Thursday, 29 September 2011

Is it wrong to fancy a pig?

Bet you've never been asked this before. LOL

OK I've just bought a ornamental female(I think) pig dressed as a French maid bending over flashing her knickers and for some strange reason find her attractive. In fact much more attractive than many of my clients who to be honest are all men so I don't fancy any of them anyway. Talking of clients I saw 2 yesterday and 1 the day before and al 3 wanted the girlfriend experience I offer which is strange as I don't offer sex! I have to say if it wasn't for the fact that this is by far now the most popular thing I offer it's the one service I'd stop doing and if I ever become rich it'll be the first thing I stop doing. I do so wish more people would book me for bondage and spanking or modelling or maid work or zentai play or anything other than gf experiences. Yesterday the second session ended up with my client cuming over my face and I had spunk in my hair,eyes and up my nose which wasn't pleasant and these recent sessions are making me wonder how long I can continue to do this for before returning to a normal job. I'm wondering what's happened to all the kinky people. When I started my Pro sub business I never did the girlfriend thing and was never busy but used to get mainly spanking, caning and bondage sessions but this is rare now even though I also do all this as Mistress Nina(Time to plug a site I think

BTW anyone looking at that link I have been told that the photo on the homepage is terrible and doesn't look much like me so this could be putting some possible clients off. Not sure it's that bad but I must look into getting it changed to see if that gets me any more business. I somehow doubt it will make much difference.

I promise I'm not going to mention about my car accident again but it is going from bad to worse. Oh no I mentioned it!!

OK this was just a short moan today.. sorry update as I have spunk to get out of a wig now!!!

BTW the pig ornament isn't the first time I've fancied a pig I used to have a poster of miss piggy on my bedroom wall as a child in which she looked pretty hot and I've been out with a number of pigs too.

Talking of miss piggy looking hot just found this and I think you'll agree she makes a very sexy super-heroine 

Friday, 23 September 2011

Thought I'd write in my blog before I went to bed

All I seem to be doing these days is moaning about things and that's not really me but sadly most of the things that happen to me lately don't seem to be that great for some reason.

Take today for example the reason I'm here writing this on a Friday night when I should have been out being tied up at  Restraints a local bdsm night is because I've picked up a throat infection and maybe touch of flue(You should see thee faces I'm pulling every time I try to swallow anything at the moment) as well meaning this morning I cancelled my night out. I guess I can't complain too much as I can't even remember the last time I was ill. The fact is since I stopped working a normal office job nearly 2 years ago to be a pro sub I'm hardly ever ill because I'm not as stressed. One of the downsides however is I haven't got much money these days and I'm partly surviving on savings built up while I was working 9-5. My recent car crash hasn't helped as even though it wasn't my fault I had to pay a huge £500 excess  and today I got my credit card statement which is £1000 and I also got the bad news that my credit card can't do anything about the £144 I was ripped off my media today who sold me advertising that I didn't get so that's £144 out the window. To be honest I'm more annoyed that they could get away with ripping me and probably others off this way! OK that's a lie I'm more annoyed about the money.

What else can I moan about before going to bed.? OK try this one of my regular clients phoned tonight asking me to do a session as a boy and of course I said no which may signal the end of our regular sessions as he's often referred to me as male but I let it pass in previous sessions. It's funny I never advertise as anything other then Nina but I've turned down £300 to appear in a sissification film, a role as a schoolboy in a caning film, a role as a guy who's brain is removed and put into a women in a splosh film(yes really!)and tonight's spanking session. All easy money and all of which I would have done had they asked me to be Nina but even though it's only clothes and makeup to most people I can't do anything bdsm related unless in my female role even for money.

Interesting fact out of the 4 genuine offers to work as a bloke only the ones making the sissification film have seen me not as Nina and in the end they got a TS to do it instead of me.

So anything at all happen good today or am I just going to end it all now I hear you ask?

No I'm not actually sometimes the smallest things can put a smile on my face and today this was it. I was going into town to pick up my prescription after going to the doctors about my throat and before returning to my car decided to get a magazine to read in the local news agents and picked up fast bikes magazine mainly because it was sealed up and had a free balaclava(which I thought will come inn handy for my new life of crime once I've given up on the pro sub business) and when I opened the magazine I found it had an article about R1's and the bike used for the photos and test was my old bike which I toured the UK on and featured in Repartee and is pictured below. It's more famous than me now!! This is the thing that made me smile today. 

