Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

OK it wasn't quite that bad and I thought it went more or less to plan but the lack of thanks or feedback led me to think I got this one slightly wrong somehow. 

You see I always thought dressing up as school kids, spanking and role-play all went hand in hand and anyone who liked the whole school thing also loved being caned or spanked like I do but  I learn't this isn't the case at all and most people who dressed in school kids clothes at my bdsm party didn't want to be punished!! As head girl I didn't get punished at all except for in one of the party games where everyone in the room had to cane me once that is.

The idea of my party was to give people things to do instead of having to make their own play like you do at most other bdsm events because quite often all that happens is everyone just stands round talking but after my party  I get the feeling that this is all most people want to do!!

17 people in total turned up and the role play part in the schoolroom I thought went well but things went slightly down hill when the punishments were being handed out and people had left before we could play the spanking games I'd planned. 

Despite the lack of feedback I think it was still a good and different idea and stand by how I organised it and as everyone knows I'm always right. ;-) 

Other than my party the following night I went to Bristols club O and decided to wear a zentai suit with clothes and a wig over the top which wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done as I couldn't really see anything or anyone! I'm going to do it again though somewhere lighter and on a lead which sounds like great fun. I might even spend the whole night gagged next time(stop cheering!)

Sunday I spent the afternoon covered in custard with Angel Delight(next week I'm going to spend an afternoon covered in Angel Delight with Custard. LOL) which isn't a bad way to spend a hot Sunday. Check out her site here
The film of this will be on my own site before too long but for all you sploshers my latest film posh splosh is now up so check it out here
Remember anyone who is a member can request a kinky film or photo set and I'll do my best to make it and credit the person who's idea it is.

Yesterday was also a pretty good day after it didn't start well with one client cancelling last minute another one took his time slot and had me doing my mistress Nina bit for 2 hours before another one messed around before not turning up and I spent much of the night in a plastic tub full of water which was amazing and didn't want to get out. In fact I'd like to have been able to stay in if under the water with the lid on as a ornament as I think it's what every room could do with! Once I get some pics of this I'll add them so you can see what I'm talking about.

Lots more been happening this week but too much to write here and again I'm tired and don't feel very well and need to go to bed.

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