Friday, 3 May 2013

Pothole Detector

Last week I went out on my racing bike or pothole detector as I now like to call it and before I'd even left the village I hit yes you've guessed it a pothole and punctured both tyres or should I say both inner tubes? Anyway I ended up with two flat tyres and pushed it back home only a few minutes after leaving 

I decided that after receiving 5 punctures in as many months I would invest in some new tyres and better tubes. This I did and yesterday following the advice of my friend Katrina I pumped my tyres up to 100 psi which was far more than I previously ever had done in an attempt to avoid getting more flats and headed off for a ride. With the new really hard tyres I felt every tiny bump I went over but then it happened.

Somehow I didn't see a massive pothole and I just about stayed on the bike as I hit it. Fully expecting to have another puncture but amazing I didn't get one so carried on my merry way but after about a mile I was getting really hot so went to grab my water bottle only to notice it was missing. I turned round and headed back to the pothole and sure enough there was my water bottle on the road having been driven over!! I then decided to turn back around and continue on my route without any water and this I did even though I was dying of thirst but just before I got home the chain jumped on the front sprocket nearly causing me to fall off into a parked car I was going round at the time but I managed to stay on and make it home in one piece just about!

This morning having no work I decided to take the blade out instead of the pushbike and no I didn't hit any potholes but had a great 2 hour ride but not having had much chance to ride it this year I do seem to be struggling to take corners anywhere near as fast as I used to but I guess my confidence will return the more I ride it at least I hope so. Otherwise riding across France this summer is not going to be as fun as I was hoping unless all the roads are straight that is.

Work has been quiet this week except Tuesday when I saw three clients. Strange as Tuesday is normally my day off as for some reason it's always dead on Tuesdays

If you're sick of the sight of me on my website you'll be pleased to know that this weeks new gallery is a guest gallery that doesn't feature me at all so go check it out here

Right I'm off to edit some new films and get ready for Rubber Cult this Saturday night so if you're going don't forget to sat hello if not have a nice bank holiday weekend. x