Saturday, 11 February 2017

My life at the moment

So my Naughty Nina site is still unable to take new members no matter how many times I've spoken to CCbill and Arvixe who I wouldn't recommend to anyone looking for a hosting company for their site as their customer support is terrible. I'm still annoyed about all this as I put so much time and effort into the site making the videos and doing all the kinky shoots. Saying that the site never really took off like I hoped it would so maybe it's time to call it a day on the paysite.

Sadly this seems to be the case with everything I do. Like my pro domme,sub and escort work which I've done OK at but never as well as I thought I would.

I've put so much effort into my sessions and my site it's disheartening when things don't quite work out. I know this is mainly down to being trans as most people will never get past that no matter how good I look,no matter how good my sessions are, no matter how cheap they are compared to other female pros and no matter how good the web site is.

Not many trans girls can make a living doing something that is entirely dominated by women so just getting by is something of an achievement in itself I guess. This is a shame as half the women doing what I do are rubbish at it and not into it at all. Some of the dommes charge a fortune and offer a poor service but guys still visit them. Some of the spankees wont even allow caning or charge £10 a stroke but still rake it in and some of the paysites are filled with the lamest BDSM you'll ever see(they make the boring 50 shades of grey film look genuinely kinky) and have hardly any content but still do well and charge loads more than I did for my site.

Most women do really well just offering one of the services I offer and quite often badly which really sucks. I often find myself wondering how well I'd be doing if I was a born good looking female doing sub,domme and escort work as well as running a very kinky paysite and loving it all too, Thing is I know the answer which also sucks but hey I wasn't born female so just have to make the most of what I've got and keep just getting by doing a few sessions when my  loyal clients want me and enjoying them.

BTW at the moment I'm still working from the lovely studio Onyx in Taunton and all sessions must be booked at least a day in advance. For full details and for everything I offer including prices check my site 

Other than moaning about my disappointing lack of success in life everything else is quiet and I'm still waiting for my inheritance to come through so I can get my own place again to see clients from. It could be a while yet but it will happen hopefully this year. Oh if anyone's interested in attending a spanking/caning school event at Onyx let me know as I may run one at some point in the near future.

Also as you know I've done a couple of motorcycle tours in the past one round the UK on an R1 and another in France on my Fireblade and I'm thinking after 6 years with the blade I might change it for something smaller and maybe more comfortable(as I'm getting older) and do some more touring this year but what to get and where to go I've not yet decided so watch this space for more details or no details if I decide against it.

Talking of touring I keep getting asked if I'll ever tour as a pro(well by one client anyway) and as a result I'm not going to but will post here if I'm visiting anywhere in the country or staying in any hotels people can visit me in. Hope this is of help to that one person.

OK got to go pack for SWAMP which is on tomorrow in Bristol and it takes me ages to get my stuff ready as it's now all stored in the attic which makes it all but impossible to find anything! Anyone going to SWAMP come and say hi