Saturday, 17 December 2016

Bah Humbug

So as always it's been a while since I last wrote here but I'm back today in-between getting the last of my Christmas presents online that is. When I say last I don't really have many friends or family anymore so the list of people I have to buy for is pretty short these days. In fact most of the present I'm buying are for myself. I'm looking at treating myself to Amazon prime is it worth it?

So what have I been up to since my last post. Sessions wise I'm still doing all my BDSM sessions from Studio Onyx in Taunton. Either that or out calls.

I now offer in calls for hour long sessions there at a price of £100, as lots of people have called wanting to do an hour but the studio has a minimum booking of two hours. I pay them for the two hours at a cost of £40 still meaning it's just about worth me driving over there to do a one hour session.

So anyone I've turned away because you only wanted to play with me for one hour get back in touch. What do you mean too late now!! BTW studio Onyx is a fetish studio so it's only suitable for sub,domme and other kinky sessions(not sploshing) not to see me as an escort. If you want to see me as an escort you will have to let me come to you or book a room somewhere. Hopefully next year I'll have my own place again at some point where I can all of my in calls including escort work again. So watch this space for news on this when it happens. I hope to be in the Bristol area again near the motorways.

As it's Christmas I'll add a few pics of me in my new Christmas outfits these were taken in London last weekend where I was attending the "Ouch Christmas party" which is all about CP and ran over two days. During this time I got caned well over 500 times which maybe a record even for me. I went with my best friend Lord Q who I don't see so much now he lives on a boat so it was great to go to an event with him again, Just like old times we even made some kinky films back in the hotel which you'll be able to see on my site before too long, Talking of films I paid another visit to Sarah Bright up north recently and made some new films with her too. One of which is already on the site and is a full mummification in blue wrap, It looks awesome, Go check it out on my site if you're a member and haven't already, If you're not a member and kinky you're missing out go join now!! While up there I got to have a go on her playstation VR which blew my mind as I lost interest in gaming years ago on my old PS2 which I still have but I'm seriously thinking of getting one of these it's that good. Don't believe me try one yourself and tell me I'm wrong.

As I said and you know(unless you're living alone on an island) it's almost Christmas and I've not been invited to a single party this year! Now I'm starting to feel slightly paranoid and unpopular. I mean I might not go if I was invited to a party but it's nice to be asked right?

So what am I going to do over Christmas. Maybe a few house viewing on Christmas day would be a good. Then when I get inside the house the families there might ask me to join them for Christmas lunch as they feel sorry for me. OK maybe not and I'd worry about anyone who let me view their house on Christmas day to be honest

Anyway I'm starting to type shit now so I'll stop here and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and here's some more pictures of me in case you've forgotten what I look like.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Website issues

This is for my members and anyone thinking of joining my amazing website
I'm having a few issues with Dreamweaver at the moment so although I'm still doing the video and gallery updates I'm unable to update the home page so it doesn't look like the site is being updated. If you're a member already you'll see that new stuff is still going on twice a week in the members area though. Sadly there will be no update this coming Monday as someone is trying to sort my Dreamweaver problem and needs my laptop for a few days to do so.

So apart from my site issues what have been up to since moving out of the cottage you ask.

Work wise so far all the sessions but one I've done have been at
I've been doing one or two there most weeks and I also had an out call to a caravan near the beach for a sploshing/escort session. This was from one of my regulars which was a first for me as never done a session in a caravan before. It was actually good fun with a lovely client.

I've now decided to take my time searching for the right place to live and do my sessions from in the future so there's a good chance it wont be until well into 2017 before I'm fully up and running again.

In the meantime I'm still available for out calls to your home or hotels but not car meets. I've had loads of people ask me for this since losing my venue. I mean do I look like a girl who meets guys for sex in a car!! Don't answer

I've said this before but no one listens to me so I'll say it again. Unless I know you most bookings with me will require a deposit at the moment unless you happen to ring on the day and I'm already working at a hired venue that is which so far no one has managed to do.

One other thing of interest I can possibly do an overnight kinky booking here now but you need to pay for the venue as well as me but it is quite cheap.

Other than that I've not been out that much. I did however go to a trans meal last night in Bristol which was pleasant and very well attended by mainly trans girl in various states... sorry I mean various states of transition. Actually I think I was right the first time. To be honest it was just nice to get out and as we were pretty much the only ones in the pub I didn't feel like I was part of a freak show as much as I normally do when I attend these things. Then again in many ways I'm the biggest freak of the lot I guess.

My next night out will probably be the BDSM event in Weston called MDS which is on Halloween so I can get away with being a freak here and no will notice.

Anyway now I have more spare time I really should update my blog more if only I had something interesting to blog about! Then again that doesn't stop most people.

