Friday, 20 April 2012


It's the phobia of genitals. No really it is I'm not making this up. I don't have a fear of them as such but they don't turn me on at all. Neither male nor female ones. Today I even started a thread about it on a bdsm forum to find out who else isn't turned on by genitals. Seems I'm not alone in finding people much more attractive when genitals are kept covered up though.

So what news have I got and how has this week been you ask.
Well last weekend looking at the bookings I had taken it was looking really good. Sadly it's turned out to be my worse week this year for time wasters. Several people making bookings and just not turning up. One was a complete c**t who rang several times and book me for two hours even confirming the night before and told me he'd bought me chocolates and my favourite Nina perfume. Then come the appointment he didn't show or contact me even though I tried several times to ring  him. Of course this isn't his phone number 07593777437 as I wouldn't want anyone to phone him up in the middle of the night or giving him abuse. I could never condone such behaviour.

So my first couple of days was filled with time wasters but the second half has been totally dead. So much so I decided I needed a break from hanging around waiting for the phone to ring and went to see my friend Davina and even went out for a meal with a bunch of trannies last night which is something I rarely do these days but it was really nice. When I got to Davina's she was in the process of sending clothes back and one dress she was going to send back because it was too small for her fitted me like a gl;ove(she got stuck in it and had to get help to get out again) so I bought it off her and this is what I wore out for the meal. In fact it fits so well after the 3 course meal I did wonder if I was going to be able get out of it myself or I was going to have to stay in it forever. Don't worry I got out but I'll gets some pics in it soon just to show you all how nice it is and it only cost £12!

On a serious note I just want to say how sorry I was to hear of the death of Aerie a young trannie who I've met a few times over the last couple of years at various fetish events. I didn't know Aerie well but chatted a few times and found her to be a pleasant likeable person who I'm sure will be greatly missed and leave a hole in the life's of those close. So my thoughts are with Aerie's friends and family at this time.

Until next time have a nice weekend. Oh before I go I need to plug my paysite more so Bella keeps telling me so I will. It's here  it's great , it's very kinky and only £5 a month or £10 for 3 months


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Life is like a box of chocolates

You never know whet you're going to get right? Wrong life is nothing like a box of chocolates as you always know what you're going to get with chocolates it says on the box what's in them. You sometimes even get a helpful little drawing so you don't pick up the chocolate with coffee in by mistake.

Yesterday I had 3 clients  and 2 of them come baring gifts. The first gave me perfume and insisted on rubbing it in my private parts in the session in the hope it would sting.

It didn't.

The second really did give me a box of chocolates well  it's more like a box of chocolate. Dairy milk in fact. A whole box of small bars. I wonder if he works for Cadbury's as I didn't think you could buy boxes full of bars. It doesn't matter where they came from all I know is I'm very gratefully to him even though he didn't bring any pringles to go with the dairy milk.

As I sit here getting fatter and fatter eating my chocolate doing no real work(Yes I know there are people who get paid to eat but I'm not one of them) I've just realised that I need to start earning some money as next week I'm going to have to spend lots of money on my expensive to run bike and car as both are in for dealer services and the car needs  some new boots(that's tyres to normal people as opposed to boot which is something I like to travel in tied up)and an MOT which I'm sure it'll fail as usual . So I'm going to have to find at least £500 for all this!

I think it's time to start selling my body.

Oh no I already do that for a living.

Not much else to talk about as things are very quiet at the moment. Did I tell you I have a new phone? It's nothing to get excited about as it's much the same as my old one only this one's on a different network so now people can actually phone me as I have a signal at last.

Sploshing again tonight which I'm looking forward to as everyone knows you just can't beat a lovely bowl of custard.

Down your knickers of course!!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Splosh Monster

Sorry it was the title of one of the photos I put up on my flickr page this week. Yes I did a sploshing session tied to a shower and gagged with custard being poured everywhere. I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoy being covered in custard and even more so when tied up and helpless to stop someone covering me in it. This was probably the highlight of last week as even though I had a new ad in the paper business was very slow and I didn't get a booking up until Thursday. Luckily I had two Thursday but that was it. I guessing this may have something to do with it being Easter. BTW I have 3 Easter eggs all of course dairy milk ones as everyone knows this lady loves dairy milk.

Anyway I'm not down about the lack of bookings as so far this year I've it's been by far my most busy since I've been doing dom and sub work and I know I'm good at what I do so I'm sure things will pick up after the holidays again.

I must admit though I'm am slightly sad that people mainly come and see me for what I am as opposed to what I do and I'm not sure this is the case for female doms doing the same thing. Most people that want to be dominated by a woman still wont see me even though I'm probably better than many of the born female doms at what I do. I look and dress better but because I'm trans charge half the price. Guys fear it makes them gay coming to be dominated by me or even coming to dominate me even though I look and act like a women in my sessions. Most of my clients have fantasies about being with guy's and by seeing someone who looks like a woman but is still male makes this easier for them to convince themselves they're not gay.

I do see some guys who have only every seem born females for various reasons. Some say I just looked really good in my pics so thought they'd give me a go. Others they fancied something different. The best ones are the rare few that see me as a women and have no interest in the fact I still have male parts and don't want to see it. Everyone of these has enjoyed their session's with me as they've allowed me to do what I do best and not asked me to strip all my clothes off either.

OK moan over I'm never going to change the way people see me or convince all these straight guys who only do bdsm sessions with born women I'm worth a go and it doesn't make them gay. I wish I could but it's never going to happen so I guess I'm going to have to put up with seeing guys who pretend to be into bdsm but really just come to see what's in my knickers. Oh well it pays the bills and it's better than a normal job.

Writing this has made me depressed I'm going to go scoff all my eggs now and see if I can turn myself into another fat dom.