Friday, 28 June 2013

Nearly holiday time

Yes next Thursday I head off into the sun on my Fireblade. Well hopefully into the sun and not rain as I spend a week touring France covering about 2000 miles in the process. It's been 3 years since I toured the UK on my old R1 and in that trip I covered over 3000miles loaded up with far too much luggage for the bike and even breaking the subframe come the end and having to ride home very carefully. This time my friend Keith is taking much of my stuff as he does the same trip in his car and we meet up each night and hopefully manage to go out most if not every night. Something I struggled to do on the UK tour only managing to go out about 3 of the 10 nights I was away as I was so tired each night and often in a lot of pain. I'm also planning on going to a couple of TV nights and staying with my friend Davina for two nights so should get quite a bit of Nina time one way or another and I will be writing about the trip for the next issue of Repartee if you want to read all about my adventure,

Work has again been quiet this week but this could be down to the hot weather or the fact that I'm not that far from Glastonbury which I think is where everyone in the area is at the moment. I have done a couple of sessions this week though. One new client who was interesting to say the least but I wont write on here what the session involved and I also saw one of my favourite regulars who spanked and caned my bum with me as a naughty maid, Lucky for me it had heel from the hard caning I received last week.

BTW for any naughty Nina members there will be a double update next Wednesday as I will be away the following Monday and the following Thursdays update will be done Friday(does that make sense?)
For anyone who's not a member check my site out here it's updated twice a week and now has hours and hours worth of kinky films to watch and photo sets to look at plus my kinky blog of course. It's well worth the small price I charge for membership, Especially compared to things like clips4sale where you buy one clip for the same price if not more than a months membership, OK plug over in fact post over,

See you when I return. Unless I decide to stay in France for every that is..

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Yes that's the link to my brand new Mistress site which is a vast improvement on the old one so please check it out. It also contains a blog where I will post anything connected to domination and that side of my kinky life. So anyone reading this and thinking of seeing me for a mistress session have a good look round the site and hopefully this will convince you to do so.

I will write another post about non Mistress things soon I promise

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Home Alone Saturday Night

So before I go to bed I thought I'd write in my blog as yet again I've not been updating here as often as I've been meaning too.

Lots to talk about this time so I'll start with the new issue of Repartee which as just come out and can be bought here as normal

This issue I have a 4 page article about my adventures last year at DR Who conventions that looks really good in print as of course all my features in Repartee do so please check it out. There's lots of other interesting features as always in the magazine but of course mines the best.

As far as work goes I have a new regular client who has been buying a pair of dirty knickers after every visit he even makes me wet them before he arrives then I do the session in the wet knickers and he then buys them which is a good thing as I've got such an addiction to panties and buying new ones at an alarming rate that I really need to start selling some as I've no room for the new ones. He's bought 4 pairs so far which is not a lot but it's a start.

Just been watching Britain's got talent and was slightly disappointed the dummy didn't make it through but then again he was singing a terrible song about the 80's that was totally out of tune but it's nice to see the final is made up mainly of singers this so called being a variety show!!

For anyone who's not seen the photos I'll add one here of my recent visit to see Sarah Bright in Bradford as they're really good as are the films we made one of which is already on my site.

While up there I made a visit to CatHouse to get measured up for some new latex including a black mistress dress and a red leotard. So I can't wait for them to come as I'm going to wear them in my Mistress sessions for any lucky client who like their Dom to be clad in rubber. Anyone who didn't know I do Mistress sessions should check me out here

Lots more to talk about but getting tired so bed time now