Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bored so time for an update

In hindsight maybe putting new ads in the paper for my Mistress work a week before Christmas wasn't the best idea I've had as it went in the paper on Friday and it's now late afternoon Tuesday and all I've seen is one client who smelt of BO as he'd just came from work and expected me to strip off fully which I didn't want to do. I never understand why guys come and see me all dressed up looking very fem and sexy and then want me totally naked for the session! Why not just see a guy who looks like a guy in the first place? And people say I'm strange.

While I sit around waiting for clients to phone I've been catching up on tele programs I've missed out on seeing on i-player such as last weeks life's too short and Frozen Planet which sadly on i-player has the man signing for the deaf in the corner and nothing I do seems to be able to get rid of him!

On Saturday I went to visit my friend John who is just out of hospital after heart surgery and  I took him some presents and a card signed by friends the previous week at Romeo's nightclub. Some people didn't know him but signed the card anyway as I told them all he'd appreciate the fact that total strangers were thinking on him as he recovers.

Lord Q gave me some plastic grapes to take over but didn't tell me they were plastic and when I gave them to my friend I said they were real. It's a good job he didn't try and eat them!

After suffering me for about 4 hours John was very tired and returned to bed where he had been for the previous 2 days sleeping after coming out of hospital. He now no longer wants any more visitors until next year and wants to focus on getting better. I'm not sure if this is a result of my visit though but I wouldn't blame him if it was after 4 hours of me going on and saying all the wrong things as normal. Hopefully next time I see him he'll be fit enough to run away when he see's me coming.

That evening I went with my friend Nicki to Exodus for F***ed Up which was pretty well attended but really cold. I didn't get F***ed Up but did get tied up twice while dressed as Miss Santa which was great fun.

Oh I need to thank the trannie who I'd never met before who gave me the finger and was upset with me because I apparently didn't reply to an e-mail he sent!!

I know what you'e thinking bring back hanging right?

Anyway whoever you are I hope you feel better now and look I may not have replied to your e-mail but even better you made my blog. No need to apologise though. Tell you what if you want to send me an e-mail.

Then again I may forget to reply and we'll be back to square one.

I also had someone phone up just to call me a queer b******d but it was nice of him to leave his number which I've now also left all over the net so people can contact him. If you happen to be a queer b******d and want someone to talk to about it I'll be happy to pass it on to you also. Or if you just want someone to talk to about trans or gay issues I'm sure he'll be very understanding.

Anyone reading this who also happens to be medically trained can you tell me if I have cystitis as I need to wee lots at the moment. Women are 10 times more likely to get this than men so I'm probably right I reckon.

Oh before I go pee did I mention I was part of a slave auction? I fetched £7.50 I think highest of the night then my winner swapped me for a packet of sweets

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