Friday, 31 January 2014

Repartee cover girl yet again

I've been writing for Repartee since issue 50 and have been on the cover 3 times since then but only once on my own as Rose from Dr Who way back on issue 54 in February 2007 now 7 years on and 5 years since my last cover I'm back on the cover again on the latest Repartee. Issue 75 celebrates 25 years of the magazine in print but it's also 25 issues since I first appeared in it. Anyway the new issue is a great read as always and also features part two of my road trip to France so please help keep the magazine going in print and buy a copy here

I can't believe this is the first time I've wrote in my blog for almost a month in that time I had another birthday which I celebrated by going to SWAMP and giving other people cakes which always seems a strange thing to do on your birthday. People should be giving me cakes surly! Or sploshing me with them. It's a shame I don't have any photos from the day as I looked and dressed quite different to how I normally look and many people didn't recognize me to start with. I was wearing a beautiful 50's style dress with a big petticoat and had a new bob wig on. I'll get some photos taken like that soon so you can see and I may even let Keith who bought me the dress and wig tie me up in in it next time if he's lucky.

Other than my birthday I've been busy seeing clients mainly for GFE's or domme session meaning my bum has got soft not being spanked and caned much this year so far. I must mention one new client who came this week for the second time this year who has bought lots of nice things for me to wear for him including a zentai suit and another 50's style dress and petticoat which are fantastic and we had a lovely long session Wednesday and he even brought with him a new speedo swimming costume which I wore over the zentai and then under the dress later mainly because Ihe told me he bought one for someone else and I told him no one had ever bought me a swimming costume before.. If only I had a few more clients like this. He's a great guy and I can't wait for the next session.

As I write this I have a nasty cold which has meant I was unable to take my dad for his chemo treatment today in case he caught it but lucky for me someone else was available instead. At the moment I spend a lot of time with my dad as it's a very difficult time for him and I was a bit sad to see all his hair fall out because of the treatment but he makes light of it and the pain he has started to get. I just hope it's all worth it and the chemo is a success but he has a long way to go before we know if it's worked and he's sure to get worse before he gets better. Going through this with him makes me feel pretty useless and unable to help and I find myself thinking back to when I did my run for cancer and how it's probably about time I did something else to help. So watch this space I'm sure I'll come up with another way to help but not sure my knees can take another 10k as Nina though!

Time to go blow my nose for the hundredth time today but hopefully I won't leave it so long before posting again but then again I always say that!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Birthday Girl

So that's Christmas and New Year over with again and thank god for that. So what is there to look forward to next I hear you ask. Well you don't have to wait long for my birthday which is on the 12th of January and I will be celebrating it at Bristol's SWAMP for anyone who wants to join in the celebrations and have some of my cake. If you do come along don't forget to buy me something nice. I love Nina Ricci perfume but I have quite a lot of that now as I had some for Christmas like I do most years. You can also buy me some new shoes if you like I'm a size 8 in case you were thinking of doing this or knickers I'm also a size 8 in these and only have about 200 pairs so could do with a few more before I run out. No G strings though as I hate these. Thongs are OK if they've got a reasonable amount of material at the front to hide my bits that is.

So other than getting Nina perfume what else did I get and do over the holiday period you ask. Well I didn't get much or do much really. My family came over for diner Christmas day and my best friend boxing day but I spent most of the time watching tele and films. Yesterday I even watched it's a wonderful life for the first time ever which made me cry at the end.

So on with 2014 and I've already made a few plans as to things I want to do this year which includes another trip to France and a return to Sparkle this summer as it'll be the 10th one and of course I'll be doing lots more kinky photoshoots for if you haven't checked out for a while you should as over Christmas I finally uploaded my buried alive film that so many people had be waiting for.

Somethings never change and even with a new year today was my first day seeing clients again and my first two didn't show up. Thankfully my third one did show up so at least I did one to kick start my year off.

Not much else to say other than to wish everyone reading this a happy new year

Nina xx.