Friday, 2 September 2016


I’ve been working from the same private venue for 5 years now seeing clients Monday-Friday most weeks and often evenings and weekends too and I’m sure most have had a enjoyable experience at my lovely kinky cottage whether you've seen me as a domme,sub or escort or we've just had some kinky play together. Be it spanking or sploshing. Sadly after five years the owner of my cottage and my best friend decided to sell up and this Wednesday I did my last session there and I have now moved out. and I’m now staying somewhere not suitable for sessions

This does not mean the end as I have big plans to buy an even better place in the not to distant future and make it something very special indeed. As of yet I’m not sure what area it’ll be in but I shouldn’t think I’ll be too far from Bristol or Bath. I’m sad about not having the cottage anymore but excited about my future plans so keep an eye on my blogs for regular updates.

In the mean time I’m taking a couple of weeks off to sort out my stuff and have a short break. So sorry to anyone wanting to see me in the next 2 weeks but from Monday the 19th I will be available from several kinky venues and dungeons in the area which I’ll be hiring once you’ve paid a deposit to cover the hire costs. Unlike before you will need to book at least a few days in advance so no more same day booking for now. Oh I’m also still going to be available for out-calls and these are possible on the day but I will still require a deposit 

Here are links to the 3 venues I can hire for sessions and all have calender’s so you can check to see if the time you want is available before contacting me
Also if my expenses are covered I may be willing to travel further afield for example I have in the past used this lovely fetish studio in the reading area
Or this fantastic dungeon near Birmingham

As I’ve said hiring dungeons/fetish studios is just a stop gap until I get my own place again so keep an eye on my blog for more updates

Nina xx

Thursday, 2 June 2016

5th and final Repartee cover

As I mentioned in my last blog entry issue 82 of Repartee is the last one but the one thing I didn't say is that not only do I have 2 features in the final issue but I'm also the last ever Repartee cover girl. This makes 5 issues in total where I've featured on the cover since I first wrote for Repartee way back in issue number 50. This means over the 27 years Repartee has been printed only Martine Rose(who founded the magazine) has featured more often on the cover. I don't know why but I'm sort of proud of this fact.

If anyone wants a copy of the very last Printed Repartee you can buy it here

I've attached some photos of me with my RS250 Megane that didn't make the magazine to wet your appetite

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

I'm back again

I was last here in January so thought for anyone who only follows me on my blog I'd better do an update on my life since then in case you thought something terrible had happened to me. Well sorry no I'm still about and not too much has changed since I last blogged.

Although I still miss my dad a lot life has got easier over time and it's hard to believe it's now over five months since he passed away. There's still loads to sort out though as he had a lot of stuff including some vintage tractors which I've just sold as I had no use or room for them. It did make me sad seeing them go though.

As for my films and shoots I've not really done that many new ones for the site lately but still have quite a backlog to edit so shouldn't run out for some time. Hopefully I'll be back making kinky films again soon though as I'm missing being tied up and abused!

Sadly the last ever Repartee magazine will be published this month and I'll miss writing for it as have done so since issue 50 back in 2005. I will however have 2 articles in the final issue so make sure you all get a copy. I'll plug it here once it's published.

Work wise I'm doing quite a few girlfriend experiences at the moment and a few domme sessions but not as many sub sessions as I used too. maybe I'm getting too old to be a sub? It's a shame as these are my favourite sessions normally. Talking of being a sub my friend Lord Q is just about to give me a spanking and caning as not had one for a while and have a hard session tomorrow so want to be prepared. Lord Q say's he takes no pleasure from warming up my bottom but does it because that's what friends are for!!

Here are some photos of me taken yesterday in my latest outfits when a client never showed and I had time to kill better go and get spanked now. Bye xx

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

If for some reason I don't blog before Christmas

Was what I said in my last post fully expecting to be back wishing everyone a happy Christmas and new year but I didn't blog again and there was a good reason.

Sadly just before Christmas my dad died of cancer and I am now an orphan having also lost my mother to cancer some years ago. So it wasn't the best Christmas for me. We had his funeral in between Christmas and new year which was attended by lots of people who knew my dad and many I'd never even seen before. It will take a long time to come to terms with my dad not being there as we were close and I was with him all through his time with cancer and I would see him or call him at least every other day and I'll miss chatting to him or taking him out to see steam trains which he so loved and even got me interested in.(A bit)

Anyway it's a new year and time to move on. I've updated my escort services as I know January is normally quiet for me and now offer a 15 minutes quickie service for £40 just for those who want to see me but can't afford an hour. This is just an extra escort service and only for someone in desperate need of a hand or blow job. Nothing else. It's that simple. I say simple but someone already called asking for a quickie and wanting to give me a BJ instead! Some people are just idiots and I really don't need people giving me quickie BJ's. Trust me!

This year work wise it has started like most seem too with loads of time wasters. Yesterday in theory I could have seen 5 people but ended up with only 1 showing up. Today I had 4 bookings and I'm now down to 1 also. If anyone genuine reading this wants to book me please check out my websites below for all my sub,domme and escort services

Also don't forget to join my website for hundreds of kinky films and more being added every week

To all my followers, site members and clients I wish you a happy new year and just for you here's a pic of my legs and bum.

What do you mean you've seen my legs and bum hundreds of times before!