Tuesday, 10 May 2016

I'm back again

I was last here in January so thought for anyone who only follows me on my blog I'd better do an update on my life since then in case you thought something terrible had happened to me. Well sorry no I'm still about and not too much has changed since I last blogged.

Although I still miss my dad a lot life has got easier over time and it's hard to believe it's now over five months since he passed away. There's still loads to sort out though as he had a lot of stuff including some vintage tractors which I've just sold as I had no use or room for them. It did make me sad seeing them go though.

As for my films and shoots I've not really done that many new ones for the site lately but still have quite a backlog to edit so shouldn't run out for some time. Hopefully I'll be back making kinky films again soon though as I'm missing being tied up and abused!

Sadly the last ever Repartee magazine will be published this month and I'll miss writing for it as have done so since issue 50 back in 2005. I will however have 2 articles in the final issue so make sure you all get a copy. I'll plug it here once it's published.

Work wise I'm doing quite a few girlfriend experiences at the moment and a few domme sessions but not as many sub sessions as I used too. maybe I'm getting too old to be a sub? It's a shame as these are my favourite sessions normally. Talking of being a sub my friend Lord Q is just about to give me a spanking and caning as not had one for a while and have a hard session tomorrow so want to be prepared. Lord Q say's he takes no pleasure from warming up my bottom but does it because that's what friends are for!!

Here are some photos of me taken yesterday in my latest outfits when a client never showed and I had time to kill better go and get spanked now. Bye xx