Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Another day another no show!

Yes the reason I have time to write my blog today is my client didn't turn up today with not even so much as a text to say he wasn't going to make it. So he's now added to my ever growing list of time wasters. It's almost hard to believe how many people have contacted me and booked appointments then just now turned up for the session . I get new ones every week. Oh well I have another new client tonight and hopefully this one will show up to make it worth getting all dressed up and ready today.

I've been told that I need to promote my friend Dom X's site on my blog so here's the link
I've been modelling for Dom X for some time now and finally I'm up on the site for all to see. Members get to see more of course and not just of me but some fantastic sexy captive women and some that look more like a man than I do too. Please take a tour of castle Smorgasborg today.

Last night I watched the "beaver" which before you say anything is a new Mel Gibson film where he talks to or I should say through a beaver hand puppet, Was it worth a rent you ask. Yea kind of but it wasn't as good as the other film I watched last night called "super" which really was especially Ellen Page as boltie who was totally off her head but very sexy in her yellow and green costume right up until she get half her head blown off that is(Oops might be worth mentioning what I just typed is a bit of a plot spoiler) This film was kind of how I imagine a decent punisher film to be. Where the punishment handed out far exceeds the crime committed. Anyway go rent it out. 

OK here's a pic of Ellen Page and I now want her costume so who wants to be my crimson bolt? I don't want to be shot in the head though. It doesn't do it for me.

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  1. Timewasters occur in every aspect of life chick, Try not to take it personally, its their loss not yours!

    I regularly get contacted by local newbies and they always ask if i'll go out with them, of course i (mostly) always say yes cos i remember a time when i was nervous as hell going out for the first time.

    What annoys me is when they arrange to meet and then they either text you (never in advance) they text you as you arrive at the pub or wherever, and they start with the really strained crappy excuses... 'my cats been sick' or 'i got called into work' or 'i thought you wouldnt show up'

    So now i get a bit weary of meeting up with newbie first timers cos they all seem to treat my time and kind heartedness as a bit of a joke.