OK I'm off to bed now but I won't sleep with this bloody sore throat!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

At least this blog's still here

Anyone reading this who is also a member of my pay site will know I have another much ore kinky blog that only they can read, Well I did until last week when I went to add a new entry I found it was missing and still is and neither me nor Bella my web mistress have any idea where it's gone. So I need to apologise to my members as I'm having to start my kinky blog all over again. I am a bit gutted about this as I also never kept separate copies of my entries. The first entry should be there later on today though and this time I'm making sure I make copies.

Other than this I've been a busy girl and had an exellent couple of days with my friend Lord Q doing many kinky films and photos that I'm sure my members will love almost as much as I loved making and modelling for them.

I also had about 4 clients last week and have just said goodbye to my first this week so work is slowly picking up which is good as I seem to have been spending far more than I've been earning lately backed up by my bank statement that showed I spent £6000 more than I earn last year!! Then again if I stopped buying clothes it would be a lot less.

Saturday night I was the official maid at my friends house warming in Wales and about 60 guests turned up and none of them were sheep I don't think.So most of the human population of Wales were there I reckon. I was a good maid and not only dressed the part but spent the night taking coats answering the door and washing up instead of playing in the dungeon upstairs like I normally would at a party. Anyone wanting a kinky maid to clean their house check my site for details as I'm more than just a pretty face. Honest

Friday, 9 September 2011

Again a very quick update

This has been a very mixed week for me some things are good some things not so. Tomorrow I get my car back after being repaired following the accident I had a few weeks back which is good except I've been informed it's now two different shades of red as the new paint doesn't match the old faded paint, Of course I moaned about this to my insurance who seem happy that the garage painted the car the correct colour and have pushed me into accepting my car back by taking the loan car away leaving me without any transport! Well I still have the blade but I can't carry all my stuff on that or turn up to clients houses as a guy on a bike with my stuff in a rucksack! I also need to find £500 tomorrow to pay my excess to get my car back which is gutting as someone drove into me.

I'm also having issues with these wankers
who sold me advertising in all the papers the represent, took my money(and more)then proceeded not to run any ads for me. So I've lost £144 to them and now they wont even answer my e-mails or phone calls, Anyone thinking of advertising with them please don't!

OK that's the main of the crap stuff out the way. Oh hang on I placed another ad in ad-trader this week and so far had hardly an calls and no bookings from it purely because this time I wrote no sex offered. The only upside here is that last time the phone didn't stop ringing with guys wanting sex and I still hardly got a booking so at least this time I haven't spent several days telling people I'm not an escort but a mistress and pro sub to idiots who have no clue what either of those are.

Good things now. Well I've seen 4 genuine clients this week which is better than last week when I only saw one and had a good night with Kat last night mainly tieing her up in her zentai suits and a nice night with my friend Lord Q the previous evening planning lots of future kinky films which I'm excited about and.........I need to think now as today I've sat around waiting for clients to ring and none have so now I'm going to say goodbye stop moaning and go home as typing this from the schoolroom I session from.

Oh did I mention the pony play I was looking forward to last Saturday at Exodus was rubbish but I looked the part as always in a sexy white leotard, No photos to show you of this though so find something else to wank over tonight. ;-)

Oh another thing any members of my site may notice there's no update this week this is because my web mistress is away on holiday so to keep you going I'll make something up for the kinky blog instead tomorrow.

Seems this update wasn't as quick as I thought it would be

Saturday, 3 September 2011

I always seem to be in a rush

As I am now and about to head off to the Bristol splunch which starts shortly and is a munch for sploshers or people like me who like to get messy from time to time. If you don't know what a much is it's just a meeting of kinky people normally in a pub during the day dressed in normal clothes. I have never been to a munch as there always seems to be issues about transgendered people attending and this being the case I'd rather stay away. Also it's not really my thing sitting around talking about kinky stuff instead of doing kinky stuff. I want to go to the splunch to get films and photos from my recent quarry shoot with Tanya. In fact this will be the 4th time I've been to the splunch in Bristol but I never stay more than a couple of hours as I always have something else I need to be doing. I think I go to splunches and not munches because they have no problem with me being Nina and its often the only time I meet other sploshers too.

Later on tonight I'm also going to Exodus and I get to be a pony girl again which I always love doing and lots of my friends are going also so really looking forward to tonight.

I have some pics from when I was playing in the box of water the other day so check these out. It was a great fun night and just what I needed that day and we have more kinky plans for me in the box of course.

Last weekend I had a strangely quiet weekend and spent most of it at home although come the end of Monday I did regret not going into Bristol as I missed about 3 clients and I really could have done with the money as I have to pay £500 to get my car back next week which is still being repaired after my accident coming home from the quarry. I did go to Restraints on the Friday and get suspended yet again by Longman though and here is the evidence which shows I'm far to happy being tied up.

Again I have lots more to mention but like i said I am in a rush so will write more next week.