog follower now but he's a friend of mine who ties me up and reckons this makes him my number one fan.. My one fan I reckon.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Start of another week

Hopefuly things will pick up and I'll start to get some clients this week as not had any for a while and missing both the money and working(well I say work but not sure many would call being spanked and tied up work!)

Goning to do a bit more training for my cancer run this morning and proably go for another cycle ride as I'm worried about running at the moment because I'm getting a lot of pain from my left knee when ever I do. It's only 2 weeks until my run though and I don't want to end up walking

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Back home

Just got home after a couple of nights in Wales making  films for my naughty nina website with a friend and then at Wild Passions BDSM night. It was really funny we were making bondage films at my friends parents house while they were away and everyone who could have come round did encluding the police(or we think it was as I was too tied up to get the door and my friend never had much clothes on so they had left before he got there but he just saw them going) We did some great bondage though and the film which has a little kinky story looks good too. Just need to edit it now once my friend has made me a copy that is.