Thursday, 28 March 2013

She's just a bloke

Was a comment recently posted on a spanking forum I often advertise on and not for the first or probably last time I'll see something like this written about me from someone who's never met me. It's annoying as this can sometimes put potential clients off and almost certainly had something to do with a new one cancelling this week.

So this week I was brought back down to earth with bang as far as work is going as with no ads in the papers I've only seen one client so far and things got worse this week when I had to pay a near £300 garage bill yesterday  for a wheel bearing on my VXR and I broke the gears on my mountain bike so have taken that in to be repaired too. So another bill coming for that too.

Also I found out my site isn't taking the money I thought it was and over $200 has gone missing which ccbill didn't pay me even though they say they have done so financially things could be better at the moment that's for sure.

So it's nearly Easter again that magic holiday that changes dates every year and is something to do with chocolate eggs and bunnies but I've never been sure quite what. I'm just going to spend it chilling out and eating any eggs I receive. If anyone's thinking of buying me an egg make sure it's a Cadbury's one OK?

Not sure what else to say as everything is so quiet in my life at the moment but once I think of something else i'll be back

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Finding the right people

I seem to be forever looking for the right people to work with on my new site and as I don't pay people it's much harder than you'd think it would be. All anyone seems to be interested in is money and if they're not then they're not what I'm looking for.

Take trannies. Loads of them love to be tied up and some even pay for this privilege but although lots have contacted me I've still not found a good looking young one who'll do double bondage with me. I am picky but I have to be there's no way I'm using rubbish trannies on my site or ones who aren't at all kinky but just want bum sex all the time(which is most of them to be honest as they seem to think putting a dress on makes them a woman and not at all gay when a man shags them up their bum. This isn't the case and in fact they're just a gay man in a dress with a deep voice and sometimes still with a beard)

So I've not as yet been able to find a suitable TV to shoot with but I have to mention I did a wonderful shoot a few days ago with my friend Laura(a real woman)who was up for all my silly kinky films including sploshing and clothed facesitting and the images are just great. So a massive thank you to Laura and her partner Rob who let us use their place to do the shoot. Still I have a list of other kinky films I want to make involving woman and I'm not bothered what shape or size or even age they are but still it's hard to find any women up for a free shoot.

The reason I can't pay is my site already costs me more than it makes so if I start paying people I'd just as well pack it in but it's a great site and I love working on it so I'm not going to but I am going to keep looking for those genuinely kinky people as I know there must be some out there somewhere.

"How's work Nina?" you ask.

Well now you've asked it's OK I guess. No one in today but had one yesterday and another Thursday plus a new ad out tomorrow and I saw 6 people the previous week which was good. I won't mention the week before when I had none though. Not sure what happened there. Anyway I'm getting by just about and still enjoying it.

And in my spare time I've not been doing any exercise as it's too cold but have been watching lots of tele and I'm addicted to Pointless at the moment. Last week I even won the money 3 out of 5 days. (Well I would of had I been on the show and not sat at home that is) other programs I've enjoyed recently have been Derek(which was funny and sad at the same time) and dancing on ice but only for the female costumes that I wanted to wear.

I'll write again soon but in the meantime here's a few pics of me and Laura the rest will be on my site before too long so go join it as it's good. No really it is.

You can trust a trannie who likes wearing panties on her head you know.