Thursday, 4 August 2011

He loves me he loves me not.

This refers to the 2 clients I had in one day last week. The first was such a disappointment after all seemed so promising. He wanted me to come to the door dressed in a secretary style outfit and be tightly gagged already. He also told me I wasn't to masturbate for the previous 24hours. I followed his demands an even put a collar and lead on myself and cuffed both my hands and feet and to be honest was really looking forward to the spanking/bondage session the lay ahead. Sadly when he arrived things went down him and he just got his cock out and wanted me to pleasure him constantly while trying his best to snog me. He was also 2 hours late and after 5 minutes I decided enough was enough and released myself and told him to leave as there was no way I was trusting him to tie me up and not fuck me. He left I got no money and wasted most of a day.

That same night another client turned up and wanted my girlfriend experience which doesn't involve much in the way of sex(much like having a real girlfriend so most people tell me) we had a chat he seemed nice so he removed all his clothes and I started to give him hand relief while he started to play with and kiss me. After about 10 minutes of this he said"I don't think this is for me" and got dressed and left!! This guy did however pay. I guess not everyone loves me.

Since then I've had a few more clients including one I spend 2 hours tying up using mainly luggage straps and I have to say I'm getting quite a dab hand with these straps. This was a good session and the client left happy leaving me with a somewhat rare smile on my face these days.

I also did a hotel visit and managed to drive my car into the pavement in the hotel car park(I know women drivers) but it seems to be OK and I even had some new pics taken with my car yesterday before I rally do some damage to it. I hope you like them?

At the moment other than work I've got 3 things I'm trying to organise for this month. First I have a messy mud shoot at a quarry which is getting close so have to pull my finger out with this one. Second I have a school themed party which has hit on a few problems as everyone is dropping out at the moment and third I want to take my fireblade to France for a week at the end of the month and chill out at my friends house. 

She's mentioned there's lots of things to be tied too there and lots of nettles too. Why is this good you ask. Well I've always wanted to be tied in-between 2 trees and have nettle shoved down the back of my knickers. Totally against my will of course. 

Do you think I'm a bit odd? No me neither. ;-)

Oh nearly forgot quick mention for Restraints last week. It was the first (of many I hope) BDSM event at a swingers club in Bristol called Romeo's and it went really well and yes I got tied up and beat about so I was happy. I think everyone enjoyed the night so well done to everyone involved in making that happen.

I can't believe you've nodded off reading my blog again!!


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