Tuesday, 20 September 2011

At least this blog's still here

Anyone reading this who is also a member of my pay site will know I have another much ore kinky blog that only they can read, Well I did until last week when I went to add a new entry I found it was missing and still is and neither me nor Bella my web mistress have any idea where it's gone. So I need to apologise to my members as I'm having to start my kinky blog all over again. I am a bit gutted about this as I also never kept separate copies of my entries. The first entry should be there later on today though and this time I'm making sure I make copies.

Other than this I've been a busy girl and had an exellent couple of days with my friend Lord Q doing many kinky films and photos that I'm sure my members will love almost as much as I loved making and modelling for them.

I also had about 4 clients last week and have just said goodbye to my first this week so work is slowly picking up which is good as I seem to have been spending far more than I've been earning lately backed up by my bank statement that showed I spent £6000 more than I earn last year!! Then again if I stopped buying clothes it would be a lot less.

Saturday night I was the official maid at my friends house warming in Wales and about 60 guests turned up and none of them were sheep I don't think.So most of the human population of Wales were there I reckon. I was a good maid and not only dressed the part but spent the night taking coats answering the door and washing up instead of playing in the dungeon upstairs like I normally would at a party. Anyone wanting a kinky maid to clean their house check my site for details as I'm more than just a pretty face. Honest

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